A Pirate Party fit for a GIRL!

This Pirate Party for Girls was originally hosted by Jenny from Listen to this…
It’s always fun to get pirate party submissions and open them up and see GIRLS!   Love the walk the plank game.  Too fun!
Enjoy this pirate party…..
Hazel’s Big Day came with much anticipation!  We have been planning her Pirate Party for some time now, it was so exciting for the day to finally be here!

We set out early to decorate the yard pirate style!  We added nets to the play structure and flags and balloons everywhere.

We even found a Dora Pirate ship earlier this week….
I made pirate bandanas and sashes for all the pirate guests, as well as eyepatches.

Hazel was so excited, trying out the plank while waiting for her friends to arrive.

Once the girls got there they immediatly made up games on the plank, the kids at the end were the alligators!
Such sweet little pirates!
We had a game of pin the treasure on the X.
Look closely,  I think they may have been peeking!!  Sweet little Willa wanted to play too, she was the only one who didn’t know how to peek.
Next we played a treasure spoon race with golden coins.
Lastly the kids followed picture clues all around the yard to find the hidden treasure!
The kids had fun playing around the yard as well.  They seemed to be making up mostly pirate themed games…although I did hear them referring to themselves as “pirate princesses”!
We made treasure boxes with little shells in the lid, they were very pleased with how pretty they were.
They also got to fill their boxes up with treasure jewels.
We had a yummy lunch of pirate ship hot dogs and watermelon (and of course cheetos!).
For dessert we had pirate birthday cupcakes!

After lunch Hazel opened the gifts her friends had bought her, so fun!
The last activity was the pinata….it took them nearly 25 minutes of beating with a stick to get it to finally break open…and that was after Branden finally took a few swings at it!  Unfortunatly all that hitting broke most of the candy to bits.  Fortunatly most of the kids found this hilarious!
Willa didn’t like the noise from the pinata hitting!
I’m so happy my little Hazel had such a fun day with her friends!  Happy 5th Birthday Hazel!

Parties that Move – Trains & Race Car Birthdays

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I’ve got two parties for your viewing pleasure today and they are both themes that would thrill any little boy in your life….Trains and Race Cars.
This Thomas the Train Birthday party was originally hosted by Keisha from Cupcakes and Wishes.

Enjoy the Train Birthday…..

On to the second party which was on Sunday.  I did a banner, party hats, placemat, napkin rings, treat bags and some fun cut outs for a Thomas and Friends birthday party.  I also created a standing cardboard ‘Thomas’ as a prop for the party.
I just used my computer and a page protector (I hid the hole rings tab with some tape so it didn’t show).
The placesettings were very simple and you can see my napkin ring and the finished placemat here.  You can also see the party hats – Mom wanted something very simple so I just did solid color cone hats and we put them out on the kids table next to the place settings.
Here are the treat bags (full of ‘I’m going to regret this in 20 minutes’ candy).  I created a tag using cut out circles and some Thomas and Friends stickers and tied them with a fun ribbon.
Here’s a picture of the cardboard Tomas prop that I created.  We used the top of the train to put the treats on.  We placed it on the gift table and handed them out at the end of the party when the birthday boy finished opening his gifts.  Notice the Railroad Crossing sign, someone made a comment that we must be from the south because all the railroad crossing signs are upside down.  LOL
These are just a couple more pictures from the party where I set up.

This next party was for a little NASCAR lover. This Race Car birthday party was originally hosted by Vanessa from Seriously.

Enjoy this NASCAR birthday party…

Matthan loves race cars, so that’s exactly what he wanted to do for his 3rd birthday party.  He chose two of his favorite NASCAR drivers, Jimmy Johnson and Kasey Kahne (he has their toy cars) as the main attraction for the party – Jimmy Johnson cake and Kasey Kahne piñata – the boy knows what he wants!

I found the perfect invitation (that just happened to match the blue and red of the chosen race cars, whoo!) . . .

We ordered the birthday cake and cupcakes from the fabulous Holly (who also made his first and second birthday cake) and were not disappointed.  Her cakes  always look amazing and are incredibly delicious!

We had boxes ready for each of the kids to make their own race car.  They chose a number and “decals” to decorate their cars with, then our helpers (my wonderful nieces) helped put their tires on their cars.

Before they could head to the race track, they had to make a pit stop to tighten their tires and gas up their cars!

We planned on having some racing events, but had a few freak outs due to the many adults staring at them (I guess I can understand that).  Thankfully, at the end of the party (and after getting some sugar from the cake) they all went back outside and ran around the track while the adults chatted inside.

The party ended with a Mexican tradition (Matthan is 25% Mexican after all).

Everyone got to hit the piñata, then we had to have our friend David finish it off so the candy would fall out! These Mexican piñatas are very well made! : )

The kiddos each got a bag to put their candy in and took that, and their race car, home as their party favors.

The party was so much fun and a big success (thanks Megs for all your help).  So thankful for all our friends and family who came and showered Matthan with lots of love on his special day.  And, to make things even better, he did get to “drive” the race car like he wanted to when it first arrived! : )

Hungary Caterpillar Birthday Party

This Hungary Caterpillar Birthday Party was originally hosted by Grey is the New Black.
I really love seeing parties that are inspired by children’s books. It’s just such a fun way to bring the book to life or your child and a great reminder down the road what book your child loved at that age.

Enjoy this Hungary Caterpillar Birthday…..

Our very dear friends, Michael and Meghan, recently moved back to Memphis after a 2-year stint in Boulder, Colorado. To say that we missed them is an understatement, but what we really missed was seeing their little guy, Grant, in his first year. When we got word that they were moving back into town last month, Meghan and I went into full-party-planning mode. Grant’s 1st birthday was just 2 weeks after they got back from Colorado, so Meghan asked if I would help her plan, since she, as you can imagine, had her hands full. And me being me, I took over (with her permission of course!). The party was inspired by this cake that I found online. I was sure that I could replicate it and save tons of money, so I decided to take it on.
Plus, who doesn’t love that book? Even my sister, who hates to read, told me that it was her favorite book in the library as a kid.
The party was held at her brother and sister-in-law’s house yesterday afternoon and I think it was a huge success!

I was inspired to use astroturf as the tablecloth by the lovely ladies at Southern Event Planners, they used it on a football themed table at a wedding and I just thought it was adorable and perfect for this theme, so I bought a 6×8 piece at Home Depot and we cut it to fit the tables that we used.

I had Mommy Meghan make those “caterpillar” fruit skewers out of green grapes and strawberries and they turned out adorable.

I scanned the food pictures directly from the book, blew them up, and them glued them to cardboard and used an Xacto knife to cut them out.

I had some leftover butcher paper from Greyson’s 1st Birthday, so I hand-painted this sign for Mr. Grant.

The favors were gummy worms of course! I used Publisher on my computer to print the tags out onto sticker paper and them closed the bags with those.

I actually tackled the smash cake as well. Meg wanted him to have an apple smash cake, since that it what the caterpillar eats in the book. The stem is pipe cleaner and the leaf is scrapbook paper.

I thought that the cupcake cake turned out awesome! The trick was decorator icing, which is firmer and stood up better. I think I used 30 cupcakes and then a 6 inch cake pan for the head. The base is cardboard cake boards taped together and covered in butcher paper that I painted with the legs, antenna, etc.

I had a genius idea one day to make one of those banners that are so expensive on Etsy, out of leftover paper plates that I had hanging out from the many, many parties that we have had over the years. I painted the backs of the plates with tempera paint and then printed out the letters on my printer and glued them to it. Then I punched holes for the antenna and legs and strung them together with ribbon.

Our lantern caterpillar..probably the easiest idea ever and it turned out so cute.

to see more pictures of Grant’s Hungary Caterpillar party visit the original party post.

Lollipop First Birthday Party

This Lollipop First Birthday Party was originally hosted by Stephanie from Richter-ology.
There are plenty of sweet details to notice about this party. I love the way she used the paper lanterns to make the “big candy” for decor! So creative.

In her submission Stephanie mentioned that her lollipop theme was inspired by TomKat Studios. (just wanted to give her a shout out for the inspiration!)

Enjoy this lollipop party……

Our sweet little Madeleine is turning one on Tuesday and we celebrated her lollipop party today. I truly had a blast making her invitations, decor and creating a candy shop in our home! Everything turned out really “sweet”! I think that everyone had a great time.

Madeleine’s lollipop invitation and cupcake toppers that read: “m”, “madeleine’s sweet shop” and “madeleine”. Big pieces of candy made from paper lanterns, clear wrapping paper and ribbon.

Madeleine’s Sweet Shop Door Sign and handmade giant lollipops created out of paper plates, paper, wood dowels, cellophane & ribbon!

The console table in our entryway which included a Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday to You book which we had everyone sign. The homemade birthday hat and favors made from Madeleine’s baby food bottles.

Cupcake stand, marshmallow pops inspired by Bakerella, and fruit on lollipop sticks!

Our little princess all dressed up in her birthday outfit from Dandy Lion Designs .

The candy buffet which was a BIG hit!

We had a balloon entertainer for the kiddos which they really seemed to enjoy.


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Posh Pink Poodle Party

This Posh Pink Poodle Party was originally hosted by Pink, Green & Southern.
This poodle theme sure did make for a pinkalicious party! The poodles are so cute and I just love them paired with pink white and black. Classic combo but a lot of pizazz was added with all the patterns.

Enjoy this posh pink poodle party….


Last Saturday, we had Pinkie’s fifth birthday party—a Posh Poodle Celebration—at our home.  16 little ladies were invited with a perfectly pink poodle invite from Itty Bitty (purchased at CPD Designs)

293%20PoodleThe hot pink envelopes were “calligraphed” thanks to my computer printer in Segoe Script and topped off with custom stamps, envelope seals  and return address labels from Big Day Creations.


When the guests arrived they were greeted at the door by a decorative wreath (a tutorial on how to make your own can be found at Deep Fried Kudzu) embellished with a wooden letter “K” bought at the craft store, painted pink with black polka dots, and a big black tulle bow.


Pinkie wore a custom poodle ensemble from Baby Gail’s Etsy shop along with a pair of pink sparkly leggings I purchased at Wal-Mart (embellished with ribbon and ric rac) and a pair of pink sparkly ballet flats.


I wore a shirt I appliquéd with a pink poodle design I downloaded for free from Sew Forum.


Each guest was given a pair of poodle ears to wear (purchased from Birthday Express)

IMG_0111 and their noses were painted black like a poodle’s with face paint bought from the Halloween section at Wal-Mart

IMG_0135Next, the girls stuffed their own poodles purchased from The Party Animal



Then they made their dog its very own collar using pony beads, pink pipe cleaners and key tags



After their poodles were all accessorized, the girls decorated their own collars that I made from a pack of black and white foam I purchased at the dollar store.  I simply cut the black foam into strips, punched a circle out of the white foam using a one inch circle punch and then hot glued the pieces together.  Miss Priss and a friend were on hand to help with the crafts and after each girls decorated their collar with self-adhesive jewels (from Oriental Trading) the big girls took a pink sharpie and wrote each child’s name on the white circle, fitted it around the child’s neck, cut off the excess, slapped on some self-adhesive Velcro dots,  and secured it on the child.

IMG_0112 IMG_0154

Finally, the girls made their very own poodle cuffs by gluing pink, black, and white dollar store pom-poms onto pink felt strips.  Just like the collar, each cuff was fitted onto the girls’ wrists and secured with Velcro dots.



After all the activities were completed, it was into the kitchen for some food, cupcakes and  ice cream.

IMG_0089-2 The bar in the kitchen was all decked out for the party with a banner I made following Katydid and Kid’s tutorial


I made custom cupcake picks  using Darby’s label tutorial and a scallop punch glued onto Wilton lollipop sticks that was tied with a thin black satin ribbon.  Each cupcake was then placed in cupcake wrapper made from a pattern found on Skip to My Lou.



A framed copy of the invitation


A framed chipboard “K” decoupaged with scrapbook paper


As well as several other decoupaged frames proclaiming “Happy Birthday Pinkie” and “5”


IMG_0070 I served finger sandwiches shaped like dog bones (using a cookie cutter from Birthday Express)


Water bottles filled with pink lemonade and adorned with custom labels from Big Day Creations


A veggie tray, pita chips and hummus, grapes and cheese and the girls favorite “kibble”—cocoa puffs and Scooby snacks!


as well as pink and black M&Ms (I picked the black M&Ms out of the M&M Halloween mix and added them to the pink breast cancer awareness M&Ms!)

IMG_0067All served on decorative platters, silver trays and milk glass.

I ordered a plain pink two tier cake from the grocery store then  added my own ribbon and feather embellishments and a mirrored “K” embellished with rhinestone polka dots.


The little girls ate at two 10 foot long table set up in our kitchen and decorated in pink, black, and white.


Each table was covered in a pink tablecloth toped with a runner I made out of some black damask fabric I found at Joann Etc. Down  the center of each table I placed dollar store vases (embellished with scrap book paper, satin ribbon, and decoupaged/ rhinestoned chipboard Ks) filled with pink roses.



I served each girl a cupcakes in pink jeweled dog bowls (I purchased them at the dollar store, spray painted them and then hot glued dollar store jewels onto them).IMG_0158

They drank pink lemonade out dollar store cups that I “jazzed up” with some black and white harlequin paw print ribbon that I found for a dollar a spool at Michael’s and a poodle sticker proclaiming “Pinkie’s Fifth Birthday!”IMG_0058 IMG_0160


Pinkie blew out her candles wearing a custom Birthday hat from Little Cubby.

IMG_0179 IMG_0191

My girls!


A little rest in Dad’s chair before opening presents!



Pinkie’s favorite part–playing with new toys!


And no birthday is complete at our house without adding a new Madame Alexander doll to our collection!


The Ugly Dolls Party

This Ugly Dolls Party was originally hosted by Julie from Stuff and Nonsense.
I love this concept. Totally fun and cute. Totally unique. Looks like the girls had a lot of fun working on their crafts.

Enjoy the ugly doll party….

The Ugly Day finally arrived!

This birthday party for my ten year old girl was inspired by Ugly Dolls. http://www.uglydolls.com/ The kids (and I) collect them, but since they aren’t overly commercialized, we couldn’t find any party products. So, we made our own. We made invitations, gift bags, a cake, and crafts for the guests to make all with an Ugly Doll/Monster theme. The guests loved the craft and were still embelllishing and playing with their dolls the next morning (after going to bed at 4am).

We decorated the house.

Put out the food-

And prepared the crafts-

The girls also watched a movie and had a sleepover, which meant they were awake until 4am.

Thanks to Bunnycakes for the inspiration!

Mad Scientist Birthday Party

This Mad Scientist Birthday Party was originally hosted by Rhonda from Life As I See It.
I’m totally in LOVE with the food building experiment she had the boys do. I mean how much fun to see what they could build with marshmallows, toothpicks, and cheese puffs!! So cool! I’m totally stealing that one for a future party!

Enjoy this Mad Scientist party……

Some pictures from the party.
Alden invited 5 other boys. (Which funny enough felt like 2x the amount whereas the girls party two weeks ago was more girls and easier to manage! Lucy came upstairs and said to me “Mom, girls just talk a lot but boys are loud and make trouble!”)
I had wanted to get the kids some lab coats. I was going to borrow some from my mom (She has enough for her entire grade 1/2/3 split class) but she couldn’t find them and it was too late to head out to the thrift store to buy men’s shirts – but that would totally work!)
So instead we just had funny mustaches. :) Kinda random. But totally funny!
We did some science experiments and a little building. Each boy got the same amount of toothpicks, marshmallows and cheesies. The boys really got into it!!
Then we made homemade silly putty or goo or whatever you wanna call it. Most of the boys loved it. One of them (Carter) said he was gonna throw up cause it was so gross. :) (Notice him escaping from the table quickly behind Ben)
Then we went outside to do some baking soda and vinegar exploding. Which they loved! :)

The cake. I let Alden pick whatever cake he wanted (from my Martha Book!) and he picked a cake called Martha’s Birthday Cake. And only Alden liked it. The other kids told me it wasn’t so good. hahahaha. I didn’t really care. As long as Alden was happy, I was happy! :)

It was a good birthday party I think! Alden loved it!
Rhonda also threw a party for her daughter that was fit for a princess…..


Visit her blog to see more pictures of this Princess Party!

50th Birthday – Dessert Table

This beautiful Dessert Table Display for a 50th Birthday Party was originally hosted by Sprinkles & Swirls.

Enjoy this sweet treat….

I’ve been dying to do a dessert table design after seeing the incredible work of Amy Atlas who is an event designer in New York City. In addition to the cupcake tower, I also made royal iced cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels, white chocolate dipped marshmallows on a stick, muddy buddy mix and chocolate covered cake balls on a stick. I selected the theme colors of chartreuse and black and designed a logo for the party which I incorporated throughout. It was a blast putting it all together and it would be perfect for a wedding or party. I hope I get a chance to do more of this in the future



Sweet Girly Pink 1st Birthday Luncheon

Happy New Year ya’ll!!!

This Sweet Grily Pink 1st Birthday Luncheon was originally hosted by Heavenly Blooms.
This 1st birthday luncheon is one of those totally dreamy outdoor luncheons that any girl would want to attend. The colors and treats are sweet and the rose centerpieces are simply fabulous!

Enjoy the 1st birthday luncheon…..

A bittersweet birthday is coming up next week…. our little Kate is turning 2!!!
I do not know how two years have flown by so quickly.
I wish time would stop, so she could stay one for a little while longer.
Her Mommy (my best friend) and I are in a party planning flurry for her
Minnie “Nouse” party, however I though it would be fun to
post pictures from her 1st birthday.
We didn’t really have a “theme”… It was a homespun, girly, festive,
pink and lavender luncheon with lots of sweets and glitter.
I am so blessed and thankful for Kate and I am eternally grateful to her
parents for bringing her into our lives.

The morning of the party the birthday girl patiently sat and played with her toys.

I always love a shoe shot… and I loved her glittery pink shoes!!!
Kate the Birthday Girl!!!
Our hand crafted lollipops… made out of cardboard!
Kate with her big brother Charlie, Mommy & Daddy…

The proud Mama and her ONE year old baby girl…

The centerpieces were surrounded by mini floral cupcakes, which were given away as favors at the end of the party to the adults.

The kid’s table was set with fun activities and toys.

Fairy wings were hung on each little girl’s chair.

Kate’s monthly baby pictures were displayed so guests could see how she’s changed over the year.

Me and My Kate…

We hand painted each pot with polka dots and glitter.

The cupcake stand was accented with pink ribbon bows and a tulle skirt.

Kate’s Mom made her birthday hat to coordinate with the party.

She loved her cupcake!

And she also loved playing her little cake too!

Her big brother Charie playfully pushed her face into the cake. Thankfully the birthday girl thought it was funny too!

We dressed up her high chair with tulle tutu and ribbon.

The lollipops were placed around the guest tables.

There weren’t any planned activities or games because the guests were so little. Instead we had fairy wings and wands for them to run around with. As well as a little play tent with plastic balls.

Charlie, our little helper for the day, shows off his muscles.

Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful Kate!!!

Photography by Harvard Photography

Co-Ed Bridal Shower BBQ

This Daisies and Gingham BBQ Bridal Shower was originally hosted by It’s My Party by Ashlie.
This is a fun Bridal Shower idea that you can use when hosting a co-ed shower. This party just looks cozy! The gingham really lends itself to a comfortable down home feel, while the daisies brighten things up. Great combination!

Enjoy this co-ed bridal Shower BBQ…

My brother is getting married in October and my mom decided to give the happy couple a shower. I of course was totally all over it and asked if I could give her some ideas. She wanted the party to be a casual bar-be-que. So, I came up with a daisy, red gingham and lemon decor’ theme. I had so much fun making the invitations, all of the banners, bride and groom nametags and setting up the table centerpieces and other decor’ around the house.

I got the party favors idea from the hwtm website. Instead of using the jars as drinking glasses we filled them with lemon slice candies and put raffia ribbon around them and a tag with the couple’s names and date of the wedding. So cute! And the party was a huge success.

Baseball Birthday Party

This Baseball Theme Birthday Party was originally hosted by Dimple Prints.
I think they really did a great job with this party. From the balloons greeting you at the door to all of the really great signs and decor. You just get that baseball / ballpark feel for sure! Bright, fun and sporty!

Enjoy the Baseball Party…

I went with a traditional red, white and blue baseball theme. His birthday party was the week of 4th of July, so the color scheme was very budget friendly as I was able to pick up numerous “4th of July” items from the dollar store, etc.































Lil’ Pumpkin Baby Shower X 2

I’ve got two different baby showers to show you but both are the same theme. I thought it would be fun to see two different styles and takes on this fun idea. The baby shower theme is “Lil’ Pumpkin”

This Lil’ Pumpkin shower was originally hosted over at This-n-That Williams.

Last week, my sisters-in-law and I got together to throw a fabulous baby shower for Jessica and her baby boy, who will be here in december. They hadn’t picked out a name, (and still haven’t as far as I know), and they didn’t have anything really picked out for the nursery, so we went with an easy lil’ pumpkin theme, since it was october, and pumpkins are easily found. Not to mention, Jamie has a plethora of fall decor, so this made decorating for the party a piece of cake!

So there wasn’t much to it, no games, just some really great food, some awesome people and lots of baby boy gifts, gotta love it. Sorry, but there are a ton of photos ahead. Enjoy the party, we sure did!
The lil’ pumpkin invite
Jenina, my sister-in-law, is a great cook, and she had some seriously fabulous food for this party. There were pumpkin pie tarts, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and the most delicious fall salad ever!
Some of her yummy cinnamon rolls. The ones I brought home were gone quick, Kevin loves those things, and I NEVER make them!
Jamie has a friend that made this awesome cake! It was delish, and looked absolutley amazing.

Jamie made this cute cheese ball, funny thing is Jamie hates them and wouldn’t even try it.:)

My mother-in-law went all out and made this awesome fruit display. Fruit on skewers, stuck in a pumpkin. It looked great, and I’m sure took her awhile to do it too.

This is what I make, chocolate covered pretzels, Kevin was very happy when I brought a bunch of them home.

Some of the cute decor we had for the party. Jamie put bows on everything, so cute!

Every guest of honor needs their very own pumpkin patch, don’t they? Alot of my time preparing for the shower, was spent painting pumpkins, glittering pumpkins, and putting ribbon on them.
The party favors were these seed bags filled with seasoned pumpkin seeds. The tag said, “grow your own pumpkin baby”, love it!
Some of the fun glitter pumpkins. They were so easy to do, and I love how they turned out!

Even the silverware was festive! Or would that be plasticware?
The fireplace mantel. Jamie hand drew “it’s a boy” on the pumpkins, while holding her 4 month old son in the baby carrier. She’s talented!
Some more fun displays by the drinks, and a photo of Jess’s belly, with her “pumpkin baby!”

The guest of honor opening gifts, sorry for the grainy photo, but she looks beautiful anyway!
While preparing for the shower, I made my own “lil pumpkin” scrapbook kit, which really came in handy for a few of the things I did for the shower. So, here it is for you to enjoy, feel free to check out taffy apple designs, and download it for free!
Congrats Jess, we can’t wait to meet the little guy!

The next Lil’ Pumpkin shower I have to show you today was originally hosted by Lisa.

This weekend I got to throw a baby shower for one of my closest friends, Katie. We met each other back in our newlywed ward when Mike and I lived in some apartments in Bountiful. I was assigned to be her visiting teacher. We became friends, soon after Mike and I bought our home and we moved away (a whole 2 miles away). Then shortly after that Katie’s work had an opening at the U in the Housing Office and I wanted a new job so she told me about it, I was hired, and we worked together for 8 months until she left for another job herself. We spent many, many hours together not only at work, but carpooling for 8 months back and forth to Salt Lake. Our husbands are good friends, both been married 5 years, and now will soon both have little boys. She threw me a shower last year when I was pregnant, and she did such a wonderful job I knew I had a lot to live up to.
I decided to do a “Little Pumpkin” theme since it was the week before Halloween.
These were the invites:

(I blurred out my address and phone number for blog purposes)

I made this little advice book. I bought a blank chipboard book at Roberts for $2.99 then decorated it with ribbon, paper and put some rub-on stickers on the pages inside.


I made this with my moms Cricut machine, then just bought some baby socks and put them all up with some mini-clothespins and ribbon.

My mom sent me the idea for these pumpkins. Super easy to make. You can find it here.
I also made some Martha Stewart pom poms to go above the food table. You can make these here.

For food I made 7-layer bean dip, caramel apple dip, clam dip, veggie tray, Oreo truffles, and Pumpkin Pie Bites.
I was in the kitchen the day before the party making and baking. Its true what they say: things made from scratch taste better, but its also true that its a lot of work.

I think the most work was these Pumpkin Pie Bites. I got the idea here from Bakerella. Forming the dough in the muffin pan was very time consuming and took me 1 hour to make 1 batch. However, it was well worth the time because they turned out delicious.

For favors I made these, (also done on the Cricut) I put candy-corn and candy corn pumpkins inside.
Out of all the pictures I took, I was a dork and didn’t take ONE of the mother-to-be. (However she can be found on my previous post Mike’s Big Hurrah if you look closely for a very pregnant woman).
Overall I had a ton of fun planning and preparing this party over the last few weeks. What fun it would be to get paid to be a party planner. Maybe in my next life! I have had lots of ideas rolling around in my head for Emmett’s 1st birthday coming up, however after these last 2 parties, he might not get what I’ve envisioned because his mother is pooped!

Polkadot First Birthday and Kickball Celebration

One party for a little girl…..and another for a “big” girl. Enjoy these fun parties!

This Polkadot Fun First Birthday was originally hosted by Jill from Bless Our Nest.

Kennedy’s first birthday has officially come…and gone…It was such a fun week celebrating and remembering how just one short year ago we had just had her and brought her home with us (can you believe they let us bring a kid home)? Yet here we are, a year later, every one is sane and in one piece and those sleepless nights are but a faded memory. I have a TON of pictures to show you but today we will stick with party details because I LOVE throwing parties and its ALL in the details!

I drew inspiration from many party blogs so I’ll try and give you as many resources as I can to either purchase it yourself or be a copy cat like me and DIY

You have seen the invitation already. We designed these ourselves with a program Justin has, and then ordered them from a printers. It was really affordable. I wanted to do something fun and colorful for miss Kennedy’s first birthday since she isn’t “into” anything yet, being that she is too little to know characters or themes and whatnot. So like the invite, I stuck with dots and an orange, pink, and blue theme, with a little green.

First, the party table all done up. I had the party at 1 in the afternoon so expected most people to eat something lunchy before coming and provided some light snacking, some yummy for adults and some kid suitable: fruit, chicken nuggets, cheese ball, spinach artichoke dip, pasta salad, and teeny bbq weenies. I got the hanging lanterns from Ikea for only $5 each!
I made cupcakes instead of doing cake. We had plain white cake with buttercream frosting and sprinkles, and cookies and cream cupcakes with mini oreos on top of buttercream icing. So yummy! I actually got to eat one once everything slowed down…Kennedy’s cupcake was made in a jumbo muffin pan to make it bigger and a little extra special since she WAS the birthday girl!
I grew slightly obsessed with finding some drink dispensers that would meet my specifications and found them at Crate and Barrel. I love them! I filled these two with pink lemonade and sweet tea but decided to give them some funky twists with festive names! Momma’s Southern Sweet Tea (bc it is MY momma’s recipe, and she is southern) and Tickled Pink Lemonade (since we were celebrating my baby girls bday).
I also got some of these little juice bottles for the kids, I remember LOVING these as a kid and thought they would enjoy them too! It made the drink station complete.
Next, the birthday banner. Now I have found a couple different gals who make these fun banners, as well as cupcakes tops and other fun paper goods, but my favorite is probably Jess of PolkaDots and Pirates. I made this one easily and love it so very much, I just might not take it down until November. It went great on the fireplace along with some fun frames I found at Target for really cheap and balloons to add even more fun!
I also had a little sweet shoppe with “1″ suckers that I made and bags to fill with other goodies. The one candy molds I found at Candy Mold Central. It was cheap and I got 3 so I could make more at once. (Pop them in the freezer, they harden faster)

The front door sign

Her highchair

My sweet girl eating her cake

I just love this picture of her standing in her new big girl chair. Such a sweet little face…

My two favorite people EVER!
All that work, and the party lasted about 3 1/2 hours, just doesn’t seem right huh? Well, I’ll post more about the party fun with more pictures tomorrow!


This Kickball Party was originally hosted by Little Ant Designs


Y’all ready for this?  Said in my best announcer voice with loud music blaring in the background.

Friday was the big game…my daughter Megan’s kickball party (that had been planned as an end of Summer party but had to be rescheduled at the very last minute)

The two teams, The Neville Kickbottoms
and The Spongebob Kickpants played a good game but in the end only one team could be the victor
Congratulations Team Kickpants!

I love the signs that one of the cute moms made for both teams – thanks Shauna!  Shauna is the one that drew who knows how many dark marks on the arms of the teenagers when we were in line for Harry Potter.

There was some fine athleticism displayed …
amazing form – Megan has never looked so athletic


a sense of fashion even in the heat of competition

a fierce competitive attitude

the thrill of victory
the agony of defeat – “What?  I’m totally safe.”

It turned out to be a great evening and we’re glad so many kids could join in on the fun.  But the night didn’t end with the game – there were celebrations to be had.

Any good game ends with a parent tunnel

Before leaving the field The Spongebob Kickpants picked up their winners trophy…

You weren’t aware that there was a Kickball Championship Trophy were you?  Amazing what a $4 lamp from Goodwill, styrofoam and paint will make, huh?  Since no one person could take the trophy home because I’m holding on to that baby for next years rematch, I put together individual awards for each person on the winning team that they picked up once back at our house where the festivities continued.
They each received a mini trophy with a giant gumball kickball on top as well as a medal.  The “kickballs” were a hit and it was hilarious watching the kids try to chew them.
After all the competition on the field the kids were hungry.  There were lots of tacos and burritos consumed

and lots of this…

I’m not sure what it is but the teenagers have a love affair with this slightly thick, processed, yellow goodness.

Whenever we serve it (which is nearly every time we have teenagers over)  They surround the stuff, each trying to get their fair share and you can bet they will be back for seconds, thirds and fourths.
Here’s to making this a yearly event – cheese and all!

Secret Agent Spy Party

This Secret Agent Spy Party was originally hosted by Moore Minutes.
The cake for this party is totally “The Bomb!” (scroll down and you will see what I mean!) The laser field looks like tons of fun, and all the treats are super creative!

Enjoy spying on this party…..

Our 3 adorable boys ready to party!

I mentioned last week that we did a Spy Party for my oldest son’s 9th birthday. Click here to see the invitations.We had a grand time with 20 kids in our home sweet home!I’m going to break it down into DECOR, FOOD, and ENTERTAINMENT.


I made a Secret Spy Candy Buffet as a special treat for all the hard-working agents.I scattered bullet shells, top secret labels, and handcuffs around the tables. I put up bullet hole stickers throughout the house. We pulled CRIME SCENE yellow tape across doors.I used a bright and fun color palette to make the crime scene theme more youthful!I enlarged some fingerprint and question mark clip art and edited the photos by tinting them different shades to color match them. I attached them to corresponding scrapbook paper and hung them from the ceiling.We made chalk footprints on our walkway to add to the suspense and fun. We also played Mission Impossible themed music in the background during the party.


I made custom water bottle labels for the kids.I took mini chocolate donuts and put cut licorice into each hole to make BABY BOMBS!Snickers? Twix? or Milky Way? How skilled are these agents at figuring out the MYSTERY BARS?I had such a difficult time trying to figure out WHAT food to use to create magnifying glasses!! I finally came up with cheese and pretzels. :) Question Bread, Clueless Chips, Detective Dogs, and Mysterious Munchies were among other snacks.THE CAKE was incredible! I told a local cake shop that I wanted a bomb with a sparkler for a candle and they FAR exceeded my expectations!


I set out a Clue Jr. Game to play at leisureUpon arrival, each guest was given their professional Secret Agent ID tagged and they were fingerprinted for security.Party Favors included: Dark Glasses, Agent Hats, Magnifying glasses, compasses and whistles, red lights, detective bands, and a trip through the candy buffet.The invitation called each agent to our house (headquarters) for a specific mission. This mission was the MAIN source of entertainment. A sealed envelope was opened and it stated that Skyler’s birthday gift was robbed along with all the treat bags. This was officially a CRIME SCENE and it was up to our team to discover the bad guys and find the missing items! There were clues scattered around our neighborhood.Each clue had to be retrieved by completing an obstacle. This first clue was hidden inside one of the balloons. These balloons blocking the door were representing bombs and had to be quickly popped to find the clue and prevent them from detonating.The next clue was hidden in a laser field. This was my brilliant husband’s idea and he did such a fabulous job setting this laser maze up!We have no photos, but another clue used their cipher cards from the invitation to decode, and another had to be read in the mirror.Another clue was in a bag full of fortune cookies! I took tweezers and removed the original fortune from one cookie and replaced it with a clue! So the kids had to break the cookies open and find the cookie with the clue. Here they are running back from the fortune cookie discovery.There was danger along the way, the bad guys sprang out and attacked.This next clue had to be scratched off like a lotto ticket to be revealed.


All the clues led to Skyler’s birthday gift: a NEW BIKE! The bad guys had hoisted it into a GINORMOUS tree. BUT when they were caught by our team they agreed to surrender. And they even helped us rescue the bike from the tree.

What nice bad guys they were!

And just when you think you’ve seen FAR TOO MANY photos I decide to give you one more:

our nine year old…
Cameron Skyler

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