All in Due Time Couples Shower

Hey there! Eleanor from Pink Peppermint Paper here. Many thanks to Shannon for inviting me to do a guest post! I’ve done quite a few childrens’ parties recently, so I thought I’d share something a bit different. Hope you enjoy this coed baby shower some friends and I recently threw!

Our friends are expecting a little girl, so I was on the hunt for something feminine but not so much so that the guys would feel squirmy. I decided that using mod printed papers and due date-themed elements would be a nice middle ground. If my math is right, the mom- and dad-to-be will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this summer, and since this is their first baby I thought “All in Due Time” was a theme that worked well.

Here’s the shower invitation!

All in Due Time Shower Invitation

I found a great grouping of coordinating scrapbook papers. I liked them because of their use of pink and green and the concentric circles–both themes in the baby’s nursery bedding. Plus, there was a number element that worked well with the due date theme. They mailed in a strawberry colored envelope lined with numbers.

When guests arrived, they were greeted with this paper loop wreath also made from patterned papers.

paper loop wreath

In the foyer was the perfect place to sort of introduce our theme with some due date numbers. I painted them and distressed them a bit. I then hot glued them to some inexpensive craft boxes, which were covered with more decorative paper.

due date closeup

I also found this small craft figure, which I made preggars with half an Easter egg cut the long way. I dressed her in cut paper to match the numbers.


And here’s the full affect for the entry way complete with those beautiful pink flowering branches. I love Spring!

entry way table

Here are the flowers. They complimented the color scheme perfectly!


I am always amazed at how easy it is to find even the unlikeliest of things in the colors you need. I found this mod polka dot fabric as well as the more floral one shown above. Then, I came across napkins that echoed both the color scheme and the fabric.

wine glasses

We served chicken kabobs, roast beef on rolls, spinach and artichoke dip, fruit, bruschetta, and a yummy sundried pesto roasted red pepper cheese cake with crackers. Tasty!

In Due TIme Couples Shower Spread

In keeping with our  theme, we sent guests home with these pocket calendar favors.


I bought inexpensive vinyl-covered calendars and used patterned papers by trimming them to size and slipping them into the vinyl to cover the original. They were tied with a bow and had a tag reading “All in Due Time” and including the baby’s due date. Their big day was also marked inside! I borrowed these little suitcases of my daughter’s, which strangely enough, matched perfectly. Plus, I thought it was a subtle nod to both the idea of having a bag packed for the hospital and to hitting the road when the fun ended.

We had an evening of fun reconnecting with old college friends, and I think it was a really special night for the Mom- and Dad-to-Be. If you want to see more of the party, check it out the details on my blog. Thanks!

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