Sweet Shop Birthday Party

This Sweet Shop Birthday Party for Twins was originally hosted by Liz from Welcome to Tarrant County.
This birthday is double the fun and double the sweets! So many great sweet treats to see. You can see all the hard work that Liz put into this party. Thanks for listing your party and sharing it with us!

Enjoy the Sweet Shop Candy Birthday……………….

I have thought and thought about how I wanted to blog about the party! I think I am going to do it in two parts. There is just too much to fit in one post. Part 1-details! The part that spent hours and hours of planning! Part 2-the actually party!
We had the party at my cousin’s house. I had asked her a while ago and she was very gracious and allowed us to have it there!
Since the girls were about 6 months old I started thinking about their party. (I know, silly) Let me start off by saying I was a rush director in college. I LOVE planning a party…most of the time. Anyways from the beginning wanted to do a candy bar or sweet type thing. Thus was born the “sugar and spice” theme(green and LOTS of pink). I have two girls and it had to be girlie! I looked all over the internet for inspiration and ideas. Let me tell you there is a lot out there! I got a lot of inspiration and ideas from The Creative party place. Seriously check her out if you are planning a party!!!!
On with the Show!
Welcoming the guests!

The Table!

The beautiful cupcakes my cousin made! (they tasted amazing too!!)

I have to brag on MIMI for a minute! (my mom) In all my years of planning rushes, my wedding, and graduation parties, My mom is ALWAYS up to the challenge and is always willing to help create any crazy idea I have. She even made this SUPER cute ginger bread house to sit at the candy bar!

Isn’t it super cute! It was perfect for the “sweet shop”

What is a Candy bar with out Lollipops?!?
I got this idea from a another party I saw on The Creative Party place!
I had never made suckers before and it was not a easy thing!
There was lots of different candies! It was nice having Valentine’s Day Candy out already!

I thought these turned out pretty cute! If you have never seen Bakerilla, you should! They were pretty easy to make.

I found this super cute frame…I could not pass it up. How perfect!

Our favors were toothbrushes and of course…CANDY!
When people first walked in the door, they found…
and a book, showing K&M through the months…
The “sweet” Birthday banner

What’s a pink girlie party without PINK lemonade!

For the chocolate lover a little chocolate fondue!

Just in case you have not died from sugar yet…don’t forget the COTTON CANDY!

Well I hope you feel like you were at the party! I mean how could you not with all those pictures?!? MUCH THANKS TO MY AWESOME COUSIN KIM FOR LETTING US USE HER HOUSE! Love you!

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  1. Where did you buy your toothbrushes?

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