When Life hands you Lemons….

This Lemon Themed Party was originally hosted by Vol. 25 The Blog.
Ok, who knew lemons could be so cute? Obviously this gal has some mad artistic skills (just look at her blog) and she used them to enhance everything from the party favors to the lemons themselves. The lemon theme lends itself to a bright sonny party and of course…yummy lemonade!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Vol. 25 The Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Vol. 25′s party…..


Pic 15
A birthday party that is. :) We had Journey’s birthday party yesterday… we had it outside. We were either really brave, or really stupid. :) There were thunder storms in the forecast for the evening. I really debated on having it inside, but since our house is so small… I figured that would really put a stress factor on everyone, so we braved the storm! It actually ended up being nice and cool, and while the wind did come up it stayed manageable. :)

I planned the party around lemons, I had soo many ideas, that I kinda ran out of time so I had to scrap them. Much of our week was spent cleaning the yard, (and house!) so thursday and friday night was spent on the party favors etc.

Pic 14
I hand painted 2 bags of fresh lemons. They served as party favors, I also ended up using some as napkin weights. The best part of doing a lemon party was how good everything smelled. :) Painting the lemons was aromatic and relaxing. ;) Pic 12
Mom picked up the lemon flavored sugar cookies at the grocery store right before the party. I think they were a nice addition.
Pic 10
I made these cardstock foldovers, and filled the bags with lemon head candy. I had originally planned to buy two different kinds of candy. I would fill the “I’m feeling sweet” bags with something a little different. However when I went grocery shopping I kinda spaced looking for another kind, so ended up doing all lemon head candy instead. :)
Pic 13
I filled two jars (Which were being used to store my foam brushes, and chalk applicators) with the painted lemons. I handed them out as party favors when everyone left. The jar covered in plastic held frozen slices of lemons for everyone’s tea. The pink container was also stolen from my craft supply cabinet. I put pixy stix in it, and printed off extra tags to decorate the jar and pink container. I also used them on her gifts.
Pic 16
Here are the frozen lemons and strawberries. I bought a jar with a dispenser from Target and filled it with Lemonade and these frozen strawberries and lemons. I didnt think to de-seed the lemons and about halfway through our first batch of lemonade a seed got stuck in the spout. So definitely de-seed the lemons! :)
Pic 11
Pic 7
Here are a couple pictures of journey enjoying her cake. :) She dug RIGHT in… Her cousin came up to get a picture on his cell phone and she gave him her shy look…
Pic 9
and looked really contemplative. :)
Pic 6
here she is trying to cuddle with the stuffed animal in the box. :) It took me 10 mins to get her cleaned up!
Pic 5
Pic 4
she did really good opening her presents… of course she had a little help. :)
Pic 3
Trinity was more then willing to lend a helping hand. ;) Well, thats our day in pictures. This one before the party was my absolute favorite…
Before the party
I love it when they play together. :)

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