Secret Agent Spy Party

This Secret Agent Spy party was originally hosted by Kim from the Monson Family.
Ok, as soon as I saw the “laser” maze I was AMAZED! It’s such a simple idea, but I bet the kids had an absolute blast trying to do that. So fun!

Enjoy Kim’s Secret Agent party….

On Saturday I helped Rebekah with Bentley’s birthday party. It was a fun Secret Agent/ Spy Party. When the kids first came in, they got their photo taken and then they were fingerprinted (where we made agent IDs. (They got them at the end of the party as a “you completed the missions you are now an official top secret agent!” Then, Jameson made a little video that the kids went WILD over, and then they had 3 missions. During each mission they would collect clues. Mission 1: Deactivate the bombs! (pop the balloons because 2 of them had a clue inside), Mission 2: The obstacle Course (which was INTENSE! The lights were out, a fog machine was going, lasers were pointing, guards were in the way, tunnels to climb through, a strobe light, and the best part of all time: cameras set up! The idea was that the kids couldn’t get caught on the camera. So the video’s were being played on the TV, so the kids could look up and see if they were hidden or not. It’s hard to explain but it was really fun!) The last mission was to climb through the laser security system to get the clues. Afterwards the kids collected the clues and put them together like a puzzle, decoded the message and searched for the goody bags!

I love throwing parties, and I seriously wish I could make a career out of this!

video video

After a crazy week, we stopped by my family’s house on the way home. I was sad that I could only see them for an hour or two, but I will see them again soon. I made my little sister’s dress while I was in Frederick, which meant a few late nights (4 am!) When I gave her the dress I only had 1 alteration to make, which took a total of 5 minutes! I think it turned out really cute and I can’t wait to see her homecoming pictures.

And this I thought was really cute of Brooklyn on the drive home. I love how she is kicked back with her bottle, just enjoying life. (Little does she know- that the next day the bottle will be gone forever!!!)

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  1. wow! Amaazing!!!! I love the maze :)

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