Perfect Pair Bridal Shower

This Pink & Black Perfect Pair Bridal Shower was originally hosted by MLC from Our Generation to Come is HERE!
I love how MLC took the idea of “The Perfect Pair” and did something different with it than I’ve seen before. I’m really lovin’ the pairing of the high heel and the worn boot….way too cute! And all the pink and black details are just so sassy…love ‘em!

Enjoy this perfect pair bridal shower…..

The Bride & Groom
(Kenny stopped by the shower briefly and we loaded him up with goodies!  I’m sure he appreciated all of the pink, girly stuff!)

So this weekend was Beth’s Shower!  I have been working on it (with the help of the other bridesmaids) since April.  Though in my head, I’ve been working out all the details since I found the idea for the theme back in January!  I was so happy that it was finally here!  Finally time to put it all together and see how it turned out!
The theme was “A Perfect Pair”, but instead of using pears like I’ve seen at other showers, we used shoes.  Our tagline was “Like worn-in cowboy boots or the ideal set of heels, Ken & Beth make a perfect pair!”  Cute, huh?  It fit them perfectly because Beth has the best shoe collection of anyone I know and Kenny loves his boots!
Our first step was to collect LOTS of shoe boxes.  In fact if you are reading this post, you probably helped contribute to the shoebox collection madness.  I never counted, but my guess is we had upward of 100 boxes.  We used them everywhere!
They made great decorations… throw in a piece of tissue paper or wrap them in a bow.  We didn’t get a lot of pictures of them, but they were literally everywhere!  We put them on top of the china hutch, by the fireplace, in the entryway, EVERYWHERE… such cheap decor!
In fact, we even served lunch out of them…  I saw this on the shower I modeled this one after and thought it was the most clever idea in the whole entire world.  On top of the shoeboxes, everyone had either a pink high heel sugar cookie or a black cowboy boot sugar cookie.
Along with the enormous amounts of shoe boxes, we also went label crazy.  I think along with the cute theme, the labels really helped tie it all together and gave it a more professional look.  It turned out exactly how I had pictured it in my head which was such a relief because there were definitely some hours put into this! =)
We labeled everything on the candy bar, the candy bar take-out boxes, the plates, the cups, the punch, the chicken salad sandwich, the salad, the potato chips, the water bottles, the foot cream for the favors, etc.  I found this great place on the internet…… where you can buy labels… well, by the sheet, of course.  It was great not to have to buy a whole box of each size.
We decorated the tables with shoes, flowers, and their engagement pictures.  I thought the pictures looked too blah so I made my own mattes with scrapbook paper and thought they turned out pretty cute.  Decorations really were easy and minimal since we could just throw a shoe box or a pair of shoes anywhere that we didn’t have something.
Even the favor bags made a cute display… in part because of the cute ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby.  And we couldn’t let everyone leave a shoe shower without their own pair of shoes so we found these pedicure slippers (one size fits all!) and added foot cream and a heel file to the favor bag.

So this is what I’ve been doing for the last few months and why I haven’t blogged about resolutions or life’s lessons or anything other than really important info on Finley!  It has been so much fun working on this shower and though it was stressful at times, it was totally worth it… especially since with Beth’s wedding just a couple weeks before Finley’s 1st birthday, I’ve decided to keep the same color scheme for Finley’s party and use a lot of the same aspects except of course, for the shoe boxes… though I think I may have to use those for her Sweet 16 party.  I think it would be pretty cute theme for her then!

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