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Greetings, pretty partiers! It is an honor to sub for Shannon while she is enjoying some much needed R&R. I am Alysia Cleys, the owner of  Prost to the Host event planning and decor business

With my businesses, I help my clients with their event planning needs while staying on budget. Since the majority of my clients are from the Pacific Northwest, being environmentally friendly is an important factor when planning their events. Their main concerns are what kind of impact will their celebration make on the earth once it has ended. Will the decorations, tableware and wrappings all make their way to the trash? Will the remnants from a moment of fun will end up in the landfill. How do you stay on budget and be eco-friendly at the same time? Here are some tips get your started!

1) Use rewashable plates and utensils. In addition to second hand stores and vintage shops, Ikea has the most affordable tableware around. Buy a set of dessert plates and bring them out for every event. If you want disposable, find sugarcane, bamboo or corn based products that will easily breakdown within a month. These one-time use options are surprisingly affordable and are as sturdy as the paper/plastic options.

2) Reduce decorations.Use colors that are timeless, making your decorations reusable. If you are planning a theme, paper decorations can be removed and tossed in the recycling box. If you want to be more green, use fabric based decorations, that you can for another event. Steps to an easy diy pennant banner is just a click away. Also, consider branches, seasonal foliage and flowers for decor.

decorations{curly willow and mini paper poms; paper pom place settings and alstroemerias in mini beakers}

3) Encourage your guests to carpool. Going to the same place? Why not hitch a ride with a friend. Reduce your emissions and enjoy great company.

4) Give edible favors. Who doesn’t like a sweet treat? Admittedly, I’ve given favors that lost its appeal a few days later, but my clients and I have always been a fan of edible goodies. My favorite websites for ideas (to inspire or purchase) are Bakerella and Etsy. Bakerella has an unbelievable talent for making the most delectable looking desserts. If you are on a time crunch, peruse the shops at Etsy for their baked goodies.

5) Pick foods that are seasonal and local. Hit up your local farmer’s market or shop at your local grocery to showcase your region’s finest produce. Choose a menu centered around these elements for a feast your guests will not forget.

IMG_0765{fresh melons from a local farmer’s market}

There are many more ways you can do your part. This is just a few. However, it can seem daunting to do all at once, but just take one step at a time. What do you like to do to be eco-friendly?? Please share your favorite green tip with us! Happy party planning!

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