What Would You Do? Nautical Baby Shower



I’ve come up with a new idea to help you party girls inspire others AND get inspired! It’s kind of fun to just throw a theme idea out there and ask…What Would You Do? So many of us will just never have a chance to throw a party for every theme out there. But we still have good ideas to share…so WHY NOT?

So, please leave a comment and tell us what you would do and what great ideas you have or have seen for a Nautical Baby Shower!

I’m excited to hear what ya’ll come up with!

Vintage Circus Party Theme

This Vintage Circus Party was originally hosted by I Love Parties.
Ideas for a Circus Party Theme is a continuous request that I get her on Creative Party Place. So when I saw this submission I was excited to share it with ya’ll. There is plenty of inspiration!

Enjoy this Vintage Circus Party from I Love Parties…..
{hint: click on each pic to see them larger!}

In May this year, my son and I had a combined Christening and 1st Birthday (him) and 30th Birthday (me…obviously). He and I share a Birthday which means double the party fun for the next couple of years (while I can still get away with it).
The theme was vintage circus – the perfect theme to cover all age groups.
The room was decorated with colourful banners, vintage circus posters and a “homemade” big top (long strips of calico and lots of red paint!).
The tables were decorated with red and white striped table runners, tin toys, circus megaphones and bunches of red, yellow, blue, green and white balloons.
Brown kraft paper favour bags were decorated with variety of ribbons and filled with old fashioned lollies (including large jaffas, sherbet bombs, bananas, bullseyes, conversation hearts and lollipops) and some red “Admit One” tickets.
We set up a fairy floss, peanut and popcorn stand for people to help themselves. The peanut and popcorn bags were from etsy.
We had the meal catered, and it was a lovely BBQ with fresh salads and bread. I printed signs for the “Big Top Bar” and “Big Top Buffet”. The kids ate fairy bread, cheese sandwiches and cupcakes with clown toppers and drank ice cream sodas.
I found a beautiful vintage clown doll on eBay that I propped up on the cake table.
Almost all the supplies for this party are now available at I Love Parties (http://www.iloveparties.com.au/).
It was a brilliant day and I had a great time organising it. I just hope everyone had as nice time…

Party Hop for Great Party Theme Ideas

The first stop on this Party theme hop is at Mommy Mogul. She’s got two great themes for you to take a look at…

Safari party

dillon safari 001

Spy Party

spy invitation

Next let’s fly on over to Stories from a Crazy Mom for a Peter Pan Party

When you are done soaring then inch your way over to this Hungry Catepillar themed birthday from Life with the Rich’s…

Have fun party hopping! Don’t forget that there is more to see for each party, so be sure to click on through to see ALL the party details on each post.

Enchanted Garden Fairy Party Birthday Theme

This Enchanted Garden Fairy Birthday Party was originally hosted by the Gala Girlies.
The word “Enchated” conjours up a lot of fairytale like images in a girls mind. The Gala Girlies certainly put together that lives of to several of those images. Any little girl would be thrilled to get dressed up like a fairy and attend this garden party!

Enjoy the Gala Girlies party and please visit their original post to see more details.

garden party table setting

enchanted garden fairy birthday party tableenchanted fairy garden party

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Rubber Ducky Birthday Party

This Pretty Rubber Ducky Birthday was originally hosted by Susan from Just Baking.
If you are looking for some sweet ideas for a rubber ducky party then you’ve come to the right place. Susan put together some really adorable options. That cake is simply fabulous and the whole table setting is just so bright and cute!

Enjoy Susan’s Rubber Ducky Theme….

I have been so busy these past two weeks!But first i want to show you the 1st Birthday party i helped with on Sunday!
I made the Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies, Party Boxes, Pom POms!
!!It was full of PRETTINESS and HAPPINESS!

I enjoyed it soooo much! Everything was adorable!!
Have a Darling day!

A Birthday fit for a Prince

This Knights, Princes, and Dragons Birthday was originally hosted by the Thorton Family over at Life After We Do’s.
Oh that little prince would make any princess swoon. He is stinkin’ adorable! And his birthday party complete with a dragon cake and capes is just as cute! I love all the little details with the shirt and the flag banners. It’s all just so much fun and so well done!

Enjoy the Thorton Family’s party….

I started planning Darrian’s party back in Jan. because I wanted to do something I had not seen before, and I wanted lots of time to pull it together. I was thinking of doing pirates, but I see pirate parties all over the web right now so I thought maybe something like prince or knights. I wanted a cute kid element to it, since D is only two. I thought a cute dragon would do the trick. Once I had the ideas the rest fell into place. I was lucky enough to use talented people from Etsy to bring the ideas to life. I was really happy with how it all came together, and the kids had a great time. I hope it was fun and memorable….now a few months of rest before starting the next one. Just kidding I promised Keith to not go AS big next year (yea right).

Here are some detail shots of the party..

main table: had the cape favors, favor boxes, the cake, framed invite, and table runner that matched many of the other decorations (pendants, D’s shirt), and a framed picture of D.

The cake was amazing and matched the runner and colors perfectly!

Cake and the invite, the dragon on the cake inspired from the one on the invite.

Centerpieces had necklaces and coins overflowing, ribbon that matched the photo banner and the dragon from the invite.

gold coins on the table runner

favor boxes, I left these opened and unfilled we had a pinata and these were used to carry the pinata treats home.

Favors that my friend Lisa helped me make, these are the girl capes and were SO cute on the kids. Also had the dragon favor tag on it.

Invite…LOVED it

table set up

I wanted two pendant’s like you have at castles, I originally thought paper one’s but the girl who made the banner recommended her friend who did them in fabric. I really loved how the came out. The fabric matched the table runners and D’s shirt.

The whole set up with the pendants and the banner…


Instead of party hat’s I had crowns made for the kids, in three colors and with the 2 and two dragons on them.

Darrian’s special crown

Something I actually made :) A photo banner with a picture from each month from age 1 to 2.

The Castle :)

The photo banner

The custom pinata filled with play dough, jewels (ring pops & necklaces), and treats.
We had cupcakes for the kids with cool crown toppers.

Lingerie Bachelorette Party

This Lingerie Shower was originally hosted by Sugar Mama from the James Junk
When I opened up this post and saw those paper bras and panties I just about died!  Seriously they are just too cute and too fabulous.  What a great idea!
Enjoy Sugar Mama’s Lingerie Bachelorette Party………….
I had the honor of co-hosting my sweet friend Amanda’s lingerie shower. I had the most fun time making decorations and putting it together with Emily! We played lots of fun games and Amanda got a bunch of fun goodies!

Lots of candles and you can never go wrong with labels!!
A handmade sign to add to the feeling of the night…
This lingerie garland greeted the guests in the foyer!
These were the lingerie cookies that had cute little tags that say “Love” on them…

Bride to be chair
The mantle with garland and brown bags that I decorated with cute lingerie and candles, along with some brown and blue tulle.

We flanked the drink table with balloons…

What Would You Do? Monkey Theme



I’ve come up with a new idea to help you party girls inspire others AND get inspired! It’s kind of fun to just throw a theme idea out there and ask…What Would You Do? So many of us will just never have a chance to throw a party for every theme out there. But we still have good ideas to share…so WHY NOT?

So, please leave a comment and tell us what you would do and what great ideas you have or have seen for a MONKEY BIRTHDAY PARTY!

I’m excited to hear what ya’ll come up with!

Dora Birthday Fiesta

This Dora the Explorer Birthday Party was originally hosted by Jennifer over at Love, Laughter & Lyrics.


Forget “Swiper no Swiping!” on this blog!  This blog is ALL about swiping…party ideas!  Jennifer has plenty of those for all of you Dora fans out there!    I’m really loving those big tissue flowers she created for the centerpieces on the table!

Enjoy Jennifer’s Dora Fiesta…..

After weeks and weeks of rainy rain rain, we finally got a little sunshine just in time for Avery and Faith’s third birthday party last weekend. The beautiful, crisp weather set the perfect scene for our outdoor fiesta.

A few weeks ago, Kris and I found our invitations on Tiny Prints and just had to have them.

Unfortunately, they didn’t show up until a couple of days before the party, so we had to send out e-vites.
Boo, boo, boo.

Because we paid for them, I’m putting them on the blog.

Here’s what they looked like.
Mostly. Give or take some info.

Cute, huh?

Too bad no one saw the actual invitations.
Boo. Boo, Boo, Booooo.

Anyway —
Kris and I loved the little Dora on the invitation so much that we decided to dress the girls in matching felt appliqued t-shirts.

I couldn’t leave Little Charlie out, so I made a Boots shirt for him.

We decorated the park gazebo with tissue pom poms, paper chains and mexican banners in light and dark pinks, orange, lime green, and turquoise.

The paper flowers that Kris and I created turned out really cute!

And it only cost us 4 hours, around 55 cents per flower, and a few grey hairs from the stress of trying to keep our kiddos distracted while we worked.
Worth it.

Our special guest, Dora, arrived 30 minutes into the party.

As she walked across the lawn, the kids literally RAN to hug her.

Avery was a little shy, but thrilled that Dora was at her party.

After greeting Dora, the kids were each given a backpack for a special adventure.

Faith’s momma, Kris, and I ordered white backpacks from Discount School Supply.

Kris dyed the backpacks purple for the girls and orange for the boys. Then she hot-glued felt for the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth.

How cute did they turn out?!
(Was it worth the purple fingers and cramping hands, Kris?)

After the kids were given their backpacks, we gathered everybody around Dora for their “Big Adventure”.

Each of the kid’s little backpacks contained a few things to help with an “Adventure” with Dora.

FYI: I searched all over the internet for different Dora party ideas and came across the following activity here. It was a huge hit with the kiddos.

Dora opened her backpack, took out her map, and showed the kids the three destinations for their “Big Adventure”.

Then, Dora told the kids to take their Spy Scopes out of their backpacks to help them look for “Cupcake Mountain” (the playground slide).

After their climb over Cupcake Mountain, Dora led the kids across the Silly Snake Pit (plastic snakes on the grass)

Finally, they made their way to the big surprise (a wrapped box under a tree).

Dora told the kids to take the whistles out of their backpacks to wake up the sleepy bear on top of the present.

Then they all opened the present to reveal The Big Surprise: A pinata!

We took the Pinata to a tree and let the kids take turns hitting it.

After the Big Adventure, everybody had nachos from the nacho bar.

Then, it was time for CUPCAKES!

and presents!

The BIrthday girls had a blast partying with Dora.

Now it’s time to start planning Charlie’s 1st birthday celebration NEXT MONTH!

Wonder Pets Birthday Party

This Wonder Pets Birthday Party was originally hosted by Amy with Walking with the Walkers.


Well, I’ve gotta tell you that when my kiddos have this show on it just makes me smile.  When I hear that line “This is sewious!” I literally giggle because it’s just so darn cute.  So I’m instantly loving the idea of this theme!  Amy did a fabulous job taking this idea and transferring it from the “small screen” right into her own home!

Enjoy Amy’s Wonder Pets Birthday….

EMELIA’S 3rd Birthday!
The Wonder Pets Party

I created these cute invitations www.lilbeansprout.com


Well we had the party at the park, so there wasn’t much decorating to do. I purchased all the adorable Wonder pet’s birthday supplies. We put a pop up tent for shade and I spread out a huge blanket so people could eat on the grass in the shade.

Games & Activities:

Find a animal:
I thought that it would be cute if all the kids could save an animal so I bought a small blow up pool and filled it with sand. Then I buried a bunch of animals in the sand. All the kids were able to use a shovel to save an animal. All the kids took home the animal that they saved.

Dress like a wonder pet:
I also had capes made for all the kids. I had someone sew them since I don’t sew and then I made and glued all the wonder pets emblems on to the back made out of felt. It took a long time to do, but so worth it! All the kids loved the capes.
Face painting:
I decided to break out the face paints and created a board of all the animals I could paint on the kids faces.
The Cake:
I must say I think I did a lot better this time around creating the fly boat wonder pets cake. I used the sail and characters from Emelia’s toy fly boat. I took chocolate covered doughnuts and dipped them in melted colored blue frosting. I also used marshmallow’s for the jets in the back and colored M&Ms for the lights. Then I took the sail and the wonderpets characters from Emelia’s toy fly boat it was the perfect touch to finish her cake. I was really proud of my self in the end. :) I also made cupcakes and put a wonder pets ring on top for the kids.

The Food:
The only themed food I served was celery sticks with various spreads. We did a ranch dip, Peanut butter, and cream cheese. You can’t have a wonder pets party and not server celery. :)

We also rented a snow cone machine. That was so much fun and all the kids LOVED it!

Birthday Girl Apparel:
Another Darling shirt made by a fellow etsian! Here shop name is jakeandlucy. Here is the link to her shop http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6261153 Jea was able to create the shirt exactly what I had envisioned!

I had her do an applique of Ming Ming (Emelia’s Favorite character) on the front and then on the back it said “This is serious”

Goody Bags:
All the kids took home the animal they saved in the sand and there wonderpets cape.

Once again my WONDERFUL and talented friend Jenny took pictures of the party. You can view the whole party on her website at www.jennerrose.com then go to the client area type in the password wonderpet also for Jude’s party the password is onefish

Thank You cards:


Thank you to all the friends and family that made this birthday special!!

I have a ton of pictures to upload and put up here from this month and from our trip to Hilton head. I will hopefully get some time later this week.

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Sneak Peek!

I’m throwing a baby shower for one of my best friends in a couple weeks. The theme is “She’s about to POP!”

Here is your sneak peek…..
{the invite}

Giveaway Winner

The giveaway winner for Rosebud Cards is Marianne from A Portion of My Life.



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