Marie Antoinette 40th Birthday Party

This Marie Antoinette party was originally hosted by Laura over at Decor To Adore.

What a fun and creative theme Laura had for her 40th birthday! It is perfectly pretty and oh so vintage inspired! You won’t want to miss seeing all her girlfriends dressed up for this party! Everything she did shows her attention to detail….right down to the candles, flower petals, “ladies in waiting” and the music playing in the background.

Enjoy Laura’s party……

Today I am 40.

I had written this post a few days ago before learning of my dad’s passing.
A big celebration had been in the works by my children that I truly considered cancelling. My sister in law Melody, who lives here in town, said, “Laura, don’t cancel. Norm LOVED a party and I REALLY need a drink.” (Who can argue with that?)
As my husband is currently overseas and will not return for awhile, it is actually comforting to me that dear, dear friends will surround me this evening.
You are among the dearest. I have to say that I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the love and support shown to me by my friends in the blogging community. So please join in the celebration of another year of life. It is so very precious.

For this Marie Antoinette themed birthday the invitation features a favorite image of the queen painted by one of my favorite artists, Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun. It aptly states: “Let them eat cake.”

The inside reads: The Duchess of Decor
summons you to court for an evening of enchantment and merrymaking
to mark the occasion of her ladyships 40th birthday.
Wednesday, the twentieth of August, two thousand and eight.
Dinner shall commence at half after six.
The royal procession shall then journey to The Shout! House where the ladies shall attempt to lose their heads.
Lace, pearls and other frippery are highly encouraged.

On the back of the card are directions to Chateau Gunn (which I would rather not disclose on the internet) and provides instruction that “Men, small children, beasts and those bearing gifts are most unwelcome. Those making their presence known shall be locked in the stocks.”

So, select your gown and perhaps a pair of slippers.

Is red your color? This frock is quite fetching.

Perhaps a pink or aqua gown would suit you?

Don’t you just adore these slippers from Fete et fleur?

I am turning 40~ let us celebrate with a Marie Antoinette themed party.

The table is dressed with a matelasse cloth covered in roses, candy, confetti and images of the queen. Crystal candlesticks are dripping with jewels. At each setting is a collection of antique silver and china topped with a vintage handkerchief to be used as a napkin. In the center of the napkin is a ring fit for such regal guests.

A favor was placed to the left of each place setting and includes a string of pearls, candy, and confetti.

Bathroom tissue rolls have never looked so fine!

I have also made some blue and pink nut cups inspired by Andrea.

You can’t have a party without cupcakes. These are from Sprinkles. I made the toppers from images of the queen printed on card stock. A toothpick was glued between two back to back circles.

Our ladies in waiting are Alyssa and Hannah. They shall be serving a dinner of french onion soup, salad with french dressing, cordon bleu, green bean almondine and scalloped potatoes.

Although the invitation instructed that “Men, children and beasts are most unwelcome…” perhaps we can make an exception for my darling court jester, Rudi.

Touches of the queen can be found in every room in the house.

Even the ladies in waiting have a special table just for them in the kitchen.

Of course Marie Antoinette is playing on the big screen tv. The movie is muted though while music from various French artists is piped through the surround sound for total ambiance.

My daughter, a fashion design student has created my look. She says it is Modern Day Marie.

I’ve set up an area where each guest will have her portrait made.

I hope that you had a good time! Don’t forget your parting favor.

It is a rose scented candle with an image of Marie Antoinette. The round fleur de lis tag reads “Merci” on the back.

The back of the candle includes the famous quote: “Let them eat cake!”

Au Revoir!

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