Weekend Etsy Feature – PartyPoms

Sorry everybody…I’m a bit delinquent getting the request form up this weekend…but it’s up now!

Found a fun etsy shop today and thought I’d share! It’s called Party Poms. Check out this little picture of eye candy and then head over to etsy to see more!

Giraffe Inspired Birthday Party

This Giraffe Inspired Birthday party was originally hosted by Amy over at Tonality Designs.
I love when parties are inspired by the little things that kids love. And this kid loves giraffes. The invites are super fun and unique. I love how they really transformed the backyard and created zones for all the party fun. This party just looks like it was filled with laughter and life!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Amy’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Amy’s party…..and make sure to head over to the original party post to see more pictures and get more details.


The inspiration all started with Drew and his love for giraffes. “Giraffe” could almost be considered Drew’s first word after MaMa and DaDa, so Drew’s parents knew they wanted a giraffe motif, but they didn’t want anything too cheesy. Hence the modern and fun Pingg Evite we designed.

I think we created a perfect setting for all to get lost in the fun. Created balloon arch and had different “kid zones” – slide, bounce house, train and puppet show.

Yes the details were all there.
Drew-2-11 Drew-2-10
Drew-2-13a Drew-2-12

Pink & Brown Baby Shower

This Pink & Brown Baby Shower was originally hosted by Kristin over at A Chicky La La.
*reminder…I’m now posting fewer pictures and info in each party post. Please click through to the original party post for ALL the details!*
Take Pink & Brown and throw in some polkadots and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an adorable baby shower. The pink baby buggy is such a sweet and fabulous addition to the decor. The polkadot cake is just way too cute and the table settings look very inviting!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Kristin’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Kristin’s Baby Shower…..be sure to head on over to her blog to see more pictures and party details!


My first shower was yesterday…. I am still so exhausted from putting all the wonderful gifts away, but I had to do an update!!

I had a wonderful time, everything was beautiful and my mom was an excellent hostess!

My AWESOME cake… my friend Amy is a pastry chef and made this special for me. I told her I didn’t want to know a thing about it- definately a stray from the usually Kristin. Hehe.

It tasted amazing and it looked great. Everyone raved about how cute and yummy it was! Yah!!

Close-up of the diaper cake.

Close-up of the little buggy.

Sock Monkey Birthday Party

This Sock Monkey Birthday Party was originally hosted over at Oh My Gluestick!
*reminder…I’m now posting fewer pictures and info in each party post. Please click through to the original party post for ALL the details!*
Sock Monkey….it doesn’t get much more timeless than that! And what a fun and cute idea for a party theme! Oh My Gluestick has put together a great party with lots of ways to incorporate the sock monkey into the theme. I really love the magnets….fantabulous!!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Oh My Gluestick to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Oh My Gluestick’s Sock Monkey party…..don’t forget to click over to the original post for many more details!!


This year, for my son’s first birthday we threw him a sock monkey party. For Halloween last year, he was a sock monkey {super adorable!} and the image of him has stuck with me since. Every time I see a sock monkey, I melt and think of my sweet little boy.

When it came to planning the party, I had a really hard time finding anything sock monkey party related! So, I rolled up my sleeves and designed the entire party from start to finish myself from favor bags to his smash cake topper.

The invitations

The favor bags are tiny and perfect; just enough to hold a few small treats and not worry other mommies with, “What in the world will I do with this?” I designed a special and unique favor bag for each tiny guest. No one had the same one. They each had a hand designed tag with their name on it and were filled with a few hershey kisses, a swirly straw {huge hit and 99 cents for a box of assorted colors at Walmart in the party isle}, a mini kazoo {my son’s absolute favorite instrument}, and a handmade sock monkey fridge magnet on top of homemade crinkle paper. Thank you tags were tucked inside for each guest.

Favor Bags

Thank you tags

Sock Monkey Fridge Magnet party favors

Most of everything you see here is available at http://www.sockmonkeyparty.com/. If it’s not there and you want, just ask. I can duplicate anything in this post custom for your party.

Don’t forget that there are MORE Sock Monkey Party details to see over at Oh My Gluestick! Make sure to check it out!

Pirate Birthday Party – ARRRGH!

This Pirate Birthday Party was originally hosted by Korie over at We Will Always Have Paris.
*reminder…I’m now posting fewer pictures and info in each party post. Please click through to the original party post for ALL the details!*
Well I don’t think I’ve seen a much cuter Pirate than Baby G! She’s adorable! I really love what they did with the ships. How fun to build them and then have the kids decorate them. THEN add in a water fight and you’ve got MAGIC! I bet the kids had an absolute blast!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Korie’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Korie’s Pirate party…..and please visit her party post to see the rest of the party!


Baby G’s 4th birthday party was this weekend, and she (once again) wanted to have a pirate-themed party. So, I drafted the invitations:

IMG_0493 no names

Once the kids were done decorating the ships, we loaded them up with buckets of water balloons and let them have a pirate battle:


Check out the pirate cake:


Make sure to sail on over to Korie’s Blog for all the Pirate Party Details. There’s more to see!

Adopt a Puppy Birthday Party

This Adopt a Puppy Birthday party was originally hosted by Staci over at Designing & Motherhood.
*reminder…I’m now posting fewer pictures and info in each party post. Please click through to the original party post for ALL the details!*
I love how Staci took the time to thoughtfully plan this party ahead of time so that she was able to be frugal AND FABULOUS! I love all the food items. They look super yummy and they totally compliment the theme. She took the time to share recipes so be sure to check it out on her blog. This puppy party is so cute and I think it would be a fun theme for any little boy or girl.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Staci’s blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Staci’s Puppy party…..

There’s so much to see that Staci has two posts. All the backyard party details. All the food details.


I enjoy giving the gift of a theme party to my girls. I view the b-day parties as a gift of love from mother to daughter. (and I do it with a thrifty heart & mind). I am glad I had the energy to do this party in May for my 4 year old daughter.

When I shop I am always thinking ahead. I saw these cute puppies for 75% off at Walmart in late February. They were on the after Valentine’s day clearance and they came to be $2.50 a piece. They don’t scream Valentine’s day red or a “lovey dovey” V-day theme. It was right then I had the idea-How about an adopt a puppy party for my daughter’s birthday? The idea stemmed from the Build a Bear workshop concept. You know the concept-you go to stations in the store with a stuffed animal. I can’t afford to take 9 girls to Build a Bear and this sounded like fun to create my own party at home.

Welcome to the Adopt a Puppy Party in my backyard.

Puppy paw print cupcakes

I used Rasinetes and Junior mints

Puppy bone rice crispy treats

Don’t forget to visit Staci’s blog for a ton more of the party details!

Mr. Linky Monday – Party Theme Inspiration

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!
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* Sesame Street
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* Abby Cadabby
* Noah’s Ark Baby Shower
* Pirates
* Cute Halloween Party
* Fall Dinner Party
* Birthday Parties for girls
* 4yr. old
* 10 yr. old
* 16 yr. old
* KIDROBOT (the character)
* Golf
* Robot Theme
* Dora
* Emmy Viewing Party
* Game Day Gatherings (football)
* Art Party
* Wine Tasting


NEWS FLASH**New Submission Form

I’m sure you’ve been noticing that load time has slowed down a bit on this blog. I believe that’s because this blog is “picture heavy”! Not only does the blog have to load pictures from blogger..but it also has to load pics from all the sites I copy and paste from depending on the blog being featured. Anyhooo…I will get to the point. I’m changing things up a bit. I’ve added something to the “Submit A Party” form. It’s picture uploads. From now on when you submit a party you will also submit the 3 pictures that best represent your party. Those 3 pictures will get posted along with the description YOU provide on the form.

Of course I have several submissions to go through before I start using the ones that will use the updated form. So for now I will still copy and paste directly from the original post, but I will most likely be posting fewer pictures with each post. So be sure to get in the habit of clicking through to the original party post from now on.

What will this change do?
1. It will hopefully help to speed up the load time by decreasing the amount of pictures.
2. It will drive traffic to the blog of the featured party since viewers will HAVE to click through to view ALL the party details. That’s a good thing!

There are more changes and surprises in the works! Hopefully planning to unveil them in a couple weeks! I think ya’ll are REALLY gonna love it!

Weekend Features

Superhero Birthday Parties seem to be a popular request. So when I came across this Etsy shop called HomemadeHeroes I just had to share it with you. These capes are fabulous and some of them are even reversible. She’s got capes for boys and girls!

Be sure to hop on over to HomemadeHeroes to see all the options!

While your hopping around blogland please be sure to stop by some of the stores of Creative Parties & Showers most recent sponsors:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

OH BOY! Baby Shower

This OH BOY baby shower was originally hosted over at Soiree Design.
This was a fun baby shower filled with blessings and surprises! The invitation filled with baby onesies was a great jumping off point. I love how all the onesie was carried through to the banner and the cake. THE CAKE! How cute is that cake? LoVe it!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Soiree Designs Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Soiree Design’s party…..


Last Sunday was my baby shower for our little boy that will be here shortly. It wasn’t a surprise, so of course I made all of the decorations, which was so much fun for me. My mom threw the shower, but she knows how much I like to put these parties together, so she gave me free reign with the decor. As you can see from the pics, I made an “Oh Boy” banner, food and beverage signs, table confetti, water bottle wraps, cupcake toppers,favor and game signs, napkin rings, and candy vessel signs.

The invite came from TinyPrints
I put one on display in a frame that I got from Ikea and matted it with paper to match the rest of the decor.

One of my good friends, Nicole, had the cake made. It was delicious and matched the onesie that I had on the banner.

One of my besties, Ama, flew in from Atlanta to surprise me (that sneaky little thing) and my hormones got the best of me. It caused a chain reaction and soon the whole room of women was in tears.

For the games we had a diaper bonanza, which I explained in a previous post along with a baby word scramble and Celebrity Baby matching game. My mom put the folders together with the games, a pen, and the envelope for the thank you cards, so that the guests could fill out their addresses in between the games. A lot of people are anti baby shower games. I completely understand why. It is time consuming, especially when you know it could take over an hour to open the gifts, but I also think it’s fun for the guests to have interaction and win a nice prize at the end of the game. We had simple prizes, but they were certainly well liked. Each of the winners took home a Target gift card(who doesn’t like Target?) and tahitian foot scrub from Bath and Body Works. The foot scrub was fitting because the prizes were placed in little blue boxes with baby footprints all over them.

Cupcake toppers that I made with cardstock and coordinating paper.

The favors are mini anti-bacterial hand gel from Bath and Body Works. Everyone loved them. There were a few left over, but you can never have too much hand sanitizer as a new mommy! We put the favors in a little blue tub that I found in the $1 spot at Target. I made the sign and attached it to a paint stick.

It was such a nice day and I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in my life.



Love you all!

Totally Tubular 80′s Party

This Totally Tubular 80′s Party was originally hosted by Divine Party Concepts.
Ok, like this party like totally speaks to me! The 80′s were some good times! And is it just me or is it freaking out the rest of you children of the 80′s to see some of the trends coming back! I think the cassette tapes as “streamers” is genius and I’m in LOVE with the pac-man cake! I also think it’s like totally awesome how they even like included like the bathroom into the event by adding some totally 80′s touches! This party is psychedelic! Like, FOR SURE!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Divine Party Concepts to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Divine Party Concept’s 80′s party…..


This weekend we had an 80’s party and I LOVED planning this because I do love the 80’s!


When guests got to the front door they were greeted with this sign.


I made a totally 80’s backdrop to take pictures of everyone in their 80’s gear. That’s probably the only time that I will EVER use foil tinsel.


I made signs with sayings from the 80’s all around the house. Some of them were:

Where’s the Beef; Gnarly; Gag Me with a Spoon; Who Killed JR


The table was decorated with memorabilia from the 80’s. I had a record player with pop rocks, candy necklaces and ring pops on it. There were Uno cards, old cassette tapes and even my old skates from way back when….

The yellow paper is a list of “You Know You Remember the 80’s When…”



The Pac Man cake…


I hung cassette tapes (got this idea from Kara) from the chandelier. I also hung candy necklaces, glow sticks and glow bracelets with the tapes.


Now onto the food and drinks…

I made a bowl out of an old record and used it to serve chips in.


I made signs for all of the food that related to an 80’s movie, song or memorabilia. Some of them were Like a Virgin Drinks; Mystic Pizza Rolls and Three Amigos Salsa.



I even tried to keep our guest bathroom with the theme. I had Aqua Net hairspray and pink glitter hair spray set out on the counter. You know you have to keep your hair BIG!!! Look at the note I had on the wall…..


Lastly, here is a glimpse of what my husband and I looked like. It was actually a little scary how much I really looked like I did back then!


It was Gnarly!!!

Baby Shower – Animals on Parade

This Animal Themed Baby Shower was originally hosted by Ashley over at 31 Experiment.
Ok, I’ve gotta say that as soon as I opened up this party post it just made me smile. The little animals on parade are just way too cute. I love all the handmade details like the felt and twine steamers. An all those onesies…how adorable and creative!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Ashley’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Ashley’s party…..


The baby shower was a success! The food was yummy, the atmosphere was fun there were even crafts involved. We had a onesie decorating table with tons of supplies for everyone to choose from…there were paints and stamps and embroidery and iron-ons. I think it was set it up so that even those who don’t believe they are creative wouldn’t feel intimidated. The results were beautiful!! ( photos below)

I have thrown about a million showers in my lifetime and I have to admit that this is the very first shower that I didn’t purchase a single living flower for. Not one. This time I decided to make them all out of tissue paper. There were tissue paper flowers all over the place….hanging from the ceiling, in vases on the mantel and on the tables, on the mailbox outside….I think it turned out beautiful and special and unique.

The flowers outside got blown around a good bit by the wind but I still think they were pretty. The garland was made from felt and twine.

Fun favors for all of the guests to take home. We filled mason jars with the yummy Oreo Truffles that Spencer is wildly famous for providing at all of my office functions. These labels are available for download right here.

I LOVE this garland…made out of felt and twine. I might have been the only person that thought it was adorable….. but it wouldn’t be the first time.

Guests were able to choose pieces of clothing from the clothesline to decorate. It was functional and completely adorable as decor. I mounted photos on felt that Jana (the mom-to-be) provided of her and her husband as babies.

The labels that I designed for the drinks and jellies are available for download right here.

I’m not a fan of baby shower games but this one was so much fun…and hilarious, at the mom-to-be’s expense. (don’t hate me Jana!)

A corsage for Jana made out of felt and ribbon.

The onesie decorating table was covered with different color fabrics and pieces of brown kraft paper. (I got a huge roll of it from Home Depot…I use that stuff for everything)

The onsie decorating results were so cool. I loved seeing which supplies each person was naturally drawn to and what they chose to do. It really was so much fun.

Thank you Jana for allowing me to be part of such a special occasion! I can’t wait to meet little Drew….not too much longer!

CandyLand Birthday Party

This CandyLand Birthday Party was originally hosted by Jessica over at Party Love.
Are you ready for a TON of SWEET eye candy for your next party? This Candyland Birthday will not disappoint! The decor, the food, the accessories……it’s ALL totally fabulous. The party is bright, fun, fresh and yummy!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Jessica’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Jessica’s CandyLand Birthday party…..


i would just like to warn you..you are about to experience A LOT of pictures..haha! i couldn’t help myself. i gathered pictures i took along with my sister, melissa, and friend, sarah (thank you so much girls!). i feel like each picture offers a little something different. ;) there isn’t a rule that puts a limit on pics, right? haha! and they are not in any particular order. as i went to organize everything, and make it more “flowy” i got overwhelmed and quickly realized i would be here for hours..haha! i figured you guys wouldn’t care. ;) now with that being said…
let’s follow the path to candyland!

i set out a display to welcome guests

my sister, melissa, made these adorable wreaths for me

this display was to the right as you entered…it consisted of a “buffet” of candy…i had plastic candy bags set out for guests to load up on their way out…

ella’s birthday collage

ella is 3!! :)

i made this frame to display my little candy princess ;)

and it also consisted of favors to the right

each kiddo left with a big lollipop, a tootsie roll bank, skittles lip smacker…and a toothbrush!! it was the least i could do for the parents..haha! ;)

the birthday girl…

up, up and away!!

i loved using chalkboards throughout the party…i decorated this one as well…it was the menu for the day!

treats and goodies!

the ever so popular pretzel sticks!

i made sure to tell guests as they entered that EVERYTHING was edible..and to feel free to eat from any displays, arrangements, centerpieces, etc. they fancied..nothing was off limits!

the cones on display were for the kids…i decideded to forego the traditional cake (if they wanted cake instead, there were cupcakes aplenty) and do ice cream cones/ice cream and hot out of the oven cinnamon rolls/ice cream for the adults.

cupcake kabobs…i have seen these on a couple of different blogs..and i can’t remember them right now…sorry about that.

i made a couple of arrangements of bright flowers

one of the drink stations..lemonade and iced tea…and the candy topiary (see tutorial here)

i made this frame as well..i love personal touches

licorice for straws…doesn’t that just bring you back to childhood?

chocolate dipped peanut butter cookies and sugar cookies with pink frosting..yum! :)

one of the banners i made

remember that banner i mentioned in an earlier entry from hearth song? here it is :) i attached the cupcake and candy..and cut out a 3 to hang.

another drink station…homemade pink lemonade thanks to melissa!

bottled izze and coke

i had so much fun making all of these arrangements

candy lanterns :) i first saw this idea on hostess with the mostess

ella loves bubblegum..any gum actually..so i made sure to use a lot of bubblegum in the centerpieces. i got a lot of the candy/bubblegum from candywarehouse.com

picnic area (after the kids got into it..haha)

melissa made these adorable gum drop wreaths too…there was two on either side of the kids table

lots of candy pillows throughout..i bought some of them from candywarehouse.com and some off of ebay.

taking it all in ;)

i made lollipops to put throughout the yard

for the princesses ;)

the kiddo’s table

chocolate drizzled popcorn, cheddar popcorn, and cotton candy!

luke sneaking into one of the centerpieces..haha

the family :)

enjoying his candy necklace..and always a balloon in hand

i made little candies like this to throw around the picnic area

ella was so spoiled!

another chalkboard creation

i found this big chalkboard at home goods and wasn’t leaving without it! haha!

so simple..so fun! i just used plain ol’ regular chalk with this one. this was also in the entrance

another banner i created..first time actually making banners and they were so fun to make!

i made a candy tree…

chocolate dipped marshmallows
the letters hanging are the letters i decoupaged (see them up close here) naturally the wind had to kick up when we were taking the pics..haha!

candyland banner

face painting station…again, another chalkboard that i simply drew “options” on with chalkboard markers :)
the picnic area…i threw down a blanket, candy pillows, and picnic baskets filled with fun activities for the kids…chalk, ice cream cone bubbles, balls, squirt guns, etc.

i put beach balls in the jumpy for the kids to play with
i always splurge on coke bottles for ella’s birthday parties. it’s become a tradition, and i never have one leftover. something about a refreshing coke (in a bottle) on a hot summer day :)
one of my favorite pieces. i found this hanger tree at an antique store..i knew i could do something with it! i decided to poke the “branches” into gumballs. i loved the way it turned out
m&m’s anyone?

as you can see, i put pictures of ella (from her candyland shoot) throughout the party

ella loved walking the candy path that went from the front yard, through the house, and out through the backyard and ended at the castle of course! ;)

running around with balloon and cotton candy in hand! exactly what you’re supposed to do in candyland, right? haha!

enjoying that refreshing coke ;)
here the path continues outside..
and ended at the castle!
or the jumpy that is ;) i was so excited that i found a candyland bounce house!

enjoying some lemonade with a licorice straw

even annabelle, our dog, was enjoying herself in candyland..haha

the face painting was an absolute hit with the kids…what 3 year old doesn’t love paint?!

one of the beautiful displays from our caterer, kenny (debran’s blog if you want to contact her husband for catering)

ice cream cone bubbles!
naturally she had to stop off to play a little candyland
having a blast with her friends

squirt gun fight!!

ella ringing the dinner bell!
the food was absolutely DELICIOUS!! smoked chicken
bbq chicken salad
sweet corn and green bean salad
baked potatoes with ALL of the fixins!
chicken breast
pasta…everything was so, so good!
time to make candy necklaces!

i used different types of “o” cereal…fruit loops worked the best. the kids loved it!
averie’s art to the left…ella’s art to the right..haha!
next up was the candy walk (think musical chairs) to the song, lollipop! :)
too cute to watch!
kaelyn won…her prize..a candyland game of course!
ella’s big cupcake!
so excited!
happy birthday to you….
serving up the ice cream cones

as i mentioned earlier, the adults had cinnamon rolls for dessert. melissa made pans and pans! here they are about ready to go into the oven! we served them straight out of the oven..and added ice cream to the side. heaven is all i have to say! see recipe here. we had a lot of leftovers so some guests left with their own pan of cinnamon rolls to go!

present time! she was so excited!
a martha stewart banner (bought it from michaels) i assembled
the party went into the night since we changed the time of the party from 2 to 4 (since it has been so hot). so we lit up the tikis! great for summer night lighting!
and our patio twinkle lights…everything always looks so magical at night..so i thought i would share a final couple of night shots and the mess!! haha!

ahhh…we made it! haha!

after months of planning this party, it was so exciting to see it all come together. the party was really fun and a lot of fun to plan!! i hope it offers some inspiration to all the candyland party planners! ;)

Monkey Themed 1st Birthday

This Monkey Themed First Birthday Party was originally hosted by Shayna over at Our Life with Our Monkey.
When Shayna submitted this party she was so sweet to say that she drew sooo much inspiration from this blog and all the parties that ya’ll have shared! That’s what this is all about ladies!!

There are plenty of fabulous ideas here for all those monkey theme fans out there! From the invitations to the fun activities this party is a definite winner. Shayna really went all out with the party decor and details, so be sure to look through all the pics because I promise you will be inspired!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Shayna’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Shayna’s Monkey party…..


Well a year has come and gone faster than I ever imagined. I really wish I could freeze time but I will try to soak up every kiss, every hug, every milestone, every moment with our little monkey. Saturday was her birthday and birthday party and here is a picture heavy, very long post of the recap for those who couldn’t be there to see. Her aunt Kelly drove up from Corpus so that was such a nice treat. We will get to see her Mimi and Aunt Bree and cousin Jacoby thisweekend so that will add to the wonderful birhtday week.

This was her invitation which was glued to the back of a monkey face that we made.


We of course did a monkey theme with colors in pink, yellow, and brown. We did a mural on the wall of a little jungle scene and I hung her picture timeline on this.

2 posts were decorated to look like banana tress with monkeys and bananas hanging from them.

This was the table as guests arrived where they could sign a mat for her, write her a note for her time capsule, and turn into a monkey with a monkey mask.

This was the main food table with a homemade banner for the back drop. I also had balloons tied to bananas. I made the tissue paper pom poms and hung them over the tables.

These were the prizes for the games we played.
We made chocolate covered rice krispy treats in the shape of monkeys for the monkey walk and then various toys and goodies for feed the monkey.

This is a shot to show all of the balloons and pom poms hanging.

I did a Monkey’s corner that was all about Casey Marilyn. Pictures, decorations from her room, her clothing over the year, baby book, etc.


I did homemade suckers from candy melts and decorated bags that were filled with banana flavored candy, bubbles, pencil, a beanie baby, and their photo frame that they decorated. I also had little loaves of banana nut bread for the adults.


I had a table set up where they could decorate their very own monkey photo frame.

Ok, here is where I have decided that from now on I will hire a photographer to come and take pictures of the party for me. I would love to have nice professional pics of my hard work but also to make sure that I get pics of evertything. I treid to make sure I did but I missed a lot of stuff due to hosting. Like the kids playing the games, I’m hoping someone got a few shots of that. It was so funny seeing the kids in action. WE had monkey walk, just like cake walk but with monkey feet. And we had feed the monkey. I painted a monkey on foam board and cut out the mouth and the kids tossed plastic bananas into the hole.

Once again I want a professional because a lot of my pics turned out blurry.

I had a big blow up monkey that guests could take their picture with and put in their monkey photo frame they made.

Did I mention that my family is full of monkeys?

On her Your Baby Can Read DVD they do arms up so she now walks around like this doing arms up. So cute.

My little monkey

We served peanut butter and banana sandwiches for the kids and chicken salad sandwiches for the adults or actually they were labled as monkeywiches. There was chips, fruit kabobs, dip, monkey munch in cones, monkey juice with monkey cups, cupcakes in yellow, pink and brown frosting, jelly beans, and chocolate dipped marshmallows. Everything down to the toppers and labels was homemade, even the cake and stand by me, my aunt Sissy, and my mom.

Well I had a lot of fun decorating her smash cake. It was pink with fondant circles. I anticipated her really going after it as she loves to make a mess with her food but she just had a big lunch and we’ve never given her anythig sweet outside of fresh fruit so she really wasn’t into it. She didn’t seem to like it and made some funny faces which is fine with me because she will not be having anything sweet outside of fruit until her 2nd birthday. :)

Singing happy birthday

She kept picking off the cirlcles and giving them to me. Oh and side note, this is her 2nd of 3 outfit changes. THe first was her brown party dress, then this cute monkey onesie, and then her birthday tutu, monkey bow and shirt for opening presents. I made the tutu and all of the bows.

I tried to feed her a piece of cake but she wanted to feed me instead.

I love this, she did not like fondant, but really who does?

She was done

She got so many wonderful and adorable things form friends and family. We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. She got a wagon from Aut Sissy and Uncle Bud and a train from Grams and a learn and ride horse from Aunt Kelly along with so many adorable items below.
She loved this monkey book from Mrs. Jodie and the boys who by the way were so cute feeding the monkey’s with Windy’s boys, once again I need the professional photographer

How cute is this monkey gift box?
She was so good, she would help me open the gift, look at it and then pass it on to Grams, some things she was more eager to pass on than others LOL
She got so many cute outfits.

The party was great and I think everyone had fun, we sure did. Now I’m off to start planning for the 2nd one. LOL

A huge thank you to Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bud for all their help with set up and clean up, fixing us meals, and going and taking keys to my husband in Dallas.

A huge thak you to my mom for all her labor and help in making my vision for this party come to pass.

A huge thank you to Nana for her help making things and watching CM so we could work.

A huge thank you to Eric and Kristin for making sandwiches, cutting paper, hanging balloons, and all of the other little things you did.

A huge thank you to Kelly for coming 1st of all, and for set up and clean up and running errands and sonic trips. Stay away from the glue tape. :)
A huge thank you to all of the resources available on the web where I got so many ideas for his party.

Mr. Linky Monday…Find Party Theme Ideas!

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!
* Construction / Trucks
* 1st Day of School Neighborhood ice Cream Social
* Circus
* Lollipops (5 yr old girl)
* Baby Shower (girl) with Paisleys
* Bowling Party
* Where the Wild Things Are
* Baby Shower
* Monkey Theme
* All White/Ivory party
* Tutu Party for little Girls
* Tiffany & Co.
* Candy
* Small, Simple Outdoor Wedding
* Christmas
* Butterflies & Blossoms 1st Birthday
* Magic Party – 10 yr. old boy
* How to incorporate a Monogram
* Angels
* Groovy Girls
* Bridesmaids Luncheon
* Going Away Party (friends are moving)



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