I’m hijacking this blog for a moment!

This isn’t something I will do on a regular basis, but I have an urgent prayer request and the more people who will pray the better!!
I have a woman at my church who is a wife and a mother of 4 who is currently fighting for her life. She was found unconscious in the family pool and was rushed to the hospital yesterday. The next 24 hours will be very critical to Wendee’s recovery. Since she has been at the hospital they have been keeping her body at a cold temperature to help alieviate some swelling on her brain. At 5pm they began the process of SLOWLY warming her body up to a normal temperature. The warming process is crucial and how her body responds to this process is a key factor in her recovery.

Tomorrow morning they will begin taking her off sedation as well. Those hours where she is coming off of sedation and having her temperature raised are the MOST critical.

Please be praying over the next 24 hours that this would be successful and that her body’s response would be favorable.

Please pray for a MIRACLE!!!
This is the only post I will do about this. For further updates on Wendee’s condition please visit her Caring Bridge site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/wendeeweygandt

Please feel free to post this prayer request on your personal blog.

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