Dress up your Easter Table

Easter is only a few weeks away, so I thought I’d throw some inspiration your way to help you dress up your Easter table.

Start your easter table off with a fun centerpiece that you can get your kids to help you with!  These candy topiaries that I found over at Porter House Designs are sure to be eye candy for your easter guests. (She’s got other easter centerpiece ideas too!)

I’ve personally made the topiary that uses suckers (for a baby shower). It’s easy and the kids were totally able to help me. I actually also added fabric within the suckers to add even more color and dimension. I just used a pencil to push the fabric into the styrofoam ball.

I found this super cute napkin idea over at MarthaStewart.com

She’s got detailed instructions with pictures on her blog…but here is the cliff’s notes version:
1. Fold starched napkin into thirds.

2. Crease in half to create a center line for reference; fold top corners down along this line.

3. Fold up from bottom corners along dotted lines.

4. Bring left and right edges together on center line.

5. Flip upside down and over. Turn up bottom point.

6. To fasten: Fold left and right corners back; tuck one corner into the
pocket of the other. Pull out bunny ears first; open up base.

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