Join Me For Tea

I fell in LOVE with this TEA PARTY filled with sweet treats and adorable table settings.  Take a look and I’m sure you’ll agree.
Since the blog post is not written in English, we will just have to enjoy her beautiful pictures which speak for themselves. Love the tables filled with tea party goodies.


Above is a great Easter party idea. Tea Cup filled with colorful jelly beans and LOVE the pretty pink paper doily that it’s placed on. And these CUTE favor boxes below……How Sweet…Little Paper Tea Pots.
 [caixa bule[5].jpg]
Sweet little cupcakes with cherries on top  and little pink clocks…..



So many sweet charming touches. Wish I had some boxes like these.

                                                 TOO TOO CUTE….:)

[caixa bule3[3].jpg]

Well I don’t believe these are edible but they sure look tempting….!!!

The name of this sweet blog is IDEA CHIC and you can go here to see more……
Spring is coming… and it’s a perfect time to get out your TEA CUPS and invite your friends over to share a CUP OF TEA and some friendly chats and laughter……

One lump or two….

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