Cookies and Milk Party

Nothing says childhood like Cookies and Milk and so what could make a better birthday theme?  This party Cookies and Milk Birthday from Pass the Cereal looks simply YUMMY…



There are MANY more yummy pictures of the party and all the party details over at Pass the Cereal.  So head on over to Heather’s Blog to see more.


Ok, so I just realized I’ve already featured that party!  I think that’s the first time I’ve done that!  So….I’m gonna have you take a look at this other fabulous Milk and Cookies party from Nicki over at Nicksterland.



Please go visit Nicksterland to see many more Milk and Cookies party details!

Heather and Nicki listed their parties on the “First Birthday” page.  Have you seen these other great parties listed on the 1st birthday page:

Fairytale Princess

Milk and Cookies party for TWINS

ONE orange balloon

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