Antique Pram Baby Shower

Happy Friday! The Swanky Chicks are back and we have an adorable baby shower post for you today. A Portland mommy-to-be had her hostesses contact us to design her a baby shower based around her pram that she purchased in a local antique shop. We jumped at the opportunity and had a great time working on this project. The theme was based around the antique pram and our fonts and designs came from old apothecary labels.

Pram Baby Shower

We created answer sheets for the baby shower games that incorporated the antique pram image and great antique fonts. The ladies had a ton of fun with these games. They played “who’s that baby?” and the mommy-to-be snuck in a baby picture of dad that had everyone giggling. The hostess also had everyone write a short story for mom-to-be using a list of words, some baby themed and some random, like rattle and tow truck. We heard this one got a ton of laughs.

The favors were a candle tied in cellophane bags with an adorable poem written by the shower hostess! She is so creative!

Here’s a candle to light when you hear us say,

…Sweet “Baby Dolan” is NOW on the way!

Let it serve as a token of thanks in anticipation,

As we join in together with hopeful celebration!

Please keep it as remembrance to PRAY,

For a safe delivery this coming May!

And along with baby we’ll give deepest appreciation

For helping us out of such a “tight” situation!

The shower was “Anticipating Baby” so the candle tins said “Anticipating Baby” with her due date.  We just adore the antique pram and it was wonderful inspiration.Baby shower

Don’t these cute pink cupcakes look delicious!

We had a wonderful time working with these ladies and they did an amazing job bringing our designs to life!

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