Train Birthday with Thomas the Train

This Choo Choo Train Birthday Party was originally hosted by Desi at The Bingham’s.
All aboard for this fun Thomas the Train party. You definitely need to check out the little train treats Desi created with chocolate covered graham crackers. Super easy. Super Cute!

Enjoy Desi’s Train Party…..

My Son LOVES trains…any kind of trains. So for his 3rd Birthday we had a train party. It was fun preparing it and totally worth it because he Loved it! I wanted to post some pictures of what I did, hoping that it can give others ideas.

Here is his Invitation. I made it on my computer and I made it into a train ticket. I covered the address, but it says:

(Last name) Station
Track # (address)
Departing: ( Day & Time)
RSVP Station Master: (phone #)
It turned out REALLY cute!

Here is the Birthday Boy! So adorable!!! We bought this Thomas the Train on Craig’s List, it was a good find. The kids loved it! My idea before this was to make a train out of boxes. Then I could get a picture of the kids in it. But this was much easier & much more fun for the kids.
Some of the decorations:

A Birthday Banner, which I made on my Cricut machine… finally putting it to good use :)
I made rail road signs and put them around. This sign says, “Cool Off Smoothies” We had a smoothie station, which was perfect because it was hot.

Rail road sign in front of our walk way. I also had a check in table where the kids could pick up there bag to put their goodies in. I cut out a train from my cricut and glued it on a paper bag. They each got a goody from the games they played, and a thomas the train book when they left. I found these books at the $1 store. Another Great Find!!

One last decoration was our rail roads made from black tape going up or walkway. I don’t have a good picture of it because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. It’s such a cute idea, but unfortunately our sidewalk were wet from the sprinklers, so the tape didn’t stick in some spots.
Here is a train table that I covered with white paper & drew train tracks on it. This was where the kids painted a wood picture frame that was shaped like a train. I don’t have a pictures of them painting, but the kids really enjoyed it. I found the wood trains at the Dollar Tree. A Super good find! Love the $1 store!
We played Pin the Caboose on the train.

I started the party out by reading a Thomas the Train book called ‘Thomas goes fishing.’ Then we went fishing. I had my kids color fish to tape on a blue sheet before hand.
Simple yet YUMMY food! I made a simple pasta salad using the wagon wheel pasta & called it ‘train wheel pasta’

I ordered bread sticks and called them ‘train whistle treats’
I made train cookies from Chocolate cover graham crackers & animal crackers. I used decorative icing to put two cookies together, then to put an animal crackers on. I then iced around the cracker, put a couple of stripes down (for the cage) and then added lie savers for the wheels. Super cute & not too complicated.
Choo Choo Chewy Popcorn. Always a hit with the kids!
This was such a HIT!!! I found this ice cream dessert in a magazine. My kids enjoy ice cream much more then cake, so I had to try it. It’s ice cream sandwiches on the outside, ice cream in the middle with a cookie crust and cool whip on top. I’m going to have to make this a tradition. It was GOOD!Hope you enjoyed looking because I enjoyed planning!

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