Weekend Etsy – GlitterMe

This etsy shop has some very cute, very detailed, very glittery party banners! GlitterMe has several fun colorful banners to choose from for birthdays, special events, and weddings.

Head on over to GlitterMe and see what other gems they have for sale!

Fairy Themed Birthday Party

This Woodland Fairy Birthday Party was originally hosted by The Bloom Girls.

The cake for this party is ABSOLUTELY to die for! It is FANTASTIC people! There are several detailed pics and you won’t want to miss ANY of the details! It’s simply magical! I’m totally in love with the edible fairy wands that were created as well. What a GREAT and SIMPLE idea! Who can’t make rice crispy treats?! Anyone could do that…and everyone will think you are AMAZING!

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Enjoy the Bloom Girls’ party…..


The Woodland Fairies would like to invite you…..

I have always loved planning my children’s birthday parties! For Madison’s 3rd birthday, a friend and I, had a “joint” party for our girls (who are best friends!)

I made all the food and we had their party at a local gym. I made the invitations which included a custom poem inviting fairies and princes from the entire kingdom to attend and tied each one with a ribbon. My friend bought the girls matching fairy outfits and I took their picture on my front porch for the front of the invitation.

Madison’s cake was my biggest challenge !

The invitation: (Madison is on the left)

Madison’s Cake: This was my first attempt at fondant.

Everything on the cake is edible except the fairies. The little butterflies are made entirely of royal icing and decorated with edible glitter
All the flowers are made from royal icing and the middle layer is coated with clear gel icing and course sugarThe top was dusted with a thin layer of edible pink pearl powderI made “fairy wands” from rice krispie treats and pretzel rods. I sprinkled color sugar around the outside.Each one was covered in plastic, tied with a ribbon and placed in a basketThere were flower shaped sandwiches for the children and croissant sandwiches for the adults. Fruit and marshmallow ka-bobs, chips, fairy punch and cake! The partyware was flower fairies by Cecily Mary Barker. (She is one of my favorite artists and I am currently painting Madison’s bathroom with some of her fairies)

Each girl received a fairy flower skirt and head piece and each boy received a crown (pictured above on the food table) and a blow up sword.

The kids and adults all had a great time!

Blessings! Karyn, The Bloom Girls

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

This Dr. Seuss Party was originally hosted by Natalie over at Little Shindigs.
I think you will see that this party is fun. Just wait ’til you see what Natalie has done. She made the pages of the book come alive. This theme was quite fun…this theme it did thrive!
Details here.
Details there. Just look and you’ll see.
This party’s as fun as a party can be.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Natalie’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Natalie’s party…..


In honor of Dr.Seuss, I thought I would share today a few pics of a

Little Shindigs we did last year.

The kids were invited to a breakfast party with the Cat in the Hat.

The Fish was my favorite piece.

I racked my brain on how to make scenes of the book come alive.

Want to see more Seuss inspired parties?
Please visit a few of my favorites:
Sam I am first B-day( adorable b-day theme)
Thing 1& Thing 2 -Twins Baby Shower (Fabulous x 2)
Dr.Seuss Baby Shower (love the fish, awesome ideas!)

GI Joe Birthday Party

This GI Joe party was originally hosted by Jodee over at The Pinkston Family
Another great army party to show you all! Jodee did such a great job on the invitations! I really like how she included a picture of the birthday boy dressed up in fatigues. The photo op wall with the full size cut outs of GI Joe and GI Jane….FABULOUS! Be sure to watch the video because there are tons of details to see that you won’t want to miss. And she also really put together a fun filled party with lots of activities for the kids. So make sure to read all about it!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Jodee’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Jodee’s party…..

We had a GI Joe party for our big 6 yr old Jake on Saturday. I came up with the GI Joe/Army party idea and for the invitations I had done also.

We had the Army Enlistment Desk here: Where the Private Cadets enlisted in the Army they got a name badge, real dog tags (got from Army Surplus store online) Helmet that said: GI JOE ARMY on them (got from Dollar Tree) was issued a gun, and had choice of tattoo. Then their picture was taken in front of the flag and life size Army guys. (on loan from the US Army Recruiting office) Then it was off to play with Pvt. Jake while we enlisted the next GI Joe!

“Missing In Action (MIA)” We hide plastic Army Men outside in the back of the yard and inform our soldiers that there are some fellows Soldiers Missing In Action. The soldiers had to go out on a Top Secret Mission to locate and bring back as many plastic Army Men as they could find. We kept score by how many they brought back.In between the missions, they got to practice the obstacle course….just to get really good at it before the race!

Next Mission was the Granade Toss (egg colored cammo). This was such a blast with the kids. They loved this! We had one private that never seemed to drop his- he had a great throw and catch!!!

Then the last mission was Mine Field, we had water balloons set up and blind folded the kids to see who could get thru without being blown up!

Last mission was the Obstacle Course:

We set up the Obstacle Course in our back yard. It was such a beautiful warm day- such a perfect day for the party! They had to run fast then crawl over a wall made from a sheet of plywood connected to one of our saw horses we had and spray painted camo. Then we had set up barrels and they had to crawl through the barrels. Then do 10 jumping jacks. Then we attached rope to wooden stakes for them to crawl under on the ground (like the barbed wire they crawl under in the army only safer!). Then they had to run through some tires laid on the ground. Next, had a 2×4 placed on top of 2 bricks for some height of balance beam (also spray painted camo)….to finish it off with our swing set and took one of the swings off. We tied a rope where the swing had been and the kids had to swing on the rope across a mud filled sandbox. During this time, being hit by egg grenades and water balloon filled grenades. The kids had a blast with seeing who could finish the fastest on a timed course!

For the food I just had chips, cake and ice cream. I had a cake made that was two layers. The Army recruiter gave me enough water bottles for the soldiers during battle too. We got some of those tin pans like rolls come in for the kids to eat off of. They were a real hit. Like the real mess kits used in Army. They also loaded me down with Frisbees, pens, pencils, stickers, clips, USA shirt pins, book covers, water bottles, backpacks for school, USA Flags; I used them for prizes and for the loot bags. Their favorite part was swinging on the rope and falling in the pool of mud below. All the parents kept telling me it was one of the best parties they had ever been to. Best of all was how much my son enjoyed it!

We even had a real GI Joe for the Drill Sergeant, Uncle Kurt! Thanks so much for your help at the party- even though Jake said,” How come Uncle Kurt didn’t give out the directions?!” Ummmm…..cause your mommy is a control freak that’s why!

After the cake and ice cream, we had the Army Tank Piñata- it sure didn’t take those boys long to tear into that! The best part about that was that all the mess was picked up REALLY fast!!!

Then the boys took off again to play the obstacle course over and over again till their parents came to pick them up! I even had one parent go thru and do the obstacle course herself!!!! I know she thought the party was a blast, being an ex- GI Jane herself!

I also wanted to Thank Aunt Samantha- Beau and I were running behind schedule and she helped me out by setting up the cake table and the Enlistment table for me! Also, by calming me down when the privates started to arrive! She is such a people person- even had time to share picture taking with my friend Rhonda, feed Sarah and keep one of the parents occupied by talking!!! Thanks Samantha for your extra help!

What made it kind of fun was that my father had some fatigues on and a shirt with his name on it and I had a friend who got me the pink army hat and army shirt with whistle for myself, My little Rex was all decked out in his special GI Joe shirt too! Daddy also had on the Army PT shirt to match Jake and Drill Sergeant Kurt. We had our clipboards which just make it seem so official. Also the kids were referred to as “Private Jake” (or whatever their first name was)

We had a great time at the party and I just wanted to Thank everyone who came and helped out along with celebrating with us!

Pink Poodle Birthday Party

This Pink Poodle Party was originally hosted over at Simply Creative Insanity.

This party is ALL GIRL and ALL GLAMOR! Every little pink, black and white detail is totally chic. The chair covers are one of my favorite things. Things like that add soooo much to a table setting. This gal did a great job finding all this pink and glamorous and she has included a list of where you can find them as well. I bet by the end of the party each girl felt like a movie star! What little girl doesn’t want that?!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Simply Creative Insanity to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the party…..


Well, the pink poodle party is in the books! I had so much fun planning and decorating. It was really easy to find all kinds of wonderful table decorations and coordinating items! So, come take a glamour tour with me!

Hope you found some inspirations! Resources are below!

Eifle Tower Cups

Miniature poodles

Hershey Lables

Chair Covers

Jewlery boxes
Hobby Lobby

Party City

Plates and Napkins

Hobby Lobby

Joanns and Hobby Lobby

Can you tell I visit Hobby Lobby often?

Bright and Fun Slumber Party

This Slumber Party was originally hosted by Donna over at Party Wishes.
I don’t know about you but after seeing this party…I wanna be 13 again! This slumber party is everything any girl would dream a slumber party could be! Everything is so colorful and cheery. My favorite thing is how she set the table up to look like a bed! I love the use of candy and how it adds to the decor. With all that sugar…I’m not sure any sleeping happened…but I’m willing to bet this was a slumber party those girls won’t soon forget!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Donna’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Donna’s party…..

Wanna come to a slumber party? I had so much fun putting together my newest party theme. I was inspired by so many blogs that I just wanted to share.

First, the table is made up like a bed. I got the idea from Hostess with the Mostess from one of her baby showers. I got the duvet cover, sheet and pillowcase from IKEA all for $15. The solid green is a plastic tablecloth to protect the table from spills.

I bought TALL glass cylinders and filled them with gumballs and added some festive flowers.

Another inspiration from Stem Parties.

Robyn over at Mix Mingle Glow showed some fabulous St. Patrick’s Day tables on a budget.
She featured these great swirl bowls from Michael’s that are $1 each.
I thought they would be perfect for popcorn or morning cereal.
I found the drink tub at WalMart for $6 and bought Gatorade in the coordinating colors.

If I had time (LOL), I would have gone to Cost Plus to buy Jones Soda in coordinating colors. :)

One of the activities for the slumber party is to stuff Teddy Bears to sleep with. Of course, the guests will be able to choose from an array of different pajamas for their bear.

I put candy bracelets around the stem of the glasses.

A great tip from Risa at the ParTea Planner.

I found these giant candy pillows at Party America for $10 each.
I made the other pillow slipcovers with fabric from Wal Mart.

Pillow fight anyone?

Of course, no slumber party is complete without a game of Twister!

I will also be offering popcorn and cookie dough to make fresh, hot cookies. There will be a nail kit to give each other manicures and a candy bean bag toss game. I will also have an option for breakfast of pancake mix or ready-made muffins and orange juice.

Thanks for coming to my slumber party!

Weekend Etsy – Clineffs Confections

I found a great Etsy site for all you party throwers out there! Cupcakes are all the rage right now and this Etsy site will help you turn your next batch of cupcakes into the hit of the party and the centerpiece of your table.

Clineffs Confections makes the most adorable edible cupcake toppers. They are made of fondant and handpainted.

Along with cupcake toppers Clineffs Confections also sells some baking supplies to spruce things up as well. Head on over and see what Clineffs Confections has going on!

Car Themed Birthday

This Car Themed Birthday party was originally hosted by Kara over at Kara’s Party Ideas.
Ok people…this is one stinkin’ cute car party! Just look at those little outfits! Too cute! I love the traffic light invitations but I think my favorite thing is how Kara turned the table into a roadway! So simple…and so GENIUS! All of the traffic signs she put around the yard are yet another demonstration of her genius. Tons of car details to check out…so make sure to drive slowly through this post!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Kara’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Kara’s party…..

start your engines! this was my son’s 2nd birthday. we all had a blast.
here’s a pic of the invite. i made them out of colored card stock. they were stop lights if you can’t tell. each color opened to a road sign with the party details. the red light opened to an interstate sign (clip art that i found online)..i wrote, “kaden’s turning 2 years old, and is happy as can be because he’s having a …vroom…CAR PARTY and he wants you there you see!”.
the yellow light opened to a stop sign and said, “take a detour on saturday, june 28th and stop @ details details. yield for family & friends!”.
the green light opened to a yellow railroad crossing sign and said, “rsvp to..details details. get ready to have a racin‘ fun time!”…my son actually has a car bedroom…so i took a bunch of stuff from his room to decorate for the party. like this stoplight that we hung in front of the house to show where the party was at :)…
this is the birthday boy in his racing suit (his little bro had one too) on his new little atvwe had hot dogs, chips, and salad etc. i found these fold out cardboard cars and cut a hole in the top of them to put the ketchup & relish etc in. they turned out really cute…i decorated all the tables to look like roads (black table cloth with pieces of white paper taped on). i also got about 100 ft of racing flags that i strung up all over the back yard…here’s the b-day boy and his cousin eating their road sign suckers…
my friend julie borrowed all my car stuff a few months later to have a car party for her little boy too. she came up with the great idea to use a streamer up the table (again, to make it look like a road). she also used cars and my son’s street light lamp to add that special touch… i placed road sign’s all over the back yard & bought blow up car’s that i hung from all the tree’s…i had a car race for one of the activities. i got boxes and spray painted them blue and silver. i then downloaded racing car logo’s off the inet and stuck ‘em all over the boxes along with paper numbers and paper circles. i cut out the bottom of the boxes and small handles near the top so the kids could actually get inside of the cars :)…i set up plastic cones that they had to run through..i decided to make cupcakes instead of a cake. i made the frosting really runny so it would look like tar, used orange licorice as stripes, and got marshmallow cars and road sign suckers for the toppers…
i got a rubber car track and made ‘gum cars’ out of gum, minni candybars, and mini reeses peanut butter cups…sparklers added a fun zing to the party… he opened presents on a car sign blanket that is now on his bed :)…we had fun with little racing cars that were powered by balloons. us mom’s blew them up again & again for the little ones :). everyone loved them…this is my friend julie’s cake. i loved her idea of using black licorice to make the cake look like tires! she set the cake on top of my son’s tire toy bin. so cute julie!!…i hung up car patio lights around the back door… here’s another pic of some of the signs in the back yard…i threw road sign pillows out for the kids to play with too. it was a gReAt party. we all had a blast…especially the birthday boy!~and here’s the thank you card’s we sent out after the party…

Flower Themed Birthday Party

This Flower Birthday was originally hosted by Jane over at See Jane Blog.
This is one flower power packed birthday! Jane did an amazing job with decorating this outdoor party! I bet all the eyes of those little girls lit up when they walked into the beautiful “flower garden” that Jane created in her backyard. The cake is absolutely gorgeous and perfectly compliments the flowery theme.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Jane’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Jane’s party…..

We celebrated Ava and Adalie’s 2nd birthday with all things flower.

Cake by Dawn

Cousins: Sofia, Bella, Julia, Jolie, Ava, Reed, James, Addie Jo, and Leah.

Face Painting

Fruit Boquet by my sis Katie
Boys are outnumbered around here

Favors- If cousins were flowers, we would pick you! marker sets.

Yum Yum

Spring Themed Baby Sprinkle

This Spring Baby Sprinkle was originally hosted by Chris over at Celebrations at Home.
I have to admit that I LOVE sit down shower. I’m a sucker for a fabulous table setting. Chris does not disappoint! I don’t think there was a single detail she missed. She adorned everything from the tabletop to the glasses and even the vases. Absolutely EVERYTHING had added flower details! Look carefully….you don’t want to miss a thing!!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Chris’ Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Chris’ party…..
This past weekend I hosted a “Sprinkle” for our friend who is having her second baby. We decided on a champagne brunch with a Spring theme.
Who doesn’t love a Champagne Bar?! We had OJ for Mimosas, Peach nectar for Bellinis, and a Sweetheart that consists of 1 Tbsp Strawberry flavored Syrup, 1 Tbsp Amaretto liquer, and top it off with Champagne. It was Yummmmy!

This was a family event so we had a fun kid’s table set up.

I set up the food buffet with just as many Spring touches as the dining tables.

The “sprinke” gifts, and take-home favors. These were the cutest Spring Themed cookies I found at Walmart and dressed them in a plain cellophane bag and flower sticker.
Please check out our facebook page for close-ups of any of the photos.

Pyjama Party – 4th Birthday

This Pyjama Party was originally hosted by Mrika over at Mommy Loves Patterns

I love the clean simple modern style that Mrika gave to her son’s 4th birthday. I have to say that her idea for the goodie bags is pretty fantastic. A goodie bag filled with things for bedtime…what a perfect compliment to a pyjama party! Super CREATIVE! Don’t forget to take notice of the photo banner she put together…another clever idea!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Mrika’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Mrika’s party…..

we hosted a PYJAMA PARTY to celebrate Big Z’s 4th birthday

the birthday banner
designed for kids (and their parents) to use for bedtime;

labels read “4 your bedtime … thank you + goodnight from Zarif, the Daddy + the Mummy”
party packs; an extension on the party’s invitation design theme
inside, were packed a toothbrush, a container of bedtime lotion, snacks and an activity book

blues for the boys, reds for the girls

individually-packed bedtime lotion for the kiddies

packets of chocolate cookies packed for guests; labels read “chocolate: indulge now, worry later”

photos of Big Z in his many sleeping positions from baby to age 3-plus strung together with selected book titles; books Big Z usually picks out as bedtime reads

plain butter mini cupcakes

adorned with party theme’s number 4 mini flags
the birthday cake – specially made by Big Z’s aunt, Mummy Z’s sister

CowBOY Baby Shower

This Cowboy Baby Shower was originally hosted by Un-Organized Mom.


I love the down home feel of this baby shower. The Un-Orgainzed mom really used some practical items to add to her shower’s decor. Who would think to actually use a stick horse in the cake? SHE DID! She even made a quilt to go along with the theme! I also think it’s great that she took the theme inspiration from the nusery decor. You know the mommy to be loved that!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to the Un-Organized Mom to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the Un-Organized Mom’s party…..


My sisters baby shower that we hosted last year. She was having a boy and had decorated his nursery in a cowboy theme, so we carried that through to the shower.

The cake had red and blue bandanna’s with metal star and horse shoe accents (she later incorporated those into his nursery decor). The cake topper was a little stuffed stick horse!

The drink table was covered in a kid cowboy print fabric. The large ceramic jar with the blue spout held the punch, which was served in small mason jars. The small pitcher held ice tea. The galvanized tub held glass bottles of root beer, orange crush, strawberry crush, and cream soda. The small galvanized buckets held peanut M&M’s and peanuts.

The food table had a pair of thrift store boots (in the upper left corner) that had been painted red and then used as pots for the sunflowers. We served what the mom to be requested so it was an assortment of finger sandwiches, dips, chips and salsa. This table was covered with blue fabric and then a small piece of burlap.

I made this quilt to match the theme. It was a soft denim on the back.

I can’t find a picture of the invitations, but they were handmade and adorable!! I will try and find one to scan. They had cowboy scrapbooking paper with a vellum overlay, then jute was tied at the top to connect them, along with star brads. I love planning parties! Right now I’m working on invitations to my oldest sons Paintball b-day party.

Weekend Etsy…Cards By Emily

I thought it would be fun to feature an Etsy store on the weekend that was party/special event related.

This weekend I’m featuring Cards By Emily

She makes fabulous handmade cards as well as some really cute handmade gifts. So when you have that special event to go to….a gift or Cards by Emily is the perfect thing!

Marie Antoinette 40th Birthday Party

This Marie Antoinette party was originally hosted by Laura over at Decor To Adore.

What a fun and creative theme Laura had for her 40th birthday! It is perfectly pretty and oh so vintage inspired! You won’t want to miss seeing all her girlfriends dressed up for this party! Everything she did shows her attention to detail….right down to the candles, flower petals, “ladies in waiting” and the music playing in the background.

Enjoy Laura’s party……

Today I am 40.

I had written this post a few days ago before learning of my dad’s passing.
A big celebration had been in the works by my children that I truly considered cancelling. My sister in law Melody, who lives here in town, said, “Laura, don’t cancel. Norm LOVED a party and I REALLY need a drink.” (Who can argue with that?)
As my husband is currently overseas and will not return for awhile, it is actually comforting to me that dear, dear friends will surround me this evening.
You are among the dearest. I have to say that I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the love and support shown to me by my friends in the blogging community. So please join in the celebration of another year of life. It is so very precious.

For this Marie Antoinette themed birthday the invitation features a favorite image of the queen painted by one of my favorite artists, Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun. It aptly states: “Let them eat cake.”

The inside reads: The Duchess of Decor
summons you to court for an evening of enchantment and merrymaking
to mark the occasion of her ladyships 40th birthday.
Wednesday, the twentieth of August, two thousand and eight.
Dinner shall commence at half after six.
The royal procession shall then journey to The Shout! House where the ladies shall attempt to lose their heads.
Lace, pearls and other frippery are highly encouraged.

On the back of the card are directions to Chateau Gunn (which I would rather not disclose on the internet) and provides instruction that “Men, small children, beasts and those bearing gifts are most unwelcome. Those making their presence known shall be locked in the stocks.”

So, select your gown and perhaps a pair of slippers.

Is red your color? This frock is quite fetching.

Perhaps a pink or aqua gown would suit you?

Don’t you just adore these slippers from Fete et fleur?

I am turning 40~ let us celebrate with a Marie Antoinette themed party.

The table is dressed with a matelasse cloth covered in roses, candy, confetti and images of the queen. Crystal candlesticks are dripping with jewels. At each setting is a collection of antique silver and china topped with a vintage handkerchief to be used as a napkin. In the center of the napkin is a ring fit for such regal guests.

A favor was placed to the left of each place setting and includes a string of pearls, candy, and confetti.

Bathroom tissue rolls have never looked so fine!

I have also made some blue and pink nut cups inspired by Andrea.

You can’t have a party without cupcakes. These are from Sprinkles. I made the toppers from images of the queen printed on card stock. A toothpick was glued between two back to back circles.

Our ladies in waiting are Alyssa and Hannah. They shall be serving a dinner of french onion soup, salad with french dressing, cordon bleu, green bean almondine and scalloped potatoes.

Although the invitation instructed that “Men, children and beasts are most unwelcome…” perhaps we can make an exception for my darling court jester, Rudi.

Touches of the queen can be found in every room in the house.

Even the ladies in waiting have a special table just for them in the kitchen.

Of course Marie Antoinette is playing on the big screen tv. The movie is muted though while music from various French artists is piped through the surround sound for total ambiance.

My daughter, a fashion design student has created my look. She says it is Modern Day Marie.

I’ve set up an area where each guest will have her portrait made.

I hope that you had a good time! Don’t forget your parting favor.

It is a rose scented candle with an image of Marie Antoinette. The round fleur de lis tag reads “Merci” on the back.

The back of the candle includes the famous quote: “Let them eat cake!”

Au Revoir!

Pink and Girly Birthday Party

This Pink and Girly Birthday Party was originally hosted by Missy over at Sweet Funky Vintage.
Missy really went all out with the “girl party” her little daughter requested. You definitely have to check out the elaborate cupcakes that she spent hours on! Super Cute! She used lots of CANDY and TREATS as her decor and they added a sweet splash of color! She has some really easy but really tasty ideas for you!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Missy’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Missy’s party…..


Okay, I am finally sharing the BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Olivia, our middle child, was turning three, and I was going to be out of town. Feeling just a tiny bit guilty about her Daddy being gone and Mommy leaving town too, on her birthday. I went all out for her birthday party! Not being a huge fan of character themed birthday parties, and her not really putting in much input. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she said, “cupcake”. I asked her what kind of party she wanted and she said, “a girl party”. Okaaaaay. So, I went online and gathered some ideas and came up with a pretty neat party, if I do say so myself.
I was lucky enough to find the pink tablecloths and some pink plates on clearance at Target a couple of weeks before the party, and I also found some adorable little dolls on clearance in the toy area to use as party favors. Naturally, my cute little girl themed birthday party grew and grew and I ended up with 18 children, so Liz had to run out to her local Target and ship me some more dolls! Yes, you read it right, 18 children at a three year old’s birthday party. We wanted to invite all of our neighborhood friends and there are alot of them!
In the back of the picture, I made the fabric-covered panels to hold little bags of little pink candies. I used these as prizes for the games we did, and gave them away as party favors.
Most of our decorations were of the edible variety. I set everything up outside and just used a selection of white and clear glass dishes that I had to dress up the table. I used my Michaels coupon ages ago to pick up the cupcake stand and have been waiting for an excuse to use it.

I bought the cookbook, “Hello, Cupcake” and let Olivia flip through the pages and this was the cupcake design that she chose. I spent HOURS making them. If I ever did it again, I wouldn’t use Starburst or Now&Later candies for the blankets, they wear a bear to work with. I would use fondant instead. The blankets were the only part that took sooooo long. If it weren’t for the blankets, I could have finished the cupcakes in about an hour. To make the little flags, I printed them on cardstock and they were glued to lollipop sticks (thank you Jayne!).

These pretzels were a HUGE hit with all the kids! The ate them all up before anything else! They were super easy to make! We melted white chocolate chips in the microwave, used the gel food coloring to color white chocolate pink, dipped pretzel rods, and then sprinkled them with sprinkles. Without realizing it, one of the containers of sprinkles we bought were peppermint flavored, and they added just the right subtle hint of peppermint.

I took alot of my Southern Living at Home containers and dishes and used them for the tablescape. I was lucky enough to find that October is breast cancer awareness month, and as such a lot of the candy makers do pink wrappers and pink candies in honor of that. I layered different pink candies in the jars.

I bought the vanilla marshmallows from Trader Joes, and used more of the lollipop stick flags. Behind you can see some round brownied I found that I made into brownie pops with lollipop sticks, and you can just barely see the square vase full of pixie sticks. The kids LOVED those. They were also gone almost right away!

The party favor bags were the lunch bag style and contained a doll for the girls, and some bubbles and such. The boys bags contained little dinosaurs for the younger boys, and little pinball games for the older boys. Their names were written in marker and each name had one letter that was in a pack of polka dot letters I found in the scrapbooking section.

I printed out water bottle labels that said “Thank you for coming to my birthday party, Love Olivia” and had each child’s name on it.

This birthday banner and some balloons were all I did in the way of traditional party decorations. Sweet Funky Vintage sells this banner! (shamless promotion) It is fabric and can be reused again and again! Sadly, we are currently out of stock, but will have then again in a few weeks.

Here is the birthday girl! I used the iron-on transfers that you can use with an inkjet printer, and used the same graphic I used on the birthday party invitations and other decorations. Then I stitched it to a square of pink polka dot fabric, and then stitched it to a t-shirt.

Here I am with my sister, Kim, who was in town, visiting. I could never have pulled off the party without her help! She did EVERYTHING while I was working on those cupcakes!!
Olivia was a little reserved and seemed a little uncomfortable at being the center of attention. It was interesting to glimpse this little view of her personality. She loved the idea of a birthday party, and loved that all of her friends came over, but was a little embarrassed that they were all looking at her!

Here we were playing pin the nose on the pumpkin.

Olivia had to bring her favorite bear, “gigi” to the party.

I had extra cupcake batter, so I put it in a small round bowl and baked it to be a little cake that Olivia could blow the candles out on and the adults could have a little cake without all the candy on top!

Sophia enjoyed her cupcake!

Olivia, like many of the kids, ate the candy and frosting off of her cupcake, and left the cake part!


We played two other games at the party – we did a musical chairs type game, modified so it was a mix of a cake walk and musical chairs. And we also played with a play parachute.
I think the birthday was a success. Every couple of days, Olivia has been asking to have another birthday party!
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