Sweet Shop Birthday Party

This Sweet Shop Birthday Party for Twins was originally hosted by Liz from Welcome to Tarrant County.
This birthday is double the fun and double the sweets! So many great sweet treats to see. You can see all the hard work that Liz put into this party. Thanks for listing your party and sharing it with us!

Enjoy the Sweet Shop Candy Birthday……………….

I have thought and thought about how I wanted to blog about the party! I think I am going to do it in two parts. There is just too much to fit in one post. Part 1-details! The part that spent hours and hours of planning! Part 2-the actually party!
We had the party at my cousin’s house. I had asked her a while ago and she was very gracious and allowed us to have it there!
Since the girls were about 6 months old I started thinking about their party. (I know, silly) Let me start off by saying I was a rush director in college. I LOVE planning a party…most of the time. Anyways from the beginning wanted to do a candy bar or sweet type thing. Thus was born the “sugar and spice” theme(green and LOTS of pink). I have two girls and it had to be girlie! I looked all over the internet for inspiration and ideas. Let me tell you there is a lot out there! I got a lot of inspiration and ideas from The Creative party place. Seriously check her out if you are planning a party!!!!
On with the Show!
Welcoming the guests!

The Table!

The beautiful cupcakes my cousin made! (they tasted amazing too!!)

I have to brag on MIMI for a minute! (my mom) In all my years of planning rushes, my wedding, and graduation parties, My mom is ALWAYS up to the challenge and is always willing to help create any crazy idea I have. She even made this SUPER cute ginger bread house to sit at the candy bar!

Isn’t it super cute! It was perfect for the “sweet shop”

What is a Candy bar with out Lollipops?!?
I got this idea from a another party I saw on The Creative Party place!
I had never made suckers before and it was not a easy thing!
There was lots of different candies! It was nice having Valentine’s Day Candy out already!

I thought these turned out pretty cute! If you have never seen Bakerilla, you should! They were pretty easy to make.

I found this super cute frame…I could not pass it up. How perfect!

Our favors were toothbrushes and of course…CANDY!
When people first walked in the door, they found…
and a book, showing K&M through the months…
The “sweet” Birthday banner

What’s a pink girlie party without PINK lemonade!

For the chocolate lover a little chocolate fondue!

Just in case you have not died from sugar yet…don’t forget the COTTON CANDY!

Well I hope you feel like you were at the party! I mean how could you not with all those pictures?!? MUCH THANKS TO MY AWESOME COUSIN KIM FOR LETTING US USE HER HOUSE! Love you!

Cowboys and Indians Birthday Party

This Cowboys and Indians Birthday Party was originally hosted by Mandy from It’s My Party.
YEEEHAW! Mandy did a great job of transforming her backyard into the perfect party setting for her little buckaroo’s birthday party. Super fun with the hay bails, wanted signs and all the cow print touches. Thanks for listing your party Mandy!

Enjoy this Cowboy Birthday…..

This was my little boys 3rd Birthday Party on a gorgeous sunny August afternoon. It took a couple of months of thinking about everything i wanted and the little touches and i was really looking forward to doing his cake as its something i am getting passionate about also! Please take a look at my other blog at http://mandyscupcakes.blogspot.com/

Please excuse the quality of the photos, i am not a photographer, just a mum with an ordinary camera!

We decided on a red and gold colour theme throughout, with the plates and tablecloths, and the cupcakes too. There was music played throughout from old country and western films. We had a barbecue with burgers and pasta and got through lots of juice as it was a sweltering day! We put one of my sons brio train sets on the table as a centerpiece with a battrey powered train going round and round, which i forgot to get a photo of.

This was the first thing everyone saw, i thought it was abit of fun and Ben enjoyed tying his horse to the post, i think it a lovely way to greet everyone.

This bunting is lovely, it has little vinage fabric triangles with cowboys on, it was just perfect for the theme, i got it from a lovely little handmade shop on ebay.

My sister spent a good afternoon making these lovely wanted posters for me, by soaking in lemon juice and carefully baking for a little bit, i did one for every child that came and put them on a wanted wall and then most of them took theirs home!

We had sacks for sack races around the hay bales which was great fun and we did pin the tail on the horse. The haybales were delivered to my by a local farmer, i was so pleased with them, they weren’t too expensive either and then afterwards, a local horse center came and picked them up!

The favours were fun to put together, they all had a sheriffs badge, a rubber snake, some gold coins, a toy harmonica, some jelly sweetie snakes, and some little figures. I then wrapped them in paisley fabric and some straw.

This is me and my family.

I made three different types of cupcakes going around a ‘gold theme’ and these were a real hit and it was nice to decorate with lots of gold.

This is the cake i made for my son, it is 3 tiers of vanilla sponge and it was a joy to make, it was the first time i had done a cake with so much detail. Take a look at
http://mandyscupcakes.blogspot.com/ for some of my other creations!

It was a lovely day and Ben loved it, couldn’t have asked for better weather for our first garden party! Now looking forward to doing my little girls 1st birthday party!

How to get featured….

With the NEW party listing feature on the site I will now be pulling my featured parties from the parties that are listed. Sometimes I will also feature parties that I happen to find and love as I travel through blogland.

So what does that mean? That means that in order to get your party featured you must first list it here on Creative Party Place!

So please start listing ALL your fabulous parties because I can’t wait to start looking at all of them and find inspiration for my upcoming features!

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Elmo Birthday Party Train Extravaganza

This Elmo Birthday Train Extravaganza was originally hosted by The Purple Pug.
Wow! When she said Elmo/Train Extravaganza she wasn’t kidding! Tons of great ideas and tons of fun for the kids….right from the moment they enter the party with all those fabulous colorful balloons! Thanks for listing your party!

Enjoy this Elmo birthday party…

handmade invitations set the stage
for the Elmo Train Express Extravaganza

balloon entryway greeted
the guests with whimsy & fun

custom centerpiece flags
Elmo ones were placed into
mason jars filled with crayons
tables were lined with white
butcher paper so guests
could color- a la Elmo’s World
napkins were rolled in bandana
print paper and secured with
Elmo Engineer sticker
handmade centerpiece flags
Train flags were placed in
mason jars filled with
Coal Bubblegum. Choo Choo!
the sweet birthday girl in her
rainbow tutu
handmade train cake topper sits
on a smash cake
jar/container labels and ribbon
adorn the front of hat box
handmade Elmo cake topper sits
on a smash cake
jar/container labels and ribbon
adorn the front of hat box
Client hired a candy buffet
specialist to set-up
a table
for the event
custom favor bags, favor photo cards
handmade favor tags jazz up the
party favor books
for the little ones

the dessert table was such a
and also provided
an amazing
spot for photos
custom cupcake toppers
spelled out
“Happy Birthday Joshua & Jacqueline”
finger foods were served
party hats for the guests of honor
photo favor cards
all of the happy party-goers
the Train has arrived
birthday kids on the engine
gift table
party favor table
popcorn snack cones
made from bandana paper
jar/container labels
nice guy working the machine:)
dressed up drinks
Elmo & Train guest
party hats

The day finally came for the Elmo Train Party Palooza Extravaganza. This was one dazzling and spectacular event. I have been planning this party with one quite extraordinary Mom, Jessy, for about 6 months. Jessy is a rock star on so many levels. She is a Super Mom to 6 young children, helps run a successful business, is ridiculously gorgeous and the cherry on top is she LOVES to throw parties:) I am always working on something for one of her events and I am always honored. Jessy is also extremely organized and an unbelievable planner. Truly amazing and the cat’s meow to work with:)
This party was a combined birthday party for a son turning 3 and a daughter turning 2. Son loves trains more than anything and daughter is wild for Elmo. A bit of a challenge to combine the two, but I was able to come up with many ways to make it all cohesive and adorable.
My favorite artist, Joie, (like the boy’s name, but a girl..LOL) was able to create an Elmo in an Engineer Hat which became the starting point for my partyware designing. I used lots of bandana prints to coordinate it all. We also used a vibrant color scheme to make everything pop and to keep it all kid oriented and FUN!
Enjoy the pictures. There are tons of them. Jessy outdid herself on this one. Balloon artist, candy buffet, bouncy house and yes, she had an actual train come to this shindig to offer rides on the Elmo Train Express.
To see all that planning fall into place is, well, amazing.

Ideas Needed for Baby Shower….

I just got the following email from a reader and I was hoping ya’ll would pitch in your ideas and help her out!
I recently found your blog and I am just loving it! I was wondering if you had an ideas for a baby shower I am wanting to throw my little sister. She is having a baby boy in May and I was thinking about doing an April Showers brings May Flowers…and Babies type theme… maybe with raindrops, umbrellas, etc.
At the moment this is all I have… the idea. I am trying to think of some cute maybe even unique types of things to do for her shower to make it special for her. She will be a single mommy and this is kind of a special situation- I just want to make it a happy and memorable day for her to show her how much I love her and to let her know how excited we all are!

Just leave a comment with your ideas of what she could do with this theme…and if you have links to ideas that would be helpful please include them!

Oh…and I wanted to say thanks to SimplyHolidays for the very nice shout out they gave this site this week.  Thank you also to One Pretty Thing who continually features parties from the site!!

Movie Night Birthday Party

This Movie Night Birthday Party was originally hosted by Party Pops.
There are so many different directions that you can take a movie night themed birthday party. Party Pops did a great job with this one. It’s colorful, fun and all that movie candy is making me hungry! Thanks for listing your daughter Carly’s Birthday Party!

Enjoy this Night at the Movies Birthday Party…..

My daughter Carly just turned 12. Carly is a Crazy and Fun Loving Girl and we love her to pieces, I just can’t believe how much she has grown! Carly wanted to have a Movie Night with her friends so it was  off to Gran and Papa’s house who have the BIG THEATER room.  It was fun creating all the decorations for this Movie Theme party. Carly and her friends had a blast. Enjoy the Show!


She’s Growing Up!


Putting the Tables together was so much fun. We started off with Pizza but ended up with Loads of sugar!!


DSC00294 DSC00296

Got to have Popcorn and yeah, even pickles for the Movie!




DSC00311 DSC00297 DSC00314

Off to the Show!

DSC00325 DSC00322

Carly's party 20_thumb[2]

DSC00374 DSC00372

Carly's party 18_thumb[1]

Can you stand the excitement…Carly got her first Cell phone and when the box started ringing she hardly open it fast enough!!



Happy Birthday Carly!!

Handy Manny Birthday Party

This Handy Manny Birthday Party was originally hosted by Belleza e Luce.

Little kids are just so cute when they use tools!  Handy Manny is a fun idea for a birthday party theme and Danielle did a great job with this one!  So many fun details and activities.  Thanks for listing your party Danielle!

Enjoy this Handy Manny party….

When my little guy was about to turn 1, I was originally planning a Hundred Acre Wood Pooh themed party.  All that changed when he became fascinated with Handy Manny.  This grew even more as my dad would let him help him out around the house.  I knew I needed to change themes – and fast!

First I created the invitations to resemble Handy Manny’s shop sign.
and since I couldn’t decide which one I liked better, I designed a second version as well!
Since Luca’s birthday is the end of October, the weather here can be cold or oddly warm.  As much as I would love to be able to plan the weather, I cannot, so the party was held in the gym at the school of our church.  This turned out to be a great idea (I hosted his second birthday there 3 weeks ago).  There was plenty of room for all the kids to run around and play!
One of the first projects I created were the tablecloths.  I purchased paper dropcloths and paint brushes from Home Depot, and Crayola paint.  I laid the cloths out on the grass in the yard and with my daughter’s help we splattered paint over all the drop cloths.  This was a messy and fun activity!  If you decide to do this, have an area preferably indoors where the cloths can be laid out to dry overnight.  One drop cloth made 2 tablecloths.
Here is the children’s craft table with playdough, Handy Manny and tools coloring pages and crayons were added to the table after this wa taken.
When my dad heard the theme for the party, he immediately went to work on the centerpieces – red toolboxes just like Handy Manny’s!  Each toolbox had Mega Blocks and plastic toys to encourage building – both children and adults got in on the fun!  Each child was able to take a tool box home at the end of the party.  I have Luca’s displayed in his room – it goes with his Cars themed bedroom great too!
I used yellow Caution tape to block off areas that the kids could not play near.  On the walls my dad and I traced the characters with a projector and painted them.  Also on the walls were pictures of blueprints (how to build a birdhouse, a toolbox, etc) just like in Manny’s shop.

Chips, pretzels and other snacks were placed in orange paint trays
The children ranged in age from 1 year to 4 years, so I didn’t have any real structure to the party or games, per say.  I had music from children’s artists playing (Dan Zane, Imagination Movers, Choo Choo Soul, etc) which encouraged dancing and running.  Other activities for the children included this hopscotch puzzle mat
a giant bowling set
When each child arrived they received a hard hat to wear for the party.
I made a pull string pinata to resemble the tape measure, Stretch.  I prefer pull string pinatas so noone gets whacked in the head and the kids all feel like they opened the pinata together.
Inside were plastic tools and plastic character figures purchased from the Disney Store.
Here is the birthday boy by his cakes and cupcakes that I made.  The large red thing was my failed attempt of making a tool box.  I started working on the cake too late in the week and really didn’t think it through.  This year’s cake was great!
As you can see, Luca enjoyed his cake!
For the favors, I set up Mr. Lopart’s Candy Shop.  Guests were invited to fill up their take-out boxes with as many goodies as they wanted.  I purchased the candy in bulk from Candy Warehouse and choose novelty and old-fashioned candies.  My older cousins, aunts and uncles especially liked the walk down memory lane as they picked out their favorite childhood treats.
The take out boxes had favor tags shaped like hammers attached to them
The tags for the kids had their names on them.
Because Halloween was only the night prior, I had additional children’s favors which included playdough, safety googles, a hammer, stickers, and room for their pinata goodies – non candy option.
The party was a success and I had a fabulous time building it!

Hammer Tags and Invitations can by found in my shop

Girly Birdie Baby Shower

This Girly Birdie Baby Shower was originally hosted by Karen from Free Pretty Things for You.
Karen did such a great job with this pink and green color scheme. It’s a super sweet party and I love all the little touches with the birdies and the nests.

Enjoy this baby shower…..

Pretty green and pink! how much girlyer can you get !?! Dainty bows on the forks and cups just give it a special little touch that the guest just loved! And the doilies with a splash of color on the background just made everyone go AWWW too Cute!
To get that effect I just glued paper tissue on the back and cut the excess off :)
Oh! and those favor bags you ask?? I just used regular white paper lunch bags I got at target, stamped pretty swirls on the front, and sealed it with matching Martha Stewart green paper and puncher….For the napkin holders I used the Martha Stewart floral lace punch.

Bamboo sticks, silk flowers, glue gun and fishing wire ;)

Food coloring goes a long way to give such a pretty effect!

Here is the example for the favor bag…of course the green tag goes on the back….
And for the napkin holder I used a darker pink card stock for the actual party :)

Pretty Bows on ends of forks :)

And last but not least ..I found these precious birdies, their nest and the cherry blossom flowers in the L.A district at Moskatel’s and just hot glued them all together :)
Here is their Info :)!! I love the L.A warehouses!!
733 San Julian St (between 7 and 8 Street), Los Angeles, California, 90014.
Tel: (213) 689-4830
Hours: Mon-Sat 6am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm

Trains, Airplanes & Pancakes

This transportation inspired birthday with Trains, Airplanes and Pancakes was originally hosted by Swish Designs.


Everything is so well coordinated, from the boarding pass invitation to the adorable airplane cupcake wraps.

Enjoy the party….

My son’s 3rd birthday party was a huge success – all of the details came together beautifully and we had a great time.

You may remember that he wanted a pancake party…and a train party…and a fire truck party….and an airplane party…and ..and…and! :) I ended up going with a transportation theme and I think it turned out pretty darn good! :)

The boarding pass invite

The sign that I created and printed through Vistaprint that greeted the guests as they walked to the house

The guest check in/itinerary pick up spot
The itineraries – after completing each station, the guest got a stamp.
The favor bags (at baggage claim)
Baggage Claim
The banner I created
Station 1: Make a fruit loop necklace. This worked great as it gave the kids something to do right when they got to the house…and the fruit loops doubled as a snack until breakfast was served.
Station 2: Make a door “hangar”. These were foam door hangars and stickers from the dollar store – super easy and a big hit. I think when it was all said and done Ryan made 3 of them and still asks to make one from time to time.
The train cake made with the train pan from Williams-Sonoma. The first time I used the pan, every.single.car.stuck to the pan. I was in tears and felt hopeless! I called my friend that I borrowed the pan from to see what I did wrong and she gave me a few suggestions (umm – can you say “Pam baking spray”? Best.stuff.ever.seriously!). The next one turned out perfect. Thank goodness my mom was there to help me decorate it – being almost 7 months pregnant and getting ready for a birthday party can be exhausting (and emotional!)
Station 3: Stick the butter on the pancake – like pin the tail on the donkey. The kids had fun! I had Staples print this on their big plotter. I ended up doing black and white because they wanted $32 for the color version (the black and white version was $2). I printed “butters” out on my HP photojet.
My son making his necklace.
The eating area and the cupcakes that we also had.
The cupcake wraps – designed by moi
The kids playing the game.

I have to admit that although I stressed in the very beginning about how this was all going to come together, it worked out perfectly. The kids had fun…the stations were a hit…and it was probably one of the easiest parties I’ve hosted!

I spent the week before making pancakes: blueberry, buttermilk, and chocolate chip. I also had train-shaped pancake molds from Williams Sonoma that I used for some of the buttermilk pancakes. Everything was flash frozen and put in the freezer until 30 minutes before the party. I placed them all on cookie sheets for about 20 minutes at 250 and they were ready to go. I also cooked the sausages and muffins the day before and popped the sausages in the oven as well. After 30 minutes of partying, the food was set out and we were ready to eat. I didn’t remember to take any pics of the pancakes or the food but here’s the kitchen table all set and ready to go.

Valentine Sweet Treats

Happy Valentine’s Day. Just wanted to throw some sweet treats your way!

Check out these yummy looking Valentine’s Day Sweet treats I found over at the Mad Baker:

Heart Shaped Ispahan

This dessert looks oh so tasty good!  I found it over on Zoe Bakes.  Head on over there for the recipe.

valentine dessert

Share a Valentine Sweet Treat with someone you LOVE today!


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Scooby Doo Birthday Party

This Scooby Doo Birthday Party was originally hosted by Jenner Rose Photography.
This party is bright and fun! The cake is so cool. Love that it is the scooby doo van and that they had a blow up “funhouse” version of the van there for the kids to play in too. I realize not everyone can spring for one of those. So I was thinking that another option would be to make a large cardboard cutout in the shape of the van and to let the kids paint it. But enough of my ideas…let get on with this party from Jenner Rose. There are more pics to see on her blog as well.

Enjoy the Scooby Doo Birthday…





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Construction Birthday Party

This Construction Birthday Party was originally hosted by Jessica from Juicy Bits.
Jessica has a ton more pictures and details on her post of this party. I wasn’t able to simply and copy/paste this one, so I just grabbed a few of my favorite pics. Be sure to visit her blog to see MORE more more! This is really a fabulous party and would be great for any little guy in your life!

Enjoy the party…

Construction Party

Construction Party Table Setting

[Read more...]

A little L-O-V-E for Valentine’s Day

I’m now a contributor over at Complete Organizing Solutions. Yesterday was my very first contributing post and it’s all about celebrating Valentine’s Day. Be sure to head on over there to see the full post with all the ideas I found for Valentine’s Day.

Here is a sneak peek:

One Charming Party put together an amazing Valentine’s Day Party filled with DIY treats and crafts. The decor and table settings are simply fabulous. You will definitely want to check this one out. It’s filled with inspiration!



…..there’s more to see from me over at Complete Organizing Solutions!

Pink Pig Birthday Party

Be sure to visit the “Submit A Party” page. I’ve decided to go with a new submission and listing format provided by inlinkz.com. Each and everyone of you can now submit your parties under the appropriate category/categories. You will link your submission back to your blog and a thumbnail picture from the party will appear along with the submission. So, even if your party has been featured previously…PLEASE take the time to list it under this new format!
This Pink Pig Birthday Party was originally hosted by Wendi from Wendi Schoffstall Photography.
Oh I’ve fallen in love with this theme. Such an adorable idea and Wendi pulled it together in a BEAUTIFUL way. Oh and Wendi is a photographer so these pics are gorgeous! They are like TWICE the size on her blog too! So hop on over to take a look!

There are little pigs and big pigs,
pigs with long snouts and pigs with short snouts,
pigs with ears that stand up and pigs with ears that flop down.
But all pigs are beautiful.

The invitations, which you have seen before but I am posting them here just for good measure:

My husband and I made the banner…yes he has learned to help with this type of stuff. :)

I had everyone sign a copy of “If You Give a Pig a Party” for Audrey.  The pig on this table is a new version of the piggy she carries around EVERYWHERE.  I didn’t realize how gross her pig was until I saw the new one.

The small envelopes had magnets with Audrey’s photo for the adults, and the pigs on the right were for the under 2 crowd.

The over 2 crowd got a white piggy bank to take home and decorate.

This is the verse written above.  It is from the book “All Pigs are Beautiful”.  We found it by accident, but that verse couldn’t have been more perfect for my little Pig’s party.

I got these vintage cupcake picks from a seller on Etsy.  They were the inspiration for the color palette of the party.  Once I got them I realized they were much too small for a regular cupcake so I had to improvise and luckily a friend at a party a couple weeks pointed me in the direction of the perfect tiny cupcakes.

Does it get any better than pigs in ballgowns atop mini cupcakes? I don’t think so!

My Mom made Audrey’s party dress.  I wish I would have taken a photo of her standing in it.  I may force her to put it back on just for a photo.

This is the only photo of her during the party.  This is what happens when you ask your husband to take a photo of her blowing out her candles and you forget to adjust the setting on the camera before handing it to him.  Bad mommy!

When I started planning this party I knew a couple of things…it would be pigs, pink, super girly and all about Audrey.  And that is exactly what it was.  We served pigs in a blanket because uh, it was a pig party.  Angel and I also made a pig pinata, but I didn’t get any decent pictures of it before it was busted in half.  I recommend you don’t make your own pinata…something about your hard work getting beat to a pulp with a stick is a bit heartbreaking.

Because I know you are thinking it…I know she won’t remember her first birthday party, and most of the details went unnoticed by the people that attended.  But I know the love that went into those details and the planning and it was important for me to do that for my daughter.  So while she may not remember it, I most certainly will.


Shout out time!! I’ve noticed that I have some people who are fairly faithful about leaving comments on the posts here at Creative Party Place. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Wendy from Whimsy & Wise Events for being an active commenter over the last few months. Head on over to her blog and leave her a comment today!

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