Cookies & Milk Baby Shower

This Cookies & Milk Baby Shower was originally hosted by Jenn from The Happenings.

Ok, whoever came up with the idea for a cookies and milk baby shower is a GENIUS!  I’m completely in love with this idea.  In fact if I hadn’t just mailed out the invites for the baby shower I’m throwing in a couple weeks I would’ve totally changed my theme!  Besides the fact that it’s a totally fun theme…Jen took the theme and ran with it!  I love her colors and love all her little details!

Enjoy Jen’s Cookies & Milk Baby Shower…..

when jamie and i saw the idea for a cookies and milk baby shower here we knew we had to have one for jodie. we planned the whole thing on our drive to utah a couple months ago. it was so much fun. we both had the same idea for the color combination, which just happens to be one of my favorites right now! red. aqua. and pink. we were really happy with the way everything turned out!

jamie made the invites of course…

i was dying to do something with big round balloons. i actually wanted them a little bigger but they worked!

IMG_2775_web copy

jamie made the cookie labels and the papers to go in the jars…

IMG_2781_web copy


my mom, jamie, jen, tauni, and i all made the yummy cookies.

thanks for the help girls!


IMG_2789_web copy

IMG_2788_web copy

my mom also made the cute polka dot tablecloth

IMG_2791_web copy


everyone got to take home a bag of cookies too!


IMG_2801_web copy

she got some really cute stuff.
now if baby girl would just get here so we could put some of it on her!

IMG_2807_web copy

fun times!!

IMG_2794_web copy

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