Favorite Things Party with Friends

This Favorite Things party was originally hosted by Cherilyn over at The Castle Chronicles.

I LOVE this creative party theme idea from Cherilyn. A Favorite Things Party….what a FABULOUS and FUN thing to do with friends. Who says Oprah gets to be the only one to share her favorite things! I’m super excited to share this party because I think it will be inspirational! Sometimes you just need to host a “just because” party with all your girlfriends! No birthdays, babies, or weddings needed! Cherilyn has lots of great ideas for how to incorporate all your FAVORITE things into the party.

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Cherilyn’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Cher’s party…..

Today, I hosted a “My Favorites Party” with 5 of my friends from the complex where we live. We had such a fun time and I’m so glad to have such a fun group of girls to hang out with!

So, here’s how it all went down.

I sent out invitations a few weeks ago so that everyone could prepare their favorite item
to bring for everyone at the party.

While they were thinking about what they’d bring, I was thinking about what prizes I would have at the party..of course, these prizes were selected from a few of my favorite things (all of them favorites that were easy on my budget, however.)

To begin the party, of course…we ate! I made my mom’s homemade chicken nuggets (my all-time favorite) and had fruits and veggies and Raspberry lemonade (with real raspberries…yum!)

After we ate, each girl was given 5 pennies (for reasons only being there could explain). Throughout the party, no one was allowed to say the word “favorite” or someone could call them on it and take away a penny. At the end, whoever collected the most, received a prize. What was so funny about not saying the word was that we resorted to saying “you said the ‘f word’..give me a penny…” this created quite a few jokes and laughs….
In the end, Meagan was the master collector and won:

Bunko Game set—one of my favorite games! …and now that all my friends know about it,
we can get some bunko parties going! :)

We played two different games:
1. Bingo–because, who doesn’t love bingo. easy. fun. prizes. hello?!
I made these bingo cards and we used Reese’s Pieces for marking numbers..

2. What’s yours like? (a super fun game that you’ll have to look up..) All of the categories were based on our favorite things. For example, 2 people had to explain what their “favorite burger topping” was like in deceiving ways while someone else tried to guess what favorite thing they were describing…it’s a real game in a box, I just adapted it for “favorites”…
{This was especially fun because we got to learn a few random things about each other and our favorites in playing the game.}

The first winner of bingo, got to choose their prize from the 5 above in the picture first…the second chose second, etc.

And, all throughout the party, we had each person showcase/give out their favorite item they had brought. (So, everyone got the same 5 items) This turned out fantastic! Everyone brought totally different items…it was like Christmas all over again.

Meagan brough a few of her favorite things (which any girl can appreciate):
Softlips, Caress body wash, Tide To-Go stick

Marissa brought her favorite nailpolish and IKEA clip frames–a fun craft
project waiting to happen!

My gift to the group was fun craft ribbon (one of my “top picks” since I
have drawers full of ribbon–love it!)

Ashlee brought a cute AVON pedicure set with nailpolish for everyone!

Kim brought comfy and cute slipper socks..so now we can all have warm feet!

Laura brought red, white AND blue glow sticks (because she loves 4th of July and
glowsticks in general) I was pretty impressed by 3-colored glowsticks…so fun!

We finished with Cherry Cheesecake before the boys (aka: our husbands) crashed the party and ate the rest of the food…

Thanks girls! You make life so much more fun!

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