Surfer Girl Birthday Party

This Surfer Girl Birthday party was originally hosted by Abigail over at Piece of Cake.


Abigail really put together a bright fun party. She’s got lots of details for you with invites, decor, food and activities. So be sure to read through the post so you can really see ALL of her fabulous ideas. She had the party in the morning…and I would bet that her SMOOTHIE stand was a HUGE hit with all the party goers!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Abigail’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Abigail’s party…..


My daughter and I take so much pleasure in talking about and planning for her birthday party. For this “Surfer Girl” party, the theme was chosen more than one year in advance of the event itself. It’s not that we are obsessive compulsive when it comes to planning birthdays, it’s that we use these conversations to connect with each other and have some serious mommy-daughter bonding time.

So, back to this “Surfer Girl” party… It was pretty tough to find any store-bought kits, decorations or paper goods that fit this theme. I usually look around at least a little bit for inspiration and to see what other people have done in the way of a cake for every birthday I throw. I don’t know what would happen today if you were to google it, but a couple years back there was nothing, nada, zippo.


Taking inspiration from my husband’s surfboard collection, I came up with a surfboard shape for the invite (you can print your own blank). I also found a pink and orange hibiscus print scrapbooking paper to use as a backing paper for the surfboard. Writing some surf inspired lingo for the invite was pretty fun:

surf’s up! Autumn is turning 4
you are invited to catch a wave and hang ten with us

saturday, february 4 at 10:30am

wax up your surfboard and paddle on over to

1234 main street, regrets only 562-555.1212


One of the most versatile decorating items I have is the fish bowl style glass vase. It comes in handy for every party, I’m not kidding. I have 4 of them and you’ve probably seen them before at my parties filled with cars, but for this party they are filled with seashells. I purchased a bag of shells at my local party supply store to augment the meager group I already had at home.

I also used beach towels (that we already owned) instead of tablecloths, and cut giant surfboards out of colored butcher paper to a hang on the walls (you can see them here in the background).

TIP: if you want to hang decorations on the walls and from the ceiling, but don’t want to repair and repaint the drywall, try “Command Strips” from 3M. They come in a variety of styles to fit every need and I promise they come off without a scratch!


This party started at 10:30 in the morning, so I was able to have brunchy snacky items instead of a meal. I made pumpkin muffins and chocolate banana muffins and served them in conjunction with smoothies. Not just any smoothies, but, custom build-it-yourself smoothies. Here is how we set it up: I made a little banner matching the invitation graphics and hung it off the countertop where the blender was set up. Each child filled a red plastic cup with their choice of frozen fruits, to which we (okay, my husband) added orange juice and yogurt. We did purchase some sippy cups with straws from Oriental Trading Company to eliminate spillage, and VOILA! Breakfast!

Pumpkin Bread (this is a big batch – yeilds 3 loaves)

  • 3 c. sugar
  • 3 1/2 c. flour
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 4 lg. eggs
  • 1 c. vegetable oil
  • 2 c. canned pumpkin
  • 2/3 c. water
  • 1 1/2 c. chopped walnuts (opt.)

Preheat oven to 350˚F. Butter your containers well. Sift the dry ingredients together into a large bowl. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients, and add the eggs, oil, pumpkin and water. Beat thoroughly with electric mixer. Stir in the walnuts. Pour the batter into the containers, filling each only half to two-thirds full. Bake for 60-90 minutes depending on the sizes of your containers. Cool in pan for 10 minutes then turn out on rack.


For this group of 4 year olds, we had a craft project and a non-competitive (although prize winning) game. The craft was putting together an aquarium themed picture frame that I purchased, once again, at Oriental Trading Company.

The game we planned was “Freeze Dance” with a bit of a non-competitive twist. The game is meant to be played like this: have a group of children dance while the music plays, and freeze when the music is stopped. If a child moves after the music stops, they are “out” and go sit down on the sidelines. The “winner” gets a prize. Now, because the kids playing this game are only 4 years old (or less) we wanted to be sure all the children felt included and that they didn’t need to compete with one another for a single prize. So, we gave each child a prize as they were called “out”, the child could decide if they wanted to go back in to dance or sit out, and the “winner” was not actually singled out as the big winner of the game but given a prize just as everyone else had gotten.


I loved making this cake! Let me start though, with the “cake topper”. After searching high and low for something, anything, that could sit atop the cake and match our surfer girl theme (girl being the operative word, as there were plenty of boy surfer cake toppers), I actually ended up sending away for an adorable salt and pepper set that matched our theme perfectly.

For the cake itself, I did vanilla cake with blue buttercream frosting. To give the effect of water I separated the frosting into 3 batches, tinting each a slightly darker shade of blue. After a thick coat of two shades of frosting on the sides, I pulled a cake decorating comb through it making little wave patterns. For the top of the cake, I kept the buttercream a touch on the thin side and pulled peaks up with a spatula. The board underneath the cake was also coated with a layer of the dark blue buttercream.

I cherished every moment planning this party with my daughter. It just goes to show you, your theme can be one of a kind or straight from the TV. Use some creative thinking to make it your own, spend as little as possible and make it look homemade – even if it isn’t!

Robot Themed Birthday Party

This Robot Birthday was originally hosted by WeeLife.


When WeeLife submitted this party it was mentioned that it was inpired by their son’s love for the movie Wall-E. I love that they took the robot theme and ran with it….and put their OWN SPIN on it rather than just using all the commercial Wall-E stuff that I’m sure was available. This party is such a great example of how to take a theme and really make it unique! The invites are totally cool and you can really see all the hard work that went into the party when you see the “robot juice cups”.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to the WeeLife Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy WeeLife’s party…..


Well, we have Spud’s 5th birthday party theme established. Finally. And now it’s planning time! My favourite! First the invite…

Here are the little robot cups for the robot juice. With each one being unique, perhaps guests will lose their cups less often. The materials we used are just the scraps of this and that, that we are using for party craft, Robot Control Panels.

All packed up and ready for transport.

It was a super fun day for us and we are grateful to have so many great friends and neighbours to help us celebrate.

Highlights for me …

The weather! That’s some blue sky that we haven’t seen in these parts since the 90s. Well, it feels that way.

And we totally lucked out and booked this space … for free!

Oh, and that we got to spring M-O from storage for a bit. I kind of missed him.

Battling, voice-activated robots …

Hubs’ cake skills

And the wee bots crafting, the robot snacks, and cyber juice.

Rubber Ducky First Birthday

This Rubber Ducky Birthday was originally hosted by Irene.


I love when mom’s take what their child LOVES and creates a birthday theme around it. 20 years from now…Irene will totally be reminded that when her little boy Aiden was ONE he LOVED RUBBER DUCKIES! Of course rubber ducks make just about anybody smile and Irene’s ducky invitations will definitely put a smile on your face!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Irene’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the Irene’s party…..


Aidan Turns ONE!

My little baby turned ONE on the 15th of March… but we had his party on the 14th instead. The theme of the party was little ducks, coz the little one loves his rubber duckies. The party was such a hit, with everyone wearing little duckie badges, and duckie decorations everywhere, and to top it off, we had a wonderful and amazing duckie cake made by my godma.
The little fella had his first cake, well he had cake in his face and in his nose and on his body on his shirt. But it was really a sight to remember.

TO all my wonderful guests, thank you so much for being a part of our party and also a part of our lives, Aidan boy is very very lucky to have all of you in his life. I will always remind him that the people in his life are very very important to him.

here’s my thank you list:
Darling… thank you for everything
Mom and dad… thank you for helping me out in everything
aunty mummy.. thank you for the wonderful cake
aunty geen nee.. thank you for the yummy jellies
aunty geen neo… thank you for the ” sio keng”

To look back at the pictures, it brings tears to my eyes, one year ago, I was waiting anxiously in the hospital for the arrival of the little one, and in one year, i’ve seen him grow… he learned to turn over, to crawl, to stand and now, he’s already walking and running around the house. The little one has also started to call “papa”, “mama”, ” mum-mum” and his latest word, “flower”

To my little sweetheart, mummy and daddy loves you to bits and we have had the most wonderful year with you. To see you grow every second, is the most memorable thing in our lives. You have made all our lives brighten up and you certainly have made our lives an adventure.. Happy 1st birthday baby.. :)

Weekend Etsy – Carabella’s

I’m always talking about how to throw the party, but what about an idea for the party goer! I found this FANTABULOUS etsy shop called Carabellas. She makes the most adorable items that will be perfect gifts for the next baby shower you are invited to.

There are tons of personalized items to choose from…burp cloths, bibs, bloomers, baby hats, hooded towels, onesies, t-shirts….just to name a few!

Here is a glimpse…..

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Carabella’s and find a gift!

Polka-Dot Party…Modern and Fun!

This Modern Polka-Dot Party was originally hosted by Mrika over at Mommy Loves Patterns

Everything Mrika does is simple…but fabulous! This polka-dot theme is modern and fun. My absolute favorite thing has to be the doodle books she created for each child along with a DIY art kit! What a fabulous gift to send home with them. You will definitely want to head on over to her blog because she has several other great parties that you will want to take a look at!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Mrika’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Mrika’s party…..


I get such a thrill and burst of energy thinking up and planning a themed party.

The photos here were from my son’s 3rd birthday party (Aug ’06).
The theme was POLKA-DOTS in blues, greens, whites and browns.

… the invite …

… the favour bags, each decorated differently with theme colour dots …

… close-up on them favour bags, with TQ tags attached …

… into the bags went a ‘doodle book’ each …

… a do-it-yourself, dot-it-yourself art kit …

… which came with ‘instructions & a selection of circles cut from origami papers …

… how a finished D.I.Y. D.I.Y. artwork may look like :-)

… the birthday cake (made by my sister) …

… and everyone went home with a polka-dotted cupcake each …

~ am now in the midst of planning and preparing for Z’s 4th birthday party … watch this space for updates on the party planning (theme and the whole works ;-)) ~

Chic Pink Baby Shower

This Chic Pink Black and White Baby Shower was originally hosted by Tiffany over at the Creative Outlet.

This baby shower is super PINK and super CUTE….but in a totally CHIC way! The invitations are totally unique. Tiffany got really creative with paper! Be sure to check out the favors…the decor…the EVERYTHING! She gave a lot of props to Stampin’ Up. Which is a great tip…looking through catalogs for ideas is always fun! Of course…..who needs catalogs when you have this blog! {{wink}} Overall Tiffany just did a fabulous job. The food, the tablescape…the details are really great, so check them out!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to the Creative Outlet to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the Tiffany’s party…..


Ok, so here we go. The shower was a great success. Almost everyone came which made for a full house but we managed to find a seat for everyone. I’ll just post the pictures and describe as I go. We did a “Baby Bling” theme in hot pink, light pink, and black. (totally my sister)

First the invitations:

My original idea was to use a circle tin of some sort, decorate it with rhinestones and sequins and put the info inside. But . . . . then I talked to someone about mailing them and they’d have to go in an envelope anyway and I couldn’t find the tins big enough so I was walking through Porters one day and saw these plastic albums and well here ya go.

One of my most favorite sites is “Hostess with the Mostess” I envy the parties she gets to do and love to be inspired by her ideas. I was looking through some parties she’d done or that others have done and posted and they all had cute favors. Well, being on somewhat of a budget I thought food would be easiest, and it wasn’t. I have this really good recipe for death by chocolate cookies so I thought those would be great to go in a treat bag for favors. Problem: the last time I made them was in Washington. And as I’ve come to find out things don’t always work here (baking wise). Well I gave my sister and Alea (my other sister’s sister-in-law) the recipe and asked them to each make a batch too since we’d need about 60 cookies. So mine turned out tasting ok but looked like well, lets just say they didn’t look too appetizing. Alea’s sank, and Court’s were a little smaller than I’d thought they should be. So I ran to Great Harvest the Friday before and ordered some. As for the finished product they turned out pretty cute and the cookies were yummy. Thanks again girls for your hard work on them.

Another idea I got from Hostess with the Mostess was to do my own drink charms. I loved how these turned out and they were really easy to do.

I also got some great ideas from my Stamp’n Up catalog and from my fabulous Stamp’n Up coordinator. First from the catalog they had a banner for a birthday made out of little paper boxes and so I changed a few things and it my own baby banner.

This one I got from my good friend Becky who does our Stamp’n Up group once a month. Last year for halloween she made these really cute pumpkins out of strips of paper and I thought they’d look great as lanterns, so we made a bunch to hang for the shower in our colors.

And finally the food. I love finger foods and to use great ideas on how to present foods. For the spread we did the best artichoke dip ever, the recipe I listed from my Taste of Home party (so if want that recipe you’ll have to go to my old Idaho Crabtrees blog) with chips, we did a yummy salad in philo pastry cups, mini eclairs with chocolate mousse, pecan tarts, and lemon tarts. everything tasted really good and we had a great fruity punch to drink. I’ll list recipes later. These area a couple pictures of the table. And going with our Bling theme I had jewels on the table and
some baby bottles with words in jewels on them.

So I think it all went pretty well and I had a great time doing it. Now it’ll be forever before I get to do another party like that. Babies change everything.

The Recipe for the Perfect Baby Shower

This Craving Filled Baby Shower was originally hosted by the Blah Blah Blahgger

I’m totally loving the idea of the shower food fulfilling the CRAVINGS of the mother-to-be! And I personally would’ve been in HEAVEN when I saw the menu! So many showers really offer pretty light menus….not this one! It was filled with COMFORT FOOD! The cake is pretty stinkin’ cute too!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to the Blah Blah Blahgger to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the Blah Blah Blahgger’s party…..


We based the shower on Clare’s cravings…baked mac & cheese, biscuits & gravy, KFC, and summer salad. Everyone was GIDDY when the menu was announced!!!
Jennifer, our hostess, gave a beautiful welcome and blessing, then we got out of the way and let everyone enjoy an afternoon of eating and mingling!
We played passive games…the leg crossing game got pretty competitive. We also played present bingo when Clare opened gifts…people could participate if they wanted to…if they didn’t, no sweat! (PS-poor Barbie came even though she had surgery the day before…what a trooper!)
Clare’s mother-in-law showered her with gifts from Matt’s childhood, including a Halloween costume consisting of suede chaps…A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
Clare was surrounded by family…
…and friends. What more could you want?
Oh ya, a GIANT piece of delicious cake!!!

Thanks to all our friends who came to celebrate Clare on her special day! Clare, we know you’ll be a wonderful Momma and can’t wait to meet your little guy! PS – thanks for craving all that yummy food!!!

Fantastic Farm Birthday

This Fantastic Farm Birthday party was originally hosted by Dawn over at Not Just a Mommy.


Dawn is not the first party to be featured that has put together a photo op wall…and I’m really liking the idea of this! For Dawn’s Farm party she created a barn door backdrop! CUTE! Make sure to check out the cow cupcakes! The barn cake she made for the “smash cake” is FABULOUS! I’m sure it was delicious, but by the looks of it more of it ended up on her son’s face than in his mouth!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to the Dawn’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Dawn’s party…..


Down On The FarmThere is nothing like a first birthday party. You are thinking, wasn’t I just pregnant? Plus, this party completed the circle…I did his baby shower and she graciously let me do this party. She and I keep saying, “You just did my shower!!” When I’m planning his graduation party, that’s when it will really be crazy.

Down On The Farm photo opThe perfect photo op: a handmade banner tops

a giant barn surrounded by flowers and a riding horse prop.
Down On The Farm vests Decorating paper-bag vests….
A group of bandits….
Down On The Farm cakeDown On The Farm foodNo, I ordered the barn cake, but I did make the cow cupcakes….Down On The Farm favorsFavors included these plastic barns and foam hats, along with bandanas.Down On The Farm tableWhat is everyone looking at….???
Down On The Farm cakeDown On The Farm cake demolitionThey are watching the birthday boy and his cake! Big sister is so proud!
Thanks R for letting me make this day super special.

Pretty Pink Polka-dot Birthday Party

This Pretty Pink Polka-dot Party was originally hosted by Heather over at Party in Pink!

I love this party! Heather gave special attention to every single little detail! From the napkin rings to the party hats it is all PERFECTLY pink and polka-dotty! The cake is completely adorable and I LOVE the candy favors. If there was a place to add a pink polka-dot…Heather found it! Yet, it’s not overkill…it’s just FABULOUS!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Heather’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the Heather’s party…..


Saturday was Avery’s 3rd Birthday party. I love planning parties. Love it. But I don’t have many occasions for it, so when I get the chance to plan one, I tend to go all out. I realize she likely won’t remember them, and that she doesn’t care about the details the way I do, but I enjoy it. And really, though there are lots of details, it’s more of an investment in time than money. Nearly everything is papercrafted, and paper is cheap, especially when you shop sales, as I do.

Avery is very into pink, and decided back in June that she wanted pink polka dots and flowers for her party. Those two things didn’t immediately make sense to me as a theme, so I figured out a cute name–polka dots and posies–and I was able to begin visualizing it. That name was nowhere in any party things; it was just for me.

I loved the way her outfit turned out. I made a pillowcase top out of a sheet that we had never used, because we don’t have a bed that it fits. I was going to make the pants, too, but then I found these at Babies R Us for $3 and decided my time was worth more than that. Unfortunately I got the 18-24 month size, forgetting I was going to go back to 12-18 for Spring/Summer since length is not as important with capris. She was trying to keep them up all day.

I started with the invites. They were simply made in Word (I had photoshop issues…the text kept printing blurry) with layered paper flowers. I bought one jar of these flowers at Michael’s and used them for everything. They went a really long way. I bought large sheets of textured paper and cut it to 8.5×11 so I could print it.
I always feel the need to start with a little poem. This year’s was: “They grow so fast–can you believe? Avery Adkins is turning three!”

Oh, and I always put magnetic tape on the backs of the invites so they will stick right on the fridge. One $2.99 roll has lasted through three parties (I just put four little pieces in the corners.) I can never find a magnet when I need one, and this eliminates that.

The day was beautiful–sunny, clear blue skies, and about 75. It was windy though! I was running around during the first part of the party taping down tablecloths. We put up the tent that we use for the family reunion, which gave me a way to cover the food and decorate.

And here’s a close up of those paper bag flowers I made..

And another showing some of the table set-up. The party was at 1pm, so we had picky food as opposed to a full lunch. There was chips and salsa (round tortilla chips, of course), a veggie tray with round Ritz crackers and cheese that I cut into circles with a small coookie cutter, those yummy Lofthouse cookies with mounds of pink icing, strawberries with chocolate and cream cheese dip, chicken nuggets for the kids, pink M&Ms, cake and ice cream. Oh, and chocoolate dipped strawberry marshmallows on lollipop sticks. Yummy!

Here’s the M&Ms up close. Apparently no one realized they were for eating, because most of them are still sitting in that jar on my dining room table. Single color M&Ms can be pricy, especially if you have to order them. Because I plan ahead so far in advance I was able to stock up on the pink mix back in October during breat cancer awareness. I would find them on Kroger plus for 2 for $7, and then use a $1 off coupon. Two coupons, actually, because I was buying two.

What about the St. Pat’s mix for a John Deere party? Pastel Easter mix for a cupcake party? There’s a Spring mix out right now that I might need to stock up on for a shower I’m hosting this Summer. They’ll keep forever if you leave them in the package.

I love that apothecary jar, by the way. I got it for Mother’s Day two years ago, and it sits atop my china cabinet, holding red ornaments at Christmas, pears at other times, pinecones…all kinds of things.
And speaking of the M&Ms, I used them for the favors, as well. I searched everywhere for those clear pillow boxes. i really wanted the M&Ms to show through. They’re the polka dots!
I made the tags with my Cricut, of course, and my new Mini Monogram cartridge. And there’s more of those flowers!

The kids got goody bags made from Wilton popcorn boxes. Inside was a round lipgloss, a notepad, pink pencil, one of the M&M boxes and some flower tatoos. The boys got a light up toy, and boyish pencil and stickers.

I love the way these hats turned out! Avery’s special one is in the front, the others had the single flower. I made 11-onch circles, cut them in half, and then rolled into a hat. I made the ribbon loops, taped them together, and taped them inside. You can’t see it in the picture, but I placed a small brad in the hole where the elastic goes in. This helps keep the elastic from coming out or the knot from tearing through the hole.

Here they all are on the table.

Rather than buy fancy tableware, I bought clear cups and forks and dressed them up with paper. I think there’s some formula you can use to make the angles work on the cup wrappers, but I just used a Starbucks cardboard thing as a pattern. And did you catch the picture of the napkins and the hats? Since when does my camera take such fabulous pictures?
I set up my nephew’s little folding table and chairs (two sets pushed together) for the kiddie table. The centerpiece is made of tissue paper flowers and a giant pink lollipop from the Easter aisle at WalMart. $1!

Avery got this bouncy house for her 2nd birthday. We gt so much use out of it for things like this. It’s instant entertainment for birthday parties, the reunion, whatever. The kids jumped on it nonstop…

…except when they were playing in the playhouse.
Which of course was decorated, too. (Hey, to get four shades of pink, I ended up with a ton of balloons. Might as well use them, right?)

Then we ate cake. The flowers are gumpaste, quilled ala Collette Peters. I should have let the buttercream set up a bit before placing the flowers, because they caused it to fall some.
While we were eating cake, Avery enjoyed opening her gifts with a little help from cousin Kaylee. Most of her gifts were wrapped in pink, and several of the guests wore pink, too!

Of her three parties, this one was the most difficult to conceptualize, but in the end, I think it came together the best. I found so much inspiration throughout Blog World–no real specifics, but lots of things that informed my planning. That’s what I love about blogging: you get to virtually pick the brains of so many creative people.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday party, Munchkin. Thank you for letting me plan it for you!

Weekend Etsy – GlitterMe

This etsy shop has some very cute, very detailed, very glittery party banners! GlitterMe has several fun colorful banners to choose from for birthdays, special events, and weddings.

Head on over to GlitterMe and see what other gems they have for sale!

Fairy Themed Birthday Party

This Woodland Fairy Birthday Party was originally hosted by The Bloom Girls.

The cake for this party is ABSOLUTELY to die for! It is FANTASTIC people! There are several detailed pics and you won’t want to miss ANY of the details! It’s simply magical! I’m totally in love with the edible fairy wands that were created as well. What a GREAT and SIMPLE idea! Who can’t make rice crispy treats?! Anyone could do that…and everyone will think you are AMAZING!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to the Bloom Girls’ Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the Bloom Girls’ party…..


The Woodland Fairies would like to invite you…..

I have always loved planning my children’s birthday parties! For Madison’s 3rd birthday, a friend and I, had a “joint” party for our girls (who are best friends!)

I made all the food and we had their party at a local gym. I made the invitations which included a custom poem inviting fairies and princes from the entire kingdom to attend and tied each one with a ribbon. My friend bought the girls matching fairy outfits and I took their picture on my front porch for the front of the invitation.

Madison’s cake was my biggest challenge !

The invitation: (Madison is on the left)

Madison’s Cake: This was my first attempt at fondant.

Everything on the cake is edible except the fairies. The little butterflies are made entirely of royal icing and decorated with edible glitter
All the flowers are made from royal icing and the middle layer is coated with clear gel icing and course sugarThe top was dusted with a thin layer of edible pink pearl powderI made “fairy wands” from rice krispie treats and pretzel rods. I sprinkled color sugar around the outside.Each one was covered in plastic, tied with a ribbon and placed in a basketThere were flower shaped sandwiches for the children and croissant sandwiches for the adults. Fruit and marshmallow ka-bobs, chips, fairy punch and cake! The partyware was flower fairies by Cecily Mary Barker. (She is one of my favorite artists and I am currently painting Madison’s bathroom with some of her fairies)

Each girl received a fairy flower skirt and head piece and each boy received a crown (pictured above on the food table) and a blow up sword.

The kids and adults all had a great time!

Blessings! Karyn, The Bloom Girls

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

This Dr. Seuss Party was originally hosted by Natalie over at Little Shindigs.
I think you will see that this party is fun. Just wait ’til you see what Natalie has done. She made the pages of the book come alive. This theme was quite fun…this theme it did thrive!
Details here.
Details there. Just look and you’ll see.
This party’s as fun as a party can be.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Natalie’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Natalie’s party…..


In honor of Dr.Seuss, I thought I would share today a few pics of a

Little Shindigs we did last year.

The kids were invited to a breakfast party with the Cat in the Hat.

The Fish was my favorite piece.

I racked my brain on how to make scenes of the book come alive.

Want to see more Seuss inspired parties?
Please visit a few of my favorites:
Sam I am first B-day( adorable b-day theme)
Thing 1& Thing 2 -Twins Baby Shower (Fabulous x 2)
Dr.Seuss Baby Shower (love the fish, awesome ideas!)

GI Joe Birthday Party

This GI Joe party was originally hosted by Jodee over at The Pinkston Family
Another great army party to show you all! Jodee did such a great job on the invitations! I really like how she included a picture of the birthday boy dressed up in fatigues. The photo op wall with the full size cut outs of GI Joe and GI Jane….FABULOUS! Be sure to watch the video because there are tons of details to see that you won’t want to miss. And she also really put together a fun filled party with lots of activities for the kids. So make sure to read all about it!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Jodee’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Jodee’s party…..

We had a GI Joe party for our big 6 yr old Jake on Saturday. I came up with the GI Joe/Army party idea and for the invitations I had done also.

We had the Army Enlistment Desk here: Where the Private Cadets enlisted in the Army they got a name badge, real dog tags (got from Army Surplus store online) Helmet that said: GI JOE ARMY on them (got from Dollar Tree) was issued a gun, and had choice of tattoo. Then their picture was taken in front of the flag and life size Army guys. (on loan from the US Army Recruiting office) Then it was off to play with Pvt. Jake while we enlisted the next GI Joe!

“Missing In Action (MIA)” We hide plastic Army Men outside in the back of the yard and inform our soldiers that there are some fellows Soldiers Missing In Action. The soldiers had to go out on a Top Secret Mission to locate and bring back as many plastic Army Men as they could find. We kept score by how many they brought back.In between the missions, they got to practice the obstacle course….just to get really good at it before the race!

Next Mission was the Granade Toss (egg colored cammo). This was such a blast with the kids. They loved this! We had one private that never seemed to drop his- he had a great throw and catch!!!

Then the last mission was Mine Field, we had water balloons set up and blind folded the kids to see who could get thru without being blown up!

Last mission was the Obstacle Course:

We set up the Obstacle Course in our back yard. It was such a beautiful warm day- such a perfect day for the party! They had to run fast then crawl over a wall made from a sheet of plywood connected to one of our saw horses we had and spray painted camo. Then we had set up barrels and they had to crawl through the barrels. Then do 10 jumping jacks. Then we attached rope to wooden stakes for them to crawl under on the ground (like the barbed wire they crawl under in the army only safer!). Then they had to run through some tires laid on the ground. Next, had a 2×4 placed on top of 2 bricks for some height of balance beam (also spray painted camo)….to finish it off with our swing set and took one of the swings off. We tied a rope where the swing had been and the kids had to swing on the rope across a mud filled sandbox. During this time, being hit by egg grenades and water balloon filled grenades. The kids had a blast with seeing who could finish the fastest on a timed course!

For the food I just had chips, cake and ice cream. I had a cake made that was two layers. The Army recruiter gave me enough water bottles for the soldiers during battle too. We got some of those tin pans like rolls come in for the kids to eat off of. They were a real hit. Like the real mess kits used in Army. They also loaded me down with Frisbees, pens, pencils, stickers, clips, USA shirt pins, book covers, water bottles, backpacks for school, USA Flags; I used them for prizes and for the loot bags. Their favorite part was swinging on the rope and falling in the pool of mud below. All the parents kept telling me it was one of the best parties they had ever been to. Best of all was how much my son enjoyed it!

We even had a real GI Joe for the Drill Sergeant, Uncle Kurt! Thanks so much for your help at the party- even though Jake said,” How come Uncle Kurt didn’t give out the directions?!” Ummmm…..cause your mommy is a control freak that’s why!

After the cake and ice cream, we had the Army Tank Piñata- it sure didn’t take those boys long to tear into that! The best part about that was that all the mess was picked up REALLY fast!!!

Then the boys took off again to play the obstacle course over and over again till their parents came to pick them up! I even had one parent go thru and do the obstacle course herself!!!! I know she thought the party was a blast, being an ex- GI Jane herself!

I also wanted to Thank Aunt Samantha- Beau and I were running behind schedule and she helped me out by setting up the cake table and the Enlistment table for me! Also, by calming me down when the privates started to arrive! She is such a people person- even had time to share picture taking with my friend Rhonda, feed Sarah and keep one of the parents occupied by talking!!! Thanks Samantha for your extra help!

What made it kind of fun was that my father had some fatigues on and a shirt with his name on it and I had a friend who got me the pink army hat and army shirt with whistle for myself, My little Rex was all decked out in his special GI Joe shirt too! Daddy also had on the Army PT shirt to match Jake and Drill Sergeant Kurt. We had our clipboards which just make it seem so official. Also the kids were referred to as “Private Jake” (or whatever their first name was)

We had a great time at the party and I just wanted to Thank everyone who came and helped out along with celebrating with us!

Pink Poodle Birthday Party

This Pink Poodle Party was originally hosted over at Simply Creative Insanity.

This party is ALL GIRL and ALL GLAMOR! Every little pink, black and white detail is totally chic. The chair covers are one of my favorite things. Things like that add soooo much to a table setting. This gal did a great job finding all this pink and glamorous and she has included a list of where you can find them as well. I bet by the end of the party each girl felt like a movie star! What little girl doesn’t want that?!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Simply Creative Insanity to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the party…..


Well, the pink poodle party is in the books! I had so much fun planning and decorating. It was really easy to find all kinds of wonderful table decorations and coordinating items! So, come take a glamour tour with me!

Hope you found some inspirations! Resources are below!

Eifle Tower Cups

Miniature poodles

Hershey Lables

Chair Covers

Jewlery boxes
Hobby Lobby

Party City

Plates and Napkins

Hobby Lobby

Joanns and Hobby Lobby

Can you tell I visit Hobby Lobby often?

Bright and Fun Slumber Party

This Slumber Party was originally hosted by Donna over at Party Wishes.
I don’t know about you but after seeing this party…I wanna be 13 again! This slumber party is everything any girl would dream a slumber party could be! Everything is so colorful and cheery. My favorite thing is how she set the table up to look like a bed! I love the use of candy and how it adds to the decor. With all that sugar…I’m not sure any sleeping happened…but I’m willing to bet this was a slumber party those girls won’t soon forget!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Donna’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Donna’s party…..

Wanna come to a slumber party? I had so much fun putting together my newest party theme. I was inspired by so many blogs that I just wanted to share.

First, the table is made up like a bed. I got the idea from Hostess with the Mostess from one of her baby showers. I got the duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase from IKEA all for $15. The solid green is a plastic tablecloth to protect the table from spills.

I bought TALL glass cylinders and filled them with gumballs and added some festive flowers.

Another inspiration from Stem Parties.

Robyn over at Mix Mingle Glow showed some fabulous St. Patrick’s Day tables on a budget.
She featured these great swirl bowls from Michael’s that are $1 each.
I thought they would be perfect for popcorn or morning cereal.
I found the drink tub at WalMart for $6 and bought Gatorade in the coordinating colors.

If I had time (LOL), I would have gone to Cost Plus to buy Jones Soda in coordinating colors. :)

One of the activities for the slumber party is to stuff Teddy Bears to sleep with. Of course, the guests will be able to choose from an array of different pajamas for their bear.

I put candy bracelets around the stem of the glasses.

A great tip from Risa at the ParTea Planner.

I found these giant candy pillows at Party America for $10 each.
I made the other pillow slipcovers with fabric from Wal Mart.

Pillow fight anyone?

Of course, no slumber party is complete without a game of Twister!

I will also be offering popcorn and cookie dough to make fresh, hot cookies. There will be a nail kit to give each other manicures and a candy bean bag toss game. I will also have an option for breakfast of pancake mix or ready-made muffins and orange juice.

Thanks for coming to my slumber party!

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