NEWS FLASH**New Submission Form

I’m sure you’ve been noticing that load time has slowed down a bit on this blog. I believe that’s because this blog is “picture heavy”! Not only does the blog have to load pictures from blogger..but it also has to load pics from all the sites I copy and paste from depending on the blog being featured. Anyhooo…I will get to the point. I’m changing things up a bit. I’ve added something to the “Submit A Party” form. It’s picture uploads. From now on when you submit a party you will also submit the 3 pictures that best represent your party. Those 3 pictures will get posted along with the description YOU provide on the form.

Of course I have several submissions to go through before I start using the ones that will use the updated form. So for now I will still copy and paste directly from the original post, but I will most likely be posting fewer pictures with each post. So be sure to get in the habit of clicking through to the original party post from now on.

What will this change do?
1. It will hopefully help to speed up the load time by decreasing the amount of pictures.
2. It will drive traffic to the blog of the featured party since viewers will HAVE to click through to view ALL the party details. That’s a good thing!

There are more changes and surprises in the works! Hopefully planning to unveil them in a couple weeks! I think ya’ll are REALLY gonna love it!

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