FaBOOlous Halloween Decorating Ideas

OH MY…….!!!!!
Yard Harm 16

October has arrived and it’s time to dig out your SPOOKY décor and frighten up the house a bit…!! So I decided to start this scary season off by sharing a few decorating ideas with you…..BEFORE I head out into the yard to start placing my decorations out for this year, take a look at what we did last year to grab a few ideas for you to use.
This is one of my favorite decorating ideas…….Charming GHOSTS holding hands and dancing around the yard waiting for a fun filled Spooky Night….!!! We bought these from Grandin Road, however I’m sure you can make your own.


Hanging from the upstairs window is this “Shackled Ghost” spotlighted at night to scare off any “Uninvited Guest”….!!!

Yard harm 6On the front porch guest are greeted by a Witch and Mummy if you dare to walk by.

Web Pic GhostFor the side porch where most of our friends and family enter, I use this SWEET little “Pumpkin Girl” painted board. She stands by our door among lighted pumpkins and fall flowers.
Yard Harm15Make the entrance to YOUR HOME warm and inviting by adding seasonal touches along the walk.
100_0514A good place to start is at your driveway. This is the entrance to our driveway with a mix of Spooky yet a Warm Welcome as you pass by…..

Below is a cute “CAKE STAND” turned upside down and filled with pumpkins, pine cones, acorns and other natural elements and topped with a fun Witches Hat…!! A great idea to use something that you already have. Just flip it over……Perch a beautiful candle on top…..OR…..a bowl to hold candies and treats….!!!
cake plate 3100_0370cake plate 4
Cake Plate Halloween

Place ribbon adorned dishes around your home filled with candy to much on while passing by. Love the Witch Legs tucked under this treat bowl. 

Using another CAKE STAND……Make a row of Black OR White Roses using tape then sit your favorite pumpkin on top for a CHARMING CENTERPIECE……
100_0458100_0459I actually made two of these, one with creamy white roses and topped one off with a Crown…..
100_0461And one using Black Roses for a Spooky Halloween look.
Just the right touch for my kitchen counter top….!!! 100_0466Here’s my mantel idea that is fairly simple using white pumpkins, a Halloween garland with black leaves and corn candy with a vintage style
100_0481100_0483And my breakfast room hutch filled with my collection of vintage style accessories.
Harm 7And sitting by my door, a Black Cat treat bucket waiting for me to fill full of Halloween Treats for friends and family who stop by to visit…..

Be sure to create a nice “Picture Taking” area out side for posing in those fun costumes. This makes a great background to capture your groups of Trick or Treaters and family. Stack a few straw bales for height and top it off with pumpkins, tombstones or anything to add interest to the background.  Then place a bench in front or extra bales of straw for guest to SIT and POSE…..BE sure to get your family pictures first before the night begins….!!!100_0647

100_0661 100_0657
I LOVE areas like this filled with skeletons and bones. This is perfect at the top of your drive, to welcome guest when they stop by. 


Your guest will love walking up to your front porch to be greeted by ghost of the past….Check out Mr. Snaggles here….:)

Halloween 26

A giant SPIDER clings to the MUMMY sitting on the porch  to greet anyone who dares to past.
Web pic Mummy

This fun fellow “Raises his Head”…. and Speaks to you as you come down the walk…..
Party Poppers 226
Inside Halloween Hostess’ greet you to hand out your treats.

Party Poppers 266
Party Poppers 234
Party Poppers 243

My daughter’s home is the PARTY PLACE on Halloween Night…With music blaring and lights a blinking…… her door flung open and her FaBOOlous Stairway all decked out with Halloween Bling her guest enjoy Hot Cocoa and Buckets full of Treats….!!!!  Neighbors and friends don’t miss stopping by her Haunted House and it’s where we all gather for a night of FaBOOlous FUN…..!!!!    And this little Trick or Treater says……More…More…More….!!


OK…..my hubby is waiting for ME outside…….to place our Halloween garb out for another fun season of Spook and Charm….  Hope you were able to grab a few decorating ideas when YOU go out to set up YOUR SEASON..!!!

Your Creative Party Hostess,

Birthday Party

I just couldn’t resist grabbing this pretty photo using our PAPER STRAWS…. Just one more great entertaining idea…..

 LOVE the color combinations and
oh so cute beverage bottles….!!!

Your Creative Party Hostess

SHE’S Finally Eighteen…!!!

  I’ll always remember her telling me, over and over again,…" Gran, I’ll be sitting in your lap when I’m 18 ". We were joined at the hip…!!! Then SHE grew up. I’ve watched HER grow into an amazing young lady…and SHE is now a Senior preparing for college. Friday was the BIG DAY…And SHE CELEBRATED in STYLE….:)

It started with a LIMO parked at school to pick up HER and her friends for a fun trip to her Mom’s salon for make up and hair…Then to a photo studio for a Photo Shoot….Then to dinner and finally home where the other guest would arrive….They changed clothes before coming out and were READY for the PARTY to begin….I got to ride in the LIMO to her school along with her Mom and Dad….My camera was READY TO ROLL..:) 

Missy filled the limo with Feather Boas…Favor Bags and Sparkling Lemonade iced and ready for a first BIRTHDAY TOAST…!!
I just HAD to go INSIDE and LOOK for HER….LOL…:) With my camera of course…..and there she was all dressed up for her big night with her friend by her side….
Loaded up and ready to go…!!
Let the PARTY BEGIN…!!!
 First stop…..Mom’s salon for touching up make-up and hair before heading to their PHOTO SHOOT…!!! Yes, they were going to a local photographer for pictures of the BIG DAY….:)
MBD 10

MBD 11
 When we opened the door at the photographer’s studio, sprinkled on the floor was colorful FUN Confetti that lead the girls all the way back to the dressing rooms…..And a Happy Birthday banner across the front counter…HOW FUN…!!!
MBD 12
The confetti trail led us all the way back to where the girls would be changing and getting ready for the photo shoot….

MBD 13

The girls had SO MUCH fun having their pictures made and we can’t wait to see them……
MBD 15

MBD 16 
With pictures done….it was time for DINNER and then to HOME where HER other Birthday Guest waited…
MBD 21
Mallory wanted to light HER CANDLES…!!!
MBD 25
Then it was time for CHEERS and the night had just begun…!!!!

This party was just getting started and as more & more guest started to pour in, we knew that was our signal to disappear.
They had a blast and Mallory’s 18th Birthday Party will certainly be a memorable event..!

Your Creative Party Hostess,

Princess Puppy Party

Adorned in Pink, this birthday girl had her party face on and eagerly awaited her party guest. With her adorable PUPPY PARTY HAT and beautiful tutu, Katie was all set…!!


As each puppy guest arrived, they were given their own Pink Tutu and Party hat with Puppy Ears to wear.
Katie-BD-3A box of Sweet little Puppies sat in the corner waiting for Puppy Party guest to fill them with stuffing and carry home as a new pet…!!

The girls LOVED stuffing their puppies and adding a special STAR that they kissed, made a wish and tucked deep inside before stitching them up..


Katie-BD-28 Katie-BD-29
Then it was time for a group picture to show off their new pups….!!!
Next the puppies headed over to the Photo Booth to take a few Silly Pictures with Photo Props made by Katie’s mom……SO CUTE…!!!!



Then it was time to EAT…!!! And the Party Table was brimming full of delicious eye candy goodies.. Please enjoy…!!

Katie-BD-13 Katie-BD-14
Homemade Crown Cookies and yummy cupcakes with fun Princess Puppy Toppers….and sweet little bottles wrapped with matching party labels with pink striped paper straws tucked inside waiting for a yummy Party Drink….!!!



Doggie Bone Rice Krispie  Treats sprinkled with Pink Sugar….Lollipops and carry home favor boxes placed on this beautiful fun table for guest to enjoy.

What an adorable Birthday Cake….topped off with a giant cupcake and paper party topper…!! This little puppy was ready to blow out her candles.
Katie-BD-35 Katie-BD-36

The most awaited time came for this Lucky Pup who had just turned 5 … Presents …!!!
Katie was excited to receive here first ever……Gift Card

Katie-BD-39And the expression here as she opened this gift shows her excitement as she opened each gift…WOW….I think she loved it…!!

A little more Silly Time to spend together before each little puppy headed home. Enjoy the many faces of this adorable
BIRTHDAY GIRL on her special day.
Frightened Pup………Pitiful Pup
Katie-BD-20 Katie-BD-18
Begging Pup……………….Happy Pup
Katie-BD-17 Katie-BD-16
Precious Pup…..Happy Birthday Katie…
The girls had a blast at this PRINCESS PUPPY PARTY.
Created, Designed and Staged by the birthday girls mom,  Sherry at Party Pops.To see more pictures or to purchase these fun party supplies, visit her at
www.partypops.blogspot.com  OR www.partypops.etsy.com

And I must add…Katie is my granddaughter….!!! I’m a proud and lucky Gran….!

Thanks for visiting Creative Party Place.

I apologize for the lack of post here. Work keeps me so busy and there’s little if any extra time to PLAY…!!!
If you or someone you know would like to guest post here, please contact me.

Your Creative Party Hostess

Little Mermaid Birthday Party

How precious and sweet is this adorable Little Mermaid Birthday Girl….!!!  This feature is long but just couldn’t resist all the cute pictures and party ideas… ENJOY….!!!
She’s all smiles and fits right in with her beautiful PARTY TABLE… Love her dress and party hat.
And the Polka Dot Balloons add so much color and excitement.
Peanut Butter and Jelly FISH Sandwiches….Yummy and cute..!!!

DSC02102    [DSC02113[7].jpg]

After the food, it was time to Go Fishing….Katie and here friends grabbed their buckets and poles. Love the Fishing Game that this mom made…

This is the fishing game she made, the girls had a blast could not get enough of this game.  It was so easy to make out cardboard and wrapping paper.
DSC02202  [DSC02209[7].jpg]
The girls caught different types of fish, jewels and bubbles, They got buckets with their name to put their catch in

Next up was the Bean Bean Bag Toss game,  I made this out of ply board (with Hubbys help) and covered it with wrapping paper.  Simple but fun game, the kids





The Girls went home with all the prizes they caught fishing and a few other surprises!  You have to check out these Marshmallow treats on a stick  made by StixNPops on Etsy. They are so adorable and they taste great. 

This fun Mermaid Party was created by Sherry at Party Pops.
Visit her Etsy shop for all these adorable party supplies and more….!!!


Until next time,

Your Creative Party Hostess,

Cupcake Sundae Ice Cream Party

I’m in love…..Again…!!!
Beautiful Party filled with the sweetest yummiest treats.
Talk about a Cake with a Cherry on Top….
this one “takes the cake”.

Another beautiful party display using our Pink Dot Paper Straws…!!!      Yummy…wish I had one.. Love this….:)

And these beautiful Soda Fountain Cookies….LOVE these….!!  Just so amazed at the creativity and talent…Love how she used our Pink Dot Paper Straws

Emersonbbdaycookiesuse_standardNeed a “Spoonful of Sugar”……. Here you go…:) Pretty Spoon shaped Cookie complete with personalized  letter on it’s handle…..
For more fun ideas please visit Paige Reese on her blog. She owns a bakeshop and I’m sure will make some of her beautiful treats for YOU….!!!  http://www.paige-reese.blogspot.com/

Pink Polka Dot Paper Straws:
Until next time,

Your Creative Party Hostess

Retro Party with a Cherry On Top

Oh my goodness……It’s happened again. I just stumbled on this most adorable RETRO CHERRY PARTY and my heart is skipping a beat….!!!! Seriously….:)

This entire party is OVER THE TOP…….. Cherry Sugar Coated ……. wish I could have been there. And the CAKE, well, I LOVE IT….!!!

So many fun exciting touches…..Makes me Smile…

For more creative goodness and fun, visit Lindi Haws on her fabulous blog: www.love-the-day.com  

Your Creative Party Hostess

Art and Yoga Party

This sweet party was sent to me by Beth Beattie….Colorful Fun and Sweet….!!!! This pretty party table awaits eager young guest……


A creative Art Table was set up for creative party goers to showcase their talent while having a blast under this huge Party Tent….!!!


And oh my goodness, don’t you just LOVE IT….:)
Looks like Cake Balls for paint with a chocolate dipped Pretzel Paint Brush….!!!!     So Clever…..


Sassy pink dot Painting Smocks hanging on art easels and ready to grab.
Paint brush pretzels
Luscious tempting party truffles lined up on a painters pallet
and an ice cream treat in fun printed paper ice cream cups.

Yummy Ice Cream Bar…….Cool Treat
And to wash it all down……this icy cold drink ready for sipping with a fun spiral striped Paper Staw…..!!!
Then to work off some of those delightful treats, yoga mats were ready for a few exercise moves….


Stop by Beth’s blog or website to see more inspirational party ideas…!!!!


Until next time……Cheers…!!!!

Your Creative Party Hostess


Enchanted Prom Birthday Party

When Melissa from Buckets of Grace sent me these lovely pictures of her daughter’s birthday party, I was smitten…!!!

Take a look at all the details she created. LOVE the Cake…

And all of these pretty creative party treats….

Pretty little Cupcakes…..each one sitting on it’s own little pedestal all tied up with pink satin ribbon……SWEET…:)

She even had  Paper Corsages and Prom Gloves 
for the girly guest…

A table full of party guest favors….WOW….!!!
With Pink and Green Polka Dot Favor Bags to fill with take away goodies….

And for a “Sparkled Glass of Prom Punch”, personalized glasses with pink striped paper straws added charm and class to the beautiful party table…….

For more of this fun party theme, visit Melissa at: www.buckets-of-grace.blogspot.com
Your Creative Party Hostess

Sweet Shop Candy Party

Bubble Gum, Lollipops and Gumdrops and party fun galore….!!!  Doesn’t she look like a model…..:) CUTE picture..!!

Guest were welcomed with this colorful Gumdrop Candy Wreath and the lollipop lined walk way with cute chalkboard signs…… 

And of course the Candy Buffet…..Yummy & Colorful

A yard filled with fun games and Sweet Take Home Treats

Fabulous DETAILS everywhere you look…..!!!!

Do me a Favor….!!!! Visit www.thoughtfullysimple.com to see more details of the sweet Candy Shop Party…..

Celebrate Happy…. 
Your Creative Party Hostess

Farmhouse Brunch Baby Shower

Another sweet idea for using our SIPPY STIXS….:)
Little bottles of cold milk with our Bubble Gum Pink Striped Straws clustered together in an antique wooden tray and being served with French Toast….!!!
Farmhouse Brunch Baby Shower

Farmhouse Brunch Baby Shower
And a beautiful table full of delicious breakfast  savory and sweet treats.
Farmhouse Brunch Baby Shower
Compliments of Trish …… Frilly Milly Events
Visit her here: www.frillymillyevents.blogspot.com


Your Creative Party Hostess

Ice Cream Sundae Birthday

Stumbled on the CUTEST Ice Cream Birthday Party for twins. So it was double fun for Hadlee and Mylee and their guest.

LOVE the tissue pom poms above with fun pink and white paper streamers. Check out the polka dot buckets of chocolate chips.

 Cute Pink Paper Straws were handy for sipping the strawberry orange banana drink shown below with a pretty ribbon and label. Love the custom labels…..!!!

A fun colorful spread of Sprinkles…Jelly Beans … and other sweet delights. I’m sure kids and adults too had loads of fun making their own yummy ice cream treat.

Sweet little jars of yummy syrups and toppings with custom labels are ready for  little hands to pour onto their frozen creations….!!!

Pink and white polka dot favor bags with personalized stickers hold treats for guest to take home.


To see the adorable twins at their birthday party to find the sources for all the decorations and treats, visit this cute blog at: www.annesvinyl.blogspot.com


Your Creative Party Hostess


Bumble Bee Baby Shower

Nothings sweeter than attending a baby shower, I’m going to one TODAY..:) Here’s a CUTE BUBMLE BEE Baby Shower idea. Love this touch.
What a cute place to keep game supplies and notes.

And this beautiful Party Table….!!
LOVE the table cover and Party Poms.

Sweet little Bee Cupcakes for guest….LOVE the bumble bee fondant toppers.…..

Pretty custom labels for water bottles.


Or maybe it’s a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade you like.  Look how inviting this looks.

Gifts wrapped in matching themed papers and yellow party lanterns with busy little bees all add just the right touch.

For more creations from the creator of this sweet Bumble Bee Baby Shower, visit Christine on her blog at: www.simplyiced.blogspot.com

From your Creative Party Hostess

Mary Had A Little Lamb Birthday Party

This creative party is full of SWEETNESS… Soft precious colors and delightful treats.

And this little princess is patiently waiting for her BIG DAY to begin.

This has to be one of the CUTEST CAKES I’ve ever seen……Love it….!!!  Sweet soft colors and so charming.

The PARTY TABLE reminds me of days long ago when MY GIRLS were growing up. LOVE the Sunbonnet girl, antique window frame and those adorable Bottles of MILK….!!!!


And the sweetest picture of all……..

How Adorable


For all the details and sources please visit Kristen on her fabulous blog where she showcases her talent in amazing photos all taken by her……  www.kristendukephotography.com 

Thanks for stopping by,

Your Creative Party Hostess


Elmo Birthday Party

This super CUTE Elmo Party is simply adorable…!!! I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

LOVE the polka dot balloons and mantel decorations

Oh how I wish I could make COOKIES look this good….
Love these..:)

Love these too….Tulle Flowers with paper straws for stems

Her  party table is so HAPPY and Inviting…

Love her Creative use of containers

To see MORE of Michelle’s party, please visit her here:


Cheers, Dianne
Your Creative Party Hostess

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