Pink Pig Birthday Party

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This Pink Pig Birthday Party was originally hosted by Wendi from Wendi Schoffstall Photography.
Oh I’ve fallen in love with this theme. Such an adorable idea and Wendi pulled it together in a BEAUTIFUL way. Oh and Wendi is a photographer so these pics are gorgeous! They are like TWICE the size on her blog too! So hop on over to take a look!

There are little pigs and big pigs,
pigs with long snouts and pigs with short snouts,
pigs with ears that stand up and pigs with ears that flop down.
But all pigs are beautiful.

The invitations, which you have seen before but I am posting them here just for good measure:

My husband and I made the banner…yes he has learned to help with this type of stuff. :)

I had everyone sign a copy of “If You Give a Pig a Party” for Audrey.  The pig on this table is a new version of the piggy she carries around EVERYWHERE.  I didn’t realize how gross her pig was until I saw the new one.

The small envelopes had magnets with Audrey’s photo for the adults, and the pigs on the right were for the under 2 crowd.

The over 2 crowd got a white piggy bank to take home and decorate.

This is the verse written above.  It is from the book “All Pigs are Beautiful”.  We found it by accident, but that verse couldn’t have been more perfect for my little Pig’s party.

I got these vintage cupcake picks from a seller on Etsy.  They were the inspiration for the color palette of the party.  Once I got them I realized they were much too small for a regular cupcake so I had to improvise and luckily a friend at a party a couple weeks pointed me in the direction of the perfect tiny cupcakes.

Does it get any better than pigs in ballgowns atop mini cupcakes? I don’t think so!

My Mom made Audrey’s party dress.  I wish I would have taken a photo of her standing in it.  I may force her to put it back on just for a photo.

This is the only photo of her during the party.  This is what happens when you ask your husband to take a photo of her blowing out her candles and you forget to adjust the setting on the camera before handing it to him.  Bad mommy!

When I started planning this party I knew a couple of things…it would be pigs, pink, super girly and all about Audrey.  And that is exactly what it was.  We served pigs in a blanket because uh, it was a pig party.  Angel and I also made a pig pinata, but I didn’t get any decent pictures of it before it was busted in half.  I recommend you don’t make your own pinata…something about your hard work getting beat to a pulp with a stick is a bit heartbreaking.

Because I know you are thinking it…I know she won’t remember her first birthday party, and most of the details went unnoticed by the people that attended.  But I know the love that went into those details and the planning and it was important for me to do that for my daughter.  So while she may not remember it, I most certainly will.


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