Random Collection of Cute Ideas

OK…while hubby watched the Super Bowl, I got a little
“Pin Happy” over at Pinterest and stumbled on some of the cutest and clever party ideas. So I thought I’d share a few with you. First up is this adorable Party Invitation
that looks like an apron. CUTE…!!!
Pinned Image
Next is this beautiful luscious cluster of Paper Party Poms. What a pretty POP of Surprise…No centerpiece needed…
Pinned Image
This beautiful CAKE and me doing the Peppermint Twist..
Simply stunning…!!!
Pinned Image
And these TEA TIME treats were irresistible. So dainty and sweet…!!! 
Pinned ImagePinned Image
And THIS…..!!! Well there are just no words
Pinned Image

And as usual, I’m always stumbling on more creative uses for our pretty paper straws. LOVE these Marshmallow Pops perched on our Pink Dot Straws.

Go here for instructions on how to make these pretty treats.
Perfect for Valentine’s Day….!!
And one last CUTE Baby Shower Idea.
Cake Pop Baby Rattle using our sweet Pink striped paper straws for the stick…
How adorable…!!!

Pinned Image


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