Garden Themed Birthday Party

This Garden Themed Birthday Party was originally hosted by DeBran over at The Taradiddle and Twaddle of Motherhood.
This Garden party really comes to life with all of the fun colors and sweet touches. The different banners are super cute. I also really love the mix of balloons and the hanging balls and “poofs”. It all ads to the whimsical feel of this garden party.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to DeBran’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy DeBran’s Garden party…..


I know I know…it has been a ridiculously long time since Kaelyn’s party and I am just now posting about it. Cut me some slack and just pretend you all still care. ;o)

Kaelyn has developed a love of all things creepy crawly, blooming and chirping. She loves digging in the dirt, planting and pruning plants and of course picking flowers, fruit, vegetables and tiny little lady bugs off our plants. She is your regular, every-day gardener. Except that she’s three. Haha. Well, this new found interest was all the inspiration I needed to throw Kaelyn’s Garden Party to celebrate her third birthday. Oh and I must thank Jessica for being my photographer for the day, my camera was quite fickle. Go figure, huh? Thanks so much Jess!

I started off with some hand made invitations complete with magnets on the backs of the die-cut and a ribbon to untie the hanging invitation so that the magnet could be used even after the party was over.
I incorporated Birds, Blossoms and Bugs into as many details as I managed to have time and energy for. I was a little disappointed because I had so many more ideas that I wanted to put into play, but I was just so behind from pure tired laziness that I just couldn’t do everything I had originally wanted to. We kept the numbers a bit smaller this time, we had about 35 people, just immediate family and Kaelyn’s friends and their families of course. It was nice and Kaelyn had a fabulous time! I apologize for the length of this post, but most of it is pictures!!

My mom ordered this cute welcome sign and my dad and the kids have become the official balloon officials! haha…they were in charge for Brandt’s party and again for Kaelyn’s. They are getting much more artistic with it and have so much fun! Thanks Dad and thanks Mother for the fabulous banner!

And of course I had to add a few hand made banners to the mix: a Kaelyn banner, flower banner, Happy Birthday banner, Birds, Blossoms and Bugs garland and a Garden Party banner on the butterfly wall. ;o) FUN
I also decorated paper lanterns of different sizes with flowers and butterflies and hung them throughout the house along with my first run at making tissue poms. I laid a string of dragonfly lights on the favor bag table.
I had lots of ideas for serving the food creatively but not enough time and motivation, lol. So that was pretty simple. I served pink lemonade with butterfly cut-outs slid on the straws and then I put the kids’ cupcakes in mini terra cotta pots. I forgot the cupcake pics I had so they were a little more plain than I meant! Oh well, they were tasty!
The kids all loved the pinata…it was a really cute butterfly shaped one. When Kenny was setting it up outside all the kids were trying to line up at the slider and sneak a peak outside. It was so cute!

And I had wings for the girls to wear and bug antennae for the boys to wear. Little Miss Kaelyn Rose decided to pick out her own outfit for the day, and no it did not include the hand made, over the top foofy tutu I made for her. No, it included a simple pink dress up tutu, flip flops, a white t-shirt, a flower headband and a new pair of pink sunglasses! Needless to say, she was stylin’!Kaelyn’s favorite part of the party, hands down, was the birthday song! She loved it! She was just beaming the entire time and then asked everyone to sing it again! And they did!! Good group, huh? She could hardly believe all these people were singing to her. And then later that night when it was just a couple friends and our family, she asked us to sing three more times! HOLY MOLY! It was so cuteBesides the pinata, I had one other activity for the kids. I put them all in old white t-shirts and set everyone up on a table outside with washable paints, paint brushes, water and tiny wooden birdhouses. Everyone loved it and everyone’s house turned out fantastic! So easy yet so entertaining! Kaelyn concentrated extra hard and of course made “that face” that she does…strange girl! ;o)Brandt slept through the whole party and barely decided to join us as Kaelyn was opening her gifts. He and his friend Luke shared some snacks while they watched. They really don’t eat that much, just in every picture! ;o) Riiight…

She was blessed with so many wonderful gifts and enjoyed such a great time with her family and friends! We had a great time and we think our guests did also!!Well….hopefully!!

Tractor Themed Baby Shower

This Tractor Themed Baby Shower was originally hosted by Laura over at Lucy-isms.
I gotta tell ya…I’m IN LOVE with this theme. I absolutely love the retro vibe of the invites and all the details that coordinate using that tractor graphic. Seriously…IN LOVE people! It is so fun, so vintage, so festive…so everything! Even the envelopes the invites were mailed in are FANTABULOUS! I also love the good old fashioned fabric pennants. So stinkin’ cute!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Laura’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Laura’s Tractor party…..


last saturday i hosted my good friend lauren’s baby shower at my house. it was an indoor picnic themed party with the main motif being a tractor. i had so much fun planning the party and making all the details. i utilized my print gocco to create the tractor motif on the invitations, favor bags and onesie. here are the highlights. check back later this week for recipes and tutorials.

special thanks to my friend heather, who was so kind to take out time on her busy saturday to snap these photos.

{ the invitations }

{ place settings }

i really wanted everyone seated at a table, so i covered several mighty lights with gingham fabric i bought for $1.50/yard.

the flowers came from the mountain behind my house, which perfectly contributed to the flavor of the party.

i don’t care for shiny plastic party utensils, so found these on world centric. made out of cornstarch, the forks, knives and spoons are 100% biodegradable and looked great on the table.

{ food }

thanks to shannon for the yummy baked beans and lemonade, liz for the delicious fresh fruit and heather for the homemade granola.

pulled pork sandwiches
fresh fruit
goat chesse, orange and pecan salad
baked beans
mini key lime pie
mini blueberry pie
homemade granola

{ beverage & favor table }

this was one of my favorite elements of the party. i covered the table with burlap, hung pennants across the front and placed the basket of granola, beverages, yellow ice cooler and mini milk jug prizes on top.

again, thank you so much to all those who donated time, talents, food and serving dishes. couldn’t have done it without you.

tractor graphic via dryicons.

Mr. Linky Monday – Inspiration Station

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Weekend Feature – Pink Peppermint Paper

Yesterday you got to see the party throwing skills of Eleanor from Pink Peppermint Paper. But did you take the time to click through to her online store? If not you should! I love the simple whimsical style of her products. It’s not just invitations she’s got waiting for you. There are announcements, moving cards, etc. Here is just a sample of what you will see when you visit the Pink Peppermint Paper Store.

What are you waiting for? There’s way more to see….

Carousel Themed Birthday party

This Carousel Birthday was originally hosted by Lauren with help from her friend Eleanor at Pink Peppermint Paper.
I really think this is a unique theme. A little twist on the carnival/circus parties we’ve been seeing lately. . The invitations are super cute and I love all the signage as well. Oh and this must be cake week or something because yet again we have another FABULOUS cake to feast our eyes on!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Pink Peppermint Paper to see what else she’s got going on! She’s got a lot of really great products for you to choose from!!

Enjoy Pink Peppermint Paper’s Carousel party…..


Step Wright up for some fun. Our little boy is one!

It was a big top full of fun for Wright’s first birthday at the carousel.

’round and ’round they go…the birthday boy and his guests had a great time riding the carousel.

Check out our invitations. My favorite!

Pink Peppermint Paper did the most amazing job on the design. I love their work! So custom and personal. I was sent several options to choose from but that wasn’t nearly all they did for me. Eleanor, the lead designer brainstormed with me on details from banners and games to favors. And her ideas for the overall party were just as amazing as the final invitations, favor tags and thank you notes.

Here is the favor tag on one of the favors. Speaking of favors, they were filled with carnival things like cracker jacks, candy and circus tattoos but also with bouncy balls and squirt rings for the boys, while the girls had lip gloss and fun jewelry. The guests also got a personalized big top sippy cup.

I love the cake! The designer was able to match it to the invitation just perfectly.

She also created a personal “smash cake” for Wright. What a hit!

And let’s not forget the food!! We had “Incredible shrinking corn dogs,” “Fat lady dip” with apple slices, “Merry-Go-PBJ” and “Say Cheese” sandwiches (shaped like carousel horses), “Cirque de Chick-fil-a” nuggets, “Carnival Krispies,” “Fruit-On-A-Stick” and “Big Top Chicken Salad” (for the adults). Of course, there was also popcorn, animal cookies, goldfish (in goldfish bowls), peanuts, cake and ice cream.

The tables were decorated with balloon bouquets anchored in popcorn containers (another fun idea from Pink Peppermint Paper).

And since the carousel is a bit tricky to find, we did some themed directional signs.

What an absolutely wonderful day! Happy First Birthday Wright!

Safari Themed Birthday

This Safari Themed Birthday Party was originally hosted by Enchanted Expectations.
First I have to say that the cake for this party is TO DIE FOR! So amazing! There was so much thought put into this party and every little detail ads so much to the overall appeal and decor. The costumes for the kids is a nice touch and I love the face painting as well. Oh…and check out the photo wall…how stinkin’ cool!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Enchanted Expectations to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Enchanted Expectation’s Safari party…..


“The Invitation” that I made with the help of Microsoft Word

Safari Birthday Boy

Kids Parties are my passion. I recently completed another fabulous party for my son’s 3rd Birthday(seen above). When the kids first arrived they were STOPPED at the “Passport Check In” station where they received pre-made passports and a Serengeti Agenda.

The kids then moved to the dress up station where they “Became a Jungle Animal”. The kids received costumes and then got their face painted into an animal. Even the adults got involved. They loved that they were able to keep the costumes.

After the kids were dressed, they visited the “Serengeti National Park”and took pictures with the Lion and Elephant

Next the kids went to “See the Monkey’s”. Here they created Monkey visors and Monkey finger puppets.

Then the kids and parents “Enjoyed an African Feast” at the jungle table. The Feast included;
Safari Sandwiches – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Jungle Sandwiches – turkey and cheese on wheat bread
Animal Spotted Pizza-pepperoni pizza/cheese available for all you non-spotted lovers.
Snake Eggs- seedless grapes
Croc Teeth: apple slices
Dried Ants – plain raisins
Beetle Wings-potato chips Creepy Crawly Bugs – gummy worms
Jungle Juice-fruit juice

The kids then participated in the “Reptilian Hunt”
I put all kinds of interesting reptiles, from crocodiles to snakes all around the room and the kids went for a hunt to find as many as possible to fill up goody bags.

After the Reptile Hunt, the kids enjoyed “Safari Cake” made by Cakes Plus in Laurel, Maryland
For the Take home gift. I gave out “Safari Backpacks” filled with anything I could find that had animals on it.

Check out more pictures of Bailey’s Safari Adventure on Flickr.

Cowgirl Birthday Ya’ll

This Cowgirl Birthday was originally hosted by Susan over at Poca Cosas.
What fun these kids must have had! The “pony corral” is such a cute and creative idea and I love the hats and bandannas for each child. Love the banner with all the different colored bandanna patterns. Susan and her friend really did a “bang up” job!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Poca Cosas to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Susan ‘s party…..


Birthday Cowgirl

The Cisco Kid

Corral for the Stick Pony Races
Cowboy gear
Shooting Gallery

Pony Rides for all

Cowboy Cookie favors
Recently, I helped my best friend Amber throw a COWGIRL party for her daughter’s 3rd birthday! All the kids received bandannas, hats, and sheriffs badges upon their arrival. We set up a “shooting gallery”and had stick ponies for all the kids to gallop around. Amber rented the cutest pony for rides around their property. We had a cowboy cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, coleslaw, and all the fixing’s‘ served on tin plates. The kids had sarsaparilla and we had Outlaw Punch for the grown ups, served in mason jars. We built a campfire and made yummy smores. There was horseshoes for the adults to play too. For decorations, we put up wanted posters of all the guests with names like the Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, and Bonnie & Clyde. We had hay bales for guests to sit on, cow print tablecloths, bandanna napkins, and denim stitched plates. The table centerpieces were Christmas Cactus in galvanized buckets tied with bandanna ribbons and sheriff stars. The kids took home their cowboy gear, stick ponies, and cowboy cookies for their favors.

When Life hands you Lemons….

This Lemon Themed Party was originally hosted by Vol. 25 The Blog.
Ok, who knew lemons could be so cute? Obviously this gal has some mad artistic skills (just look at her blog) and she used them to enhance everything from the party favors to the lemons themselves. The lemon theme lends itself to a bright sonny party and of course…yummy lemonade!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Vol. 25 The Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Vol. 25′s party…..


Pic 15
A birthday party that is. :) We had Journey’s birthday party yesterday… we had it outside. We were either really brave, or really stupid. :) There were thunder storms in the forecast for the evening. I really debated on having it inside, but since our house is so small… I figured that would really put a stress factor on everyone, so we braved the storm! It actually ended up being nice and cool, and while the wind did come up it stayed manageable. :)

I planned the party around lemons, I had soo many ideas, that I kinda ran out of time so I had to scrap them. Much of our week was spent cleaning the yard, (and house!) so thursday and friday night was spent on the party favors etc.

Pic 14
I hand painted 2 bags of fresh lemons. They served as party favors, I also ended up using some as napkin weights. The best part of doing a lemon party was how good everything smelled. :) Painting the lemons was aromatic and relaxing. ;) Pic 12
Mom picked up the lemon flavored sugar cookies at the grocery store right before the party. I think they were a nice addition.
Pic 10
I made these cardstock foldovers, and filled the bags with lemon head candy. I had originally planned to buy two different kinds of candy. I would fill the “I’m feeling sweet” bags with something a little different. However when I went grocery shopping I kinda spaced looking for another kind, so ended up doing all lemon head candy instead. :)
Pic 13
I filled two jars (Which were being used to store my foam brushes, and chalk applicators) with the painted lemons. I handed them out as party favors when everyone left. The jar covered in plastic held frozen slices of lemons for everyone’s tea. The pink container was also stolen from my craft supply cabinet. I put pixy stix in it, and printed off extra tags to decorate the jar and pink container. I also used them on her gifts.
Pic 16
Here are the frozen lemons and strawberries. I bought a jar with a dispenser from Target and filled it with Lemonade and these frozen strawberries and lemons. I didnt think to de-seed the lemons and about halfway through our first batch of lemonade a seed got stuck in the spout. So definitely de-seed the lemons! :)
Pic 11
Pic 7
Here are a couple pictures of journey enjoying her cake. :) She dug RIGHT in… Her cousin came up to get a picture on his cell phone and she gave him her shy look…
Pic 9
and looked really contemplative. :)
Pic 6
here she is trying to cuddle with the stuffed animal in the box. :) It took me 10 mins to get her cleaned up!
Pic 5
Pic 4
she did really good opening her presents… of course she had a little help. :)
Pic 3
Trinity was more then willing to lend a helping hand. ;) Well, thats our day in pictures. This one before the party was my absolute favorite…
Before the party
I love it when they play together. :)

A Whale of a Time – Whale Birthday

This Whale Themed Birthday Party was originally hosted by Vikki over at 2 little Irish Boys.
I’m loving this party. The little blue whale is just so simple and sweet. The hat, the bib, the cake, and those AdoRable little blue watering cans are all simply to die for. And they all compliment that precious little face so well.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Vikki’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Vikki’s party…..


For me, details really make a party. I have been planning in my head for many months for Cillian’s 1st birthday! My boy’s birthdays are very important to me and I drive myself crazy over the details….that is just me and it makes me happy!!

It all starts with a theme. I wanted to do simple baby blue whales and after finding the perfect invitations the ideas started flowing. Stickers, wreaths, gingham paper plates, daisies, birthday banner, blue and white balloons, whale kiddie pool-along with the real pool, gingham/sticker napkin rings, little whale sandwiches, birthday hat, outfits….the list goes on and on.

After I decided on the theme, I then started my quest for the perfect outfits for the birthday boy and the brother of the birthday boy. Cillian looked adorable in his smocked whale bubble and Cash was equally handsome in his matching smocked t-shirt. It was all coming together. Cillian even had the perfect “1″ t-shirt and matching gingham shorts for after the cake!

Birthday Boy

The tables were decorated with white daisies in mason jars and under the jars I placed four whale facts on each table. I will share those with you one day when I can’t think of another post! Everything was adorned in blue and white as well as gingham and polka dots.

I loved the polka dot “C” wreath that welcomed guests into the pool area, I also made one that stood in the front yard on a wreath easel. The banner was made with scrapbook paper and ribbon. I placed little blue galvanized watering cans filled with goldfish and animal crackers on the kid’s table so that when they put together their whale craft they would have munchies. My mother made 12×12 blue polka fabric squares to place under the serving pieces on the food table. The blue and white gingham paper plates were a bargain at TJ Maxx, I just placed my whale stickers in the center–perfection!

Probably, my favorite thing (awww, who am I kiddin’ all of it was my favorite) were the very cute whale lollipops that I placed in blue galvanized tins on the cake table. Of course, the kiddos had to have whale shaped ham ‘n cheese sandwiches. The party gift for all the children was wrapped in blue and white gingham paper and was a sweet book called, Amos & Boris about the friendship of a whale and a mouse by William Steig. In the front of the book I placed a whale sticker with Cillian’s birth date on it.

Party Details

Of course, a party can’t be a success without the help of wonderful, loving people. Grandparents!! Gram and Grandpa came all the way from New Jersey to have me boss them around–huge Thanks!! LoLo and Papa have had to deal with my pickiness forever–Thanks! Greg doesn’t do well with me telling him what to do, but he sucked it up and followed orders-Love Ya!

The party was just as I had pictured it in my head for months. Cillian was jubilant the entire day and I know he knew that it was all about HIM and all for HIM!!!

Cillian Eating Cake

Mr. Linky Monday – Party Central!

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Weekend Etsy Feature – HappyPapers

I found a super cute etsy site this week! It’s called HappyPapers. They desicribe themselves this way….Print and fun!! We design… you print…! Add paper and have fun…! Print your own stationary sets, cards, tags, to do list, bookmarks, birthday sets and more just downloading a Pdf ready to use… its easy, its fun!!

Here is a sample of some items from the HappyPapers Store:

Hop on over to HappyPapers to see what else they have. There’s a ton of stuff.

Abby Cadabby Birthday party

This Abby Cadabby Birthday Party was originally hosted by Rebecca over at Faith Family Home Friends.
Oh my this little girl is too precious. I love some of the simple special touches like adding the gems to the candle. The birthday outfit is to die for and the outdoor setting of the beautiful white church is so ideal. We don’t really have many cute little white churches like that where I live. Wish we did! I really love the use of fresh flowers on the cake. They aren’t just for wedding cakes! Flowers are such a simple way to make a cake look fabulous and this cake is definitely fabulous!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Rebecca’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Rebecca’s party…..


Our little girl turned ONE YEAR old recently! It’s hard to believe how quickly this past year has gone. What a blessing she has been to us! Here are some pictures from her party…

We had her party at our church (This picture was taken last year on her first church service)

Her birthday cake.

The theme was “Abby Cadabby” from Sesame Street

The gift table

She got lots of fun gifts!

We had a brunch with muffins, fruit, sausage balls, etc.

We decorated with fairy wands (since Abby Cadabby is a fairy), stars, butterflies, and flowers

I made her headband and custom ordered her tutu from here:

Eating her strawberry cake

She clapped after we sang “Happy Birthday”

I made her birthday hat. I bought an inexpensive party hat and then painted it and added the embellishments.

Abby Cadabby treat bags for the older kids

Sippy cup favors for the babies

I also made her birthday candle by gluing rhinestones on a plain candle

My sister and I made her birthday cake

I made the tissue paper flowers from this tutorial from Martha Stewart: Pom-Poms

We got her a play kitchen from Target

And a vintage style toy car (from Baby Style but they are no longer in business)

Happy Birthday to our sweetheart!!

Cupcake Party

This Cupcake Birthday was originally hosted by Momdiggity.
You just really can’t go wrong with cupcakes! They are just so stinkin’ cute and tasty. There were PLENTY of cupcakes at this party. BIG cupcakes, little cupcakes, cupcake pops and cupcake clothing!
I absolutely love that each girl went home with her very own box of cupcakes! That is one sweet take home goodie!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Momdiggity to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Momdiggity’s party…..


See this girl?


She turns TWO today.


TWO!!??? How can that be???


We celebrated her birthday on Saturday. She’s been waiting for “Birthday Party Day” for a LONG time.

We went to a birthday party back in March and she’s been obsessed with the event ever since.

Her favorite song is “Happy Birthday To You” and she sings it ALL THE TIME.

We’ll be driving along in silence and suddenly she’ll say, “I need my birthday party.”

Last Wednesday, I went in to get her after her nap and she said, “Oh no! I almost forgot my birthday party!”

Later she was playing with her pots and pans and I asked what she was making. She answered, “Birthday party soup.”

One day she suddenly said, “I want toys.”

I said, “What kind of toys?”

She said, “Birthday toys.”

I said, “What kind of birthday toys?”

She said, “Birthday present toys.”

Because of her excitement, I tried my best to make the big day special. We did a cupcake theme and I may have gone a bit overboard, but it was all worth it.

I made the invitations. I bought the two different sized circles at Paper Source, as well as the cupcake stamp. I then “sprinkled” the cupcakes with glitter-glue.


I made a banner with pre-cut scalloped paper and some cutie-patootie cupcake ribbon. I used a c.d. to trace the circles on the printed paper and a credit card to trace the rectangles. Then I simply glued on the glittery chip-board letters. All of the supplies for the banner were found at Michael’s



My friend, Kristin, and I made Bakerella’s cupcake pops that tasted every bit as good as they looked.





My friend Ellie and I made homemade chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese butter-cream frosting and strawberry cupcakes with fresh strawberry icing that is absolutely heavenly. Make some soon.


And I made an over-sized cupcake cake.


Don’t tell my guests, but I used five pounds of butter, one pound of cream cheese, and 2 pounds of sugar for the spread. Needless to say, I was completely baked out by the time it was all said and done, but it was so much fun.

As the guests arrived, Arle wasted no time snagging their gifts and taking them to the “Birthday Room,” aka the dining room.


She also wasted no time getting the party started as she climbed onto a chair and dipped into the cake a bit early. It’s a good thing my grandmother doesn’t read my blog because, if there’s one thing she hates in the world, it’s people licking their fingers. Especially ladies. Before my wedding, she gave me strict instructions to not lick my fingers after feeding wedding cake to Trav. I think, in the heat of the moment, I may have done it anyway. I digress…


Trav lit the birthday candles and we sang her favorite song. She did a great job of blowing out the candles. If I had to guess, I’d say she wished for a life-time supply of fresh bagels from Einstein.


She ate maybe two bites of cake before diving into a cupcake pop.


Then, the “birthday present toy” opening began.



We had a cupcake decorating station set up for the kiddos. They each decorated four cupcakes with as many sprinkles as they could possibly sprinkle. I found some cute little cupcake boxes at Michael’s for them to put their masterpieces in and take home as their party favors, along with a few cupcake pops.



All of the “big kids” had a great time watching the little kids.


In order to avoid sugar-induced-comas, we then went outside to let the kiddos blow some bubbles and run around a bit.


Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl. You mean the world to me, and I love you so very much!

Sip & See – Sweet Baby Shower

This Sip & See Sweet Lollipop Baby Shower was originally hosted by Sarah over at Life Sweet Life.
Well, I have to admit that I have never heard of a “Sip & See” before! But you know what…I LIKE IT! Totally simplifies the whole food thing for a baby shower and who doesn’t need to simplify these days? All the decor and the invites are super cute and Sarah did a great job of detailing where she got things as well as inspiration!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Sarah’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Sarah’s party…..


As I mentioned yesterday, the Sip & See went great! It was so much fun and Baby Jasper received many adorable gifts. Below are some pictures from the event. I also included information about where I got most of it, as some have already asked, and I know I always like to know where to get everything, too! :)

Invites(inspiration from the TomKat Studio) These were completely designed using digital scrapbooking kits from DigiScrap Addicts and Just Digi Layouts. I found the wording for the front on Google: Lemonade pop sweets and treats, someone new for you to meet! Please come meet… The back was just the party information.

Entryway - bubble wands $1 (from Dollar Tree) in pots from Dollar General ($2.50 each)

Food Table - drink jars are from Wal-Mart ($5.96 each). These are great because they’re so versatile that you can use them for a variety of things!

Cupcakes(again, inspiration from TomKat Studio…she’s amazing!!) Cupcake stand is from Michael’s, normally $19.99 but I bought it with a 50% off coupon. I also bought wrapping paper from Michael’s, and cut circles to cover the cupcake stand. The toppers are all designs from the invitations, but I also added Jasper’s birthdate for one of the toppers. That date stamp is from a digital scrapbooking kit by WM[squared]Designs. We made chocolate fudge cupcakes as well as strawberry cupcakes with blueberries in them (thanks for the idea, mom!) and they were a HUGE hit! Would love one right now. :)

Candy Bar - For guest favors, I set up a candy bar along with sippy cups for guests to take some candy home with them. (sippy cups were purchased 5/$1 at Dollar Tree – what a steal!) I bought all the candy at Wal-Mart, including the precious little swirl lollipops…only 33 cents each!

And finally, my gift to Jasper! I put together a basket, because who doesn’t love gift baskets?! I bought the orange basket at Hobby Lobby and embellished it with some wood designs from Michael’s and a vinyl “J” from Uppercase Living. I filled it with diapers, some clothes, a bib, and some pacifiers that I found at Target thanks to Katie at It’s in the Details - that girl could be a personal shopper – she always posts about the neatest finds!

Also in the basket was a PRECIOUS dress and headband from Jaime at BusyBizzyB. Her blog & etsy shop always have such cute things, and she’s GREAT to work with! This wasn’t actually in her etsy shop but I requested it, and she had it to me in no time flat. Go check her out!

Oh, I also had a picture frame in the basket, and I put Jasper’s first picture along with her birth info. in it…but forgot to take a picture of it actually in the frame! Here is the digital design of it:

Well, I think that’s it! It was a lot of work but a TON of fun. :) Thanks to everyone who helped & shared ideas!! I’ll leave you with a picture of the proud mommy, and sweet Jasper gazing up at her favorite “aunt” – me!! :)

Space Ship Birthday

This Space Ship Birthday was originally hosted by Jodee over at Follow the Leader.

What little boy doesn’t dream about riding in a space ship someday? I think they all do! This spaceship birthday gets them as close as they are gonna get for now =) My fav thing is absolutely the CAKE! That thing is blasting off! I just love it. The red, white, and blue popcorn goodie bags are pretty stinkin’ cute too!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Jodee’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Jodee’s party…..


We had a great time celebrating Carson’s sixth birthday last weekend. Unfortunately, the day got off to a rocky start because Carson was exhausted from attending a camp at the Y last week. He didn’t want to go to T-Ball practice in the morning and he was being uncooperative, in general. He was being so stubborn that we even threatened to cancel the party if he didn’t shape up! However, after LaMar’s donuts for breakfast and chicken wings from the Watering Hole for lunch, things got a little better.

Our guests then arrived around 4:00 p.m. and the kids enjoyed watersliding until dinner was ready. We were really glad that all of Carson’s friends from school could come because none of his cousins were available to join us. As always, everyone enjoyed Chef Daddy’s cooking. After dinner, we opened gifts, broke the pinata open, and ate cake and homemade ice cream.

Cory and I continue to be a great party planning team. I love to pick out the theme, send out the invitations, buy all of the paper supplies and decorate. He loves to plan the menu and make all of the food.

We will continue to celebrate birthdays for the next month or so. Cory’s birthday is in two weeks and Kamree’s birthday is in four weeks. Stay tuned for more birthday posts!

The invitation!

The birthday boy always gets a new t-shirt to wear for his party!

Mommy and the birthday boy!
I had so much fun making the banner and door sign
with all of my old scrapbooking stuff.
Thanks again, Jess, for letting me borrow your ideas!
I also had Colby Ridge put together popcorn for the loot bags, and
I ordered the stickers from this Etsy shop.

Kristin, our neighbor, made Carson’s cake.
It was perfect for his space mission party
and it was delicious too!
If you are local, you can check out Kristin here.
I highly recommend her!
We gave the toddlers loot bags with Cheerios!
The waterslide was a big hit again!
Of course, Chef Daddy had to go down a couple of times too!

The girls enjoyed making a fort with their beach towels!
Kamree’s boyfriend, Bodie (our next door neighbor)!

Chef Daddy made a delicious meal for everyone,
which included smoked ribs, potato salad,
mac salad and delicious baked beans!

Carson got soooo many nice gifts!

He also got some birthday money so he bought
an IPOD shuffle with part of it after his T-Ball game yesterday!

The pinata!

Bob and Patty (my co-worker) stopped by.
You know it’s going to be a good party when the bikers show up!

The thank you note we sent out!

oh…by the way she has a brand new post for her daughters Ice Cream Birthday…you gotta check it out! Here is a sneaky peak:

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