Sweet Girly Pink 1st Birthday Luncheon

Happy New Year ya’ll!!!

This Sweet Grily Pink 1st Birthday Luncheon was originally hosted by Heavenly Blooms.
This 1st birthday luncheon is one of those totally dreamy outdoor luncheons that any girl would want to attend. The colors and treats are sweet and the rose centerpieces are simply fabulous!

Enjoy the 1st birthday luncheon…..

A bittersweet birthday is coming up next week…. our little Kate is turning 2!!!
I do not know how two years have flown by so quickly.
I wish time would stop, so she could stay one for a little while longer.
Her Mommy (my best friend) and I are in a party planning flurry for her
Minnie “Nouse” party, however I though it would be fun to
post pictures from her 1st birthday.
We didn’t really have a “theme”… It was a homespun, girly, festive,
pink and lavender luncheon with lots of sweets and glitter.
I am so blessed and thankful for Kate and I am eternally grateful to her
parents for bringing her into our lives.

The morning of the party the birthday girl patiently sat and played with her toys.

I always love a shoe shot… and I loved her glittery pink shoes!!!
Kate the Birthday Girl!!!
Our hand crafted lollipops… made out of cardboard!
Kate with her big brother Charlie, Mommy & Daddy…

The proud Mama and her ONE year old baby girl…

The centerpieces were surrounded by mini floral cupcakes, which were given away as favors at the end of the party to the adults.

The kid’s table was set with fun activities and toys.

Fairy wings were hung on each little girl’s chair.

Kate’s monthly baby pictures were displayed so guests could see how she’s changed over the year.

Me and My Kate…

We hand painted each pot with polka dots and glitter.

The cupcake stand was accented with pink ribbon bows and a tulle skirt.

Kate’s Mom made her birthday hat to coordinate with the party.

She loved her cupcake!

And she also loved playing her little cake too!

Her big brother Charie playfully pushed her face into the cake. Thankfully the birthday girl thought it was funny too!

We dressed up her high chair with tulle tutu and ribbon.

The lollipops were placed around the guest tables.

There weren’t any planned activities or games because the guests were so little. Instead we had fairy wings and wands for them to run around with. As well as a little play tent with plastic balls.

Charlie, our little helper for the day, shows off his muscles.

Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful Kate!!!

Photography by Harvard Photography

Co-Ed Bridal Shower BBQ

This Daisies and Gingham BBQ Bridal Shower was originally hosted by It’s My Party by Ashlie.
This is a fun Bridal Shower idea that you can use when hosting a co-ed shower. This party just looks cozy! The gingham really lends itself to a comfortable down home feel, while the daisies brighten things up. Great combination!

Enjoy this co-ed bridal Shower BBQ…

My brother is getting married in October and my mom decided to give the happy couple a shower. I of course was totally all over it and asked if I could give her some ideas. She wanted the party to be a casual bar-be-que. So, I came up with a daisy, red gingham and lemon decor’ theme. I had so much fun making the invitations, all of the banners, bride and groom nametags and setting up the table centerpieces and other decor’ around the house.

I got the party favors idea from the hwtm website. Instead of using the jars as drinking glasses we filled them with lemon slice candies and put raffia ribbon around them and a tag with the couple’s names and date of the wedding. So cute! And the party was a huge success.

Baseball Birthday Party

This Baseball Theme Birthday Party was originally hosted by Dimple Prints.
I think they really did a great job with this party. From the balloons greeting you at the door to all of the really great signs and decor. You just get that baseball / ballpark feel for sure! Bright, fun and sporty!

Enjoy the Baseball Party…

I went with a traditional red, white and blue baseball theme. His birthday party was the week of 4th of July, so the color scheme was very budget friendly as I was able to pick up numerous “4th of July” items from the dollar store, etc.































Lil’ Pumpkin Baby Shower X 2

I’ve got two different baby showers to show you but both are the same theme. I thought it would be fun to see two different styles and takes on this fun idea. The baby shower theme is “Lil’ Pumpkin”

This Lil’ Pumpkin shower was originally hosted over at This-n-That Williams.

Last week, my sisters-in-law and I got together to throw a fabulous baby shower for Jessica and her baby boy, who will be here in december. They hadn’t picked out a name, (and still haven’t as far as I know), and they didn’t have anything really picked out for the nursery, so we went with an easy lil’ pumpkin theme, since it was october, and pumpkins are easily found. Not to mention, Jamie has a plethora of fall decor, so this made decorating for the party a piece of cake!

So there wasn’t much to it, no games, just some really great food, some awesome people and lots of baby boy gifts, gotta love it. Sorry, but there are a ton of photos ahead. Enjoy the party, we sure did!
The lil’ pumpkin invite
Jenina, my sister-in-law, is a great cook, and she had some seriously fabulous food for this party. There were pumpkin pie tarts, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and the most delicious fall salad ever!
Some of her yummy cinnamon rolls. The ones I brought home were gone quick, Kevin loves those things, and I NEVER make them!
Jamie has a friend that made this awesome cake! It was delish, and looked absolutley amazing.

Jamie made this cute cheese ball, funny thing is Jamie hates them and wouldn’t even try it.:)

My mother-in-law went all out and made this awesome fruit display. Fruit on skewers, stuck in a pumpkin. It looked great, and I’m sure took her awhile to do it too.

This is what I make, chocolate covered pretzels, Kevin was very happy when I brought a bunch of them home.

Some of the cute decor we had for the party. Jamie put bows on everything, so cute!

Every guest of honor needs their very own pumpkin patch, don’t they? Alot of my time preparing for the shower, was spent painting pumpkins, glittering pumpkins, and putting ribbon on them.
The party favors were these seed bags filled with seasoned pumpkin seeds. The tag said, “grow your own pumpkin baby”, love it!
Some of the fun glitter pumpkins. They were so easy to do, and I love how they turned out!

Even the silverware was festive! Or would that be plasticware?
The fireplace mantel. Jamie hand drew “it’s a boy” on the pumpkins, while holding her 4 month old son in the baby carrier. She’s talented!
Some more fun displays by the drinks, and a photo of Jess’s belly, with her “pumpkin baby!”

The guest of honor opening gifts, sorry for the grainy photo, but she looks beautiful anyway!
While preparing for the shower, I made my own “lil pumpkin” scrapbook kit, which really came in handy for a few of the things I did for the shower. So, here it is for you to enjoy, feel free to check out taffy apple designs, and download it for free!
Congrats Jess, we can’t wait to meet the little guy!

The next Lil’ Pumpkin shower I have to show you today was originally hosted by Lisa.

This weekend I got to throw a baby shower for one of my closest friends, Katie. We met each other back in our newlywed ward when Mike and I lived in some apartments in Bountiful. I was assigned to be her visiting teacher. We became friends, soon after Mike and I bought our home and we moved away (a whole 2 miles away). Then shortly after that Katie’s work had an opening at the U in the Housing Office and I wanted a new job so she told me about it, I was hired, and we worked together for 8 months until she left for another job herself. We spent many, many hours together not only at work, but carpooling for 8 months back and forth to Salt Lake. Our husbands are good friends, both been married 5 years, and now will soon both have little boys. She threw me a shower last year when I was pregnant, and she did such a wonderful job I knew I had a lot to live up to.
I decided to do a “Little Pumpkin” theme since it was the week before Halloween.
These were the invites:

(I blurred out my address and phone number for blog purposes)

I made this little advice book. I bought a blank chipboard book at Roberts for $2.99 then decorated it with ribbon, paper and put some rub-on stickers on the pages inside.


I made this with my moms Cricut machine, then just bought some baby socks and put them all up with some mini-clothespins and ribbon.

My mom sent me the idea for these pumpkins. Super easy to make. You can find it here.
I also made some Martha Stewart pom poms to go above the food table. You can make these here.

For food I made 7-layer bean dip, caramel apple dip, clam dip, veggie tray, Oreo truffles, and Pumpkin Pie Bites.
I was in the kitchen the day before the party making and baking. Its true what they say: things made from scratch taste better, but its also true that its a lot of work.

I think the most work was these Pumpkin Pie Bites. I got the idea here from Bakerella. Forming the dough in the muffin pan was very time consuming and took me 1 hour to make 1 batch. However, it was well worth the time because they turned out delicious.

For favors I made these, (also done on the Cricut) I put candy-corn and candy corn pumpkins inside.
Out of all the pictures I took, I was a dork and didn’t take ONE of the mother-to-be. (However she can be found on my previous post Mike’s Big Hurrah if you look closely for a very pregnant woman).
Overall I had a ton of fun planning and preparing this party over the last few weeks. What fun it would be to get paid to be a party planner. Maybe in my next life! I have had lots of ideas rolling around in my head for Emmett’s 1st birthday coming up, however after these last 2 parties, he might not get what I’ve envisioned because his mother is pooped!

Polkadot First Birthday and Kickball Celebration

One party for a little girl…..and another for a “big” girl. Enjoy these fun parties!

This Polkadot Fun First Birthday was originally hosted by Jill from Bless Our Nest.

Kennedy’s first birthday has officially come…and gone…It was such a fun week celebrating and remembering how just one short year ago we had just had her and brought her home with us (can you believe they let us bring a kid home)? Yet here we are, a year later, every one is sane and in one piece and those sleepless nights are but a faded memory. I have a TON of pictures to show you but today we will stick with party details because I LOVE throwing parties and its ALL in the details!

I drew inspiration from many party blogs so I’ll try and give you as many resources as I can to either purchase it yourself or be a copy cat like me and DIY

You have seen the invitation already. We designed these ourselves with a program Justin has, and then ordered them from a printers. It was really affordable. I wanted to do something fun and colorful for miss Kennedy’s first birthday since she isn’t “into” anything yet, being that she is too little to know characters or themes and whatnot. So like the invite, I stuck with dots and an orange, pink, and blue theme, with a little green.

First, the party table all done up. I had the party at 1 in the afternoon so expected most people to eat something lunchy before coming and provided some light snacking, some yummy for adults and some kid suitable: fruit, chicken nuggets, cheese ball, spinach artichoke dip, pasta salad, and teeny bbq weenies. I got the hanging lanterns from Ikea for only $5 each!
I made cupcakes instead of doing cake. We had plain white cake with buttercream frosting and sprinkles, and cookies and cream cupcakes with mini oreos on top of buttercream icing. So yummy! I actually got to eat one once everything slowed down…Kennedy’s cupcake was made in a jumbo muffin pan to make it bigger and a little extra special since she WAS the birthday girl!
I grew slightly obsessed with finding some drink dispensers that would meet my specifications and found them at Crate and Barrel. I love them! I filled these two with pink lemonade and sweet tea but decided to give them some funky twists with festive names! Momma’s Southern Sweet Tea (bc it is MY momma’s recipe, and she is southern) and Tickled Pink Lemonade (since we were celebrating my baby girls bday).
I also got some of these little juice bottles for the kids, I remember LOVING these as a kid and thought they would enjoy them too! It made the drink station complete.
Next, the birthday banner. Now I have found a couple different gals who make these fun banners, as well as cupcakes tops and other fun paper goods, but my favorite is probably Jess of PolkaDots and Pirates. I made this one easily and love it so very much, I just might not take it down until November. It went great on the fireplace along with some fun frames I found at Target for really cheap and balloons to add even more fun!
I also had a little sweet shoppe with “1″ suckers that I made and bags to fill with other goodies. The one candy molds I found at Candy Mold Central. It was cheap and I got 3 so I could make more at once. (Pop them in the freezer, they harden faster)

The front door sign

Her highchair

My sweet girl eating her cake

I just love this picture of her standing in her new big girl chair. Such a sweet little face…

My two favorite people EVER!
All that work, and the party lasted about 3 1/2 hours, just doesn’t seem right huh? Well, I’ll post more about the party fun with more pictures tomorrow!


This Kickball Party was originally hosted by Little Ant Designs


Y’all ready for this?  Said in my best announcer voice with loud music blaring in the background.

Friday was the big game…my daughter Megan’s kickball party (that had been planned as an end of Summer party but had to be rescheduled at the very last minute)

The two teams, The Neville Kickbottoms
and The Spongebob Kickpants played a good game but in the end only one team could be the victor
Congratulations Team Kickpants!

I love the signs that one of the cute moms made for both teams – thanks Shauna!  Shauna is the one that drew who knows how many dark marks on the arms of the teenagers when we were in line for Harry Potter.

There was some fine athleticism displayed …
amazing form – Megan has never looked so athletic


a sense of fashion even in the heat of competition

a fierce competitive attitude

the thrill of victory
the agony of defeat – “What?  I’m totally safe.”

It turned out to be a great evening and we’re glad so many kids could join in on the fun.  But the night didn’t end with the game – there were celebrations to be had.

Any good game ends with a parent tunnel

Before leaving the field The Spongebob Kickpants picked up their winners trophy…

You weren’t aware that there was a Kickball Championship Trophy were you?  Amazing what a $4 lamp from Goodwill, styrofoam and paint will make, huh?  Since no one person could take the trophy home because I’m holding on to that baby for next years rematch, I put together individual awards for each person on the winning team that they picked up once back at our house where the festivities continued.
They each received a mini trophy with a giant gumball kickball on top as well as a medal.  The “kickballs” were a hit and it was hilarious watching the kids try to chew them.
After all the competition on the field the kids were hungry.  There were lots of tacos and burritos consumed

and lots of this…

I’m not sure what it is but the teenagers have a love affair with this slightly thick, processed, yellow goodness.

Whenever we serve it (which is nearly every time we have teenagers over)  They surround the stuff, each trying to get their fair share and you can bet they will be back for seconds, thirds and fourths.
Here’s to making this a yearly event – cheese and all!

Secret Agent Spy Party

This Secret Agent Spy Party was originally hosted by Moore Minutes.
The cake for this party is totally “The Bomb!” (scroll down and you will see what I mean!) The laser field looks like tons of fun, and all the treats are super creative!

Enjoy spying on this party…..

Our 3 adorable boys ready to party!

I mentioned last week that we did a Spy Party for my oldest son’s 9th birthday. Click here to see the invitations.We had a grand time with 20 kids in our home sweet home!I’m going to break it down into DECOR, FOOD, and ENTERTAINMENT.


I made a Secret Spy Candy Buffet as a special treat for all the hard-working agents.I scattered bullet shells, top secret labels, and handcuffs around the tables. I put up bullet hole stickers throughout the house. We pulled CRIME SCENE yellow tape across doors.I used a bright and fun color palette to make the crime scene theme more youthful!I enlarged some fingerprint and question mark clip art and edited the photos by tinting them different shades to color match them. I attached them to corresponding scrapbook paper and hung them from the ceiling.We made chalk footprints on our walkway to add to the suspense and fun. We also played Mission Impossible themed music in the background during the party.


I made custom water bottle labels for the kids.I took mini chocolate donuts and put cut licorice into each hole to make BABY BOMBS!Snickers? Twix? or Milky Way? How skilled are these agents at figuring out the MYSTERY BARS?I had such a difficult time trying to figure out WHAT food to use to create magnifying glasses!! I finally came up with cheese and pretzels. :) Question Bread, Clueless Chips, Detective Dogs, and Mysterious Munchies were among other snacks.THE CAKE was incredible! I told a local cake shop that I wanted a bomb with a sparkler for a candle and they FAR exceeded my expectations!


I set out a Clue Jr. Game to play at leisureUpon arrival, each guest was given their professional Secret Agent ID tagged and they were fingerprinted for security.Party Favors included: Dark Glasses, Agent Hats, Magnifying glasses, compasses and whistles, red lights, detective bands, and a trip through the candy buffet.The invitation called each agent to our house (headquarters) for a specific mission. This mission was the MAIN source of entertainment. A sealed envelope was opened and it stated that Skyler’s birthday gift was robbed along with all the treat bags. This was officially a CRIME SCENE and it was up to our team to discover the bad guys and find the missing items! There were clues scattered around our neighborhood.Each clue had to be retrieved by completing an obstacle. This first clue was hidden inside one of the balloons. These balloons blocking the door were representing bombs and had to be quickly popped to find the clue and prevent them from detonating.The next clue was hidden in a laser field. This was my brilliant husband’s idea and he did such a fabulous job setting this laser maze up!We have no photos, but another clue used their cipher cards from the invitation to decode, and another had to be read in the mirror.Another clue was in a bag full of fortune cookies! I took tweezers and removed the original fortune from one cookie and replaced it with a clue! So the kids had to break the cookies open and find the cookie with the clue. Here they are running back from the fortune cookie discovery.There was danger along the way, the bad guys sprang out and attacked.This next clue had to be scratched off like a lotto ticket to be revealed.


All the clues led to Skyler’s birthday gift: a NEW BIKE! The bad guys had hoisted it into a GINORMOUS tree. BUT when they were caught by our team they agreed to surrender. And they even helped us rescue the bike from the tree.

What nice bad guys they were!

And just when you think you’ve seen FAR TOO MANY photos I decide to give you one more:

our nine year old…
Cameron Skyler

Roller Skate Birthday Party

This Roller Skate party was originally hosted by Enchanted Expectations.
For those of us in our 30′s I think we all have memories of going to the roller skating rink. So many fun after school skate parties. Oh how I wished I was able to “shoot the duck”….remember that one?
Anyhoo….A roller skating theme just instantly takes me back to my childhood. I love the colors. Love the cake and all the details a simply fabulous. So scroll on down and check them all out!

Enjoy the skate party…..

The skating party went so great. The kids had a blast. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the actual kids skating because I was decorating for the skating after party that was located at the birthday girls home.

The Invitation that set the tone for the day

Here is the Birthday Girl


Once again Cakes Plus of Laurel Maryland did a great job of creating the perfect color and design for the skating party. I just love the skates on the top.


Purple Satin boxes from Michael’s dollar section. I just added a purple and green polka dot bow and stuffed it with green tissue paper and Friendship necklace with two charms that said Laugh and Love

Make your own bracelet

The kids had a great time making their own fashion bracelet.

Sweet Shoppe

There was so much candy, cookies and treats that it almost didn’t fit. This was a kids heaven.

I made the pretzel sticks, marshmallow pops and cones.

Marshmallow lollipops below from Homegoods

I ordered all other candy from Bulkfoods.com. They have great selections and different sizes that can be ordered. Also the shipping price is fantastic!

The chocolate covered apples and skate cookies were made by Joy Blakeney of Joyful Creations. They were yummy and went great with the dessert display.

80′s Birthday Party – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This 80′s Inspired Birthday Party was originally hosted by Maddycakes Muse.
Since I’m a child of the 80′s I of course love this party! It’s like totally psychadelic! Maddycakes Muse is one of our current sponsors. So be sure to visit her to see all the stuff she’s got going on!

Enjoy the 80′s……

Here is a tablescape that I did for my birthday this year. I had an 80′s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun party. I was chosen to be a SPEAKER at The Special Event this year – oh did I mention that on yesterdays post- anyway this party was not only to celebrate my birthday but to showcase that you can have a great party on a small budget! My class at The Special Event is titled Parties for Pennies so if you are going to the convention please come by my class and show some love!

My centerpieces glasses were bought at the Dollar Tree and so were the daisies. I mixed a few drops of acrylic paint in water until I got the desired color. Since the 80′s were all about neon – I used neon color everywhere. I tried to make it more on the elegant side than the tacky side.

A close up of my place setting. I used ring pops as napkin rings. Do you remember those? I found the glass plates from Goodwill – I really love them.

Albums that I purchased from Goodwill served double duty, they were chargers and my menus.

Also, found the cassettes at Goodwill and spray painted them in neon colors. This took many coats of paint. Then I used a paint pen to write the names and used as namecards. I liked using items that were common in the ’80s and repurposing them.

I used lanterns all of the time. They are inexpensive, come in every color and pattern and instantly colors and fills a space! Plus you can reuse over and over again. I originally bought these lanterns for a luau party.
I just bunched them together and hung with fishing wire from my dining room chandelier.

I bought these jelly bracelets from Oriental Trading Company but when I got them they could only fit my daughter (she is two). So I decided to throw them on the glasses. I think it turn out cute. When you have lemons make lemonade.

These awesome pictures were done by the most talented Marry Jordan! I am so blessed to have her as my photographer for my business and as my friend.

Fairy Birthday and a Carnival Birthday with Rainbow Cupcakes

I’ve got a two parties to share with you today. Have fun party hopping!

This Little Fairy Birthday party was originally hosted by Kacy from The Heindorff Family.

My sweet Sydney is now officially a 5 year old! It makes me so excited and happy to see her personality blossom into such an amazing girl, but I feel it is bittersweet as I slowly watch the innocense and neediness grow smaller. I guess it is an inevitable good trade all moms go through!

Syd started her special day nice and early (6:00am) and as soon as I could muster up the energy I made her a crumb cake and berries for breakfast. We met Grandma Mitchell at Build a Bear soon after where Syd chose her red white and blue bear that she has been talking about for weeks! She knew exactly what she wanted when we got their which made it super easy to get through without any major decisions! After that we met Brooke, Ethan, and Allie at McD’s for lunch and playtime. Thanks Brooke for the stamping set!!! She begged the whole time to open it and couldn’t wait any longer once we walked through the door. She made several beautiful stamped pages until I made her clean up to get ready for the party, I don’t think I was very popular at this moment :) We continued to get ready for her evening party…..

And the theme? You guessed it….FAIRIES!!!

Each beautiful fairy was presented a flower crown and special rainbow wand as they arrived. Soon they each created a treasure box we would later fill with pixie treasures. I love each of their individual characters displayed through their boxes…too cute!

Following next was the fairy tea party. They were very proper and each gobbled up mini tea sandwiches, veggies, olives, bright red and purple berries, cubed pound cake, rice crispy teats, and coconut marshmallows. The tea pots were filled with strawberry and chocolate milk…the strawberry definately won their hearts!

Each fairy, with treasure box in hand, flittered across pixieland (our backyard) searching for the delicate treasures that fairies love most. Soon their boxes were full of bubbles, flower seeds, feathers, a plastic baby dove, glass jewels, glittery lip gloss and glitter spray, and strawberry candies.

I hope her wishes come true!

The girls all played so well together and I even noticed 2 girls whom had never met were hugging and holding hands as they ran to find the treasures! Sydney loved her gifts they all brought…each one was perfect! She said it was her “bestest” party ever and was asking if Kirra could have the same party for her birthday. When I replied it would be too cold outside for Kirra she asked if it could be called a rainbow party then. Hmmm…I’m still trying to figure this one out :)

Happy Birthday Sydney! You have truly brought joy to my soul and bring me happiness daily!


This Carnival Party with Rainbow Cupcakes was originally hosted by Jlyn Scrapbooking Crafts and Design.

We are blessed and thankful for every birthday, but there is something special about turning 5.  So we did it right for Kael this year with family, friends a balloon artist and silly fun and games.  It was a blur of balloons and bright colors.  Started with the invitation thanks to my Cricut and Martha Stweart punches…

August Sept 2009 969

Then I was daring and made what I’ve been seeing all over my favorite blogs lately…the rainbow cupcake…ok, so my rainbow is upside down, but a five year old is still impressed! Not bad for the first attempt – next time will add sour cream to the mix so that the layers stand up better…

Rainbow cupcake

The balloon artist is called “Pax” and he was awesome.  He can twist anything you can think of, and throws in a few cool magic tricks to keep it lively!  Kids love this guy, and can you see why?

August Sept 2009 104

When we sat down for cake, the kids had rainbow cupcakes, magic birthday punch consisting of 3 colors of gatorade frozen into star shapes and dropped into Sprite which turned colors as the stars melted, and funny face glasses- you know the kind with eyebrows and a big nose!  I shamelessly stole the idea for the silly glasses from my friend Dina, but hey, it was a great idea! I was a little preoccupied and only have one shot of the funny faces!

August Sept 2009 165

Kael’s Carnival 5th birthday was a screaming success!  All the kids went home with brightly colored hula hoops (from the dollar store) and silly face glasses.  Will definitely be making those adorable cupcakes again soon!

Miss Spider Sunny Patch Party

This Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Party was originally hosted by Tamara from The McDonald World.
Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch is one of those books and cartoons that is just so bright and fun. Tamara did a great job at making this party just as vibrant as it’s inspiration. Lots of fun little touches to see!

Enjoy this Sunny Patch Birthday Party…..

For Lauren’s 2nd birthday, I decided to go with a Miss Spider theme…little did I know (after I had my heart set on this idea) that it would be near impossible to find anything Miss Spider out there. This is such a cute show and so perfect for this age, that I feel like they are really missing the boat by not marketing it anymore. If it were not for the Nick Jr. printables and some creative work on my part and the bakery’s part, this party would not have been very successful. At least decor wise! Lauren had over about 3 of her friends and they all have siblings that are Sarah’s age so it made for a nice sized party. Her are the photos and the specifics!

Theme: Miss Spider Sunny Patch
Food: Palio’s Pizza & Salad
Drinks for kids: Apple juice, lemonade, milk
Cake: The Cakery (Southlake) The bottom part was white cake with white butter cream and the Miss Spider was chocolate cake with white butter cream! Heavenly!
Colors: Played off of the lime green and yellow colors mostly, but it was a very colorful party
Decor: I made my own buggy friends out of small colored paper lanterns, craft poms poms, pipe cleaners and felt. I found one place online that had one package of Miss Spider “blow-outs” and they had the cute bug antenna “party hats”. My husband made the Hollow Tree tree trunk out of construction paper. The rest was really balloons and crepe paper
Flowers: Yellow tulips and multi-colored gerber daisies
Games: Bean bag toss, bowling, parachute, Velcro ball & catch game and lots of printables to color and play with from Nick Jr. I also had a Miss Spider video playing to keep them entertained while at the party table.
The Invite

The “party room”

The place settings

The wonderful cake

Her cute cupcakes left over from what she took to “school”

Drink boxes to match decor

The goodie bags: I could not find 10 of the same Miss Spider book at any bookstore, so I did a mixture of books to accommodate the different ages and genders. Also add some little slinky’s and glow in the dark bracelets in lime green. The girls got a sunflower in their bag!

My homemade bugs and colored lanterns

Buggy facts I printed off of Nick Jr.

The printables to color and a “I promise to be good to bugs” certificate

All sitting down for pizza!

Me with my sweets!

It is no secret that I love parties! Especially kid parties! Let me know your favorite themes and ones that have been successful! This sort of thing is the sweet part of life!

Girl’s Horse Birthday Party

This Horse Birthday Party was originally hosted by Tammy from the Southern Cottage Cakery.
Tammy makes cakes so you know the cake is going to be gorgeous! And it IS! Oh my it is simply fabulous! The rest of her party details are fantastic as well so scroll on down the post and check them out!

oh…by the way….are you a follower of this blog yet? I just recently added the followers widget on the right sidebar. I’ve got a giveaway coming up from a partyware store that you won’t want to miss…but you have to be a follower to enter. Stay tuned for more details.

Enjoy this horse themed birthday party….

This has been an absolutely crazy week for me since my daughters birthday is on the 8th and my husbands is on the 9th. Luckily, my husband only wanted Key Lime pie for his birthday dessert, but my daughter wanted a big birthday bash with 15 of her preteen friends. She wanted ANOTHER horse party since she is obsessed with horses! She rides English, so I thought it would be appropriate to have a cake that depicted that.

This is an 8″ cake that I covered in white fondant first to make the white undershirt and then I covered the white with black to make the jacket. This was a trial and error kinda cake since I hadn’t done it before, so I am sorry if I don’t give the most detailed instructions.

Anyway, I made the hat by using rice crispy treats that I bought in a box (i must have used 20 of the things) from the store. I smushed them altogether (doesn’t sound to appetizing) to make the shape of the helmet and then built it up with black fondant to make it bigger. After getting it the size I wanted, I covered the whole thing in black fondant and then added the front part. I made the ribbon out of blue fondant and fan folded it in a circular motion (did this at least three times to get it right) and then let it dry and painted on the gold with luster dust mixed with extract.

The whip is a piece of covered floral wire that I inserted into a piece of fondant that had been rolled to the size I wanted, and then I added the end, etc.

The buttons are done using fondant and two different sized circle cutters to make it look more realistic.

I am happy with the way it turned out, but my daughter and her friends were most impressed and that made me happiest!

Here a few other photos from the party:

I bought bags from Michaels and printed off initials of all the girls that were coming to the party. I used flower and circle punches I had from all my craft supplies. The polka dotted ribbon was purchased from Michaels and the green from WalMart. The colors matched the party theme perfectly!

These were water bottles that I just added cut cardstock to and then happened to find Propel packets that matched the color theme to insert inside.

Here is a tutorial on How to make the water bottle pouch!

This is an ice bucket I purchased from Southern living at Home! Love it ! I use it for every party I have!

Our aunt just happened to have an ice bucket to match the colors!

The girls got ribbons for winning the games we played. We played games like bobbing for carrots (we hung them from a string and they had to eat it fastest. We had a jumping course where they had to compete to see who could finish with the best time and then we threw horseshoes to see who could throw them the furthest. It was alot of fun but very hot and humid (as you can see by the way some of pictures are blurred)!

My daugther decorated the yard with some of her horseback riding equipment! It was a great day and the girls seemed to have a great time!

A Plethera of Parties!

Jeri over at Got 2 Have Faith put together one post that featured a few of the parties she has thrown for her kids. There are lots of fun ideas to see so enjoy the parties!

Below are just some of the parties that I have planned for my little girls. I hope that it will led to inspiration for your next party.

Ni Hao! Kai-Lan
for under $60

Parker Birthday 2009 031

Almost everything on this table is handmade. www.nickjr.com saved me this year. On their website you can find all of these printables and more for any of their Nick characters (i.e. Dora, Diego, Backyardigans).

Parker Birthday 2009 037

My very happy 3rd year old possing in front of her Kai-Lan theme party table! So, let’s start with the cupcakes. The cupcakes are semi-homemade using box mix and tub icing. I topped each with a fortune cookie (found at Walmart, 12 for $2.99). (Cake, icing and cupcake liners at Target for $5.20 total.) The sprinkles I had on hand. Hint: double wrap the cupcakes with 2 different colors to make more festive.

Parker Birthday 2009 002The invitations: from www.nickjr.com

Parker Birthday 2009 029

Decorations: These cute lanterns are printables from www.nickjr.com. I run them out on my inkjet, cut and assembled. They are really cute but time consuming. I only had the energy to make 3 total. Instead of expensive photopaper, I just used a white cardstock and used the economy print setting to save ink. This worked just fine. (Cost: $0, since I had the ink and paper on hand.)

Parker Birthday 2009 030

The  small blue lanterns (above) are made from toilet paper rolls that I collected for over a month. I covered each with a blue cardstock (from our craft box stash), added the red strip from the streamer roll, punched 2 holes and hung them with string (also from our craft box). (Cost: $1 for 2 rolls of steamers at Dollar Tree, which will be used again in the party.)

Parker Birthday 2009 025The cute printable “fortune tellers” (below) are from www.nickjr.com. Also I printed the “Say it Two Ways” card from the same website (left).

Parker Birthday 2009 033And, the Kai-Lan fans were printables along with the cup art. The cup art is actually a juice box planter printable but I printed it out from my inkjet, used markers to color in, then cut out and taped to the front of the cups. I also run out and cut out the straw toppers.

Parker Birthday 2009 046Panda Oragami. Found on, you guessed it, nickjr.com. The google eyes were $1 at Joann’s and the template I printed out. The older kids like doing this craft. They thought it was neat since they had never experienced paper folding before. The little kids need adult help.

Parker Birthday 2009 028Party Favors: I used more saved toliet paper rolls. Cover the roll with light blue tissue paper, secured 1 end with 1/2 of a pipe cleaner, fill with small candy (Kisses, candy corn & Reese’s), then secure the open end with the other half of the pipe cleaner. I finished it off with a red band of streamer. (Cost: tissue paper I had on hand. Pipe cleaner $1 at Dollar Tree, candy $1 for candy corn. I had Kisses & Reese’s in the pantry.)

Food: Koolaid ($ .52), frozen pizzas ($15.33 at Target), Mandrain Oranges (2 cans for $1.78), mixed veggies (brocolli, cauliflower & carrots $6.27), veggie dip ($3.79), chips ($3), ice cream cups (12 for $2.99).

Misc: Pocci chocolate sticks ($4.99), chopsticks (10 pack for $1.07 at Walmart), table clothes (2 for $2 at Dollar Tree), also from Dollar Tree I bought all the plates, cake plates, forks, cups and napkins for $1 each (total of $5). So, if you’re keeping track that was a GRAND TOTAL OF $59.93!


  • Make a “wish list” of what you would like to have at the party then find ways to do it cheaper.
  • Check your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store for unusual items. You would be suprised what these stores have.
  • Shop on Clearance. I bought Parker’s birthday presents, a Kai-Lan lunch box for $2.50 and a Hello Kitty Tent, for just $4.98 on clearance!
  • When making decorations be sure to allow plenty of time to cut out and make. I started in September making everything for this party.
  • Search the web for printables. This saved me big time!
  • Search around your house to see what you might have on hand already. My theme colors came from the tissue paper and colored cardstock that I had on hand.

Punk Princess.


This party was for my daughter’s 7th birthday. I designed the skull and cross bones in Adobe Illustrator and had the cake shop make an eatable image from my print out. The large confetti on the table is from a scrapbook website that I printed out on my ink jet printer, then cut out each image and taped to the table cloth boughht at Dollar Tree.
The blog is: http://saras-scraps.blogspot.com


These images are also from that scrapbook blog above. I enlarged the images, printed them out and cut and tied the images together with black streamers. I also made each image 2 sided.


I bought some cupcakes from the bakery and made the cupcake picks by printing out the large confetti pieces and gluing each to a toothpick.

Candyland Birthday.


The invitations for my daugther’s 2nd birthday was a Candyland theme. I purchased a sucker photo image from a popular photo website (sorry, I can’t remember which one). In Adobe Illustrator I created the type in a circle, then opened that file into Adobe Photoshop Elements. This made the type a transparent layer. From there I changed the transparency to 25% of the sucker image in the background then positioned the Illustrator type on a top layer. I set all the other text on several other layers. I also positioned on a layer a 100% image of the sucker (side by side), this served as the reverse side of the invite. I ran the images out to fit (front and back images) on an 8.5×11 sheet of photo card stock to my ink jet printer, cut them out and glued each the images together with a large popsicle stick in between. I then wrote “You’re Invited” on the popsicle stick with a Sharpy marker and handed the invites out to the invited guests.


For the party favors I created in Photoshop Elements a wrap for a Hershey bar. I started with a freebie download of the wrap from a website I wish I had wrote down and modified it to fit my needs. (sorry again)


As you can see I am no cake designer. My 7 year old also helped decorate the cake too. I make a 3 layer cake then used some mini cupcakes and mini ice cream cone cupkaes to decorate the cake. We got a little crazy with the sprinkles and candy!


Truly a homemade cake…but it tasted sooooo good!


For the table setting  I used bright colors as in the game Candyland. The table cloth, napkins, crazy straws and plastic (reuseable) cups I purchased at the Dollar Store.


And of course, oodles of candy. Whatever was leftover went home with guests as part of the party favors! I used simple brown paper bags for the take home loot along with a Hershey bar.

pom martiniCandy for the adults: Rose’s Pomegranite Martini. Just use the mix, add vodka, shake with ice and served in a sugar rimmed glass. Yummy! Caution, after 2 of these I couldn’t photograph my feet let alone my daughter opening presents, so go easy on these! Or, at least take as many pictures as

Secret Agent Spy Party

This Secret Agent Spy party was originally hosted by Kim from the Monson Family.
Ok, as soon as I saw the “laser” maze I was AMAZED! It’s such a simple idea, but I bet the kids had an absolute blast trying to do that. So fun!

Enjoy Kim’s Secret Agent party….

On Saturday I helped Rebekah with Bentley’s birthday party. It was a fun Secret Agent/ Spy Party. When the kids first came in, they got their photo taken and then they were fingerprinted (where we made agent IDs. (They got them at the end of the party as a “you completed the missions you are now an official top secret agent!” Then, Jameson made a little video that the kids went WILD over, and then they had 3 missions. During each mission they would collect clues. Mission 1: Deactivate the bombs! (pop the balloons because 2 of them had a clue inside), Mission 2: The obstacle Course (which was INTENSE! The lights were out, a fog machine was going, lasers were pointing, guards were in the way, tunnels to climb through, a strobe light, and the best part of all time: cameras set up! The idea was that the kids couldn’t get caught on the camera. So the video’s were being played on the TV, so the kids could look up and see if they were hidden or not. It’s hard to explain but it was really fun!) The last mission was to climb through the laser security system to get the clues. Afterwards the kids collected the clues and put them together like a puzzle, decoded the message and searched for the goody bags!

I love throwing parties, and I seriously wish I could make a career out of this!

video video

After a crazy week, we stopped by my family’s house on the way home. I was sad that I could only see them for an hour or two, but I will see them again soon. I made my little sister’s dress while I was in Frederick, which meant a few late nights (4 am!) When I gave her the dress I only had 1 alteration to make, which took a total of 5 minutes! I think it turned out really cute and I can’t wait to see her homecoming pictures.

And this I thought was really cute of Brooklyn on the drive home. I love how she is kicked back with her bottle, just enjoying life. (Little does she know- that the next day the bottle will be gone forever!!!)

Where the Wild Things Are & Willy Wonka

I’ve got two parties for your viewing pleasure today. The first is a party that has a theme based on the book “Where the Wild Things Are”. The second is based on another children’s favorite…Willy Wonka.

This Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party was originally hosted on Mommy Star’s Blog. It was her friend Jessica’s party.

Enjoy this Wild party……

My best friend, Jessica, had her son’s 1st birthday party today. It was the cutest thing and she is so great with the details. Her son, Mason, had a “Where the Wild Things Are” party. She also drew these picture from the book for him too. They are awesome! Come and check out Mason’s party.

Party Favors for all the kids

Mason’s boat

One of Jessica’s drawing. It’s it great?

And I must have forgotten to take a photo of the other picture.

Mason & Mommy

Happy Birthday Little One!

Opening his present from Mommy & Daddy – He loved that ribbon!

He loved the Lollipop Drum we gave him. (All the kids always love this drum in music class.)

We all had a great time at the party, especially the kids.

Happy 1st Birthday Mason!


This next party is a Willy Wonka theme and was originally hosted by Love Sick Events.

Enjoy this yummy party….

That’s right the Willy Wonka Baby Shower has come and gone. I have full filled my sweet tooth for awhile. Here is a few pics of the Shower from this weekend.

The theme was “Willy Wonka“, full of lots of great candy. The centerpieces were glitter top hats stacked with candy sprinkled around the edges with tissue paper grass used as the table runner. To hold the Pictures I used Amy from stem parties Fab bottle picture holder idea. I filled the baby bottles with gumballs and they turned out oh so cute.There was of course a candy bar full of delicious delights…. Bubble Gumball machines , small and large. We also served cotton candy which the little ones loves and the big kids too.I was able to find these great giant gummy bears also. I just want to bite the heads off.

This was a brunch shower so we had a “Scrumdidilyumptious” breakfast bar: Golden eggs, Charlie Bucket Cereal Bar, Mike Tevee Sausage, and Augustus Gloop Animal shape Waffles. For Drinks we served Fizzy Lifting Drinks “stirred not sucked” Lollipops swirled into a glass of champagne until it dissolves and infuses the bubbly with flavor(a recipe i got from a magazine I cant remember), Mimosa, and Ooompa Loompa Orange Juice. For the cereal bar we put the milk in baby bottles “got milk?”. In baby food jars we made mini banana pudding. We put donut holes and Carmel crunch in popcorn boxes.

Giveaway Winner – Custom Party Invitation

Well I had people leave comments on the giveaway page and the secondary post.  So I listed each entry in chronological order and then did random.org.  the number that came up was 9 and that means that Vanessa from Seriously is the winner.

Congratulations Vanessa! Email me at creativepartygirl@gmail.com to claim your prize! Can’t wait to create your custom invite for you! Super excited to hear the theme and all the details!

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