Princess Puppy Party

Adorned in Pink, this birthday girl had her party face on and eagerly awaited her party guest. With her adorable PUPPY PARTY HAT and beautiful tutu, Katie was all set…!!


As each puppy guest arrived, they were given their own Pink Tutu and Party hat with Puppy Ears to wear.
Katie-BD-3A box of Sweet little Puppies sat in the corner waiting for Puppy Party guest to fill them with stuffing and carry home as a new pet…!!

The girls LOVED stuffing their puppies and adding a special STAR that they kissed, made a wish and tucked deep inside before stitching them up..


Katie-BD-28 Katie-BD-29
Then it was time for a group picture to show off their new pups….!!!
Next the puppies headed over to the Photo Booth to take a few Silly Pictures with Photo Props made by Katie’s mom……SO CUTE…!!!!



Then it was time to EAT…!!! And the Party Table was brimming full of delicious eye candy goodies.. Please enjoy…!!

Katie-BD-13 Katie-BD-14
Homemade Crown Cookies and yummy cupcakes with fun Princess Puppy Toppers….and sweet little bottles wrapped with matching party labels with pink striped paper straws tucked inside waiting for a yummy Party Drink….!!!



Doggie Bone Rice Krispie  Treats sprinkled with Pink Sugar….Lollipops and carry home favor boxes placed on this beautiful fun table for guest to enjoy.

What an adorable Birthday Cake….topped off with a giant cupcake and paper party topper…!! This little puppy was ready to blow out her candles.
Katie-BD-35 Katie-BD-36

The most awaited time came for this Lucky Pup who had just turned 5 … Presents …!!!
Katie was excited to receive here first ever……Gift Card

Katie-BD-39And the expression here as she opened this gift shows her excitement as she opened each gift…WOW….I think she loved it…!!

A little more Silly Time to spend together before each little puppy headed home. Enjoy the many faces of this adorable
BIRTHDAY GIRL on her special day.
Frightened Pup………Pitiful Pup
Katie-BD-20 Katie-BD-18
Begging Pup……………….Happy Pup
Katie-BD-17 Katie-BD-16
Precious Pup…..Happy Birthday Katie…
The girls had a blast at this PRINCESS PUPPY PARTY.
Created, Designed and Staged by the birthday girls mom,  Sherry at Party Pops.To see more pictures or to purchase these fun party supplies, visit her at  OR

And I must add…Katie is my granddaughter….!!! I’m a proud and lucky Gran….!

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