Fairy Tea Party

TuTu Cute and oh so adorable. Pretty Fairy Tea Party for these lucky little girls.

These sweet little girls got to choose a frilly set of Fairy Wings and Tutu…Love the soft pastel colors…..
The party bar all set up with Eye Candy Treats….and just look at that wonderful Tea Cake….

Oh my goodness, just look at the Fairy in the Tea Cup….

And Mushroom Cake Pops, so sweet.

And this is MY FAVORITE….A Tea Cup carved from a watermelon, filled with fresh fruit and crowned with the most magical FAIRY….How Adorable….

For more inspiration visit Violet Skies Studio and tell her you saw her beautiful Fairy Tea Party over at Creative Party Place.


From your Creative Party Gal

Dianne / The Sugar Diva

Shabby Chic Pajama Party

Oh my, how sweet and charming and oh so girly is this soft vintage style, shabby chic Pajama Party. Starting with these simply adorable Sleeping Mask Invitations…..how darling.

Pretty floral pennatnts tied up with satin bows…

Yummy pink and aqua party treats and my favorite is the beautiful Ruffled Cake with the darling pennant banner on top. Love it…♥

Pink lemonade was poured into champagne glasses and shabby chic flags were added to the stems.

Beautiful Party Table, of so Shabby & Chic, love the backdrop with sweet pennants and bows……

And these pretty medallions that dress up the front. To see more of this pretty Shabby Chic Pajama Party, visit Allison Jane and tell her you spotted her on Creative Party Place.

Party Poppers ♥♥♥ Make Your Own Party Favors

When I first created these charming Party Poppers a few years ago, I had no idea just how popular they would become.


Everyone instantly fell in love with them. They were created as part of our gourmet food items and we’ve sold them to many, many stores and shops nation wide.
Party Poppers 022
They were also featured in Paula Deens Magazine and were used in place settings on her holiday table as favors for her guest. Now you can Make Your Own Poppers using our clear plastic tubes. Just fill with your favorite candies or gum….add charming crepe paper and tie up with ribbon.
E-Favor-Popper-Tube-Yellow-XLG text

It’s easy however takes a bit of time but oh so worth it…
You can find these fun containers on our web site. They come with complete instructions. Another Party Original from The Sugar Diva
If you try these, be sure to send me pictures to show here at Creative Party Place….

Dianne / The Sugar Diva

Caterpillar Birthday Party

Here’s a fun colorful party to get your spring off to a great start..!!

Love the bottle labels, banner and the fun Fruity Ideas…!!

Thanks for stopping by Creative Party Place… To see more of this fun party, go here..!!

Cheers from your Creative Party gal,
Party On…!!!

Sailboat / Nautical Party or Celebration

With Spring Break just around the corner, some of you are making plans and packing your bags for a warm weather get-a-way…!! Here are some fun party ideas you can take with you to use around the pool, on your cruise ship or in your beach cottage….

Love the pretty Sailboat Dinner Party table….

Love these cute Navy Striped Ribbon Napkin Rings…..
And my very favorite is this darling Sailboat…..Love it…♥♥♥

Pack up some party snacks and SAIL-A-Way…..♥♥♥

This charming collection can be found at Party Frostings 
Pay her a little visit for more fun and inspiration….. 

I have some exciting news to share very SOON…!!!
Bon Voyage for now…♥

Baby’s First Birthday Party

Little Guy In A Tie……Baby’s First Birthday, so cute….!!! Love the invitation.

And the decorations are fabulous….!!!!

Just LOVE this beautiful backdrop, SO pretty….!!!!

So many special touches made this party POP….!!!

The guest tables done in Yellow and Grey, all set and ready to enjoy…!!!

How Adorable….!!!

To see MORE great pictures of this sweet Little Guy Birthday, visit HERE at Whimsy & Wise….


Your Creative Party Hostes

Jungle Safari Birthday Party

This cute Jungle Themed Party  will make any little boy or girl feel really special. Extra pretty table props and clever decorated wall backdrop for hanging her Party Banner…

Complete with Grass Skirt,
I love the blue table cloth, looks so tropical….

Check out all the fun details……


LOVE these CUTE Jungle Animal cupcake faces…

And no party is complete without that special Birthday Cake…

Jungle Juice…..

And one adorable Baby Boy who just turned ONE…..Love that Party Hat…..!!!

For more fun creative party ideas, be sure to hop over to Grey Grey Designs,
Until next time, beware, It’s a Jungle Out There…!!!

Random Collection of Cute Ideas

OK…while hubby watched the Super Bowl, I got a little
“Pin Happy” over at Pinterest and stumbled on some of the cutest and clever party ideas. So I thought I’d share a few with you. First up is this adorable Party Invitation
that looks like an apron. CUTE…!!!
Pinned Image
Next is this beautiful luscious cluster of Paper Party Poms. What a pretty POP of Surprise…No centerpiece needed…
Pinned Image
This beautiful CAKE and me doing the Peppermint Twist..
Simply stunning…!!!
Pinned Image
And these TEA TIME treats were irresistible. So dainty and sweet…!!! 
Pinned ImagePinned Image
And THIS…..!!! Well there are just no words
Pinned Image

And as usual, I’m always stumbling on more creative uses for our pretty paper straws. LOVE these Marshmallow Pops perched on our Pink Dot Straws.

Go here for instructions on how to make these pretty treats.
Perfect for Valentine’s Day….!!
And one last CUTE Baby Shower Idea.
Cake Pop Baby Rattle using our sweet Pink striped paper straws for the stick…
How adorable…!!!

Pinned Image



Good news everyone, we have finally got our pages all fixed and have installed the link to Submit Your Party…!!!
Submission Links are located at the top of most pages, however some ended up at the bottom…it’s been a long difficult journey and we are so excited to have everything ready for YOU to start sharing your Creative Parties again.

Sweet Little Puppy Party…..



These girls had a blast Being Silly with these CUTE Photo Props…!!!

This little PUP is my Granddaughter…:) 
Just look at that Sad Eyes Puppy blow….!!!


OK….Send me your parties to post….!!!
Cheers everyone,
Your Creative Party Hostess

Sweet Pink Birthday

For all you Pink Lovers out there with Sweet Little Girls, then this party will make your heart swell….!!!! SO Sweet and Darling….

Just the CAKE is to die for…seriously….!!! So simple yet elegant. I love the table top setting, not to fussy, just sweet and charming. Just makes you Smile…:)

And those pretty yummy Pink Macaroons…..I have GOT to learn how to make those. So sweet and tempting……and look at these Silhouette Cookies, again, sweet and elegant.

And of course, it’s just not a party these days without our Sweet Paper Straws. Love the precious little Milk Bottles filled with Strawberry Milk, topped off with our sweet pink paper straws…….

This sweet party found here, Lovely Little Parties…..https://www.facebook.com/lovelylittlepartiesky

Have a Sweet Day…!!!

Cheers from your Creative Party Hostess


Visit my shop for sweet darling Paper Party Supplies and more..!!www.lolaloveshappy.com

Golden Globe Awards

Yes, I must be dreaming…??? Are you sure..?? Yes, it must be true. We have been invited to attend the Secret Backroom Celebrity Lounge at the Golden Globe Awards next week. We’ll get to put our fun paper products in the hands of the STARS as take home favors. Not only that, we’ll get to meet and have photos made of them with our product..!! How exciting…

We made YELLOW STARS paper straws  just for this event and decided to package them with  Black Stripes for movie film…..Yellow Stars for “The Stars”…..and Red Stripe for RED Carpet….!!   These will be handed to The Nominees, The Presenters, The Producers and all Media and Press…..We have our fingers crossed for a little media publicity…!!!! You just never know…:)E-Straw-Yellow-Star-3-LG

Cheers, to another great year, Lola style….!!! And yes, dreams do come true, sometimes you just have to wait awhile to see them happen.

Womans Day Magazine Paper Straw Wreath

I was WOWED when my eyes fell upon this gorgeous PAPER STRAW WREATH made with Red & White Striped paper straws….!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL….!!!!

Just one more creative use for THE SUGAR DIVA Paper Straws…!!! How pretty and creative is this.??? I haven’t got my hands on this issue yet, so don’t know how it was made. But you can grab a copy of this December magazine on your next visit to the store. And we are all stocked up with beautiful RED PAPER STRAWS….!!!

LOVE IT….!!!!!

Watch for a Holiday Give-A-Way coming SOON….!!!


Your Creative Party Hostess,


Nice to be back….!!!….well, almost…!

Hi Everyone, in case you’ve been wondering what happened to us, our site here has had many technical problems and I’ve been unable to post or pretty much do anything. Actually, we are still working on the site trying to get all the problems and errors resolved so we can get back to our Party Blogging…!!!
I apologize for the problems, however these kind of problems is something I know nothing about and was completely out of my control or reach. I’ve had such a difficult time getting the site in working order. It’s been this way since I first purchased it last year and never worked quite right. That’s why I did not post here very often. It just didn’t work…!!!

GOOD NEWS though, I am having the site completely redesigned with a fresh new look and will have Mr Linky restored so you will be able to post your parties again…YAY…!!!

Thank you so much for being patient with me. I look forward to sharing with you many more events, parties and will be adding other fun features here as well.
So keep checking back with me to see what’s NEW and if you have a special party or event you’d like to share, you can send that to me via email until we have Mr Linky back up. Please send all parties and request to me here: athomewithdiannewood@msn.com

Thanks so much,
Your Creative Party Hostess,

Yummy New Colors

When the delivery  truck arrived yesterday I ran to the door to bring in the boxes they left because I KNEW what was inside…
NEW YUMMY COLORS  of our beautiful PAPER STRAWS..!!!! I just couldn’t wait to rip them open and feast my eyes on
these exciting new colors.    First up…..Our delicious new BROWN…

This one made me
“Squeal With Glee”.

 The PERFECT shade of BROWN…..!!!! 
Now….what do we name this yummy color.
Well I believe it’s written there on the mug……….


Yes, that’s it…….Chocolate Brown…..perfect….!!!

OR…..wait, what about
Chocolate Cake … that’s a yummy name

Oh my, what’s a girl to do…..I love them both
Chocolate Brown … OR …
Chocolate Cake 
or maybe Fudge or Cocoa…!!!

However, I guess my FIRST thought should be the one I choose…….


Milk and Cookies anyone…..

look how yummy….!!!

Our precious adorable Milk and Beverage Bottles

filled with sweet milk and served with a side of cookies.

OK….I’ll have some Cake with my Cookies…

Sip, Chew, Swallow then repeat…!!!

Moving on, This new color just  Stole my Heart……

Beautiful and Perfect hues……
……. oh so SWEET….!!!

E-Straw-Powder-Blue-2-LARGESuch a soft yet sweet cheery color that
Makes you SMILE….!!!
SO…..introducing our POWDER BLUE


This new color will be PERFECT with our new PARTY FAVOR BAGS …. Below is just a “sample mock up” … Bags will be arriving  late next week.
Then there’s one more that will Melt Your Heart…….   

Sweet, Soft, Charming, Vintage,  IVORY CREAM …..


This Soft Vintage Style Paper Straw will add the perfect touch of sophistication to weddings and other special events. Use them at luncheons and dinners for a quiet upscale accent of modern charm……SO PRETTY…..!!!

Use them with our new Ivory Cream Party Favor Bags as favors place at your table settings for guest to carry home…..

Dinner Is Served

E-Straw-Ivory-Bag-MED E-Straw-Ivory-Bag-3-LARGE

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few of our new colors. All these colors are still a few weeks out yet, however keep checking back for MORE SAMPLES of many more to come.

Here’s a list of them for you to look forward to: Ruby Red ( a deeper REALLY Red )   Candy Apply Red  ( bold bright REALLY Red )    Apple / Lime Green ( one of my favorites )

Apple/Lime Green Dots     Yellow Dots      Hot Pink Dots      Pink Hearts      Kelly Green      Navy Blue     Midnight Black    Deep Orange  and more new colors of  LONGER 10 1/2” long paper straws to fit your Party Soda Bottles….

OK….that’s it for now. I’ll be back soon with new Party Favor Bags and more pretty Paper Straws.

Until then,

Eat, Drink and Be Happy….!!!

The Sugar Diva

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