Sweet Girly Pink 1st Birthday Luncheon

Happy New Year ya’ll!!!

This Sweet Grily Pink 1st Birthday Luncheon was originally hosted by Heavenly Blooms.
This 1st birthday luncheon is one of those totally dreamy outdoor luncheons that any girl would want to attend. The colors and treats are sweet and the rose centerpieces are simply fabulous!

Enjoy the 1st birthday luncheon…..

A bittersweet birthday is coming up next week…. our little Kate is turning 2!!!
I do not know how two years have flown by so quickly.
I wish time would stop, so she could stay one for a little while longer.
Her Mommy (my best friend) and I are in a party planning flurry for her
Minnie “Nouse” party, however I though it would be fun to
post pictures from her 1st birthday.
We didn’t really have a “theme”… It was a homespun, girly, festive,
pink and lavender luncheon with lots of sweets and glitter.
I am so blessed and thankful for Kate and I am eternally grateful to her
parents for bringing her into our lives.

The morning of the party the birthday girl patiently sat and played with her toys.

I always love a shoe shot… and I loved her glittery pink shoes!!!
Kate the Birthday Girl!!!
Our hand crafted lollipops… made out of cardboard!
Kate with her big brother Charlie, Mommy & Daddy…

The proud Mama and her ONE year old baby girl…

The centerpieces were surrounded by mini floral cupcakes, which were given away as favors at the end of the party to the adults.

The kid’s table was set with fun activities and toys.

Fairy wings were hung on each little girl’s chair.

Kate’s monthly baby pictures were displayed so guests could see how she’s changed over the year.

Me and My Kate…

We hand painted each pot with polka dots and glitter.

The cupcake stand was accented with pink ribbon bows and a tulle skirt.

Kate’s Mom made her birthday hat to coordinate with the party.

She loved her cupcake!

And she also loved playing her little cake too!

Her big brother Charie playfully pushed her face into the cake. Thankfully the birthday girl thought it was funny too!

We dressed up her high chair with tulle tutu and ribbon.

The lollipops were placed around the guest tables.

There weren’t any planned activities or games because the guests were so little. Instead we had fairy wings and wands for them to run around with. As well as a little play tent with plastic balls.

Charlie, our little helper for the day, shows off his muscles.

Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful Kate!!!

Photography by Harvard Photography

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