Baking Birthday Party

I’m Back! I hope you enjoyed the guest posts!!!
This Baking Party was originally hosted by Colleen over at Fig & Ruby.
What a fun idea to have a baking party for your little girl’s birthday! Kids LOVE to bake and they always take so much pride in their creations. The chef’s hats for each girl….FANTABULOUS! I’m sooo loving that idea! I’m also really jiving on this idea because the kids help make the treats! How fabulous is that?

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Fig & Ruby to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Colleen’s Baking Birthday party…..don’t forget to click through to the original party post for MANY more details and pictures.


The Invitations: My favorite feature? The envelopes were clear plastic and I threw in some adorable cake sprinkles as confetti. What a delicious way to be invited to a party!!

The Party: The girls made cookies and decorated their own mini cakes. I made each girl an apron and a chef’s hat. The chef’s hats were easy to make and oh so cute! You can make them by going HERE.

The Cookies: Here are the cookies I made for her to take to school on her “real day”. After going to great lengths to make the tray look just right, She informed me that it was “way too much” and “super embarrassing” and asked me if she could please just bring the cookies in a grocery bag. WOW…words can’t describe the mental toughness it took for me to allow this display to be dismantled and to throw the cookies in a bag. Perhaps next year we’ll just buy cupcakes at Safeway like all the other kids. Ha- let’s not get carried away!
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