Bee Themed Birthday Party

Today our party is courtesy of Silly Bee’s Chickadees. This is a fun bright yellow Bee Themed Party.

Yellow…it’s just so yummy! It just grabs you and pulls you right into this party. Personally I’m terrified of bees….because I’ve never been stung before…but this Bee themed party even won me over! How could it not with all the fun little touches.

Enjoy Silly Bee’s Chickadees party…..

We celebrated my mom’s big birthday and it was soooo much fun. My sister, a few of Mom’s girlfriends and I hosted Queen Bea’s Surprise Birthday Jubilee! The party brought together a group of amazing women from across the country who have been awesome friends to Mom over the years. It was a great afternoon and so much fun visiting with old friends and new. Boy was she surprised!!!


The theme was bees and circles representing Mom’s circle of friends. The party room was decorated in white and shades of yellow, which just happened to match my dining room! (No, I didn’t paint the walls to match, Silly Miss Sillypants). Round paper lanterns, honeycomb-style paper globes and handmade tissue paper flowers hung from the ceiling above the food table and in the corners of the den.


My sister made fun party favors with cute little jars and yellow Jelly Bellys-one of Mom’s faves. She also made fabulous baskets for the door prize winners filled with loads of Burt’s Bees products and a yummy candle. She even sewed a little bee onto the baskets! The biggest basket went to the party game winner- the one who knew the most facts of Queen Bea’s life. (Q- Where did Bea meet Victor? A- At the Hurry Burger. Dad flipped hamburgers and Mom was the shake girl.)


yellow basket

Wanna see more pictures and details from this bee themed party? Visit the original party post. There’s a ton more to see!

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