Secret Agent Spy Party

This Secret Agent Spy Party was originally hosted by Moore Minutes.
The cake for this party is totally “The Bomb!” (scroll down and you will see what I mean!) The laser field looks like tons of fun, and all the treats are super creative!

Enjoy spying on this party…..

Our 3 adorable boys ready to party!

I mentioned last week that we did a Spy Party for my oldest son’s 9th birthday. Click here to see the invitations.We had a grand time with 20 kids in our home sweet home!I’m going to break it down into DECOR, FOOD, and ENTERTAINMENT.


I made a Secret Spy Candy Buffet as a special treat for all the hard-working agents.I scattered bullet shells, top secret labels, and handcuffs around the tables. I put up bullet hole stickers throughout the house. We pulled CRIME SCENE yellow tape across doors.I used a bright and fun color palette to make the crime scene theme more youthful!I enlarged some fingerprint and question mark clip art and edited the photos by tinting them different shades to color match them. I attached them to corresponding scrapbook paper and hung them from the ceiling.We made chalk footprints on our walkway to add to the suspense and fun. We also played Mission Impossible themed music in the background during the party.


I made custom water bottle labels for the kids.I took mini chocolate donuts and put cut licorice into each hole to make BABY BOMBS!Snickers? Twix? or Milky Way? How skilled are these agents at figuring out the MYSTERY BARS?I had such a difficult time trying to figure out WHAT food to use to create magnifying glasses!! I finally came up with cheese and pretzels. :) Question Bread, Clueless Chips, Detective Dogs, and Mysterious Munchies were among other snacks.THE CAKE was incredible! I told a local cake shop that I wanted a bomb with a sparkler for a candle and they FAR exceeded my expectations!


I set out a Clue Jr. Game to play at leisureUpon arrival, each guest was given their professional Secret Agent ID tagged and they were fingerprinted for security.Party Favors included: Dark Glasses, Agent Hats, Magnifying glasses, compasses and whistles, red lights, detective bands, and a trip through the candy buffet.The invitation called each agent to our house (headquarters) for a specific mission. This mission was the MAIN source of entertainment. A sealed envelope was opened and it stated that Skyler’s birthday gift was robbed along with all the treat bags. This was officially a CRIME SCENE and it was up to our team to discover the bad guys and find the missing items! There were clues scattered around our neighborhood.Each clue had to be retrieved by completing an obstacle. This first clue was hidden inside one of the balloons. These balloons blocking the door were representing bombs and had to be quickly popped to find the clue and prevent them from detonating.The next clue was hidden in a laser field. This was my brilliant husband’s idea and he did such a fabulous job setting this laser maze up!We have no photos, but another clue used their cipher cards from the invitation to decode, and another had to be read in the mirror.Another clue was in a bag full of fortune cookies! I took tweezers and removed the original fortune from one cookie and replaced it with a clue! So the kids had to break the cookies open and find the cookie with the clue. Here they are running back from the fortune cookie discovery.There was danger along the way, the bad guys sprang out and attacked.This next clue had to be scratched off like a lotto ticket to be revealed.


All the clues led to Skyler’s birthday gift: a NEW BIKE! The bad guys had hoisted it into a GINORMOUS tree. BUT when they were caught by our team they agreed to surrender. And they even helped us rescue the bike from the tree.

What nice bad guys they were!

And just when you think you’ve seen FAR TOO MANY photos I decide to give you one more:

our nine year old…
Cameron Skyler

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