Roller Skate Birthday Party

This Roller Skate party was originally hosted by Enchanted Expectations.
For those of us in our 30′s I think we all have memories of going to the roller skating rink. So many fun after school skate parties. Oh how I wished I was able to “shoot the duck”….remember that one?
Anyhoo….A roller skating theme just instantly takes me back to my childhood. I love the colors. Love the cake and all the details a simply fabulous. So scroll on down and check them all out!

Enjoy the skate party…..

The skating party went so great. The kids had a blast. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the actual kids skating because I was decorating for the skating after party that was located at the birthday girls home.

The Invitation that set the tone for the day

Here is the Birthday Girl


Once again Cakes Plus of Laurel Maryland did a great job of creating the perfect color and design for the skating party. I just love the skates on the top.


Purple Satin boxes from Michael’s dollar section. I just added a purple and green polka dot bow and stuffed it with green tissue paper and Friendship necklace with two charms that said Laugh and Love

Make your own bracelet

The kids had a great time making their own fashion bracelet.

Sweet Shoppe

There was so much candy, cookies and treats that it almost didn’t fit. This was a kids heaven.

I made the pretzel sticks, marshmallow pops and cones.

Marshmallow lollipops below from Homegoods

I ordered all other candy from They have great selections and different sizes that can be ordered. Also the shipping price is fantastic!

The chocolate covered apples and skate cookies were made by Joy Blakeney of Joyful Creations. They were yummy and went great with the dessert display.

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