ARRGG! Boys Pirate Birthday Party

This party was hosted by me (shannon) over at EightCrazy.

Pirate Birthday for 5 year old boy

Gotta love those pirate teeth. They just do so much for a person! Ok, …..Here are pics from my son’s Birthday party with all his little pirate buddies! We played pin the patch on the pirate (a life size pic of Colt), we had a cannon ball fight (wadded up pieces of black construction paper), and we had a treasure hunt for all of the goodies and favors!

The Cake…made with love by mom.

I used pretzel sticks for the base of the palm trees!

Decor Details:
A treasure chest filled with the “booty bags”

I used my son’s big pirate ship as the decor…it was also his gift! Double duty…can’t beat that!

I took a pic of my son dressed up like a pirate and converted it to a “stamp effect” using ps elements. Then I used my husbands plotter to print it out. We used to to play “pin the patch on the pirate”.

I purchased this cool graphic off of istockphoto and then used it to create custom water bottle covers to go with the theme.

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