A Pirate Party fit for a GIRL!

This Pirate Party for Girls was originally hosted by Jenny from Listen to this…
It’s always fun to get pirate party submissions and open them up and see GIRLS!   Love the walk the plank game.  Too fun!
Enjoy this pirate party…..
Hazel’s Big Day came with much anticipation!  We have been planning her Pirate Party for some time now, it was so exciting for the day to finally be here!

We set out early to decorate the yard pirate style!  We added nets to the play structure and flags and balloons everywhere.

We even found a Dora Pirate ship earlier this week….
I made pirate bandanas and sashes for all the pirate guests, as well as eyepatches.

Hazel was so excited, trying out the plank while waiting for her friends to arrive.

Once the girls got there they immediatly made up games on the plank, the kids at the end were the alligators!
Such sweet little pirates!
We had a game of pin the treasure on the X.
Look closely,  I think they may have been peeking!!  Sweet little Willa wanted to play too, she was the only one who didn’t know how to peek.
Next we played a treasure spoon race with golden coins.
Lastly the kids followed picture clues all around the yard to find the hidden treasure!
The kids had fun playing around the yard as well.  They seemed to be making up mostly pirate themed games…although I did hear them referring to themselves as “pirate princesses”!
We made treasure boxes with little shells in the lid, they were very pleased with how pretty they were.
They also got to fill their boxes up with treasure jewels.
We had a yummy lunch of pirate ship hot dogs and watermelon (and of course cheetos!).
For dessert we had pirate birthday cupcakes!

After lunch Hazel opened the gifts her friends had bought her, so fun!
The last activity was the pinata….it took them nearly 25 minutes of beating with a stick to get it to finally break open…and that was after Branden finally took a few swings at it!  Unfortunatly all that hitting broke most of the candy to bits.  Fortunatly most of the kids found this hilarious!
Willa didn’t like the noise from the pinata hitting!
I’m so happy my little Hazel had such a fun day with her friends!  Happy 5th Birthday Hazel!
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  1. Melissa says:

    Everything looks great! We are doing a pirate party this weekend and I’m fixing to start making sashes. Did you find a pattern anywhere or just guesstimated?

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