SHE’S Finally Eighteen…!!!

  I’ll always remember her telling me, over and over again,…" Gran, I’ll be sitting in your lap when I’m 18 ". We were joined at the hip…!!! Then SHE grew up. I’ve watched HER grow into an amazing young lady…and SHE is now a Senior preparing for college. Friday was the BIG DAY…And SHE CELEBRATED in STYLE….:)

It started with a LIMO parked at school to pick up HER and her friends for a fun trip to her Mom’s salon for make up and hair…Then to a photo studio for a Photo Shoot….Then to dinner and finally home where the other guest would arrive….They changed clothes before coming out and were READY for the PARTY to begin….I got to ride in the LIMO to her school along with her Mom and Dad….My camera was READY TO ROLL..:) 

Missy filled the limo with Feather Boas…Favor Bags and Sparkling Lemonade iced and ready for a first BIRTHDAY TOAST…!!
I just HAD to go INSIDE and LOOK for HER….LOL…:) With my camera of course…..and there she was all dressed up for her big night with her friend by her side….
Loaded up and ready to go…!!
Let the PARTY BEGIN…!!!
 First stop…..Mom’s salon for touching up make-up and hair before heading to their PHOTO SHOOT…!!! Yes, they were going to a local photographer for pictures of the BIG DAY….:)
MBD 10

MBD 11
 When we opened the door at the photographer’s studio, sprinkled on the floor was colorful FUN Confetti that lead the girls all the way back to the dressing rooms…..And a Happy Birthday banner across the front counter…HOW FUN…!!!
MBD 12
The confetti trail led us all the way back to where the girls would be changing and getting ready for the photo shoot….

MBD 13

The girls had SO MUCH fun having their pictures made and we can’t wait to see them……
MBD 15

MBD 16 
With pictures done….it was time for DINNER and then to HOME where HER other Birthday Guest waited…
MBD 21
Mallory wanted to light HER CANDLES…!!!
MBD 25
Then it was time for CHEERS and the night had just begun…!!!!

This party was just getting started and as more & more guest started to pour in, we knew that was our signal to disappear.
They had a blast and Mallory’s 18th Birthday Party will certainly be a memorable event..!

Your Creative Party Hostess,

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