Space Ship Birthday

This Space Ship Birthday was originally hosted by Jodee over at Follow the Leader.

What little boy doesn’t dream about riding in a space ship someday? I think they all do! This spaceship birthday gets them as close as they are gonna get for now =) My fav thing is absolutely the CAKE! That thing is blasting off! I just love it. The red, white, and blue popcorn goodie bags are pretty stinkin’ cute too!

Have a look, leave a comment, and then hop on over to Jodee’s Blog to see what else she’s got going on!

Enjoy Jodee’s party…..


We had a great time celebrating Carson’s sixth birthday last weekend. Unfortunately, the day got off to a rocky start because Carson was exhausted from attending a camp at the Y last week. He didn’t want to go to T-Ball practice in the morning and he was being uncooperative, in general. He was being so stubborn that we even threatened to cancel the party if he didn’t shape up! However, after LaMar’s donuts for breakfast and chicken wings from the Watering Hole for lunch, things got a little better.

Our guests then arrived around 4:00 p.m. and the kids enjoyed watersliding until dinner was ready. We were really glad that all of Carson’s friends from school could come because none of his cousins were available to join us. As always, everyone enjoyed Chef Daddy’s cooking. After dinner, we opened gifts, broke the pinata open, and ate cake and homemade ice cream.

Cory and I continue to be a great party planning team. I love to pick out the theme, send out the invitations, buy all of the paper supplies and decorate. He loves to plan the menu and make all of the food.

We will continue to celebrate birthdays for the next month or so. Cory’s birthday is in two weeks and Kamree’s birthday is in four weeks. Stay tuned for more birthday posts!

The invitation!

The birthday boy always gets a new t-shirt to wear for his party!

Mommy and the birthday boy!
I had so much fun making the banner and door sign
with all of my old scrapbooking stuff.
Thanks again, Jess, for letting me borrow your ideas!
I also had Colby Ridge put together popcorn for the loot bags, and
I ordered the stickers from this Etsy shop.

Kristin, our neighbor, made Carson’s cake.
It was perfect for his space mission party
and it was delicious too!
If you are local, you can check out Kristin here.
I highly recommend her!
We gave the toddlers loot bags with Cheerios!
The waterslide was a big hit again!
Of course, Chef Daddy had to go down a couple of times too!

The girls enjoyed making a fort with their beach towels!
Kamree’s boyfriend, Bodie (our next door neighbor)!

Chef Daddy made a delicious meal for everyone,
which included smoked ribs, potato salad,
mac salad and delicious baked beans!

Carson got soooo many nice gifts!

He also got some birthday money so he bought
an IPOD shuffle with part of it after his T-Ball game yesterday!

The pinata!

Bob and Patty (my co-worker) stopped by.
You know it’s going to be a good party when the bikers show up!

The thank you note we sent out!

oh…by the way she has a brand new post for her daughters Ice Cream Birthday…you gotta check it out! Here is a sneaky peak:

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