Under the Sea – Ocean Party

This Under the Sea party was originally hosted by Tiffany from Hello Birdie–Meet Your Maker.
There really are some fun and creative ideas for an ocean themed birthday. I really love all the different ways that streamers were utilized. Those jelly fish are so cool! And you really do get the feeling you are under water. You really must check out the octopus cupcakes. The are super fun!

Enjoy Tiffany’s party under the sea…

Props to Mish for the paper creatures donning all the walls (and for whipping up desserts), Kyle for obeying my frazzled commands all day, and Kjerstin for coming up with great ideas for pretty much everything, and for making most of the food while we were otherwise occupied. This party would not have been pulled off without her, especially since she was the one who convinced me to substantially reduce the extravagance and number of crafts and activities. I need that sometimes.

Ellie woke up before Erik and when she saw the decorated walls, it was seriously almost better than Christmas to her. Kjerstin was still asleep on the couch so Elle couldn’t go wild with delight, but all morning she couldn’t stop hugging and kissing me and Kyle and telling us how beautiful the room looked. Also, I think she was just amazed that we were actually out of bed with her that early in the morning.

The shark-faced tent was used for a rendition of Musical Chairs. While the music played, the kids climbed in the shark’s mouth and some of them we could even get to climb out the back. When the music stopped, whoever was still inside the shark’s mouth was OUT! But “out” meant you got a shark gummi, so the “winner” of the game was really the loser because he was the last one to get a gummi shark. I don’t think he noticed, though.

Then we headed to the ponds for some old-fashioned fishing, but we probably should’ve tried this game out prior to the party so we would’ve known that being in water makes the fish impossible to procure via magnet-to-paper clip. At least some kids got to splash around and saturate their clothes, though.

After dancing to Reggae in the midst of bubbles, we headed inside for an oceanic feast consisting of the following: -seashells and sand (shell pasta and parmesan) -ocean scene bagels (with blue cream cheese and goldfish crackers) -octopus hot dogs (bottom part sliced into eight pieces before being boiled, and these looked Deee-sgusting but were a big hit with the kids, who don’t know what hot dogs are made of, although do any of us, really?) -ocean scene jello cups (Swedish fish suspended in blue jello topped with a whipped cream wave) -blue punch with fish-shaped ice cubes -other ocean animal-shaped crackers and snacks –and just in case the moms were concerned that their kids hadn’t devoured enough sugar, we topped off the feast with …

octopus cupcakes, which miraculously turned out pretty cute and even look like octopi, I think. Just ask Mish how octopi they were looking at 9pm the night before and you’ll see why this I consider a true miracle.

In all honesty, I don’t think Erik understood that this was his birthday party, or what a birthday is anyway, but “Happy Birthday” is one of his very most favorite songs and he does pretend to blow out candles on a regular basis, and witnessing the surprised delight on his face when everyone broke out in song in his honor and clapped when he blew out the candles, well, it made the almost unreasonable amount of time and energy I put into this party completely worth it.

This was not the first nor last time I turned around to see Ellie’s cheeks stuffed with gummi worms. Unlike the other times, in this instance there was no guilt (or concern that she’d have to spit them out) in her eyes.

The coolest game was not a game at all, technically, but I guess getting stung by paper jellyfish is pretty hilarious to toddlers. I don’t think I’m ever going to take them down, either, because it’s humor has not yet worn off on Erik.

Erik got some really great presents from friends and then we distributed the I Spy bags I made for party favors. Forgot to photograph those so I’ll post it next time. All in all, the party was a huge success. I still can’t believe that with nine toddlers and two babies, we completely avoided catastrophe. The house wasn’t even trashed at the end of it. My endurance was, though. I just felt so grateful, relieved, and exhausted that the party was over and that it went so well.

Instead of taking the afternoon nap I desperately needed, though, I embarked on my next big project: preparing this home and family for Charlie’s arrival! After picking up a dresser in Salt Lake, we stopped at Temple Square and admired the gorgeous landscaping. Perhaps it is their short life span that makes sightings special, but something about tulips always takes my breath away. They make me happier than any other flower (except the hand-picked bouquets of dandelions the kids give me).

Kjerstin couldn’t stay for Erik’s party but later she brought over the adorable gifts she made him, as if she doesn’t do enough for my kids in the first place. Erik finally has his own apron, with a bonus chef’s hat and super cute felt hamburger and chips set, all handmade, of course. I have trained her well. =) (J/k, she’s way better than me.)


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