Monkey Themed 1st Birthday

This Monkey Themed First Birthday Party was originally hosted by Shayna over at Our Life with Our Monkey.
When Shayna submitted this party she was so sweet to say that she drew sooo much inspiration from this blog and all the parties that ya’ll have shared! That’s what this is all about ladies!!

There are plenty of fabulous ideas here for all those monkey theme fans out there! From the invitations to the fun activities this party is a definite winner. Shayna really went all out with the party decor and details, so be sure to look through all the pics because I promise you will be inspired!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Shayna’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Shayna’s Monkey party…..


Well a year has come and gone faster than I ever imagined. I really wish I could freeze time but I will try to soak up every kiss, every hug, every milestone, every moment with our little monkey. Saturday was her birthday and birthday party and here is a picture heavy, very long post of the recap for those who couldn’t be there to see. Her aunt Kelly drove up from Corpus so that was such a nice treat. We will get to see her Mimi and Aunt Bree and cousin Jacoby thisweekend so that will add to the wonderful birhtday week.

This was her invitation which was glued to the back of a monkey face that we made.


We of course did a monkey theme with colors in pink, yellow, and brown. We did a mural on the wall of a little jungle scene and I hung her picture timeline on this.

2 posts were decorated to look like banana tress with monkeys and bananas hanging from them.

This was the table as guests arrived where they could sign a mat for her, write her a note for her time capsule, and turn into a monkey with a monkey mask.

This was the main food table with a homemade banner for the back drop. I also had balloons tied to bananas. I made the tissue paper pom poms and hung them over the tables.

These were the prizes for the games we played.
We made chocolate covered rice krispy treats in the shape of monkeys for the monkey walk and then various toys and goodies for feed the monkey.

This is a shot to show all of the balloons and pom poms hanging.

I did a Monkey’s corner that was all about Casey Marilyn. Pictures, decorations from her room, her clothing over the year, baby book, etc.


I did homemade suckers from candy melts and decorated bags that were filled with banana flavored candy, bubbles, pencil, a beanie baby, and their photo frame that they decorated. I also had little loaves of banana nut bread for the adults.


I had a table set up where they could decorate their very own monkey photo frame.

Ok, here is where I have decided that from now on I will hire a photographer to come and take pictures of the party for me. I would love to have nice professional pics of my hard work but also to make sure that I get pics of evertything. I treid to make sure I did but I missed a lot of stuff due to hosting. Like the kids playing the games, I’m hoping someone got a few shots of that. It was so funny seeing the kids in action. WE had monkey walk, just like cake walk but with monkey feet. And we had feed the monkey. I painted a monkey on foam board and cut out the mouth and the kids tossed plastic bananas into the hole.

Once again I want a professional because a lot of my pics turned out blurry.

I had a big blow up monkey that guests could take their picture with and put in their monkey photo frame they made.

Did I mention that my family is full of monkeys?

On her Your Baby Can Read DVD they do arms up so she now walks around like this doing arms up. So cute.

My little monkey

We served peanut butter and banana sandwiches for the kids and chicken salad sandwiches for the adults or actually they were labled as monkeywiches. There was chips, fruit kabobs, dip, monkey munch in cones, monkey juice with monkey cups, cupcakes in yellow, pink and brown frosting, jelly beans, and chocolate dipped marshmallows. Everything down to the toppers and labels was homemade, even the cake and stand by me, my aunt Sissy, and my mom.

Well I had a lot of fun decorating her smash cake. It was pink with fondant circles. I anticipated her really going after it as she loves to make a mess with her food but she just had a big lunch and we’ve never given her anythig sweet outside of fresh fruit so she really wasn’t into it. She didn’t seem to like it and made some funny faces which is fine with me because she will not be having anything sweet outside of fruit until her 2nd birthday. :)

Singing happy birthday

She kept picking off the cirlcles and giving them to me. Oh and side note, this is her 2nd of 3 outfit changes. THe first was her brown party dress, then this cute monkey onesie, and then her birthday tutu, monkey bow and shirt for opening presents. I made the tutu and all of the bows.

I tried to feed her a piece of cake but she wanted to feed me instead.

I love this, she did not like fondant, but really who does?

She was done

She got so many wonderful and adorable things form friends and family. We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. She got a wagon from Aut Sissy and Uncle Bud and a train from Grams and a learn and ride horse from Aunt Kelly along with so many adorable items below.
She loved this monkey book from Mrs. Jodie and the boys who by the way were so cute feeding the monkey’s with Windy’s boys, once again I need the professional photographer

How cute is this monkey gift box?
She was so good, she would help me open the gift, look at it and then pass it on to Grams, some things she was more eager to pass on than others LOL
She got so many cute outfits.

The party was great and I think everyone had fun, we sure did. Now I’m off to start planning for the 2nd one. LOL

A huge thank you to Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bud for all their help with set up and clean up, fixing us meals, and going and taking keys to my husband in Dallas.

A huge thak you to my mom for all her labor and help in making my vision for this party come to pass.

A huge thank you to Nana for her help making things and watching CM so we could work.

A huge thank you to Eric and Kristin for making sandwiches, cutting paper, hanging balloons, and all of the other little things you did.

A huge thank you to Kelly for coming 1st of all, and for set up and clean up and running errands and sonic trips. Stay away from the glue tape. :)
A huge thank you to all of the resources available on the web where I got so many ideas for his party.

Mr. Linky Monday…Find Party Theme Ideas!

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* Angels
* Groovy Girls
* Bridesmaids Luncheon
* Going Away Party (friends are moving)



Sweet Pea Baby Shower

This Sweet Pea Baby Shower was originally hosted by Joanna over at Let’s Entertain.
Well ladies I have like 5 bags of frozen peas in my freezer right now from my husbands knee surgery last month and now I just need a pregnant friend to throw a shower for! But seriously…how ingenious and cost conscious is this idea? I’m totally loving it! It’s so bright and fresh and fun! I think the bottles filled with the green jelly beans are fantabulous and I adore the stickers on the fronts of them.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Let’s Entertain to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Joanna’s Sweet Pea Baby Shower…..


Well the Sweet Pea shower was a success! This theme was a lot of fun to work with and pretty easy too. This shower was done on a budget and in a short amount of time but I think it turned out pretty well. The mom-to-be loved it, and that is most important :)

The mom-to-be does not know the sex of the baby but said she loved the color green. I wanted to go with a bright green instead of a muted green and I really found a lot more decorations in the brighter green to my delight.

Here is the dessert table with the “pea” filled baby bottle favors (everyone loved). The petit fours have peas in a pod on them. I found the Baby Love green bag at Hallmark and fell in love with it. It went so well with the colors. I used it to give the mom-to-be a few items to take home. The coordinating paper ware is from Hostess Jo.

Sweetpeashower 015

Sweetpeashower 019

I also used the bottles as part of the table decorations.

Sweetpeashower 010

One of the centerpieces. I used real peas! The outer vase is larger than the center one. I inserted the flowers in the smaller one then into the larger one and filled with peas.

Sweetpeashower 003

The cute circle paper is actually a gift bag I cut into squares. I thought it was really fun and colorful.

Sweetpeashower 008

Sweetpeashower 009

I also scattered green glass gems on the table that I brought from home.

Sweetpeashower 013

My pea in a pod creation. I used felt and spray painted styrofoam balls.

Sweetpeashower 006

The ladies munched on mini bbq sandwiches and 7 layer salad with peas.

Food table

These are the candles I used on the food table. White unscented candles surrounded by peas!

Sweetpeashower 007

Even the 7 layer salad fit into the decor!

Sweetpeashower 018

Hope this gives you inspiration for your next Sweet Pea shower! This theme works great with twins or triplets too.

If you’d like to see more pics from the shower head on over to our Facebook page.

Mini Feature Time!

I’ve got an array of party inspiration for you today. You only get to see a glimpse of each party here, so please take the time to click on through and view the full party posts!

Check out the cakes for this Dr. Seuss Birthday hosted over at Lasher Life.

A baby shower with a wild side – Zebra Accents – Originally hosted over at Oh Snap!

You won’t want to miss this Carnival Birthday Party which was thrown by Mel over at The Larson Lingo.

Take a trip to Canada with me and head on over to John & Che’s blog for a Canada Day Celebration.

If you wanna see a really cool spiderman party then head on over to Keisha’s flickr photo stream to view all the pics! Her party was styled by Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams. (sorry, I was unable to grab one of the pictures….so you REALLY have to click through on this one…it’s totally worth it!)

Team Soccer Party

This Team Soccer Party was originally hosted by Emily over at the Ashby Family Blog.
Soccer season is definitely upon us and Emily has done such a great job of throwing a fun and simple bash for the team! I’m sure each one of those little guys had a ton of fun at the party! The party cookies in the shape of soccer balls and stars are the perfect compliment! I also really like the water bottle labels. So simple to do!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Emily’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Emily’s Team Soccer party…..


Ready, Set, Throw! How about a fun team party? Here are a few ideas for a “sports team” party!

{Ethan’s soccer team party: Simple & Fun}

{The Spread}
The menu: Grilled hot dogs, fruit kabobs, string cheese, chips, water bottles with our team name on them, cookies on a stick and soccer cupcakes for dessert!

{The invites}

{Party Cookies}
I just made sugar cookies and baked them on a popsicle stick, wrapped them up, & put stickers on the outside. For more picts and the recipe I used click here.
What kids doesn’t love a pinata?! We had a soccer ball pinata which was not only a great decoration, but the kids LOVED it. We decided (on account of rain outside) that we would just have the kids actually KICK the ball around until the candy came out. They LOVED it & so did we! We had them each take turns kick it to eachother and then into the wall to open it up.
{Party Bags}
Just brown paper bags! Totally easy, but cute. I attached a balloon to each bag & it was a hit. I printed out the soccer balls & stars on sheets of “label” paper, cut them out, and tah dah!

{Thanks for a great season Super Kickers!}
It was so great “coaching” these sweet little guys this season. Stay tuned! I’ll post more about our season soon!

Twilight Birthday Party

This Twilight Birthday Party was originally hosted by Tara over at Tara’s Twilight Party.
Tara has dedicated several posts on her blog to this party. So today I’ve just posted a few of the bloody gorey pics for your viewing pleasure. Tara, went all out on this one and I know that all the Twilight fans out there are gonna love it!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Tara’s Twilight Party Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy the Twilight Party…..

Here are just a few pictures from Tara’s Twilight Birthday Party. Please click over to her Twilight Party Blog for every last little detail.

Lemon & Lime Candy Buffet

This Lemon Lime Candy Party was originally hosted by B.a.s.h.ful Custom Event Kits.
This party may be all lemons and limes but there is NOTHING sour about it…it’s only SWEET! I love this color palette for the candy buffet. We’ve been seeing so many with all the bright candy colors, so it’s fun to see one with a unique color palette! I really love all the signage on the buffet and the papers they chose all really POP and add to the overall look!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to the B.a.s.h.ful Custom Event Kits Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy B.a.s.h.ful Custom Event’s Lemon Lime Candy party…..


Here it is, a big serving of the lemon & lime Candy Buffet!


Mr. Linky Monday….Inspire Each Other!

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!

* Baby Shower – hot pink/black/teal
* First Birthday – October – At a Beach house
* First Birthday
* Candyland Party
* Project Runway
* Transformers
* Pink Elephant Themed 1st Birthday (maybe even in a tutu!)
* Sleep Over for 8 yr. old girl
* Cupcake Party
* Vintage Cowboy/Western Baby Shower
* Fairy & Dragon Party
* Little Chicks Theme
* First Birthday – Carnival
* Chic Baby Boy Shower
* Halloween Costume Party for Girls 2nd B-Day
* Abby Caddaby – 2yr.
* Halloween
* 50th Anniversary
* Polkadot Pink/Brown Baby Shower
* Dr. Seuss
* Hello Kitty
* Bridal Shower


A note from your Blog Hostess…

Hello Party People! Wow I can’t believe how this little blog has taken off over the last 4 months. It’s been so exciting to watch it grow and to see how excited YOU ALL have been about it. Thank you so much for all the submissions. Keep them coming!

A few things to note about why a submitted party might not get featured:
1. The link you submitted to the party post was incorrect or there was no link.
2. The pictures within the post are very small or there are not enough pictures.
3. You did not agree to post about your feature and link back to CP&S.
4. Be patient. There are a ton of submissions and I’m doing my best to keep up so sometimes I just go with what moves me in the moment. But I actually try to go in order that they are received.

Ok, now let’s talk comments!! Comments have been few and far between here on CP&S and I’d like to change that trend! One of the reasons I created this blog was because of the hard work that we all put into the parties we throw. We focus on the details until every last one is just how we imagined it to be. We do it out of love for the person being honored. But let’s face it…sometimes a toddler just can’t appreciate the details. So I figured all the other party girls out there in blogland would. This is my encouragement to all of you who stop by this little blog everyday…..COMMENT! Recognize the details and give the party hostess of the day her much deserved KUDOS!

**update** I do realize that some of you click over to the original posters blog and leave a comment there, but honestly it’s still only very few. Whether you do it here, or there…JUST DO IT!
Alright…stepping down off my soapbox now! And just because I can’t go a day without giving you some sort of party eye candy… are some pictures from the Nesting Baby Shower I recently threw for my SIL and nephew.

The invitation
The guest of honor…my SIL

A little birdie made of colored chocolate sitting on a bed on chow mein noodles for the nest atop the cake. I literally had to hand paint SEVERAL of them with food coloring to get a color variation in the next. Then I threw in some coconut for good measure as well.

The table setting with all the goodies and a bird cage for all those gift cards.

Baby Sundaes were a yummy treat!

Especially for big sister, Miss D.

Some nesty goodness… sent my dad to the store to get blue jelly beans…he came back with orange.
To his credit…they were out of blue, but ORANGE? Love you Dad! =)

It was a gift card shower because she was moving across country a couple days later. So we filled some of the time with a couple rounds of bunco! Good times

Project Runway Birthday Party

This Project Runway Birthday Party was originally hosted by Laura over at Mitzvah-licious.

I LOVE Project Runway so as soon as I opened up this post and saw this party….I was in LOVE! What a SUPER CLEVER theme idea! So many ideas start spinning in my head with this one, and apparently they did for Laura too! She has a ton of amazing ideas and she pulled the whole party together so nicely. I’m really loving the idea of the newpaper fashions! So FIERCE!

It’s also perfect timing since the new season of Project Runway starts TONIGHT on Lifetime!!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Laura’s blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Laura’s Project Runway party…..


For my daughter’s 11th birthday, we decided to pull inspiration from one of her favorite TV shows: Project Runway! We created this fabulous birthday party for a great group of girls! See details below. These details would work great for a fashion-themed Bat Mitzvah as well!

This was the invitation, which was tied to a sewing kit with a pink organza ribbon:

This full-size dress form was the entry sign!

The table was decorated in pink, white, and black. Each guest received a Project Runway t-shirt (iron-on transfers were found on clearance at Michaels, and tshirts were purchased at Michaels as well). Party crackers were at each place setting. Custom party labels were placed on each one.

Chairs were tied with tulle ribbon–this is a very inexpensive way to dress up your chairs–a whole roll costs only about $3.00!

Here’s a close-up of the place setting. Plates and napkins were from the dollar bins at Michaels. Party crackers were from Michaels too!

The table also was set with framed mock fashion magazine covers of Emma:

We set up a mini candy buffet and made a sign to tie it in with our theme:

The first activity was the newspaper design challenge. Names were chosen out of a purse to create teams of 2. Each team was given only a newspaper, scissors, and a roll of tape (I used blue painters tape). They had 15 minutes to come up with a design. One person would create the design, and the other person would be the model. It was a hit, and the kids loved this activity!

The winning design actually had 3 pieces–a hat with a veil, dress, and shoes!

Next was the design challenge. I bought bolts of fabric from Joann’s and Walmart. I also provided iron-on letters, fabric pens, res-q tape, safety pins, and a Bedazzler. The kids had to take an old item of clothing and create something new out of it. After their designs were finished, they chose accessories and jewelry to complete the look. We then had a runway show, in which they explained their designs, how they came up with their ideas, and how they created their outfits. The results were adorable!

Dessert consisted of cupcakes with Vogue Magazine cupcake toppers featuring my daughter’s photo.

Each guest took home a Vogue Magazine photo (I purchased the frames at the Dollar Tree).

A fun time was had by all!!

Mad Hatter Tea Party

This Mad Hatter Tea Party was originally hosted by Donna over at Party Wishes.

Ok, let’s talk TEA CUPS! Those large tea cups are the PERFECT addition to this theme. I’m totally in love with them. All the bright fun details of this party really capture the spirit of this classic tea party from Alice in Wonderland. Then there is the croquet set. Again…AMAZING! This party screams the theme from beginning to end!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Donna’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Donna’s Mad Hatter Tea party…..


(click on pictures to enlarge)

On Saturday, I hosted my first Mad Hatter Tea Party. The week prior to the party, I was painting all day, everyday, trying to get ready. I was covered head to toe in paint!

This topiary sat next to the front door with a can of paint and used paintbrush left behind by one of the cards while trying to cover up his gardening mistake.

I cut the 4′ tall croquet wickets out of 1/4″ plywood and painted both sides. They are supported by 1X1″ pieces of wood with rebar drilled into the bottoms.

The giant stacked tea cups took MANY hours of painting. I would even bring them to swim practice. They drew quite the crowd!

I also brought a giant chess set for kids or adults who wanted a little quiet time.

The hedgehog balls are madeout of 4″ styrofoam balls. I ripped up paper grocery bags and used Mod Podge to apply them. Each ball took about 1/2 an hour…I made 16 of them. Luckily, my friends Sandy and Marina helped me with them.

The mallets were 2′ stuffed flamingos.

My client, Tammy, had a perfect backyard for this party. We hung paper lanterns from her pergola as well as giant butterflies.

For the table, I had another stack of giant tea cups as the centerpiece. It was filled with flowers, fiddleheads and butterflies.

The placesettings consisted of plastic pink chargers, black ceramic plates with white polk dots, giant metal flower and ribbon napkin rings with chartruse napkins and black and white Cheshire cat mugs. The place card holders were butterflies in pots and I made the name cards on the computer.

It was such a wonderful party and Tammy said that I would be her party planner for life.

That is the best compliment EVER!


I’ve had a lot if inquiries about the tea cups. I got them in downtown Los Angeles at the Flower Mart. They are pretty lightweight and I think they are some sort of fiberglass.

Garden Themed Birthday Party

This Garden Themed Birthday Party was originally hosted by DeBran over at The Taradiddle and Twaddle of Motherhood.
This Garden party really comes to life with all of the fun colors and sweet touches. The different banners are super cute. I also really love the mix of balloons and the hanging balls and “poofs”. It all ads to the whimsical feel of this garden party.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to DeBran’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy DeBran’s Garden party…..


I know I know…it has been a ridiculously long time since Kaelyn’s party and I am just now posting about it. Cut me some slack and just pretend you all still care. ;o)

Kaelyn has developed a love of all things creepy crawly, blooming and chirping. She loves digging in the dirt, planting and pruning plants and of course picking flowers, fruit, vegetables and tiny little lady bugs off our plants. She is your regular, every-day gardener. Except that she’s three. Haha. Well, this new found interest was all the inspiration I needed to throw Kaelyn’s Garden Party to celebrate her third birthday. Oh and I must thank Jessica for being my photographer for the day, my camera was quite fickle. Go figure, huh? Thanks so much Jess!

I started off with some hand made invitations complete with magnets on the backs of the die-cut and a ribbon to untie the hanging invitation so that the magnet could be used even after the party was over.
I incorporated Birds, Blossoms and Bugs into as many details as I managed to have time and energy for. I was a little disappointed because I had so many more ideas that I wanted to put into play, but I was just so behind from pure tired laziness that I just couldn’t do everything I had originally wanted to. We kept the numbers a bit smaller this time, we had about 35 people, just immediate family and Kaelyn’s friends and their families of course. It was nice and Kaelyn had a fabulous time! I apologize for the length of this post, but most of it is pictures!!

My mom ordered this cute welcome sign and my dad and the kids have become the official balloon officials! haha…they were in charge for Brandt’s party and again for Kaelyn’s. They are getting much more artistic with it and have so much fun! Thanks Dad and thanks Mother for the fabulous banner!

And of course I had to add a few hand made banners to the mix: a Kaelyn banner, flower banner, Happy Birthday banner, Birds, Blossoms and Bugs garland and a Garden Party banner on the butterfly wall. ;o) FUN
I also decorated paper lanterns of different sizes with flowers and butterflies and hung them throughout the house along with my first run at making tissue poms. I laid a string of dragonfly lights on the favor bag table.
I had lots of ideas for serving the food creatively but not enough time and motivation, lol. So that was pretty simple. I served pink lemonade with butterfly cut-outs slid on the straws and then I put the kids’ cupcakes in mini terra cotta pots. I forgot the cupcake pics I had so they were a little more plain than I meant! Oh well, they were tasty!
The kids all loved the pinata…it was a really cute butterfly shaped one. When Kenny was setting it up outside all the kids were trying to line up at the slider and sneak a peak outside. It was so cute!

And I had wings for the girls to wear and bug antennae for the boys to wear. Little Miss Kaelyn Rose decided to pick out her own outfit for the day, and no it did not include the hand made, over the top foofy tutu I made for her. No, it included a simple pink dress up tutu, flip flops, a white t-shirt, a flower headband and a new pair of pink sunglasses! Needless to say, she was stylin’!Kaelyn’s favorite part of the party, hands down, was the birthday song! She loved it! She was just beaming the entire time and then asked everyone to sing it again! And they did!! Good group, huh? She could hardly believe all these people were singing to her. And then later that night when it was just a couple friends and our family, she asked us to sing three more times! HOLY MOLY! It was so cuteBesides the pinata, I had one other activity for the kids. I put them all in old white t-shirts and set everyone up on a table outside with washable paints, paint brushes, water and tiny wooden birdhouses. Everyone loved it and everyone’s house turned out fantastic! So easy yet so entertaining! Kaelyn concentrated extra hard and of course made “that face” that she does…strange girl! ;o)Brandt slept through the whole party and barely decided to join us as Kaelyn was opening her gifts. He and his friend Luke shared some snacks while they watched. They really don’t eat that much, just in every picture! ;o) Riiight…

She was blessed with so many wonderful gifts and enjoyed such a great time with her family and friends! We had a great time and we think our guests did also!!Well….hopefully!!

Tractor Themed Baby Shower

This Tractor Themed Baby Shower was originally hosted by Laura over at Lucy-isms.
I gotta tell ya…I’m IN LOVE with this theme. I absolutely love the retro vibe of the invites and all the details that coordinate using that tractor graphic. Seriously…IN LOVE people! It is so fun, so vintage, so festive…so everything! Even the envelopes the invites were mailed in are FANTABULOUS! I also love the good old fashioned fabric pennants. So stinkin’ cute!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Laura’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Laura’s Tractor party…..


last saturday i hosted my good friend lauren’s baby shower at my house. it was an indoor picnic themed party with the main motif being a tractor. i had so much fun planning the party and making all the details. i utilized my print gocco to create the tractor motif on the invitations, favor bags and onesie. here are the highlights. check back later this week for recipes and tutorials.

special thanks to my friend heather, who was so kind to take out time on her busy saturday to snap these photos.

{ the invitations }

{ place settings }

i really wanted everyone seated at a table, so i covered several mighty lights with gingham fabric i bought for $1.50/yard.

the flowers came from the mountain behind my house, which perfectly contributed to the flavor of the party.

i don’t care for shiny plastic party utensils, so found these on world centric. made out of cornstarch, the forks, knives and spoons are 100% biodegradable and looked great on the table.

{ food }

thanks to shannon for the yummy baked beans and lemonade, liz for the delicious fresh fruit and heather for the homemade granola.

pulled pork sandwiches
fresh fruit
goat chesse, orange and pecan salad
baked beans
mini key lime pie
mini blueberry pie
homemade granola

{ beverage & favor table }

this was one of my favorite elements of the party. i covered the table with burlap, hung pennants across the front and placed the basket of granola, beverages, yellow ice cooler and mini milk jug prizes on top.

again, thank you so much to all those who donated time, talents, food and serving dishes. couldn’t have done it without you.

tractor graphic via dryicons.

Mr. Linky Monday – Inspiration Station

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!

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* Popsicles
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* Sports Theme Baby Shower
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* 70′s Birthday – Male
* Neon Animal Print Birthday
* Cheerleader Baby Shower
* Luau



Weekend Feature – Pink Peppermint Paper

Yesterday you got to see the party throwing skills of Eleanor from Pink Peppermint Paper. But did you take the time to click through to her online store? If not you should! I love the simple whimsical style of her products. It’s not just invitations she’s got waiting for you. There are announcements, moving cards, etc. Here is just a sample of what you will see when you visit the Pink Peppermint Paper Store.

What are you waiting for? There’s way more to see….

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