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Hi Everyone,
Let me introduce myself…!!! I am the new Owner/ Hostess of Creative Party Place and I am so thrilled to become YOUR new PARTY   HOSTESS…!!! My name is Dianne Wood / aka The Sugar Diva and my personal blog is HAPPY HOME
You can visit me there to see MY STYLE and also see our fun PARTY PRODUCTS that will add the PERFECT TOUCH to all the wonderful party themes that I will be sharing with you. In my family, I was always the “go to girl” when it came to planning parties, weddings and family get togethers. I must have heard it hundreds of times, “You just go overborad” …OR..”It doesn’t have to be Perfect”….OR…you just do TOO MUCH..!!!  Of course that’s what everyone EXPECTED of me and is why they always called on me to get the job done. I must admit though, I LOVE IT and it’s what I do best.  My biggest and proudest accomplishment is the Gourmet Party and Paper Product Line that I have designed and sell to stores and shops across America.  Here are just a few of our fun products.

FIRST…..are the NEW PAPER STRAWS that I designed and am having produced just for us. We are “OVER THE MOON” excited over these. I have designed the FIRST ORIGINAL…..POLKA DOT PAPER STRAWS…!!! We also have some really pretty STRIPES.  You can Mix Them UP for a fun and festive party theme.  NOW…the straws in the pictures are actually “mock up” samples since our first shipment won’t arrive until November 1st.

Also new are our pretty designer Party Favor Treat Bags….perfect for filling with candy, cookies, popcorn and party loot or surprises. Watch for more designs coming REAL SOON..!!! Our fun bags will add the perfect touch to any party theme. A great way to say Thanks.!!! Use them at weddings, baby showers, birthday parties or any other special events.

And what’s a party without Balloons….Our CUTE and FUN POLKA DOT BALLOONS…..Add a POP of COLOR to your next party or event with our Big Dot Polka Dot Balloons…:)

OK…..Enough about ME…!!!     When Shannon returns next week  from “House Hunting” in Alaska, she will SHOW ME HOW to start posting YOUR PARTIES. I’m new to Word Press, so it may take me a while to learn my way around.

I look forward to getting to know each of YOU and hope you will continue to VISIT ME here at YOUR CREATIVE PARTY PLACE…:)    Please comment in to say “Hello”….!!!
Dianne ….. Creative Party Hostess

Drumroll please……

Hey Everyone.  Well…it’s done.  There is officially a new hostess taking over here at CPP.  Her name is Dianne Wood.  She is quite the ‘party girl’ herself.  She has a few other sites you may have visited…..



I’m really excited to be handing the site over to her.  She is passionate about parties and she is ready to inspire you by sharing more ideas from all of YOU party girls out there as well as her own.  She also has lots of fabulous products to show you that are sure to be a hit at your next event.

It’s been a fun ride for the last year and a half.  YOU have all inspired me so much.  I’ve been amazed at the talent and creativity out there.  And the fact that many of you are even MORE party crazy than me has made me feel, well….not so crazy! LOL! 

Because of everything going on in my life it is in a way a relief to hand this over to someone else.  But, it is bittersweet.  This was my baby and I created it from scratch.  It”s a bit sad to let it go, but I fully trust Dianne to take care of it and help it grow and blossom into something even better.  

I hope you will welcome her with open arms.

Blessings to you all….


Moving forward….

Thank you for your interest in the site.
I have chosen the person who will be taking over the site and she has been notified.

It will be announced soon once all the details are finalized.  I hope you will all continue to frequent the site and support her.

Shannon ~ Creative Party Girl

Sweet Strawberry Party

This Sweet Strawberry Birthday Party was originally hosted by Glory over at Glorious Treats.  Glory listed her party on the Parties 4 Girls page.

Check it out…..

This weekend I added some sweet details to my niece’s 9th birthday party.  I got to be in charge of the things I love best, the sweets and the favors!  I set up this little dessert table to display the treats together.
Forever inspired by Amy Atlas and my good friend Sharnel, I always start planning a party with lots of grand ideas.  But somewhere along the way, a pesky little thing called a “budget” often gets in my way!
For this party, I used dishes, linens and ribbon that I already had on hand, and kept the entire cost of the sweets and favors (for 8 girls) under $40.00
The mommies got a little favor too, a basket of fresh strawberries (picked by my sister and myself).  Even the strawberries got dressed up with ribbon!
Total cost for sweets and favors for a party of 8 = $38.08
Want to see the breakdown of the cost and more pictures?  Visit Glory’s original party post over at Glorious Treats.
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Halloween Party Planning & a Sweet Treats Party…

Hi Everyone, it’s Jess from Party Box Design! Goodness, is this week flying by or what?!? Anyhoooo… Halloween is right around the corner and our party planning is in full effect! This year we will be hosting our annual party and I just can’t wait, check out this years invite and watter bottle labels! Teal, orange and black work so well together- PLUS many more details to come… so be sure to check out PBD’s Blog!

I am sure many of you are planning your own parties as well… Halloween is just so much fun! Here are some pics from last years party, with a sweet treats theme! Hopefully you can pull some planning inspiration of your own from these photos! Afterall, Halloween is all about the sweets!

You can find more party details here, within my feature on HWTM!

Have a great rest of your week… the Fall weather is on it’s way, I can just feel it!

Party Ideas Challenge

The ladies over at The CSI Project are having a “show off your party ideas challenge” and they have asked ME to be the guest judge!  Entries are due in by noon on Thursday….so head on over there and link up to join the challenge!

They do ALL sorts of challenges!  CSI stands for Create Something Inspiring and that blog has more inspiring ideas than you can imagine.  They do a different challenge each week and I promise you can’t click away from that blog and not be INSPIRED!!

Visit thecsiproject.com

Bug Themed Birthday Party

This Bugged Out Bug Themed Birthday Party was listed by Pink Peppermint Paper.


Pink Peppermint Parties has been all abuzz over the details for Lauren’s son’s 2nd birthday. No flies on us, for sure. For those of you who don’t remember or weren’t following me very early on, this is the adorable party she worked up for his 1st birthday.

This year’s theme was Bugs, and the challenge was to make it a party any boy would be proud of but also keep it sweet for a birthday boy still knee high to a grasshopper. We set the mood with this invitation design.

The munched edges turned out to be one of my favorite little details! Lauren even munched the flap on the envelope. Love it.

The adults enjoyed their drinks from these adorable homemade bug jars.

There is SOOOO much more BUGGY stuff to see over on the orginal party post.  So hop on over to Pink Peppermint Paper to check it out!  Thanks for listing your party on the Parties for Boys page Eleanor!

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Baby Gender Reveal Party

I think these new gender reveal parties are such a fun idea!  Check out this one with the theme “A Little Birdie told Me” which was listed by Beth Beattie.

Inspired by the familiar saying, “A little birdie told me,” we added “It’s a ?” to the invite for the recent baby reveal theme. A green and pink gender neutral custom invite was created. Once we found out it was a girl, we designed the pink and natural bird tablescape with letters to spell G-I-R-L from Anthropologie, bird decor and cages from Michael’s. Moss and rattan chargers, rented from Panache Party Rental added to the natural texture of the table. The invite was turned into a placecard design and attached to the bird nests with pink Jordan Almonds as eggs and bird feeders. The Nest Egg Scented Soap was the party favor for the ladies. Opi “It’s a girl” nail polish was given to the girls who guessed it is a girl. Cupcakes with toasted coconut to look like a nest with pink birdies were made by Southern Belle’s Cakery. Photos by mStyle Photography.

Cookies and Milk Party

Nothing says childhood like Cookies and Milk and so what could make a better birthday theme?  This party Cookies and Milk Birthday from Pass the Cereal looks simply YUMMY…



There are MANY more yummy pictures of the party and all the party details over at Pass the Cereal.  So head on over to Heather’s Blog to see more.


Ok, so I just realized I’ve already featured that party!  I think that’s the first time I’ve done that!  So….I’m gonna have you take a look at this other fabulous Milk and Cookies party from Nicki over at Nicksterland.



Please go visit Nicksterland to see many more Milk and Cookies party details!

Heather and Nicki listed their parties on the “First Birthday” page.  Have you seen these other great parties listed on the 1st birthday page:

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Milk and Cookies party for TWINS

ONE orange balloon

Caterpillar Birthday Party

Ok, so I’m at my cousins house using her computer and I can’t figure out how to ‘right-click copy’ on her laptop.  Which means I can’t figure out how to do the post the way I normally do.  So sorry about the lack of pictures, but I will just send you over to this super cute Caterpillar Birthday Party that Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams listed on the Parties 4 Boys page.  It’s so bright, fun and adorable!!  Please go look! Here is one picture to get you going…..

[caterpillar party 004[3].jpg]

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Mad Scientist Birthday Party

Following Phubie listed her Mad Science Birthday Party.  Check it out….

Caitlyn became fascinated with science when she started kindergarten, and it was her idea to have a “Mad Science” party for her sixth birthday. These custom designed invitations from Melanie Crownover at ewe hooo, provided a lot of ideas and inspiration, from the color of the decorations to the design of the cake.

mad science invitation

mad science invitation

mad science birthday banner

paper chain decorations

To help set the scene, there were mason jars filled with radioactive rods (i.e., glow sticks), real laboratory beakers containing Potion No. 6 test tube favors, and essential books in every mad scientist’s library.

mad science party radioactive rods

mad science test tube favors

Inspired by the invitation, Loan, a full-time pharamacist and part-time “Ace of Cakes”, created this phenomenal 2 tier red velvet cake. We loved all of the clever details that went into the cake, from the bubbling flask, mortar and pestle, book of potions, and spilling test tube, down to the lab rats pleading for help.

mad science cake

mad science cake

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes from Happy Eatery were topped with my handmade toppers and displayed on the custom cupcake stand.

mad science cupcakes

Our gummy worm and brain cultures grew in Jello petri dishes overnight in the refrigerator.

mad science petri dish jello

Guests rotated to various experimenting stations when they arrived.

To see the experiments and MORE please visit Following Phubie’s Mad Science party Post.

King of the Jungle First Birthday Party

Angelena from My Three Babycakes listed her King of the Jungle First Birthday Party.  Check it out!

There is more to see of the King of the Jungle Party over at Angelena’s blog.

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Midsummers Night Fairy Party

This Midsummers Night Party with cute little fairies was originally hosted by Frog Prince Paperie.


This party really captured my eye!  The colors are wonderful and all the details are just so perfect.  It’s simply lovely.


We had a magical evening of celebrating my mother’s birthday…full of laughter, fairies, butterflies, and a mischievous little puck. But…there was a great sigh of relief as we cut into the birthday cake, the work was over and we could all simply enjoy the moment.

Throwing this event was extra fun; we travelled to Virginia to where my family lives to put it on. As a result, the whole family got to be involved. My brother helped with the cooking, my father engineered signs and candleholders and anything else that needed built, my mother remained silent as I dismantled and redecorated her house, and she, my sister-in-law and a few old good friends helped craft many of the small details in the party. And probably most important, my dear husband wrangled the children while we put the finishing touches on everything. It was wonderful to have an event that brought us all together!

A few weeks before the party, invitations were sent out. They have a full craft paper brown enclosure tied with the ribbons that were used throughout the party, and were adorned with little fairies and some specially written prose. The fairies were a special touch just for my mother — they are silhouettes of her little pixie of a granddaughter and are seen throughout the party decor as well!

midsummer's night night fairy party

. As our guests arrived, we wanted to set the stage a bit…

White branches in teal-tinted metal buckets hung heavy with votives flanked the path to the door. Votives were placed up the walkway, with little fairies dancing up the steps.

midsummer night fairy party

Inside, fairies and butterflies fluttered amongst the sweets on the dessert table. Natural elements such as burlap, river rocks and long branches tied the beautiful gardens outside the windows into the room.

The items served on the dessert and appetizer table were specifically chosen because they were Mom’s favorites, although I admit I have a few new ones now myself, like the AMAZING strawberry meringues!

frog prince paperie

midsummer night fairy party

The artisan strawberry meringues were so pretty, we had to convince people they weren’t just decorations. And they tasted even better than they looked! Sweet Purrfection, a small artisanal confectionery out of Chicago, provided these light as air melt in your mouth treats. Perfect flavor, perfect texture, perfect custom color….they were just perfect! We’ve since tried their other flavors, and they are ALL fabulous. Erin’s Cake Creations provided the beautiful custom decoration for the carrot cake and fondant roses that reflected the paper flowers in the party decor. Girly Gatherings made the unique sugar cookies with graphics to match the invitation, a crested “G” and our little fuscia fairy. The live greenery was all contributed by my mother’s gardens…

Each letter of the birthday banner is unique typographic art taken from antique books and available in the public domain. Masterpiece Designs has a wealth of inexpensive imagery and is where I found the beautiful antique frames. They were perfect for holding Shakespearean quotes!

My brother and I had such a good time in the kitchen together preparing the appetizers…apricot brie puffs, spinach and feta purses, herb crusted pork loin rolls, black bean cakes with spicy sweet potato sauce and cilantro cream, honey minted fruit and marinated cheese. In the spirit of being  a good southern hostess, I’ll be sharing the recipes for everything in posts to follow.

We mixed up a signature drink for the night – Love Potion No. 9, otherwise known as a white russian (mom’s favorite). We’re happy to report Puck’s potion only turned one of our guests into a lovable donkey.

On the outside deck, fairy lights were strung on the arbors and trees for atmosphere, and there were many candles flickering out in the gardens to make for a little fairy magic. There was  liberal sprinkling of candles, votives and butterflies through the rooms inside where the party circulated. Fuscia paper lanterns and paper roses added pops of color.

A party can be thrown without a tissue pouf, but I don’t think I can ever give up the fun of the photo booth. The grandchildren, dressed as Puck and Titania, posed for the camera while the adults were able to play dress up for a moment.

As the guests left, we treated them to a few party favors. Again, one of mom’s favorites was selected to thank our guest for coming–chocolate covered oreos. What we wanted to bring to our guests at mom’s birthday was a little feeling of magic, a little whimsy, and something the children attending the party would find some wonder in as well as the adults. The Midsummer’s Night Dream underlying theme and deeper color hues made using fairies for an adult party work, and made the party planning a little more fun.

Thank you to SandS Photography out of Hampton, Virginia for the party pictures.


Under the Sea Birthday Adventure

It’s  almost August, it’s HOT… and what better way to celebrate a Summer birthday- then an Under the Sea Adventure! This theme is filled with bright- fun colors, and endless activities! All centered around fun in the sun!

Colors/Patterns: Blue, Orange, Green, White, Polka Dots and Stripes.
Center Pieces: Tall Cylinder Vases with Goldfish, Sand and Seaweed.
Party Favors: Take Home Goldfish in Glass Bowls with Signature Tags, allowing the children to name their fish! You may also want to attach a baggie filled with fish food and a small net.

A sea of cupcakes galore, shades of blue for sure! With cute toppers, wishing the birthday boy a happy one… which wouldn’t be complete without an awesome banner hanging over the dessert table!

Oh a signature cocktail you say… for sure! Would you care for a fabulous glass of Under the Sea Sangria?!?

Activties: So many fun outdoor activities… a pool filled with pretend fish, and poles for each child. Place magents on the fish and the pole so that the children may go “fishing”! Sand castle building contest, water balloons, a bubble machine, an octopus sprinkler… honestly I could go on and on!

Have a crazy great week everyone!

P.S. You may find the invites and party decor at Party Box Design!

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