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Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!
* Motorcycle Party (3yr old)

* Puppy Party

* Owl Party (for birthday or halloween)

* Baby Shower

* Baptism / Christening (boy)

* Speed Racer

* Bachelorette Party (classy…not trashy)

* Tinkerbell Birthday

* Nancy Drew Birthday

* Monograms (how to use them)

* Spa Party

* Kid’s Monster party

* Milk & Cookies Party

* Martini Birthday Party

* Twin Baby Shower

* Birthday – no theme – just general party



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Requests for theme ideas and inspiration are always welcome, but I would get waaay too many, so I just limit it to the weekends. Check out the “need ideas?” page to fill out the form if you are looking for some ideas. Then come back on Monday for Mr. Linky Monday where people will link up and share their parties relating to the requests.

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Horton Hears a Who Birthday Party

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Check out this Horton Hears a Who Birthday party from Anna

Birthday party for my nieces (both turned 2) and nephew (turned 4) I made everything by hand. All of the character were drawn freehand on cardboard then cut out and painted. We turned our fence archway into a ‘who’ house that led to the games. I have tons more photos if you’d like to see them! Thanks!




To see more pictures from Anna’s Horton Hears a Who party visit her flikr photostream

Baby Shower BBQ – BaByQ

I hope you are enjoying the new site.  Well, since the party today is a baby shower BBQ what better day to point out that the new site is now featuring FOOD!  The fabulous Kate & Sara from Our Best Bites has graciously agreed to contribute to the Creative Party Place!  You can always stay up to speed on their latest recipes by visiting the new “recipes” page under “special features” in the left sidebar.  Or take a look at the quick view in the bottom right corner of the site.  I hope you enjoy this new addition!  Afterall….it’s just not a party without food!


This BaByQ or Baby Shower BBQ was originally hosted by the DIY Showoff.

Ok, I’m loving this idea for a baby shower.  BBQs are fun and it just seems like they are easier somehow.  The play on wording in the invitation is really creative.  The BBQ sauce party favors….stinkin’ cute and totally fit with the theme.  There are so many other really great pictures and fun idea over at the original party post.  Click on through to see kids’ party favors and activities as well as the party decor!

Enjoy the DIY Showoff’s Baby Shower BBQ…..

I couldn’t find what I had in mind for BBQ/baby shower invitations. Red/white checkered tablecloths are fun…but not the theme I wanted for a baby shower. So I used Photoshop to create my own simple post card. Vistaprint was running a special for 100 free postcards – how awesome! I paid the extra for faster shipping but 100 invitations cost me about $25 which when pricing them – is an awesome deal. Postcards are also less expensive to mail out.

(The word “beer” encouraged the male species to look forward to attending…tricky, ain’t it?)


The casual cook-out/picnic atmosphere allowed for kegs of beer (plastic cups), bottled water, cans of pop, plastic bottles of Little Hugs (with straws). We also just used styrofoam plates and plastic silverware. I did wrap the silverware individually in blue napkins secured with homemade stickers (leftover labels from party favors). Easy to grab 1 bundle and festive. :)

Party Favors

Isn’t it nice to include party favors as a way of letting guests know you appreciate them? Coming up with a unisex and usable party favor was easy. I purchased these bbq-sauce and hot sauce bottles from here then added my own labels and tied with ribbon. These also served as double-duty…decorating the tables. (We had a little rain when setting up, so no tablecloths and the centerpieces and favors were the perfect choice because a little rain didn’t ruin anything.)

Welcome to Creative Party Place!

Welcome to the new site! There are lots of fun new changes so please be sure to take some time to look around and see what’s new! I will be highlighting the new additions over the next few days! For starters be sure to visit the section under special features labeled “Party Planning Tips” Kelly from The Party Dress has put together some really fun basic, modern, party planning information that you’ll be sure to want!

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Can’t wait to hear comments about what you think about the new site!

Baking Birthday Party

I’m Back! I hope you enjoyed the guest posts!!!
This Baking Party was originally hosted by Colleen over at Fig & Ruby.
What a fun idea to have a baking party for your little girl’s birthday! Kids LOVE to bake and they always take so much pride in their creations. The chef’s hats for each girl….FANTABULOUS! I’m sooo loving that idea! I’m also really jiving on this idea because the kids help make the treats! How fabulous is that?

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Fig & Ruby to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Colleen’s Baking Birthday party…..don’t forget to click through to the original party post for MANY more details and pictures.


The Invitations: My favorite feature? The envelopes were clear plastic and I threw in some adorable cake sprinkles as confetti. What a delicious way to be invited to a party!!

The Party: The girls made cookies and decorated their own mini cakes. I made each girl an apron and a chef’s hat. The chef’s hats were easy to make and oh so cute! You can make them by going HERE.

The Cookies: Here are the cookies I made for her to take to school on her “real day”. After going to great lengths to make the tray look just right, She informed me that it was “way too much” and “super embarrassing” and asked me if she could please just bring the cookies in a grocery bag. WOW…words can’t describe the mental toughness it took for me to allow this display to be dismantled and to throw the cookies in a bag. Perhaps next year we’ll just buy cupcakes at Safeway like all the other kids. Ha- let’s not get carried away!

Cupcakes, Flowers & all things PINK!

Hi, Everyone… name is Kelly Lyden, and I am the editor of The Party Dress. I am so happy to be here today as your “guest hostess” and have brought a darling birthday party to share with you!

Today’s party is so fun for me to post….it’s the birthday party of my best friend’s daughter! I am so fortunate to be called “Auntie Kelly” by this darling little girl, Emma. And am so excited to share some of these adorable details that her mom, Teresa, did for her 5th birthday party!

Emma is a girly girl…we’re talking pink, pink and more pink! So coming up with a theme wasn’t difficult – a color palette centered around the color pink, throw in some flower accents and giant cupcakes – and you have a party fit for a princess. Teresa ordered her party invitations from Tiny Prints, and also found coordinating labels there to use on goodie bags and Emma’s thank you notes.

This party was all about the details….and Teresa made everything herself! The party took place in a white tent outside, and was decorated with pink pom poms and Parallel Ribbed Pink 12-Inch Round Paper Lanternlanterns, all hanging from polka dotted ribbon. Emma L-O-V-E-S flowers. Instead of filling the space with fresh flowers, she decided to make balloon flowers. There were large ones floating around the yard, small ones attached to each girl’s drink straw, and even smaller ones that she made into a ring for each girl to wear. I should probably mention that she had a whole lot of help from Emma’s dad on these! Teresa found a youTube video that gives great directions on how to make the flower balloons and was nice enough to share it with us. So, if you are interested….check out this link.

The cupcake toppers were personalized with each girl’s name on them – which also served as the perfect place card. She presented the cupcakes on a Wilton 4-Tier Stacked Cupcake and Dessert Tower that she had decorated with pink ribbon. Note that the pink ribbon PERFECTLY matches the birthday girl’s Lilly Pulitzer dress! Of course!

It was a happy, happy birthday for Emma Jane!

All images property of The Party Dress


Down on the Farm

This is Jess from Polkadots & Pirates signing on for Shannon in her absence. I have to admit that when Shannon asked me to be a guest blogger I had a fun idea for a post…but after a busy weekend and it being my son’s birthday today I didn’t quite get that post done. I will save it in my mind for the next time Shannon asks, but for today I’ll give you the recap of the party for my son that we threw a few weeks ago on my parents’ farm where I grew up.

A farm theme is nothing new…but since Beckett is obsessed with my dad and his tractors (and he has a birthday at a time of year we can actually be outside in MN!) it was perfect for him at this age.

If you want to know vendor and activity details, see more pics, or are curious to know why I had to use tea lights on Beckett’s cake =), check it out on my blog here, here, and here! Happy Monday!

Dr. Seuss Bash

Hello, Kara here from Kara’s Party Ideas. Thanks so much Shannon for inviting me to be Saturday’s guest host!

I’ve decided to highlight Dr. Seuss today. With school starting I’ve seen Dr. Seuss all over….books, games, school activities, etc, etc. I just love Dr. Seuss and all his characters.
So here’s some pictures from a Dr. Seuss baby shower I hosted a few months back. To see the full post and details {recipe’s, how to’s, etc.} go here. I hope my shower will help you throw your next Dr. Seuss bash. Oh, and you can’t forget Dr. Seuss’ Birthday in March. That’s an excuse right there to have a whooooriffic party. So start planning now!

Happy party planning folks! Thanks again, Shannon.
~Kara {}

A Fanciful Twist Mad Tea Party

Shannon asked me to guest host today’s feature & was gracious enough to allow me to post one of my favorite parties. I immediately thought of artist, Vanessa Valencia. Vanessa’s parties are purely magical! Her recent Mad Tea Party is unbelievably amazing & truly beautiful. Please take the time to check out her blog, A Fanciful Twist where she features her original artwork & other incredible parties. Enjoy your glimpse into Vanessa’s magical wonderland!

I can’t wait to see what Vanessa creates next! Have a great weekend! Susan Crabtree, Poca Cosas

Robot Birthday

GUEST HOSTESSES are coming to this blog!
I’m taking a few days off and I’ve got some fabulous ladies all lined up to guest hostess! So come back over the next couple of days to see what they have to share!! (**note** there will be no theme requests this weekend…come back the following weekend to leave your requests)
In the mean time take a look at this fun Robot Birthday my friend Eryn threw for her son Hayden.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Eryn’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Eryn’s Robot party….. and don’t forget to visit the original party post to see more pictures and details!


For Hayden’s 5th Birthday he really wanted a Robot party! I loved the idea. I made a robot cake and cupcakes, I spy robots and robot tshirts for all the party goers. We played Birthday Bot bean bag toss and I decorated with lots of nuts and bolts and shiny silver. It was a super fun time!

Ahoy! Nautical Baby Shower

This Ahoy It’s A Boy Baby Shower was originally hosted by Colleen over at The Augustines.
Come aboard for this baby shower! It’s setting sail and filled with fun nautical touches. The cake is super cute and I love the use of the letter A throughout the party.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Colleen’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Colleen’s Nautical Baby shower party….. make sure to visit the original party post to see lots more pictures!

I finally have something to blog about again! I hosted my very first baby shower this past weekend for a special friend of mine. She’s having a baby boy, Aydon Scott Lefevre. I have been planning for months, even before I knew the sex of the baby! She is decorating his nursery in a nautical theme, so this is where the inspiration came from. I did a dessert table with a candy buffet, cupcakes, cake, and other goodies. Then I had an entrance table for the guests to make a wish for Ashley and the baby. I pretty much got all my supplies from the ole’ faithful Michael’s. I think that’s my favorite store…that’s pretty bad when you get that excited about a craft store!! But everyone enjoyed the shower and I had so much fun putting it all together. I can’t wait for my next project…actually, that would be Grayson’s 1st birthday that I’ve been planning for months now! =)

Don’t forget to go see the original party post for more pictures!

Back to School Party

Ok, people…I confess…it’s late…very late! I almost was going to skip posting because I’m tired…but I couldn’t let you down. I am however keeping it simple!

Here is another fabulous party from Susan over at Poca Cosas. She always has such fun parties to share! This one is for Back to School….ENJOY!
WELCOME to our Back to School Bash! We had 8 boys in attendance for our day of school fun! Upon arrival, students were assigned a “class schedule” which listed times & activites for the day. 1st period: Art

Students created original works of LETTER art

Showing off their masterpieces

2nd period: Home EC

Our budding chefs made the edible crayons I posted last week (I forgot to take a picture of the finished project but they turned out great! The boys placed them in pencil boxes & took them home as a favor.)

3rd Period: Math class

4th period: Lunch

Served cafeteria style

After a morning of classes, they boys were HUNGRY

After lunch, the boys went to 5th period Music class (they played Guitar Hero on Wii).

6th period: Sundae School.

The boys said this was SSWWEEEET

we also had a few favors for our students

stored in locker bins with index card labels

And the finale, 7th period: Science

Step One: Place Mentos in tube

Step 2: Pull cord

Step 3: RUN for cover!

The boys had a BLAST & are already talking about next year’s party!

I’m Shameless!

Some of you may already know that I am not only the hostess of this party blog..but I’m a blog/web designer! Please vote for my design in this contest. There are prizes for voting!!!

here is the link just click the “vote for this store” button at the top of the page.

This is the store I designed for my MIL’s jewelry business. Happy voting! =)

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