Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Party

This party was hosted by me (Shannon) over at EightCrazy.

5th Birthday – Strawberry Shortcake

each girl colored thier own cup….

For some added decor I cut circles out and added stickers to them and hung them with thread from the light fixture above the table at different lengths.

I made a cake that looked like Strawberry Shortcakes hat and I made my daughter a hat to wear to match. I just took a hat that I bought at walmart and painted it and then added the ribbon. The invites (not pictured) had little mini straw hats from the craft store that I painted and then glued to the front.

Each girl made a beaded bracelet to take home.

Airplane Birthday Party

This party was hosted by me (Shannon) over at EightCrazy.

This was my son’s 1st Birthday. It was an airplane theme.
I designed the invitations to look like airline tickets. I personalized each ticket with the “passengers” names, City, and even estimated how long it would take them to drive to our house for the departure and arrival time.

Since I had designed sort of a logo for his birthday for the airline ticket, I stuck with that for the rest of the party. I altered a jay jay jet plane pinata

I decorated the cake to match

I used iron on transfers and a t-shirt to make a bib to match

I found an airplane clipart that I liked and drew and painted that to make the birthday banner. For the lettering on the banner I printed out the letter in large size on paper and then cut them out and glued them down (voila…perfect lettering)

I continued with the airplane on the favor bags by just printing up stickers and adhering them to simple brown paper bags

I had a condiment container from a quizno’s restaurant that I altered to match with vinyl lettering with the help of my sister-in-law (who owns a sign company)

It was a fun theme to work with. My daughter even dressed up like a flight attendant with a navy blue skirt, white blouse and a scarf around her neck. It was cute, and you can sort of see it here.

The best part of the party was when my son LITERALLY took his VERY FIRST STEPS on his own right in the middle of the party as we were opening gifts. So we have pics and video of it!

How precious is that?!

Baby Shower BBQ – BaByQ

I hope you are enjoying the new site.  Well, since the party today is a baby shower BBQ what better day to point out that the new site is now featuring FOOD!  The fabulous Kate & Sara from Our Best Bites has graciously agreed to contribute to the Creative Party Place!  You can always stay up to speed on their latest recipes by visiting the new “recipes” page under “special features” in the left sidebar.  Or take a look at the quick view in the bottom right corner of the site.  I hope you enjoy this new addition!  Afterall….it’s just not a party without food!


This BaByQ or Baby Shower BBQ was originally hosted by the DIY Showoff.

Ok, I’m loving this idea for a baby shower.  BBQs are fun and it just seems like they are easier somehow.  The play on wording in the invitation is really creative.  The BBQ sauce party favors….stinkin’ cute and totally fit with the theme.  There are so many other really great pictures and fun idea over at the original party post.  Click on through to see kids’ party favors and activities as well as the party decor!

Enjoy the DIY Showoff’s Baby Shower BBQ…..

I couldn’t find what I had in mind for BBQ/baby shower invitations. Red/white checkered tablecloths are fun…but not the theme I wanted for a baby shower. So I used Photoshop to create my own simple post card. Vistaprint was running a special for 100 free postcards – how awesome! I paid the extra for faster shipping but 100 invitations cost me about $25 which when pricing them – is an awesome deal. Postcards are also less expensive to mail out.

(The word “beer” encouraged the male species to look forward to attending…tricky, ain’t it?)


The casual cook-out/picnic atmosphere allowed for kegs of beer (plastic cups), bottled water, cans of pop, plastic bottles of Little Hugs (with straws). We also just used styrofoam plates and plastic silverware. I did wrap the silverware individually in blue napkins secured with homemade stickers (leftover labels from party favors). Easy to grab 1 bundle and festive. :)

Party Favors

Isn’t it nice to include party favors as a way of letting guests know you appreciate them? Coming up with a unisex and usable party favor was easy. I purchased these bbq-sauce and hot sauce bottles from here then added my own labels and tied with ribbon. These also served as double-duty…decorating the tables. (We had a little rain when setting up, so no tablecloths and the centerpieces and favors were the perfect choice because a little rain didn’t ruin anything.)

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