Owl Theme Party

This Owl theme party was originally hosted by DimplePrints.
Owls are all the rage right now and DimplePrints did a great job at putting together an inspiration board with bright and colorful ideas to compliment the owl theme! I really love the crafty touches and all the creative cupcakes. Thanks for listing your party!

Enjoy the owl theme inspiration —–


This theme is fun for everything from a first birthday to an older kids night owl sleep over or even a daytime pj party, who doesn’t love pjs!

Menu: Night time munchies-popcorn, junk food, chips, etc. (oh how my kids would love this menu, okay me too!!)

Decorations: There are darling owl pillow all over the web (etsy, amazon, etc.). They would be fairly simple to make with some inexpensive felt (you could sew or even hot glue them together). Owl pillows would be a fun craft/favor for older children to make.

How cute are these round felt owls? Here is the tutorial . They call for styrofoam balls which can be surprisingly pricey! I have modified crafts which have called for them before by using shaved down styrofoam squares (cheaper, sometimes you can even find them at the dollar store!), or even a wodded up old shirt or rag (using duct tape to form a ball shape) as well as a cheapo dollar store ball (note you can’t use hot glue on these though as they will melt, but you could probably wrap with duct tape a few times to avoid this problem).

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