Let’s Go Banana’s!

I am so excited and honored that Shannon ask me to be a guest poster for her! My  name is Megan and I am the owner/blogger of The Party Monkey. I have to admit I have been thinking for days about which party to blog about, there are just so many cute ones! I finally decided to go with my sons first birthday party, it was something personal to me and I had such a great time planning it all! As many of you who have little boys know, they LOVE to climb everything so I thought it would only be fitting to do a monkey themed birthday party! Since it was his first birthday I wanted it to be super special so everything you see was hand made by me, mommy loves you Gavin!

Gavin1Here are the invitations I created. In addition to brown and yellow, I added blue and green into the color theme. I also absolutely love polkadots so you will see them everywhere ;)

gavin2This is the birthday banner that I hung so all the gust could see when they walked in the house.I loved the little monkey hanging from the corner!

gavin3This was the front door sign as well as the silverware. check out www.platesandnapkins.com they have everything you need for utensils etc. with great selections and prices!

gavin4We had an adorable MOD monkey pinata for the kids to hit, the brown paper bags I made for them to put all of their candy in to take home. I had “monkey” themed food and made food tags for our guests.

gavin5I tried to get a picture of the party crown I made for Gavin but we all know how much one year olds just love party hats! I decorated the cake table with the invitation as well as pictures of him through out the year. We had such a good time and I can not believe he is already 18 months! Here is a link to a great slideshow if you want to see more party pics! http://secure.smilebox.com/ecom/openTheBox?sendevent=4d5449774e5451354d7a453d0d0a&blogview=true&campaign=blog_instructions_directurl_makeyourown

Thank you again to Shannon for asking my to be a guest poster, I am honored!

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