Nice to be back….!!!….well, almost…!

Hi Everyone, in case you’ve been wondering what happened to us, our site here has had many technical problems and I’ve been unable to post or pretty much do anything. Actually, we are still working on the site trying to get all the problems and errors resolved so we can get back to our Party Blogging…!!!
I apologize for the problems, however these kind of problems is something I know nothing about and was completely out of my control or reach. I’ve had such a difficult time getting the site in working order. It’s been this way since I first purchased it last year and never worked quite right. That’s why I did not post here very often. It just didn’t work…!!!

GOOD NEWS though, I am having the site completely redesigned with a fresh new look and will have Mr Linky restored so you will be able to post your parties again…YAY…!!!

Thank you so much for being patient with me. I look forward to sharing with you many more events, parties and will be adding other fun features here as well.
So keep checking back with me to see what’s NEW and if you have a special party or event you’d like to share, you can send that to me via email until we have Mr Linky back up. Please send all parties and request to me here:

Thanks so much,
Your Creative Party Hostess,

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