Pink Polkadot Tea Party Fun

This Pink Polkadot Tea Party was originally hosted by Tamara from the Morales Crew.
Tamar and her daughter’s were treated to a tea party with all the bells and whistles by her sister. I love the way the standard card table was totally transformed! So cute!

Enjoy the Tea Party….. and don’t forget to visit Tamara’s blog to see what else she’s got going on.

My sister came to visit last weekend, and boy oh boy she did not come empty handed. She treated the girls to a beautiful tea party, for which she spared no detail.
- Before Picture -
My sissy could not & would not simply use these ‘blah’ card table and chairs. About two weeks before she had a conversation with Eden to see what her favorite colors were. Eden told her pink & black, so this is what Aunt Tanya created…

- After Picture -
She sewed chair covers and a table cloth that sure did fit the pink & black bill. We even used one of the covers and put it on Lily’s highchair so she would have a fancy place to sit also. Eden was soooooo (I cannot even add enough Os to show her excitement) when she saw just these decorations. But, there was more, much more!

Eden had her very own china place setting and little tea pot. We showed her how to pour it herself with just a little bit of help. Aunt Tanya brought her special pink sparkle raspberry lemonade to serve as her ‘tea’.

Aunt Tanya served egg salad sandwiches, fancy pb&j with marionberry jam from Washington, cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches, mini quiches, breaded mushrooms, a melon mix, and fresh strawberries. My sister made sure almost everything was dairy free so that Eden could eat without having to worry about her allergy. For tea there was Earl Grey, my absolute favorite, and a yummy cherry green tea.

Eden was on her best behavior, remembered her manners, and gave everything a try in the politest way. She even amazed me with what she liked and that she actually ate a little of everything. Her favorites was the pb & j, even after explaining sternly that she does not like jelly, but Aunt Tanya’s jelly was just right! The funniest part was when Eden tried the breaded mushroom. She does not like surprises in her food and when she discovered there was something inside the bread she quickly put it down on her plate, said ‘no thank you’, then made a comment about how there was ‘something inside there’ with a perplexed look. Lily LOVED the egg salad and all the fresh fruit. She was so excited to be eating the yummy offerings with everyone that you could tell she felt special being included. As for me, Momma loved everything! It was all very delicious.

Next came dessert. Ahhh…the choices. Cinnamon crispy twists, homemade mini cupcakes, oatmeal cookies, almond biscuits, and brownies. Again, all dairy free but Eden focused her attention on the cupcakes. I think she ate five! Her reasoning to get past one was she needed to try all the colors. I obliged as it was a special day for her and even gave Lily a cupcake to smash and mash around.

Lily’s favorite dessert was the oatmeal cookies. They were just her size and she had the crumb face to prove how much she enjoyed them!

It was a lovely day and to remember it by Aunt Tanya gave both girls their very own Tea Party personalized book. Each book has their name and age in it along with the date and location of their first tea party. Aunt Tanya read both girls their special book and then we spent the day together just us girls. I have the best sister in the world! Thank you for caring for my girls so much to do something this sweet for them. We would have been fine on that ‘blah’ table and chairs, paper goods, and hot pockets as long as we spent the day with you.
The finery just made it all the better!

Memories like this are priceless. Thank you!
Love – Your sister & two little nieces

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