DIY Lime & Babies Breath Floral

Happy Wednesday Everyone… half way through the week- YAY!!!! Anyhoo, my name is Jess from Party Box Design. I am thrilled to be your guest blogger today, and I have somthing crazy fabulous to share with you… a super simple, very pretty, DIY Floral Arrangement- PERFECT for your spring and summer parties!

Your Shopping List: Pretty Ribbon, A Glass Vase, Double Sided Tape, About 5 Limes, and 4/5 Bunches of Babies Breath- THATS IT! Now check out this pic tutorial and create some pretty florals for your next event…

Floral Ribbon 1

Floral Glass Jar 2

Floral Glass Jar and Ribbon 3

Floral Limes 4

Floral Sliced Limes 5

Floral Limes Jar 6Floral Piled Limes 7

Floral  Flowers Add


Floral Final

Special Notes: Please be sure to fill your vase with water and plant food prior to adding babies breath.  When you start adding your babies breath, it won’t really look good- as displayed in the third to last pic above. You must add at least 4/5 bunches of babies breath to obtain the big puffy white cloud like effect!

Please feel free to post any questions and I will check back to answer them! Have a most fabulous day everyone!

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