Movie Night Birthday Party

This Movie Night Birthday Party was originally hosted by Party Pops.
There are so many different directions that you can take a movie night themed birthday party. Party Pops did a great job with this one. It’s colorful, fun and all that movie candy is making me hungry! Thanks for listing your daughter Carly’s Birthday Party!

Enjoy this Night at the Movies Birthday Party…..

My daughter Carly just turned 12. Carly is a Crazy and Fun Loving Girl and we love her to pieces, I just can’t believe how much she has grown! Carly wanted to have a Movie Night with her friends so it was  off to Gran and Papa’s house who have the BIG THEATER room.  It was fun creating all the decorations for this Movie Theme party. Carly and her friends had a blast. Enjoy the Show!


She’s Growing Up!


Putting the Tables together was so much fun. We started off with Pizza but ended up with Loads of sugar!!


DSC00294 DSC00296

Got to have Popcorn and yeah, even pickles for the Movie!




DSC00311 DSC00297 DSC00314

Off to the Show!

DSC00325 DSC00322

Carly's party 20_thumb[2]

DSC00374 DSC00372

Carly's party 18_thumb[1]

Can you stand the excitement…Carly got her first Cell phone and when the box started ringing she hardly open it fast enough!!



Happy Birthday Carly!!

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