Where the Wild Things Are & Willy Wonka

I’ve got two parties for your viewing pleasure today. The first is a party that has a theme based on the book “Where the Wild Things Are”. The second is based on another children’s favorite…Willy Wonka.

This Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party was originally hosted on Mommy Star’s Blog. It was her friend Jessica’s party.

Enjoy this Wild party……

My best friend, Jessica, had her son’s 1st birthday party today. It was the cutest thing and she is so great with the details. Her son, Mason, had a “Where the Wild Things Are” party. She also drew these picture from the book for him too. They are awesome! Come and check out Mason’s party.

Party Favors for all the kids

Mason’s boat

One of Jessica’s drawing. It’s it great?

And I must have forgotten to take a photo of the other picture.

Mason & Mommy

Happy Birthday Little One!

Opening his present from Mommy & Daddy – He loved that ribbon!

He loved the Lollipop Drum we gave him. (All the kids always love this drum in music class.)

We all had a great time at the party, especially the kids.

Happy 1st Birthday Mason!


This next party is a Willy Wonka theme and was originally hosted by Love Sick Events.

Enjoy this yummy party….

That’s right the Willy Wonka Baby Shower has come and gone. I have full filled my sweet tooth for awhile. Here is a few pics of the Shower from this weekend.

The theme was “Willy Wonka“, full of lots of great candy. The centerpieces were glitter top hats stacked with candy sprinkled around the edges with tissue paper grass used as the table runner. To hold the Pictures I used Amy from stem parties Fab bottle picture holder idea. I filled the baby bottles with gumballs and they turned out oh so cute.There was of course a candy bar full of delicious delights…. Bubble Gumball machines , small and large. We also served cotton candy which the little ones loves and the big kids too.I was able to find these great giant gummy bears also. I just want to bite the heads off.

This was a brunch shower so we had a “Scrumdidilyumptious” breakfast bar: Golden eggs, Charlie Bucket Cereal Bar, Mike Tevee Sausage, and Augustus Gloop Animal shape Waffles. For Drinks we served Fizzy Lifting Drinks “stirred not sucked” Lollipops swirled into a glass of champagne until it dissolves and infuses the bubbly with flavor(a recipe i got from a magazine I cant remember), Mimosa, and Ooompa Loompa Orange Juice. For the cereal bar we put the milk in baby bottles “got milk?”. In baby food jars we made mini banana pudding. We put donut holes and Carmel crunch in popcorn boxes.

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