Fairy Birthday and a Carnival Birthday with Rainbow Cupcakes

I’ve got a two parties to share with you today. Have fun party hopping!

This Little Fairy Birthday party was originally hosted by Kacy from The Heindorff Family.

My sweet Sydney is now officially a 5 year old! It makes me so excited and happy to see her personality blossom into such an amazing girl, but I feel it is bittersweet as I slowly watch the innocense and neediness grow smaller. I guess it is an inevitable good trade all moms go through!

Syd started her special day nice and early (6:00am) and as soon as I could muster up the energy I made her a crumb cake and berries for breakfast. We met Grandma Mitchell at Build a Bear soon after where Syd chose her red white and blue bear that she has been talking about for weeks! She knew exactly what she wanted when we got their which made it super easy to get through without any major decisions! After that we met Brooke, Ethan, and Allie at McD’s for lunch and playtime. Thanks Brooke for the stamping set!!! She begged the whole time to open it and couldn’t wait any longer once we walked through the door. She made several beautiful stamped pages until I made her clean up to get ready for the party, I don’t think I was very popular at this moment :) We continued to get ready for her evening party…..

And the theme? You guessed it….FAIRIES!!!

Each beautiful fairy was presented a flower crown and special rainbow wand as they arrived. Soon they each created a treasure box we would later fill with pixie treasures. I love each of their individual characters displayed through their boxes…too cute!

Following next was the fairy tea party. They were very proper and each gobbled up mini tea sandwiches, veggies, olives, bright red and purple berries, cubed pound cake, rice crispy teats, and coconut marshmallows. The tea pots were filled with strawberry and chocolate milk…the strawberry definately won their hearts!

Each fairy, with treasure box in hand, flittered across pixieland (our backyard) searching for the delicate treasures that fairies love most. Soon their boxes were full of bubbles, flower seeds, feathers, a plastic baby dove, glass jewels, glittery lip gloss and glitter spray, and strawberry candies.

I hope her wishes come true!

The girls all played so well together and I even noticed 2 girls whom had never met were hugging and holding hands as they ran to find the treasures! Sydney loved her gifts they all brought…each one was perfect! She said it was her “bestest” party ever and was asking if Kirra could have the same party for her birthday. When I replied it would be too cold outside for Kirra she asked if it could be called a rainbow party then. Hmmm…I’m still trying to figure this one out :)

Happy Birthday Sydney! You have truly brought joy to my soul and bring me happiness daily!


This Carnival Party with Rainbow Cupcakes was originally hosted by Jlyn Scrapbooking Crafts and Design.

We are blessed and thankful for every birthday, but there is something special about turning 5.  So we did it right for Kael this year with family, friends a balloon artist and silly fun and games.  It was a blur of balloons and bright colors.  Started with the invitation thanks to my Cricut and Martha Stweart punches…

August Sept 2009 969

Then I was daring and made what I’ve been seeing all over my favorite blogs lately…the rainbow cupcake…ok, so my rainbow is upside down, but a five year old is still impressed! Not bad for the first attempt – next time will add sour cream to the mix so that the layers stand up better…

Rainbow cupcake

The balloon artist is called “Pax” and he was awesome.  He can twist anything you can think of, and throws in a few cool magic tricks to keep it lively!  Kids love this guy, and can you see why?

August Sept 2009 104

When we sat down for cake, the kids had rainbow cupcakes, magic birthday punch consisting of 3 colors of gatorade frozen into star shapes and dropped into Sprite which turned colors as the stars melted, and funny face glasses- you know the kind with eyebrows and a big nose!  I shamelessly stole the idea for the silly glasses from my friend Dina, but hey, it was a great idea! I was a little preoccupied and only have one shot of the funny faces!

August Sept 2009 165

Kael’s Carnival 5th birthday was a screaming success!  All the kids went home with brightly colored hula hoops (from the dollar store) and silly face glasses.  Will definitely be making those adorable cupcakes again soon!

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