Elmo Birthday Party

This Elmo birthday party was originally hosted by Toni.


This party was thrown with love for one of the cutest little girls I’ve seen!  In Toni’s original post she talks about her daughter’s fun personality, and this party is a definite match!

Enjoy Toni’s Elmo Party and don’t forget to hop on over to the original party post to see more pictures and party details.

For her birthday this year we decided to have a little Elmo party and our friends came over to join us! I had so much fun doing all this, sometimes I think I enjoy it more than the kids :)

We had fun Elmo cupcakes and little treat bags for the kids.

elmo cupcakes

ken bday 038

elmo birthday

Mr. Linky Monday

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!
* Winter Birthday Party (boy)
* Tween Spa Party
* Candyland
* Carnival
* Whinnie the Pooh
* “She’s Gonna Pop” Baby Shower (popcorn / lollipops)
* Sports themed baby shower
* Little Mermaid Birthday
* Ipod themed party
* Hunting
* Bubble Gum
* Birthday for Twin Boys
* Science/Chemestry birthdy (boys)
* Butterflies
* Pink Poodle



Swanky Chicks


The Swanky Chicks have plenty of amazingly cute supplies for your next event. Whether it’s a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, new baby in the family…..they have lots of fun items for you to choose from. I’ve displayed just a few items from their site here. So you will want to be sure to visit their store to check out all their fantabulous treasures!




modern baby girl candy bar wrappers




What are you waiting for? Hop on over to their store and go shopping!!

Blue and Chocolate Brown Baby shower

This Blue and Brown Baby Shower was originally hosted by Swanky Chicks.


This is a cute one ladies…the little buggies totally won me over!  I love them!  The invites are super cute and those Swanky Chicks did a fabulous job putting the table setting together.

Enjoy the Swanky Chicks baby Shower and make sure to head on over to their blog to see what else they’ve got going on. Their blog has lots of inspiration!
Our inspiration for this Swanky blue and chocolate brown baby shower theme all started with Swanky Chicks very own Chocolate and Blue Mommy to Be baby shower invitation. Color is often all the inspiration you need to put together a wonderful shower theme.

We designed our table with blue, brown and baby boy in mind! We hung the tissue paper Pom-Pom’s that were featured in an August DIY Wednesday over the table to add color and interest. Our centerpiece consisted of a very simple yet elegant arrangment of cream colored candles and glass vases.
I had the hardest time finding placemats and napkins in the right shades of blue and brown so I improvised. The placemats were laminated scrapbook paper, and I found paper napkins that were the right color. We dressed them just as we would cloth napkins, wrapped in a piece of ribbon and secured with a diaper pin.
All of the guests were favored with these adorable personalized lip balm baby shower favors. They were arranged in simple silver mint julip cups that added an extra touch of sophistication. We loved that we could choose our mommy-to-be’s hair and skin color, as well as the label color to coordinate perfectly with our blue and chocolate brown theme.
The adorable personalized lip balms weren’t the only favor guests took home. These wonderful little baby carriage shaped favor boxes created a great display and were filled with candies for everyone to take home. I love a favor that can pull double duty.
We added one more personalized little touch to bring it all together. The Chocolate and Brown Mommy-to-Be invitations have coordinating water bottle wrappers! We put out a couple dozen mini bottled waters on our food table for guests to grab either as a refreshment at the shower or a great little take home. Get creative, and have fun. We created a very traditional table setting and centerpiece but threw unexpected little baby decorations, to create a sophisticated and swanky baby shower.

Fun Polkadot Birthday Party

This Bright Fun Polkadot Birthday party was originally hosted by Angie.


I really love all the bright colors Angie used for the party.  It was so fun to read her blog and see how she was inspired by this blog.  Oh my wait until you see the cake!  FABULOUS!  The party hats and banner are super cute and you definitely need to check out her blog to see all the other fun details!

Enjoy Angie’s Polkadot Birthday Party……………


howie is now 3! i can’t believe it. it’s so great to have a big boy to enjoy life with. he makes everything more fun! i was really excited throw him a birthday party thanks to The Creative Party Place blog.

here is the invitation we gave to howie’s friends:

for a theme i just did polka dots/the matching cute paper to go with them:) okay, so not really a theme but hey, he’s 3 so he thought it was great. why do a tacky theme when they are too young to fight for it yet?
we ate fruit and mini pizza’s (as per howie’s request) i made chicken bbq for the adults and pepperoni for the kids.

here is the cake. after making taylor’s cake last week, howie had high expectations. it didn’t turn out exactly how i wanted but i guess that’s what happens when you don’t plan out what you’re doing until you are literally putting it together.

i made the hats by simply wrapping cute paper over top of store bought party hats and gluing it down.

To see more party details and what Angie did for activities and take home goodies be sure to visit the original party post on her blog.

Ladybug Birthday Party

This ladybug birthday party was originally hosted by Jennifer.


This ladybug birthday party is filled with plenty of sweet treats, fun decor, and family.  You can see how much love Jennifer put into this party for her little girl.  Please be sure to head on over to her blog to view the original party post for all the ladybug party details and plenty more pictures.

Djnoy Jennifer’s Ladybug party…..


I threw a ladybug birthday party for my daugther’s 2nd birthday.  The colors were red and black.  I made a Happy Birthday Little Lady banner and we made ladybug antenaes for the guests.  We had ladybug cupcakes that were a huge hit with the kids.

My wonderful friend, Joy, made these adorable ladybug cupcakes. They were pretty tasty also.

Cookies and thank you notes.

Party banner and table setting

Strawberry Birthday

This strawberry birthday party was originally hosted Lisalyn at Personally You Parties.
This party just looks YUMMY! Personally as a kid I had a strawberry birthday so this theme just makes me smile. Lisalyn has sum really fun ideas for sweet treats and I would encourage you to jump on over to her blog to view the original party post for more pictures and details.

Enjoy Lisalyn’s Strawberry party…..
This party was for my 5 year old niece and was everything Strawberry.  For games and activities we played

1~ stick the gem on Strawberry Shortcakes Crown
2~ A Strawberry Hunt
3~ Frosted Strawberry Cutout Cookies
4~ Painted Strawberry Suncatchers
5~ A Strawberry Pinata…that I made.

for Sweets we had

1~ Chocolate covered Strawberries
2~ Strawberry Squares
3~ Coconut Strawberries
4 ~ Strawberry Lollipops
5~ Strawberry Marshmallows dipped in chocolate and topped with a strawberry whopper
6~ Dipped Pretzels
7 ~ Strawberry Birthday Cake
It was a great party with lots of sugar and fun! )

The tablescape ~

Strawberry Marshmallows dipped in chocolate and topped with a strawberry whopper~

Coconut Strawberries, my favorite ~
(Notice the cup/cakestand is taped to the table….it was that windy!)

Pink Butterfly Baby Shower

This Pink Butterfly Baby Shower was originally hosted by Onida over at Opulent Memoirs.
You will definitely want to click on over to Opulent Memoirs to see all the party pics and details that Onida put into this butterfly baby shower. There is tons of pink, tons of FUN, and fabulous food!

Enjoy Onida’s party …..
I hosted a baby shower for one of my Besties. She asked from a pink-butterfly themed event and that is just what she got. I kept the food menu simple, but played up the desserts. I had an assortment of dessert shooters and cookie treats for guests to eat.

OCE_baby shower 040


OCEbaby shower 044

Don’t forget to check out the Mr. Linky post below!

Mr. Linky Monday

Here are the theme requests that came in this week!!
* Motorcycle Party (3yr old)

* Puppy Party

* Owl Party (for birthday or halloween)

* Baby Shower

* Baptism / Christening (boy)

* Speed Racer

* Bachelorette Party (classy…not trashy)

* Tinkerbell Birthday

* Nancy Drew Birthday

* Monograms (how to use them)

* Spa Party

* Kid’s Monster party

* Milk & Cookies Party

* Martini Birthday Party

* Twin Baby Shower

* Birthday – no theme – just general party



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Requests for theme ideas and inspiration are always welcome, but I would get waaay too many, so I just limit it to the weekends. Check out the “need ideas?” page to fill out the form if you are looking for some ideas. Then come back on Monday for Mr. Linky Monday where people will link up and share their parties relating to the requests.

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Horton Hears a Who Birthday Party

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Check out this Horton Hears a Who Birthday party from Anna

Birthday party for my nieces (both turned 2) and nephew (turned 4) I made everything by hand. All of the character were drawn freehand on cardboard then cut out and painted. We turned our fence archway into a ‘who’ house that led to the games. I have tons more photos if you’d like to see them! Thanks!




To see more pictures from Anna’s Horton Hears a Who party visit her flikr photostream

Baby Shower BBQ – BaByQ

I hope you are enjoying the new site.  Well, since the party today is a baby shower BBQ what better day to point out that the new site is now featuring FOOD!  The fabulous Kate & Sara from Our Best Bites has graciously agreed to contribute to the Creative Party Place!  You can always stay up to speed on their latest recipes by visiting the new “recipes” page under “special features” in the left sidebar.  Or take a look at the quick view in the bottom right corner of the site.  I hope you enjoy this new addition!  Afterall….it’s just not a party without food!


This BaByQ or Baby Shower BBQ was originally hosted by the DIY Showoff.

Ok, I’m loving this idea for a baby shower.  BBQs are fun and it just seems like they are easier somehow.  The play on wording in the invitation is really creative.  The BBQ sauce party favors….stinkin’ cute and totally fit with the theme.  There are so many other really great pictures and fun idea over at the original party post.  Click on through to see kids’ party favors and activities as well as the party decor!

Enjoy the DIY Showoff’s Baby Shower BBQ…..

I couldn’t find what I had in mind for BBQ/baby shower invitations. Red/white checkered tablecloths are fun…but not the theme I wanted for a baby shower. So I used Photoshop to create my own simple post card. Vistaprint was running a special for 100 free postcards – how awesome! I paid the extra for faster shipping but 100 invitations cost me about $25 which when pricing them – is an awesome deal. Postcards are also less expensive to mail out.

(The word “beer” encouraged the male species to look forward to attending…tricky, ain’t it?)


The casual cook-out/picnic atmosphere allowed for kegs of beer (plastic cups), bottled water, cans of pop, plastic bottles of Little Hugs (with straws). We also just used styrofoam plates and plastic silverware. I did wrap the silverware individually in blue napkins secured with homemade stickers (leftover labels from party favors). Easy to grab 1 bundle and festive. :)

Party Favors

Isn’t it nice to include party favors as a way of letting guests know you appreciate them? Coming up with a unisex and usable party favor was easy. I purchased these bbq-sauce and hot sauce bottles from here then added my own labels and tied with ribbon. These also served as double-duty…decorating the tables. (We had a little rain when setting up, so no tablecloths and the centerpieces and favors were the perfect choice because a little rain didn’t ruin anything.)

Welcome to Creative Party Place!

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Can’t wait to hear comments about what you think about the new site!

Baking Birthday Party

I’m Back! I hope you enjoyed the guest posts!!!
This Baking Party was originally hosted by Colleen over at Fig & Ruby.
What a fun idea to have a baking party for your little girl’s birthday! Kids LOVE to bake and they always take so much pride in their creations. The chef’s hats for each girl….FANTABULOUS! I’m sooo loving that idea! I’m also really jiving on this idea because the kids help make the treats! How fabulous is that?

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Fig & Ruby to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Colleen’s Baking Birthday party…..don’t forget to click through to the original party post for MANY more details and pictures.


The Invitations: My favorite feature? The envelopes were clear plastic and I threw in some adorable cake sprinkles as confetti. What a delicious way to be invited to a party!!

The Party: The girls made cookies and decorated their own mini cakes. I made each girl an apron and a chef’s hat. The chef’s hats were easy to make and oh so cute! You can make them by going HERE.

The Cookies: Here are the cookies I made for her to take to school on her “real day”. After going to great lengths to make the tray look just right, She informed me that it was “way too much” and “super embarrassing” and asked me if she could please just bring the cookies in a grocery bag. WOW…words can’t describe the mental toughness it took for me to allow this display to be dismantled and to throw the cookies in a bag. Perhaps next year we’ll just buy cupcakes at Safeway like all the other kids. Ha- let’s not get carried away!
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