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Hello Party People! Wow I can’t believe how this little blog has taken off over the last 4 months. It’s been so exciting to watch it grow and to see how excited YOU ALL have been about it. Thank you so much for all the submissions. Keep them coming!

A few things to note about why a submitted party might not get featured:
1. The link you submitted to the party post was incorrect or there was no link.
2. The pictures within the post are very small or there are not enough pictures.
3. You did not agree to post about your feature and link back to CP&S.
4. Be patient. There are a ton of submissions and I’m doing my best to keep up so sometimes I just go with what moves me in the moment. But I actually try to go in order that they are received.

Ok, now let’s talk comments!! Comments have been few and far between here on CP&S and I’d like to change that trend! One of the reasons I created this blog was because of the hard work that we all put into the parties we throw. We focus on the details until every last one is just how we imagined it to be. We do it out of love for the person being honored. But let’s face it…sometimes a toddler just can’t appreciate the details. So I figured all the other party girls out there in blogland would. This is my encouragement to all of you who stop by this little blog everyday…..COMMENT! Recognize the details and give the party hostess of the day her much deserved KUDOS!

**update** I do realize that some of you click over to the original posters blog and leave a comment there, but honestly it’s still only very few. Whether you do it here, or there…JUST DO IT!
Alright…stepping down off my soapbox now! And just because I can’t go a day without giving you some sort of party eye candy…..here are some pictures from the Nesting Baby Shower I recently threw for my SIL and nephew.

The invitation
The guest of honor…my SIL

A little birdie made of colored chocolate sitting on a bed on chow mein noodles for the nest atop the cake. I literally had to hand paint SEVERAL of them with food coloring to get a color variation in the next. Then I threw in some coconut for good measure as well.

The table setting with all the goodies and a bird cage for all those gift cards.

Baby Sundaes were a yummy treat!

Especially for big sister, Miss D.

Some nesty goodness… sent my dad to the store to get blue jelly beans…he came back with orange.
To his credit…they were out of blue, but ORANGE? Love you Dad! =)

It was a gift card shower because she was moving across country a couple days later. So we filled some of the time with a couple rounds of bunco! Good times

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