New Printable Parties for Grown Ups

Well, a few weeks ago I asked ya’ll what kind of printable parties you were looking for at the printable party place.  One thing several of you mentioned was the need for printable parties for grown ups.  So I put on my thinking cap and have been working on some new printable parties that are all great for grown ups.  Thanks for the suggestions ladies!  I will continue working on more printables and will let you know as more come out at the printable party place.

here is a sneak peak….but head on over to the printable party place to see them all!

Head on over and take a look at what’s new!

oh…there’s a new one for kids too…the printable sock monkey party!

Monster Birthday Party

This Monster Birthday Party was originally posted by Kate Bogot Photography.


It’s bright, fun and even though it’s MONSTERS…it’s not the least bit scary!  The cake is so much fun.

Enjoy the party…..

Ben and all the kids (I think 24 of them…phew!) had a fun time, the weather was great and the moms also seemed to have a lot of fun so all in all the party was a success.  I have to say a big THANK YOU to all of my friends and neighbors who attended.  Wow what a wonderful, helpful group!!!

Now I realize the mustaches are not exactly “monsterish”  but we thought they were pretty darn fun!  Check out Etsy for adorable monster shirts by NissaLisa and our fabulous decorations from Joosy Card Company.  Oh and the awesome monster cake is courtesy of Lovin’ Oven Bakery.

Polkadot Baby Shower

This red white and black polkadot baby shower was originally hosted by Simply Southern Events.

Ok, how stinkin’ cute is the red and white polkadot diaper that wraps around the invitation?  So clever!  And those paper baby shoes are the perfect compliment.

Enjoy this baby shower….

My friends and I finally got to host a baby shower this weekend for our very pregnant friend Brooke. I have known Brooke since the 8th grade and I was just thrilled when I found out she was having a little girl. I feel so blessed to have her in my life and can’t wait to see her embark on the journey of motherhood.

My wonderful friends gave me the honor of being in-charge of the invitations and shower decor. They know how much I love coming up with party decor. Seriously, I go a little nuts sometimes. Of course I thought of using the color pink, but how boring is that. Since Brooke has always been a very bubbly and outgoing gal, I decided against using pink and went with red, black and white polka dots; and boy I am so glad I did! All and all, I think the decor turned out really cute and different. The pictures are below and I hope you enjoy! By the way, my friend Kelli took the pictures and I think she is talented!

This blog and all of its content and images may not be transferred or shared in any way without my prior authorization. SimplySouthernEvents©2010.
Thank you for your understanding!!

I actually saw the words of encouragement cards on the baby gardner website and decided to make my own version. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Sweet Summer Lemonade Shower

This Lemon inspired Bridal Shower was originally hosted by the Ladies from Haute Apple Pie.

What a perfectly sweet shower idea for the summer!  The colors are fun and fresh and using natural elements like lemons is such an inexpensive way to brighten up your decor!

Enjoy the bridal shower…..

I recently had the privilege  of helping put together a shower for my cousin Jeff’s fiance Kate. We were thrilled to host a shower in the summer months and decided to keep the day bright with a summertime lemonade themed shower. With lemons everywhere, from the tables, to the favors, to the drinks, we all enjoyed entering into summer with a wedding celebration.

The invitations, designed by myself, started off the lemon theme. The invites were mailed in a soft yellow envelope and addressed by the fun penmanship of my sister Lindsay.

Each table centerpiece used a clear glass vessel, including a pitcher, cake plate, bucket and bowl. Lemons, purchased in bulk from CostCo, were placed in each centerpiece alongside small bunches of Sweet William flowers, from a local farmer’s market, in clear glass cruets.

Each place setting held a simple lemon with a stick pin flag name tag.

The ladies sipped on lemon drop martinis and vodka lemonades.

Names were drawn periodically throughout the shower, with the winners picking from a variety of lemon themed door prizes.

Each guest was given a mason jar of ingredients along with a recipe to make lemonade cookies. A fresh batch of the lemonade cookies was placed on a small lemon plate for tasting before taking the jars home.

To make the Lemonade Cookie jars layer the following ingredients into a clean, dry, quart-sized mason jar:

  • ½ cup powdered lemonade flavored drink mix
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 C. vanilla baking chips
  • 1 ¾ cups flour
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • Recipe:

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Empty contents of jar into large mixing bowl. Add 1/2 C. melted butter. Add one egg and one teaspoon vanilla. Mix thoroughly with hands. Drop one-inch balls, slightly flattened, onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes. Cool slightly on cookie sheet then transfer to cooling rack. Makes approximately four dozen cookies.

    For extra lemon flavor, add the zest of a small lemon to the batter. We told our guests to take their lemon name tag home to use it for the recipe!

    Kate loved her lemon shower and we look forward to a beautiful September wedding!

    DIY Centerpiece

    Check out this DIY centerpiece made with cupcake liners that was submitted by Creative Jewish Mom.  It’s a great project that you can use as a centerpiece for a wedding, tea party, girls night, afternoon luncheon…the list goes on!

    Here are all the details from the Creative Jewish Mom:

    Cupcake Liner Flowers5

    Gorgeous right? These carnation look-alikes made from cupcake liners are fantastic, even more so in person! And you can whip up a bunch of bouquets in very little time (and for very little cost!) once you get the hang of it. They’re delicate and romantic with a tongue in cheek craftyness. And they would make great centerpieces anytime, but especially for a DIY wedding, a bridal or baby shower, and of course Shavuos!

    Cupcake Liner In Blue Vase

    And I just love the idea of using these floral stamens for the little all white flowers, so sweet…..can’t quite believe I made these. Mind you the idea itself is not mine, but I played around with a variety of techniques before coming up with what I think results in the nicest flowers.

    You’ll Need:

    • cupcake liners in three graduating sizes (small, medium, large) You could certainly try using colored and patterned liners for this project, but there’s something really nice about creating with just the basic creme liners! (And my local store only had creme and blue striped ones……)
    • floral wire, around 22 gauge (you can use pipe cleaners for a kid’s project, but not for yours!)
    • red craft paint
    • floral stamens (even available in Israel at basic craft stores!)

    How To:

    1. The large flowers are made from 9 total liners, 3 large, 3 medium and 3 small. the small flowers are made from 8 liners, all size small.
    2. Stack the liners according to size, one inside the next.
    3. With a very large needle, or something else sharp, like possibly a toothpick, poke a hole at the edge of the small liner, such that the hole goes all the way through all the layers. Make sure to keep holding your liners together after you poke the hole!
    4. Thread a piece of floral wire through the first hole, and poke a second hole opposite the first on the inside bottom edge of the liner. the point is that the holes should be about 1 inch apart.
    5. Thread your floral wire down through the second hole, and if you will be using floral stamens, insert them now under the wire. (You could also try using tiny piece of ribbon in place of the stamens!)
    6. Pull the wire as tightly as possible without tearing the paper and fold the whole flower into a half moon shape.
    7. Now, to shape your flower you’ll have to play around a bit, separating the layers from one another while folding them up and towards the center. You may also want to crumple the paper a bit or fold the edges back as you rotate the flower.
    8. To add subtle colored detail to your flower, dip a dense sponge in a small amount of paint and dab the edges. Alternatively you can use water color paint to add color to the whole flower, just go light on the paint!
    9. I just can’t stop gushing about this project and I’ve got at least another two projects in the works using cupcake liners (one for kids, and more flowers) so stay tuned!

    Ice Cream Parties

    Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for an Ice Cream Party!

    This first Ice Cream Party was originally hosted by Ramblings from the Sunshine State.

    I LOVE the ice cream cone t-shirt!  It is fantabulously cute!

    Enjoy this yummy ice cream party….

    After a week of completely stressing out about this party (that’s what I get for waiting till the last minute, right?), the big party day finally arrived! Here again are the invitations, courtesy of Dimpleprints.

    I knew I wanted to make an ice cream shop sign. Pleas excuse my lettering, I’m no painter! I’m sure the fact that it was probably about 3:00 am when I did this, didn’t help.

    When I made Morgan’s cake topper, she told me she wanted one, too. I did this dress different and I think she turned out cute. Thankfully, when I made Morgan’s, I had painted more than one doll. Otherwise, she might not have turned out so well! The ice cream cone is a $1.00 eraser from Joanns.

    I didnt want to spend a ton of money on party favors (I never do!) and I hate buying junky cheap stuff that will just get thrown away. So I decided on making ice cream cone crayons. It was my first time doing them this way, and they turned out great!

    I also whipped up a bright, colorful bunting. I love the colors on this. These were the pre-packaged fat quarters from Joanns when they were on sale for $.99 each. I used these fabrics again both in the cake topper dress and a t-shirt I made for her to wear.

    Since it’s pretty warm out and I didnt want the ice cream to turn into a soupy mess, I made up this little menu sign so the kids could choose their flavors. I’m sure I could have made this a lot cuter, but this wasnt done until the day of the party!

    Finally, the main event! The sundae bar! TONS of toppings here… bananas, cake & sugar cones, sprinkles of all kinds, crushed Oreos, peanuts, strawberry sauce, marshmallows, chocolate, caramel & strawberry syrup, gummi bears, M&Ms and cherries. Even some of that stuff that hardens into a shell when you put it on the ice cream.

    Check out this hungry herd!

    Before I forget (I almost did!), here is the t-shirt I made her. I found this t-shirt on clearance in the toddler section of Walmart (it’s a 5T!) for $2.50. Six scoops for 6 years!

    And for some of the other details. I whipped up some more candy covered marshmallows.

    And pretzels.

    Cupcakes, too!

    And you can’t forget the cake! The cones are really just decorative. They are cut in half and I put a few marshmallows in just to use less frosting (I was getting low!).

    Check out the inside!

    Make a wish, big girl!

    Finally, a little after party fun in the bounce house.

    I think it turned out pretty good, and I’m glad it’s over! No more parties until September! At least Blake already knows what he wants. I can keep an eye out for stuff during the coming months. His party will be football themed. I just don’t know if he wants a generic football theme, or to use Cowboy colors, since that’s the team he plays for.

    Anyway, hopefully now I can get some household projects done. Have a good one!

    More Ice Cream Party Ideas:

    Frost Me Blog has put together some fun ideas from around the web for the perfect Ice Cream Party.  Check out what she shared on her blog..

    I love the idea of an ice cream bar at any party – great for work parties, too! Or you could do a whole party theme around ice cream! Here are a few dabs of frosting for your next party!

    How insanely fun does this ice cream themed tablescape look?!? One of the best ideas is the way they made the tablecloth look like ice cream drips! You could even do this with a cheap vinyl table cloth! And why not glue on some “jimmies” too! Source

    You could do this popsicle display on a smaller scale at your next party – use tiered spice racks with ice underneath and create the same look! …. one of each please! Source found via imprintables blog

    Every ice cream bar deserves a great assortment of toppings! These divided DIY paper containers will save you from finding a million dishes to serve it all up in! Source and tutorial

    You could add these ice cream trucks as decorations or put an invite inside, or use as favor boxes… or all three! lol  DIY printables… Source

    Use sprinkles in non-conventional ways to decorate! Use glue on card stock, kraft paper or empty toilet rolls, roll in sprinkles and let dry.  Add a ribbon and va-la! Use them around containers as a fun touch too! You could use sprinkles at the bottom of a vase or box (like you would rice or beans) to help cones stand up straight.  Source and tutorial found via gordongossip blog

    You KNOW I love a fun cupcake! These would be a little sweat equity, but how dang cute!?!  Source

    …. I am off to find the mint chocolate chip ice cream!!!

    Ballerina Birthday Party

    This Ballerina Birthday party was originally hosted by Glorious Treats.

    Ok, I know it’s not winter and right now there are now snowflakes, but I just thought this party was so pretty and sweet and I just had to pass it on to ya’ll!

    Enjoy the party…..

    Today’s post may be a bit out of line with the season, since it’s a Snowflake Ballerina Party, and here in California we’re (almost) in spring.  I put together this special party for a friend this past December, and I dont’ think I can wait until December rolls around again to share this with you!

    This past November a good friend of mine mentioned she was having trouble getting motivated to plan a party for her (soon to be) 4 year old daughter.  It wasn’t that she didn’t want to plan a party, I think she just needed a little inspiration.  Of course, all it took was the mention of a “party” and I was in full party planning mode!  I suggested several different themes to get my friend thinking, and after a little consulting with the birthday girl, the theme was set… a ballerina party with a winter twist… a Snowflake Ballerina Party!
    With the theme set, we then settled on the color scheme… pale pink, ice blue and white.  My mind began swirling with visions of snowflakes and ballerinas in a winter wonderland…

    Since there are no invitations on the market with both a snowflake, and a ballerina theme, my first step was to create invitations.  So off to my scrapbooking table, I gathered paper, glitter and my Cricut and got to work.  Below are the final invitations.

    With the invitations complete, I began to dream about how I could create a magical centerpiece for the room that would really set the mood.  I envisioned ribbon and snowflakes and ballerinas all hanging from the heavens (or at least from the ceiling).  I enlisted my hubby to make me a lightweight wooden frame, that I would then be able to hang to the ceiling with Command Adhesive hooks.  The night before the party I spent 2 hours climbing up and down a ladder hanging ribbon, snowflakes and ballerinas onto the frame.  In the end, I was so happy with the result.  It was just what I had envisioned!
    Details-  I used a variety of widths and types of ribbon (all from my personal collection- originally from several various stores… I’m a bit of a ribbon addict!).  The snowflakes are all ornaments I bought at Dollar Tree.  The ballerina silhouettes are made from cardstock that I cut using my Cricut machine.
    The party was held (mostly) in the dinning room.  This is the way it looked when the guests arrived.  Notice the pale pink skirts tied around each chair.  These were custom made for the party (by the mother of one of the little guests), and acted both as decorations and favors.
    The first party activity was for the girls to decorate snowflake cookies (that I had made ahead of time).  I had prepared pale pink, blue and white icing, as well as a pretty selection of sprinkles for the girls to decorate their cookies with.  Each girl took home her plate of cookies (minus the one or two they nibbled on while decorating).
    I also made some decorated snowflake cookies for the moms to snack on.
    (I’ve shared the cookie recipe I use HERE, and I have a post HERE on basic cookie decorating)
    After the girls decorated cookies, we sang to the birthday girl, and served cupcakes while presents were opened.  The cupcakes were chocolate cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting (recipe HERE) and handmade cupcake toppers.  The idea for the toppers came from HERE, and the template I used for the bodice is HERE.  The original ideas use tulle or tissue, but I had some light blue snowflake ribbon that I thought would be perfect.  They took a ton of time to make, but I think they turned out pretty special.  I added a ‘B’ on one for the birthday girl (Bailey).
    The grand finale of the party was a private ballet lesson (given by the birthday girl’s regular ballet teacher).  The girls really enjoyed this, and they were so adorable to watch!
    Here are the birthday girl (on the left) and my daughter (on the right) dancing their hearts out!  So sweet!
    All in all it was a pretty magical afternoon, and hopefully created some very special memories for little Miss Bailey.

    Noteworthy Info…

    The parties on this site are parties that OTHER people have thrown and hosted.  So many of you leave comments on the party posts or email asking ME questions about the parties…where to get things, etc.  Please follow the link in each post to the original party host and leave them a comment/question on THEIR blog in order to get the answers you are looking for. I would LOVE to help…but I literally don’t have the answers.  And it’s always great if you visit the original party host’s blog and leave them a note anyway!


    Shannon….your creative party place hostess

    Cookies & Milk First Birthday

    This Cookies and Milk Birthday party was originally hosted by Heather from Pass the Cereal.


    The Cookies and Milk theme is one that I adore more and more every time I see it!  I love it as an idea for a first birthday!  And that  BIG ‘cookie cake’….how stinkin’ cute is that!  Scroll on down to have a look at all the details…..and I suggest you have some cookies and milk while you hang out here for awhile and check out all the great parties to see.


    Third child, first birthday…I almost skipped the party. I’m glad that some of my family urged me to get planning though as I loved how it turned out! And I found out that brainstorming with the 6-year-old can bring some amazing ideas to your theme! Our theme was Milk & Cookies/Bedtime Stories, because don’t those things just have to go together?

    I found the perfect invitations from Tiny Prints. They were meant as a baby shower invitation suite, but I thought they worked perfectly for a one-year-old’s birthday (especially my one-year-old that refuses to stand up). So sweet right? There were pink & green options also, but given that I was sticking with a pastel color palette, these were the perfect fit!

    The big kids usually collect donations at their friend parties and Jack thought it would be a great idea to collect books at Olivia’s party (even if she is little). So we collected board books for our local (and amazing) children’s hospital. I was so excited to see so many favorites!

    The books actually served as party decor as we set them up along the sideboard as people arrived.

    And hanging above the books were bright and cheery tissue paper poofs.

    In fact we kept the decorations simple, with the tissue poofs and rows of gerbera daisies adding pops of color.

    Well, I did do one batch of balloons for Olivia to go crazy flinging about. The face above is because she learned to close her eyes before the she sent them flying!

    Wall decorations included a birthday banner and…

    a photo time line from 0 months to 12 months, ceiling to floor.

    And the food for the party was…A buffet of cookies & milk of course!

    I used a circle design/logo throughout the party and couldn’t resist including a few more in these little frames on the table.

    I baked six kinds of cookies for the party: Sugar Cookies, Snickerdoodles, Rainbow Swirl, Peanut Butter Kisses, M&M and amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies {recommended by southern daze}.

    Strawberry, white & chocolate milk (because special occasions call for special milk).

    My absolute favorite party suggestion from Jack was that all the kids come to the party in their pajamas! Soon after, EJ got these super cute milk & cookies jammies (in a batch of previously-loved clothes) and I set out to find equally cute jammies for the other two kids!

    We emptied the toys out of our playroom, drew the shades, and set up a mini theater where the kids watched Bedtime Stories

    and ate lots of yummy movie snacks!

    We created a keepsake book for Olivia out of a mini binder. I cut & hole-punched card stock to fit the binder and included a page with each invitation. Family & friends used the pages as a card, decorating them with stickers, drawings and notes to Olivia. The book came out better than I could have ever imagined.

    The favor bags were these cute striped candy bags with a clear sticker on the front printed with one of five quotes from a favorite children’s book (4 star-themed & 1 Olivia bedtime quote thrown in for fun).

    Each was filled with one of these yummy star cookies from a local baker {who you can shop with at her etsy shop}, sealed closed with a thank you logo seal, and partnered with a star cookie cutter. I have to give credit to Jack once again as the “star=nighttime” idea was all his!

    This amazing chocolate chip cookie cake was made by our new friend Erin (thanks for the recommendation Auntie Sandy). You can check out more of Erin’s awesome creations here.

    Olivia didn’t quite know what was going on, but she did seem to enjoy picking off the chips.

    And apparently, unlike her mother, Olivia is not a huge fan of cake! We had to beg her to get a little dirty (I think her hair got the worst of it)!

    Thank to everyone who helped make Olivia’s first birthday bash a huge success and for everyone who celebrated with us!

    The gorgeous photography in this post is courtesy of {tsj} photography (thanks Auntie Tracie), and the less than stellar shots are from my trusty point & shoot!

    Printable Inspiration?

    I’ve got some more ideas I’m working on for Printable Party Place.  (sock monkey….rockets….) But I’m just wondering….what printable themes are YOU looking for?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

    Oh…..and if you haven’t already noticed…the comment link is up beneath the post title now!

    Ooh La La – French Theme

    This French Theme Birthday party was originally hosted by Chris from Celebrations at Home.


    Ok, I’m officially in love with this party!  It’s so unique.  I love all the french touches that she obviously brought from the inside of her home to the outside.  It’s all just so lovely!


    This past weekend I hosted a birthday party for my husband.  We went with a French Happy Hour theme as sort of a nod to the time we spent in France, BC(before children).  For the decor, I used what I already had, and was so pleased with the result.  Hope you like it! (click on pics to view larger)
    Guests were greeted with French wine and champagne!   I set up this area with a pvc pipe frame system to hold old frames, a ‘C’ for Chuck, and curtain panels to frame it all out.  I brought out an old chest to act as a bar, and iced the champagne in a garden urn.

    A little taste of France: Goat cheese toasts w/caramelized onions, Brie tarts with strawberry preserves, mini quiches, and “french” fries served in paper cones with a fleur de lis embelishment. An old suit case was used to serve the toasts out of, and pictures from our trip created a ‘banner’ above.

    The dessert table served up fruit tartlets, palmiers, croquembouche, and these divine macarons from Petites Bouchees.  I chose the chocolate-espresso buttercream, and the hazelnut-caramel.  Delicious! If you are in need of macarons, check out Petite Bouchees.
    I used drawers to display the macarons, an urn for height and to hold the palmiers, and a frame fitted with ‘post card’ scrapbook paper to hold the fruit tarts.  Other decorative elements were a globe, some French books I picked up in Paris, and a candeliere hanging above.

    Take home favors consisted of various monogrammed items: note pads, coaster sets, and note cards.  The bags were wrapped with coordinating paper used throughout the party, and a monogram tag was attached with fleur de lis wax seal.  Another vintage suit case was used to help display the favors.
    You can see lots more photos in our Facebook album.

    Show off Your Patriotism!

    Do you have 4th of July celebrations from the past that you could share?  We would love to see them!  Click HERE to share your inspiring ideas with others.

    Don’t have any to share?  That’s ok, click on over anyway to see what others are sharing!

    4th of July Inspiration

    4th of July is just around the corner, so I thought pass along some inspiration that has been listed by fellow party girls!  Enjoy….

    Bird Crafts listed her Patriotic Inspiration Boards….

    I’ve just design a 4th of July Printable Party and wanted to share some ideas for the décor and food for your patriotic celebrations! Hope you like them!! :)

    Photo source:

    Top left: Drinks and stars and stripes cutlery: Martha Stewart
    Top Right: 4th July Party Invite by Bird Crafts
    Bottom: Place-holder cards or party food labels by Bird Crafts
    Cherry tarts: Pastry filled with cream and cherries by Bird :)

    Photo Source:
    Top left: Favor Bag labels by Bird Crafts on Etsy
    Patriotic candles made with sand by Martha Stewart
    Red and Blue Tutu by Tiny Belles Boutique on Etsy
    Frost Me Blog listed her July 4th post……
    Is anyone else excited about 4th of July?!? I love it – well, I love every holiday I get to eat and not exchange presents rofl… here is a start of a few posts I’ll do on ways to Frost your 4th!

    I thought these were genius! Sparkler holders! How great would these look on your table?!? …Might just have to make them for my get together! Source found via simplycreativeinsanity blog

    Confetti filled balloons would be great for any occasion! Definitely a great alternative to a pinata! Just use a funnel on the end of a balloon to fill the confetti, then blow up, tie off, hang and va-la! Source

    Dress your table with red and white striped fabric, blue runner and starfish for a beachy take on a flag! Lose the stripes and use this setup for a beach themed party! Source: Book:  Parties that Wow

    I love these cookies – you can make them with red centers and use them as decoders! The easiest way to make these is to cut out the middle with smaller star cutter, then place a piece of clear candy (like jolly rancher) in the middle, it will melt was the cookie bakes, and va-la! Instant adorable treat! Source

    I am in LOVE with this cupcake – why? because it’s easy! Make red, white and blue frosting and have at it – add a few star sprinkles to the blue and you have a masterpiece! I was also thinking… why not use sugar cookies where the white is and then icing where the red and blue are – then you would have cookies AND cupcake – hello?!? YUM! Source found via cupcakestakethecake

    A Lemon and Pink Party

    Hi party ladies! This is Jess from Party Box Design and I am here to share my daughters 2nd birthday party with you all!Flower first picThe inspiration for this party, a Warm Summer’s Day- a day filled with lemonade, bubbles, ice pops, cupcakes and friends. The colors are shades of pink and lemon, the patterns are damask and polka dots!


    flower 2

    tutu poms 4

    tutu poms 1

    tutu poms 2


    candy 3


    cocktail 1

    cocktail 7

    dessert 3

    dessert 2

    decor 2


    kids 2

    cupcake thank you 2

    You can find many more pics here on my blog!

    All the party decor etc. may be found at Party Box Design.

    Vendor List and reviews may be found here!

    Hopefully you are able to pull some inspiration from this party. Have a crazy fabulous day everyone!

    Rockin’ Guitar Themed Birthday Party

    This Guitar Birthday Party was originally hosted over at Dimple Prints.


    This is pretty stinkin’ cute for a party theme!  I love the “rock on” cupcake topper with the rocker hand sign on it.  How clever.

    Enjoy this Rockin’ birthday…..

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