Mario Bros Birthday Party

This Mario Bros Party was originally hosted by Lucyl from One Fine Day Digiscrapping.

WOW!  This party is packed with COLOR!  I’m really blown away by how impactful  it is.  I bet the kids were too!  It’s just so bright, fun and inviting!

Enjoy this Mario Bros Birthday party

The party was so fun, I was exhausted  the next day but I think it was well worth it… We started really early in the morning because I wanted lots of balloons to make the place really nice (1600 balloons actually) this first picture was while getting everything ready.

Some friends that rent party theme decoration for the table had the Mario Bros Theme…. and it was gorgeous, so I went with that for the Cake table… Off course lots of balloons here too, to make it really colorfull…

The Cake was a two cake… fondant covered vanilla and chocolate cake painted to go with the theme, my aunt helped me with it, and she also made the mario jello. Both turned out really nice… here is a close up of the cake…

For this party I wanted a dessert table to resemble the gorgeous ones Amy Atlas does, so I decided to make one like that for the adults to enjoy and a shorter candy table for the children… For the adults dessert table I made mini panacottas, mini tres leches, mini chocolate layer cake, mini lemon pie, oreo balls, chocolate covered pretzel sticks, mini brownies, cream cheese frosting cupcakes…  I made the cupcake displays, tags and popcorn boxes… here are a few pictures

And this was the little children candy table

We had a stone pizza car and a Hot dog car, and a table with appetizers (mini capresa, mini goat cheese sandwich, veggies, etc)… also a couple of waiters serving hot appetizers (tequeños, chicken nuggets, empanadas, meatballs, etc)..

For fun we had a Wii station were 16 children could play at the same time, a huge bouncer and a couple of entertainers that painted little kids faces and played games; and to finish we had a Mario Pinata filled with lots of toys and candy. We made some Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess hats that were given to children as they arrived and entered Mario Magic World….

As the children left each got a goody bag filled with stickers, candy, and lots of stuff… for the boys Mario Bross ans the girls Princess and the Frog..

And here is my birthday Boy

And singing Happy Birthday with Mom & Dad

The End…

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